Animal Conservation  Projects

There is something truly special about taking part in the wildlife conservation project. The We have been supporting wildlife conservation projects are several years, and one thing that is becoming increasingly apparent is that they are more and more in need.

The animals all over the world are running out of space and time. They need help with your assistance on our animal conservation projects you can deliver it.

Whether it’s Marine conservationall land-based wildlife conservation in Africa, you can do your part and have an amazing travel experience at the same time. As a company we are about adrenaline travel, those special moments of interaction while you travel to make you so incredibly excited you will never forget them. Coming face-to-face with the wild animals of the world will do this for you. In return do your part and help them.

Horses to turtles, from lions to panda ´s and from great whites to whalesharks.

Most of our wildlife conservation programmes are located in  Africa, we even have an amazing  horse conservation programme in Mozambique with stunning rescued horses.

Monkey rehab. Yes we said it monkey rehab, but not the Beverly Hills style clinics. You can look after cheeky monkeys in South Africa who have been abandoned orphaned or injured.

We all know, Sharks are now a threatened species. Having survived the hundreds of millions of years, now the great White shark is on the endangered list. You can help in South Africa, on a very exciting great White shark conservation project.

Whilst Africa does feature a lot of wildlife conservation, these kinds of projects and not exclusive to there. We also have Animal conservation programmes in Sri Lanka: Turtle Conservation and elephants.

With all the programmes you will be staying with others who also care for animals, just like you. Combine the animal conservation with other travel progammes to plan a really cool gap year.

Below you will find all the wildlife conservation programmes.


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