milkmaidThe Netherlands where Xtreme all began. Yes that’s right most of the people who run Xtreme Gap Year are from the Netherlands. We have a Dutch office. We are a Dutch company. So you know anything that we run in Holland is going to be done with a lot of love.

Sure we may wear wooden shoes, have an unhealthy fascination with bicycles but we are pretty liberal as well and we certainly know how to have a good time.

Hop on a short flight to Amsterdam and come party with us we promise we won’t take you to watch some old bird with her milk jugs out.

Although if you want to see that we’re sure that can be arranged just be sure to bring lots of two euro coins.  (Sorry that’s an in joke).

From the sublime wonders of the red light district, Too old Amsterdam there is plenty for you to explore with us. Whether you want to stop here on your European tour for our Amsterdam experience or have the party of your life on the Kings day get in touch for some good times with some proper cheese heads.

Netherlands Gap Year Trips