new-exit-001Fantastic backpacking ideas whether you are travelling for a couple of weeks or several months. WithXtreme Gap Year backpacking trips in over 40 countries, you can search trips by destination or check them out below. Backpacking is a certain style of travelling, it tends to focus on the more budget end, yet still maximising the most fun and adventure out of the trip. Our style of travelling is definitely not your classic backpacker trip. Whilst we do keep our costs low we make sure we use quality accommodation and provide loads of extras turning backpacking trips with us into more of a flash packing experience.

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Further help with backpacking.

Are you looking to go backpacking? Xtreme Gap can help with the right arrival and hostal packages, group backpack trips and other cool activities to arrange before you go so that everything is taken care off when you arrive.


Australia is a great backpacking destination with a well trodden backpacker route up the East Coast, possibilities to work on an Australian working holiday Visa and may even speaking to show there (kind of) making it an easy and fun place to travel. Whilst it is good fun with lots of activities and really cool trips there, it’s not the most cultured destination you can extend your travels by working there. And of course New Zealand is just a short flight away as well. Often people combine in Australia trip with a trip backpacking in Southeast Asia. Check out the ultimate Australia for a good idea to go backpacking in Australia.

Southeast Asia is also a great backpacking destination, it’s cheap, with lots of varied countries within easy travel distance of each other and needless to say there is plenty of cultural experiences to be had.

Bangkok in Thailand is the most popular backpacking destination in the world, and we have some great arrival packages, modular guided group tours encompassing Thailand, Laos, Cambodiaand Vietnam. If you’re worried about travelling alone then one of the best ways to start your travels is on the Xtreme Thailand experience, this really takes in everything you want to see and experience on a backpacker trip to Thailand, from cultural exchanges, trekking, elephant encounters to action adventure on gorgeous beaches of Koh Tao check out the video for more.

South America is a really popular backpacking destination, it’s a continent with huge diversity and epic landscapes, and no one can call themselves a backpacker unless they have at least attempted the Inca Trail once in their lives.

We have some great options if you want to go backpacking in South America, from language courses combining surfing in the Pacific, to arrival packs in Lima with our own resident surf dude, to hop on hop off travel passes, adrenaline overload in Quito (I bet you didn’t know that Ecuador’s capital has some of the most exciting adrenaline sports in the world).

If you want to climb a mountain was backpacking, head to the Andes. Explore the Amazon, partaking wildlife conservation in the Galapagos it’s all available for you in South America.

If you want to go backpacking in South America we recommend the appropriately named backpacking in South America program, you can see the trip line below.

Some say the Kiwis invented backpacking, were not sure if that is true but they are rather good at it. New Zealand is an exceptionally beautiful country to explore, so we have a wide range of hop on hop off travel passes, adrenaline activities (Queenstown is the world’s best place to do this) and group tours so you get to know the best places in the country.
Backpacking in Europe maybe not the most popular destination for most of our European and English travellers but there’s plenty on offer. With festivals like the Tomatino on the last Wednesday of August, Octoberfest (which is rarely in October) and call locations in Spain and Portugal there is plenty to do.

Individual or group backpacking we help you take care off it all

You can choose from several destinations to go backpacking. Some amazing group gap backpack trips go to Vietnam, Venezuela, China, and Thailand. More independent backpacking programs go to Peru, Bolivia, Australia and New Zealand. The great think is that we arrange it for you. This ensures that you do all the cool things, so no searching for it. Below you will find all the programs.