Bali Surf n’ Stay

On our awesome Bali Surf n’ Stay pack, the perfect intro to your Bali surf experience. You will be based in Bali’s hotspot. A really cool, chilled out, ‘surfy’ village on the west coast of Bali. You will stay in a private villa (which has an amazing lush garden & funky plunge pool!) with a choice of 3 accommodation options, where you will meet loads of like-minded travellers and surfers. We cater for all levels of surfing, so even if you’re  a beginner or an advanced surfer, we will make sure that you develop and work towards improving your surfing and knowledge of the ocean.

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  • You fancy going somewhere completely different? You will love our chilled surf camp!
  • Explore Bali and its famous surf locations!
  • Experience an Authentic Balinese Lifestyle
  • Improve your surfing, we take you out surfing daily
  • Improve your fitness
  • Experience sandy beaches as your office, like we do!
  • Stay in our private villa which includes breakfast every morning
  • Includes your Surf Gear Rental
  • Meet like-minded travellers from all over the world!

Of course, you are here for surfing, but that is definitely not all that Bali has to offer! During your stay here you can expect to make friends for life. Because you will be based with us for a week, it allows you to experience Bali and Indonesia from a completely different perspective than the average tourist.
Your new home from home is a place with sandy beach parties, lush green rice paddies, heaps of cool and interesting people, even cooler locals… and the food is to die for!

To be able to really connect and interact with the local people, we also provide weekly Bahasa lessons. This is the national Language of Indonesia.



What Will my Time in Indonesia Look like?

It’s all about surf, with daily surf lessons, surf safaris and surf guiding. Every Sunday we have a ‘restday’, on these days you’re free to do whatever you want,
maybe even more surfing!

During your stay here we want to make sure you become a well-rounded surfer, so we offer as much support and advice as we can. To assure this we make use of the amazing waves that Indonesia has on offer. We will take you on surf safaris and even offer weekly surf video analysing evenings.

One of the best ways to learn to surf is not only by doing it as much as possible but also seeing yourself surf and to be able to understand potential mistakes you’re making. So during your training, you will be filmed and photographed a lot so we can work on your personal development.


Our boutique-style surf villas with 2 plunge pools offer high standard bedrooms with A/C & private bathrooms, you will share with max. 2 other surfers.  It’s a great place to hang out after your surf session and share your Bali adventures.

There are several terrific communal areas, and one of the best positioned yoga studios out there with views over the surrounding greenery.

There are 2 accommodation types to choose from:

  • SHARED ROOM – Flatscreen TV | Closet | Safe | Mini Fridge | Wifi -The shared room is a 30 m2 quadruple bedroom with en-suite bathroom. One of the two shared rooms has two single beds and one bunk bed. The other one has four single beds. Both rooms have a private bathroom equipped with a toilet, shower and towels. A ceiling fan and air-conditioner are installed to keep your room at the right temperature at all times. The room contains a wardrobe for your clothes and a fridge. Free Wi-Fi is available in your room and throughout the house.
  • DELUXE ROOM – Private bathroom | Bathtub | Flatscreen TV | Closet | Safe | Mini Fridge | Wifi


Only breakfast is included while you are staying with us, but you can get a nice (and cheap) meal on every corner of every street. Meals are about 3 to 8 GBP per meal in a restuarant. For streetfood you pay even less, and its amazing!

Breakfast is a choice of:

  • Pancakes with palm sugar syrup, bacon & fruits
  • Eggs scrambled, fried or omelette (with bacon and/or grilled veggies if you like)
  • Exotic fruit salad with yoghurt & granola
  • Local, Nasi or Mie Goreng with egg
  • Juice and or tea, coffee, cappuccino

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

The Indonesian currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). 1 euro is approximately 15000 Rupiah.

The safest way to travel in Bali is by taxi.  Scooter is the main transport and fastest way to get around. Walking is possible but not very ideal. Experience is required for driving a scooter, and we do not recommend it as its super busy and dangerous.

Yes you can. We offer insurance for just 25 euro a week that covers any damage or loss to our equipment (surfboards & leashes) while surfing.

Bali is a developed island. It is not necessary to take Rupiah from your home country. There are plenty of ATM`s around. In the airport, you will definitely find 2 or 3 ATM`s.  A good starting amount is 1 Million Rupiah that is equal to about 65 euro.

Don`t forget to take out your card from the ATM. The ATM provides money first then usually it will ask for another transaction before it will return your card.

Bali surfing conditions are excellent all year round! One of the best surfing locations in the world and offers year-round the best surf you will find on the planet. If we have to give an indication when the swell is absolutely world class, then it is during the dry-season months: May till late October. Basically for all levels of surfer Bali is good all year round.

The weather in Bali is very consistent temperature wise and offers a lot of beach time. It is day and night warm with temperatures always above 23C – 26C during the night and day above 26C to 32C. Bali knows two seasons: Dry-Season and Wet-Season. Dry-Season: May till October and Wet-Season: November till April. Wet season is the hottest time of the year as well and is still good for Holidays. The rain will feel like an outdoor lukewarm shower. It hardly rains all day and the rain starts usually early in the morning and late in the afternoon. During the day it is mostly hot and sunny. Also in wet-season, there are weeks that there is hardly any rain at all. So Bali offers year-round good weather conditions with a very very nice temperature throughout the year.

Dengue fever is one of the most common mosquito-borne diseases in Indonesia. These mosquitoes commonly breed in warm, humid weather and in stagnant water. Unlike most mosquitoes, dengue-causing mosquitoes bite during the day. Dengue infection along with other acute viral illness pose similar features: fever, bone and joint pain with or without skin rash. There is no vaccine for Dengue fever and there is no cure either. Dengue Fever can be prevented with precautions such as mosquito nets at bedtime and mosquito repellents.

This is just advice, please consult your Doctor at home. The recommended vaccines for travelling to Indonesia based on the Centers for Disease Control are: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Typhoid, Rabies, Tetanus, and Yellow Fever (only if you come from a Yellow Fever region). Ideally, you should get the vaccinations 4-6 weeks before travel, as some vaccinations require multiple doses and an immune reaction time.

  • Summer clothes
  • Bikini/board shorts
  • Flip flops
  • Sunscreen with high protection
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Beach towel
  • Camera/GoPro
  • Leggings (some people get surf rash from rubbing against the surfboard or get bad sunburns. The simple solution is either a wetsuit or leggings)

If you are already in Bali we have several pick-up and drop-off options. If you are in Kuta or Seminyak our driver will pick you up or drop you off for free. If you want to be picked up or dropped off in Ubud the price is 250.000 IDR, the price for a pick-up or drop-off in Sanur is 150.000 IDR. If you are in a different part of Bali you will have to organise your own transport.

 As soon as the sun comes up you can get a board and go surfing, although most have breakfast between 8-10. After breakfast, our instructors take you to the best breaks in our minivans,  that’s where you will have your surf lessons for the day.

After the lessons you can get a board and surf again, never go alone, there are plenty of other travellers to join you!



Duration Option Price  
3 (Days)Add on arrival packGBP 179 GBP 170 (SALE! 5% Off!)Book Now
1 (Week)Dorm accommodationGBP 499Book Now
1 (Week)Plus Yoga - Dorm accommodationGBP 589Book Now
2 (Week)Dorm accommodationGBP 989Book Now
2 (Week)Plus Yoga - Dorm accommodationGBP 1149 GBP 1092 (SALE! 5% Off!)Book Now


  • Breakfast (vegetarian – gluten & lactose-free available)
  • Private bathrooms only
  • Towels service (not for the beach)
  • Wifi
  • Bar
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Plunge pool
  • Massage service (in-house)
  • Airconditioned Rooms
  • Daily cleaned rooms
  • 24/7 Surf house team onsite
  • Arrival on any day and time


  • Daily surf safari (all level)*
  • Daily surf guiding (intermediate & advanced)*
  • Dusk till Dawn sessions (intermediate & advanced)*
  • Daily board & lycra rash vest rental
  • Daily surf lessons, ± 2Hrs*
  • Daily free surfing ± 4Hrs*
    *Sunday is day off


  • Vinyasa style/ surf Yoga (all levels)
  • Daily morning Yoga 07.30 – 08.30*
  • Daily evening Yoga 17.00 – 18.00*
    *Sunday is day off


  • Weekly surf video analysing evening
  • Weekly surf & wave theory evening
  • Daily scooter rental with boardrack


  • Flights
  • Extra activities not on itinerary
  • Meals other than Breakfast
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Return airport transfer
  • Drinks


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