Vietnam Backpacking Xtreme Gap Year (39)

Warning! Our trips can be genuinely life changing, but most people don’t have the money upfront to book them straight away. Sometimes it can take time to save up and plan an amazing experience so this is where our low deposits and payment plans come in. Don’t let not being up to afford it now stop you from travelling in the future.

Whether you realise it or not, now is probably the best time to start planning your trip. Not next week, or next month, or next year. That means later. Later means never and that would be bad.

Never means…

  • Never seeing amazing countries and cultures.
  • Never meeting those life long travel buddies, that only the experience of travel can give you.
  • Never sharing those amazing travel experiences that will shape you and change you for ever.
  • Never having the time or space to figure out who or what you want to be.
  • Never having that feeling of Freedom! Travel gives you the ultimate freedom, positive change and happiness. It gives you the time and opportunity to accomplish the above so why put it off (ps. Did we mention travelling is a lot of fun!?)

Not everyone gets this opportunity to go. Most  don´t in fact.

If you take away one thing from reading this. Make time to do it  now  because you won´t regret it. Especially when you get to that point in your life when you think:  what have I actually done apart from get a mortgage and have kids?

If you are in your late teens or early twenties, you probably wont relate to that. Some day you will,  so take our word for it.

Travel before you get a career, get into student debt, start a family, or a job you love. You have the opportunity now. If not the money now, you have the opportunity now and thats all you need. Contact us to find out how, call us on skype with your folks if you need. We can help you do this.

Have some fun, go mad and make the most of, what is in the big scheme of things, your brief time on this amazing piece of rock. You´ve got to have something to tell the kids! Just remember to censor the photos.


  1. Can´t afford it. – The most common thing stopping people travelling is ironically one of the main reasons you should go travelling. Money and feeling you cant afford it. If you look at some of our trips below, they can run into the thousands to complete. Who has that just lying around in their bank account to just drop it all and go travelling. We can tell you the answer. No one. However, that does not stop hundreds of people travelling on these trips with Xtreme Gap each year. So how do you do it? We will tell you, the answer is planning it, with our help you can be saving and going with in a few months. If you have £49 in your bank account, you are ready to commit to a life changing adventure. Why should you definitly go travelling if you feel you can´t afford it? The answer to that lies in the opportunities you get when you go travelling. Who know what path your journey will take, working in Australia for example, could lead to a new career in bigger and better things.
  2. No one to travel with. – Many are worried about travelling alone. No one to travel with holds them back. Well don´t worry. 90% of our travellers are on their own… Not for long though. With our groups travel programmes, we make it easy to make new travel mates and share fun exciting adventures. So if this reason applies to you, think again. All good things happen when you take the leap to make the change. Do it travelling. Do it now.

By signing up to our low deposit payment plan option you can start planning your travels from just £49 and you can take advantage of our cheaper early bird offers!

How We Can Get You Travelling Today:

Pay £49 per programme on PayPal then begin a monthly payment plan.

Fill out a booking form. Then submit your paypal deposit payment of £49:


We will issue a standing order with payments as follows:

  • Payment on booking £49 (Through Paypal)
  • 1st of the following month deposit payment £151
  • 1st of the following months payment will be broken down in equal tranches until the full trip cost is paid off 4 weeks prior to departure

However in the event that your trip choice or dates become unavailable for any reason, we will refund your deposit or transfer it to another trip of your choice.

Payment plan does not apply for trips departing within 12 weeks of booking.

All  payment instalments and deposit are non refundable. However in the event we have to cancel the departure for any reason, we will refund your payments or transfer them to another trip.

Changing your trip during the payment plan

Should you wish to change your trip during the payment plan,  you can do this at any time up to 84 days (12 weeks prior to departure). 12 weeks prior to departure your trip is considered confirmed, and any changes must be requested in writing, and will be considered on request. Standard admin fees apply.

If you wish to cancel your booking on the payment plan.

If you wish to cancel your booking you can do this at any time. You will forfeit all payments made to towards the trip. We can under certain circumstances change and modify  the booking start dates please contact us in writing should you wish to make a date change.

Late payments

If you are late with  payment, either on the payment plan or on the standard option, we will deem your trip cancelled and you will lose all monies paid.   If you wish to rebook a spot back onto your trip, you will need to contact us in writing and you will be required to pay a new booking deposit for any trip you choose to rebook.

Standard Option

Pay a deposit of £200 per programme booked, and then pay the balance of the trip 12 weeks before departure.