So you want to go travelling in Thailand but you don’t want to travel alone. We have the perfect solution with our Thailand group backpacking tours, solo travellers do not have to worry about travelling on their own, because we have amazing trips with set start dates for our groups. Plus Thailand is one of the best places to start travelling.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with putting on a backpack buying a ticket and heading off on your own, many people prefer to travel Thailand in a group, because it’s a great way to get to know people, share the same experiences on a set itinerary and make new lifelong friends from all over the world.

We have different trips covering different locations and experiences, however your best option is to contact us and tell us what you want to see, or ask us for advice because we can give you first-hand advice having travelled Thailand extensively.

On our tours you can expect to have great new adventures and meet lost os like minded people. Check out a trip filmed through the camera of our travellers below to give you an idea.

Thailand Group Backpacking Tours


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Should I or shouldn’t I? Benefits of travelling in a group.

Travelling in a group has definite advantages to travelling alone. Not the travelling alone is bad, it can make you more outgoing and meet more people because you are forced to socialise, travelling in a group tends to build better more solid friendships. We see it time and time again with our travellers. We take a genuine interest in all of our customers travels, and we aim to go above and beyond the norm when it comes to preparing our travellers predeparture. This means we get to know our clients and potential clients quite well, so when people do book with us we are quite familiar with them, and love following there adventures on Facebook.

Without doubt all of our travellers always become interconnected on Facebook after their travels, and because we have offices in Australia, the Netherlands and UK those friendships tend to be people from all over the world. ┬áIt’s one of the beauties of travel, you do get to know people and you do become great friends as well.

Travelling in a group,tends to throw people together in a different environment making them form very solid friendships. Okay it helps that they’re doing incredible activities and having the most amazing time, also the pure social environment makes it easy as well, but it is the experience of doing what they’re doing with the people there with that really makes their travels amazing.

If you are wondering whether you should travel in a group or just go it alone, we cannot answer that for you, however even experience travellers have all come back with amazing feedback and stories of making great friends with some of our group travel programmes.

If in doubt, we say go for it, but if you do want to go it alone we have plenty of ideas for independent backpacking too. So get in touch and talk to us about your plans and we can make sure you have an incredible experience abroad.