Grow some. Seriously.

Travel is awesome when you add in some adventure. When we started Xtreme Gap Year, the thing that really excited us the most was the nervous anticipation you get prior to doing something really amazing. To some that might be skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef, others might be learning to surf or white water rafting a raging thrashing River. To others it can just be the nerve wracking anticipation waiting to go off and travel. Our Australasia Gap Year Trips are all about that. There are about doing amazing things with amazing people.

Finally Fiji, with its golden paradise islands and incredible diving offers some superb chill time after a year of working your way round Australia and New Zealand.

Australasia Gap Year Trips


Australasia encompasses Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and remains one of the most popular destinations to visit.

Australia. With plenty of exciting opportunities to work and travel, explore Australia’s famous golden sand beaches, or soak up the typical Aussie hospitality there are some amazing things you can do on your Australia gap year. The Ultimate Australia programme is be all and end all epic East Coast trip, so if you don’t want to settle for second best go for that one and you really will do it all.

New Zealand is often overlooked, which is criminal really because it’s such an amazing country. You can also work there a working holiday Visa and it is the home to the New Zealand adrenaline tour and Queenstown Adrenaline Overload, some of the most exciting activities you can do at a week you certainly would not forget..