Get your Salsa on and Learn Spanish in  the heart of Havana the UNESCO world heritage site and capital city of Cuba. An exciting destination with a turbulent history you can witness it in the making as you learn Spanish and soak up the atmosphere in this amazing Caribbean country. This is complete cultural immersion and you will see the site to Cuba that most ” tourists” are hidden from. That’s a good thing by the way, as we think you will fall in love this place.

Two Or Four Weeks Of Spanish In Cuba!

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This  programme is without doubt one of our most ambitious ever, and will see you begin your journey in the world famous capital city, Havana. You won’t be staying in a hotel though, but in a casa particular, charming guesthouses run by local people and which are one of the only examples of legal capitalism in the country.

This accommodation will allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture, as you share breakfast and lunch with the owners, as well as fellow travellers. You can even practice your Spanish on them, and they’ll certainly do their best to help you understand the country as a whole.


  • Exploring this wonderful Caribbean country
  • Learning Spanish with up to 80 hours of Spanish lessons
  • Cruising through Havana in 1950s cars
  • Exploring the culture and history of this incredible country
  • Seeing what life is like living in the world last Communist states
  • Gaining impressive Cuban salsa moves with included dancing lessons and other cultural activities
  • Trips to the Caribbean beaches




Learn Spanish in Cuba


Xtreme Cuba Experience (3)Much of the time in Havana will be spent learning Spanish, and you will be given 3 x 45 minute lessons every weekday. Don’t worry though, it’s not like school the lessons are informal and delivered by local teachers! The lessons are tailored to your level as well, with a test at the beginning of the program used to established what you need to be taught. You’ll be in small classes too, with about 6-8 pupils being the maximum.

You won’t just be learning the language in Havana though you’ll be learning the culture and traditions as well, and what is more Cuban than throwing your hair back and taking to the dance floor? Cubans love to dance, and you’ll get a couple of dance lessons each week to learn the basics of dances such as the cha cha cha, rumba and, of course, salsa. Okay, you won’t be an expert when you leave, but you’ll impress everyone when you get back home! You might even impress some of the locals with your moves when you head to one of the many different vibrant music venues throughout the city in the evening!

Throughout your time in Havana, you’ll also get the chance to head out on a number of excursions, taking in the different aspects of the history, culture and politics of this island. All tours are curated by a scholar from the University of Havana, meaning that you’ll only get the very best information. Once you head home, we hope that these excursions allow you to answer one simple question, a question that has baffled many people before you: what, exactly, is Cuba?


While in Cuba, you will be staying with real Cuban families, understanding what it is like to live in this country on a day to day basis. As already mentioned, you’ll stay in a  casa particular  while in Havana, and some of the main features of these are:

  • Run by local families, therefore providing a window into the life of Cubans
  • Twin rooms with air conditioning
  • All rooms have on en-suite bathroom
  • Breakfast and lunch included within the price
  • Located in Habana Vieja, the most authentic part of the city
  • Owner of the casa particular is a doctor, should any medical problems arise
  • Family speaks some English, making the transition to Cuban life easier

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. There are many opportunities to head off on your own, and many people on this trip also extend their time in Cuba afterwards to travel around more. There are many museums and other sites to see in Havana, plus you could even take a few days to head to towns such as Santiago, Cienfuegos or Trinidad (the latter is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean).
Our teachers are trained to deal with all different levels. The level of teaching will be tailored to your exact needs, therefore it doesn’t matter if you arrive speaking some Spanish, or absolutely none at all. All you need to bring is a willingness to learn!

The price includes all accommodation, as well as breakfast and lunch every day (plus dinner when on the cultural exchange). Additionally, you will receive around 80 hours of Spanish lessons, as well as dance lessons twice a week and three cultural sessions per week. The price also includes two trips to the beach and a visit to Vinales Valley. Extra nights can be booked for $35, and the cost of the transfer from the airport to the hotel will be approximately $15. We will also be happy to advise on the best ways to book flights to Cuba from any other country.

Make sure you bring everything you’ll need for the trip, as many things you take for granted will not be available in Cuba. This includes medication, mosquito spray, sanitary products and a plenty of clothes. If you are able to, please also bring extra supplies of essentials, as these can be given to the local people and will help to improve their lives immeasurably. These will be collected by your host and you might get the chance to help them with the distribution.

Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)GBP 649Book Now
2 (Week)GBP 1019Book Now
4 (Week)GBP 1789Book Now


  • Airport pickup and transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner when on the cultural exchange project
  • Approximately 80 hours in Spanish lessons
  • Cuban dance lessons twice a week
  • Three cultural sessions per week


  • Flights
  • Costs for visas
  • Spending money
  • Travel insurance


2020 – Two Start Dates per Month

01; 15 March
05; 19 April
03; 17 May
07; 21 June
05; 19 July
02; 16 August
06; 20 September
04; 18 October
01; 15 November
06; 20 December



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