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If you are dreaming about finding working Australia, making a change and following through with the commitment of going down under, congratulations you will be making a step that every year 100,000 people in the UK make.  These issues numbers for good reasons, life in Australia is pretty special.  Amazing beaches good weather and exceptionally high earnings due to the strong dollar, makes you wonder why you’re bothering sticking around in the UK.  Xtreme Gap Year we have plenty of Australia work and travel programmes that can help you find a job and start making money down under as soon as you arrive.

Most popular option is the Sydney connection, a great fun filled first week followed by a job finding service, we have plenty of Australian work opportunities just waiting for you.  But it’s not all about hard work, after all it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you are there to have fun as well.  So for that reason we take you to some awesome places, hang out with the locals meet kangaroos and go cruising on our own catamaran in Sydney.

Australia work
We will help you find work in Australia.

Whilst it is undeniably fun, and very popular it can be quite daunting to head over to the other side of the world to set up a new life for yourself. It definitely helps to have support and a plan of action for your arrival. This is where the Sydney conneXion comes in. It’s a fantastic one week arrival pack where you will have loads of fun, and it even enables you to get a job at the end with a great backpacker work job finding service.

Many of our clients use this as the basis to start their trip, combining it with some work and travel and an East Coast tour of Australia. If you want customised advice and help putting together the ideal trip that incorporates Australia work please do contact us with your plans.

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Australia is a great place to visit on your gap year, not only does it have an incredible backpacking social scene, great locations and a really chilled out atmosphere, it’s one of those places where you can also work and travel. With  employment opportunities overseas  being quite limited (currently only New Zealand, Canada and Australia allow working holiday visas) there is little wonder that every year over 100,000 Brits make Australia their destination of choice.