Xtreme Gap Year has a number of fitness boot camps abroad. Every year we send thousands of people to work on their health and fitness at our range of tropical fitness boot camps. From exciting destinations such as Bali, Thailand, and Mexico we can really get the most out of any fitness holiday.

The something amazing about getting fit, while enjoying the beach lifestyle that comes with our fitness boot camp locations. Getting up and putting your body through the paces in the morning is a great way to have guilt-free rest and relaxation time when you recover on the white sandy beaches in the afternoon.

Because our boot camps are quite social, it’s a great way to meet people and the majority of people do travel on their own to work on themselves for a little while. We all want the perfect beach body, and with our Xtreme Gap Year fitness boot camps abroad you really can achieve the dream.

Check out some of our fitness boot camps abroad below.