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If you’re looking to learn Spanish, or do an intensive Spanish crash course there are hundreds of different language schools to choose from. What makes the difference between an average course and an exceptional one, is the location and extra curricular activities included in the course.

With the xtreme gap year Spanish language courses, we make sure that there is the right blend of fun, learning, and cool locations you to get the most out of your Spanish course.

Here are some of the exciting options available to you if you’re looking to learn Spanish abroad:

Where should you go and what is right for you?

Spanish and Sun (11)Picking the right Spanish language course, depends on a couple of factors: the two main ones being location and time, but of course budget is also an issue. If you’re looking to do a Spanish course over the summer, for a couple of weeks for example an intensive Spanish crash course in the best place to do this obviously is in Spain. With low-cost airlines providing incredibly cheap flights to Malaga, the Spanish and son program is ideal. It’s also worth noting that Spanish taught in Spain is different from the Spanish that you learn in South America. Typically traditional Spanish is spoken in Spain which has subtle differences to South America Spanish. This is mainly detectable in the accents on certain consonants, but not significantly different enough that someone from South America could not understand someone from Spain.

To Learn Spanish On Your Gap Year  in Spain is a very popular option due to the amazing weather found on the Iberian peninsular, nowhere is this more the case than on the Costa Del Sol which has some of the best weather in Europe. The Costa in general does get a bit of a bad reputation, due to the overdeveloped touristy holiday resorts that sprung up in the 60s and 70s, however if you’re on the Spanish and some course you will avoid these areas and in fact will be staying in downtown Malaga which is a beautiful city with lots of architecture culture bars and restaurants and is a significant student town in itself so has a young trendy vibe, it is also a stones throw from two other beautiful cities namely Granada and Seville.


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      Adventurous group gap travel at its best in South America. Join us on the 4 week Xtreme South America. Featuring two of the most epic backpacking destinations in the South American continent: Ecuador and Peru. Brush up on your Spanish and trek to Machu Picchu before getting involved in the jungle animal sanctuary.

      Adventurous group gap travel at its best in South America. Join us and the rest of the team and travel through South America and eight glorious weeks. Featuring two of the most epic backpacking destinations in the South American continent Ecuador and Peru. Brush up on your Spanish and trek to Machu Picchu before getting involved in the jungle animal sanctuary. All the while you will be immersed in ancient Incan culture. 90% of our travellers travel alone so this is a great way to join a group travel programme in South America.

      Discover the Mayan Riviera on Xtreme ´s Awesome Mexico Experience. 3 Weeks incredible adventures in a group. The first week you settle in and learn Spanish and more about the history of the Mayans. The second week the perfect mix of partying and cultural discovery. Finally in the third week you go Xtreme with an amazing adrenaline option plus adventure day!

      Imagine spending your summer in the exhilarating city of Barcelona, embracing all aspects of life in sunny Spain, from the sexy language and the blissful siestas to the mouth-watering food and amazing wine. It´s safe to say that life in Barcelona is pretty sweet. So don´t envy them, join them!

      Learn Spanish in Havana The UNESCO world Heritage site and capital city of Cuba. Complete cultural immersion brings you To the heart of this thriving country as you practice of salsa moves and learn the lingo whilst falling in love with this charming and heart wrenching country.

      Xtreme hits Cuba! Learn Spanish and gain amazing salsa moves with our Xtreme Cuba experience. Offering one of the only gap year opportunities to spend real-time in Cuba, on cultural exchange projects, learning Spanish and checking out this incredible country. Far more than just a holiday get under the skin of this beautiful country and have an unrivalled opportunity to soak up history in the making.

      Surfing and Spanish is a wicked combination if you are heading out on a South America Gap Year. No boring classrooms, but learning Spanish on the beach. You will be staying in Montanita, a funky beach town and the capital of surfing in Ecuador. You become a great surfer as you will be taught by worlds best competitive surfing champions. No surf experience is needed.

      Playa del Carmen in Mexico is an enchanting place and a popular beach town located on the Mayan Riviera, with beautiful white beaches and a thrilling night life. You will learn Spanish every morning at an award winning language school, located 10 minute walk from the beach, in cool open air palapas instead of a boring bright lighted class room. It is an intensive course that will have you ordering tacos and getting into the Mexican swing in days! Besides going to classes you are free to enjoy the laid back beach life or go explore Mayan ruins, go diving, visit one of the beautiful under water caves (cenotes) and enjoy the Mexican hospitality.

      Spanish and Sun 2 Week Crash Course Spain Learn Spanish and soak up the best weather in Europe. Taking in 3 major Spanish cities with optional Xtreme adventures on the way - you will learn Spanish for 20 hours per week, take part in Spains biggest festival, and indulge in Spanish culture from Flamenco to Tapas.

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Studying Spanish and South America.

Spanish & Culture Argentina Xtreme Gap Year (27)Of course if you’re looking to study Spanish and travel South America, you will need a bigger budget than if you chose to study in Spain. Doing a Spanish crash course at the start of your travels in South America is essential if you do not speak any Spanish at all. English language is not common at all in South America. Being in xtreme gap year company, we often combine our Spanish language courses in South America with other fun adventures so for example you can study Spanish in Ecuador and learn to surf with national surf team, or perhaps do the ultimate adventure classroom in the Amazon rainforest and Caribbean beaches in the Venezuela.

Many people choose to enter South America from Buenos Aires, so we have a really cool Spanish language course and cultural immersion program, where you can learn Spanish in downtown Buenos Aires.

Learning Spanish can also help improve your job prospects as well as being great fun.

Taking time out to travel is always fun, but it can also be very constructive as well. Learning Spanish on your gap year (or holiday) is one way to demonstrate to future employers that you really want to learn and improve yourself. That is all good and positive, but the thing many people do not realise is that learning Spanish in South America for example can be a lot of fun too.

If you do not already speak any Spanish, or your maybe you took time to learn Spanish in school, but you are now a bit rusty, then Xtreme Gap Year has some excellent Spanish language programmes that combine learning Spanish with cultural immersion and on some programmes Xtreme adventures.

All the programmes are different, and all designed to offer you intensive Spanish course in fun and exciting environments, in particular some of the learning Spanish in South America programmes are so different from what you might expect from a typical language course, you might be surprised how enjoyable a period of constructive learning and travel can be.


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