New Zealand Gap Year Trips:

Xtreme Gap Year New Zealand (15)Ah! New Zealand. At some point in your life you must ask yourself one simple question. Do you have the balls to stand with your toes teetering off the edge of the Nevis bungee jump in Queenstown. Whilst not the highest bungee out there (that’s in Macau by the way), it’s certainly a big one. Probably the scariest thing you will face in the adventure capital of the world New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of the top backpacking locations in the world. You could argue they started the entire backpacking scene, the perfect cocktail of stunning landscapes, action and adrenaline with a well trodden backpacker route meaning  a superb social life.

Sure it may be a very very long way away, but once-in-a-lifetime you have to visit this amazing place. If you do, we have some great travel programmes, like our Queenstown adrenaline overload, epic and supercharged trips and hop on hop off passes with both Kiwi experience and stray.

Chances are you will want to know more about this amazing country, so just ask us as we have travelled there extensively and can give you some first-hand advice.