Xtreme Gap Year Freediving Course (34)Freediving or Apnea is the sport of swimming under water holding your breath. Sounds simple enough but there is lots more to freediving than meets the eye. It is as much a mental skill as much as physical and ask any freediver they will all tell you taking it uup as a sport can be life enhancing.

There are lots of different styles of Freediving, depending on whether you are using fins,weights, going for depth or just length of time.

It is a great sport not only because it gets you super fit, but to the uninitiated the main surprise comes in how quickly you can pick it up…with the right guidance of course.

Your body is capable of doing some amazing things and with it you can experience some even more amazing under water experiences.

Our main freediving training center is in Thailand (in Koh Tao) but we also train people in Indonesia too and Mexico. Great to explore the Cenotes (underwater caves) and really develop a passion for something awesome.


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      If you like the sound of die for beaches, superb nightlife and some incredible adventure activities with a cool group of travellers then the Koh Tao adventure is the trip for you. Each week has a new adventure. All you have to do is decide which activities to pick and how long you want to go for.

      We have put together freedive courses according to the AIDA certification requirements with a professional freedive instructor. Besides the course we will take you diving in amazing underwater caves, beautiful lagoons, sea wrecks and you can choose a special dive, depending on the season: whale sharks, bull sharks (only 3 star), lion fish hunt, scuba dive, Maya ruins or sail fish run. We focus on giving you the best preparation to feel comfortable going freediving, plus we will give you lots of extra information about the area, where once the great Mayan civilization bloomed. You will end up on the bottom of the sea posing on the prow of a ship wreck for our photographer, with nothing but the air in your lungs! We have put together an amazing package unique in this world for you!!

      Mastering advanced Freediving techniques will enable you to dive down 20 metres on a single breath of air in just 2 days! You can train at our worldclass Freediving school, set on a cool tropical island in Thailand. We will teach you the correct techniques, the physiology and science enabling you to do advance freediving. Either complete an eye opening beginner or advanced course, or participate in a full blown freediving master or even instructor programme!

      Free diving is the name suggest is all about freedom under water. It's amazing what you can achieve when you push yourself (and when you have the proper instruction) makes this in with a beautiful tropical island deep clear blue seas and superb free diving instruction from some of the world's top free dive instructors and you're onto a winner.

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