Complete Peru and Bolivia Travel Pass (1)Iconic cities, world famous beaches, ancient mystical cultures, friendly locals and a dash of red hot passion ” that´s Latin America! When we close our eyes and think of this vast land we see intriguing jungle, rainforests teaming with wildlife, the sweeping beaches (and beautiful bods!) of Rio, the mesmerizing tango of Argentina and unique sight of Machu Picchu. There is definitely something magical about Latin America, it evokes excitement, intrigue and if we´re totally honest, it gets our nerves tingling! White knuckle roads, dizzying heights of altitude, dangerous wildlife and heart-stopping activities are all in abundance, but there is also the fascinating cultural side, with unusual customs, even more unusual food and people who never stop smiling.

We have a multitude of trips available that will suit all kinds of interests, whether that is learning a new language, trekking the Inca Trail, scaring yourself silly with ´Death Road´ bike rides or marveling at the unique wildlife on the Galapagos Islands.
You can even give the bronzed and totally ripped Brazilians a run for their Reals by learning Jiu-Jitsu or boxing. If you prefer a more laid-back activity then jump on a surf board and master the waves or get up close and personal with the wildlife in Ecuador.

There really are far too many Latin American experiences to mention in a few words. We can´t do it justice. But rest assured that this continent does not disappoint. Just take a look at our Xtreme Gap itineraries and blogs to get a taste of what´s in store. The worst thing about this place is that you won´t want to go home!


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