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If spending eight weeks and paradise learning to become a professional diver sounds ideal than the Divemaster course plus internship in Mexico is for you. Experience bull sharks, whale sharks, Cenotes and crystal clear turquoise water in a stunning location. This is truly a life changing event, whether you are doing this on your gap year, or as part of a career break.

Divemaster & Internship in Mexico

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Imagine spending eight weeks having the time of your life in a paradise location. Working towards professional level diving qualifications, you can have a life changing experience with Xtreme Gap Year in Mexico. Diving every day you will get to experience the incredible underwater environment Playa del Carmen has to offer!

Playa del Carmen has it all, whale sharks, bull sharks, turtles and even cave diving and under ground Cenotes, diving in the crystal clear turquoise water this is one of the top places in the world to get your Divemaster course.

When not in the water you will stay by the beach, in the heart of the action enjoying the incredible social scene that the Playa has to offer.

 Highlights Of The Divemaster Internship Mexico

Cenote Diving


Bull Sharks

Extra Curricular:

Mayan Temples


Paradise Beaches

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Xtreme Water Sports

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Zero  To Hero Or Custom Made

Mexico Divemaster Diving Course (9)Most people start the Zero  to Hero course. This takes you through all of the PADI diving certification is up to Divemaster.

  • Open water (The basic beginner course certifies you to 18 m – Usually takes 3 to 4 days)
  • Advanced open water (Qualifies you to a deeper limit of 30 m- Usually takes 2 1/2 days)
  • Rescue diver (Gains your qualification that enables you to rescue distressed divers and improves your safety knowledge)
  • Divemaster course (The rest of your time spent will be completing the Divemaster course, set over several modules the goal is to reach your certification which is a professional level)

Why do your Divemaster course in Playa del Carmen?

There are many reasons to do your Divemaster internship in Playa del Carmen. The location is extremely easy to get to, and highly rewarding once you are there. Underwater you are in for a treat, crystal clear turquoise water, with incredible marine life. This is one of the worlds top locations to see whale sharks, at certain times of year you have huge bull shark populations as well (Nov – March).

Year round the water is warm and the visibility is great.

When you are not in the water there is plenty to do, incredible white sandy beaches famed for being some of the best in the world, cool beach bars and warm Mexican hospitality.

There’s usually something going on in Playa del Carmen, not that you have to go out every night if you don’t want to. The hostel is the perfect sanctuary for those wishing to escape the madness, although no doubt you will want party a fair amount as this is a great reason to choose this location.

You don’t have to be a party animal though. Beach lovers will be completely at home here, some of the best beaches in Mexico are at your disposal. After all this is the Caribbean!

Diving in Playa del Carmen

Mexico Divemaster Diving Course (11)A great reason to do your Divemaster in Mexico, and go diving in Playa del Carmen in particular is because of the quality of the dive sites. In general the reefs are very healthy, and there’s a lot of biodiversity underwater. In general the visibility is very good, sometimes when there is a storm this might stir things up a bit, but when you compare it to places like Thailand the actual quality of diving is much more superior in our opinion.

This is a major breeding grounds the turtles, and you can see this when diving. Huge loggerhead turtles and green turtle populations always make dives interesting. But one of the most fun things about diving in Playa del Carmen, is the drift diving.

Because there is a significant current runs along the peninsular with the tides, in general you will drop in at one insertion point and not have to fin for the entire duration of the dive, you can just drift along the reefs checking things out. It’s a fantastic experience. There are large walls the go down past the 30 m mark, so you can plan your dive profile accordingly.

You will see plenty of tropical fish, Nudibranches, box fish, parrotfish Moray Eels. In season the bull sharks come, very few things can give you an Xtreme buzz when diving like a bull shark.

Diving the Cenotes

Xtreme Gap Playa del Carmen Mexico (61)This part of Mexico used to be all underwater. As the sea level changed and the peninsular rose out of the water it left behind plenty of caverns caves and underground rivers known as Centotes. Officially there are over 10,000 registered but new ones being discovered all the time. This is because mainly they are based in the jungle, and the miles and miles you have impenetrable rainforest jungle surrounding the highway that connects can cocoon, to Playa del Carmen and further south to Tulum.

The Cenotes are amazing to dive. They are freshwater, with amazing light. Deep blue colours, and an almost eerie atmosphere will give you an incredible experience.

You will get the opportunity to dive a Cenote or many of them during the Divemaster course although this is an optional upgrade as cave diving is not for everyone.

You would also be able to do some specialist courses, again as an optional upgrade the PADI Bull Shark speciality course and the Cenote Speciality course as well.


One thing that sets the dive school apart from many others is the impressive quality of the equipment. All of which is included in the course although we do recommend you bring your own dive computer.

In general we use Cressi gear with brand-new wetsuits and 2014. Regulators and BCDS are well maintained and replaced regularly. We also the only dive shop in Playa del Carmen to have an extensive stock of re-breathers we have six of them costing around €8000 each.

The Xtreme Dive Team

On Mexico Divemaster you will join the Xtreme dive team and become part of the family. Staff roster is impressive with highly qualified dive instructors from all over the world. From France, Denmark Mexico the USA and UK. As part of the Divemaster internship you will be mentored by one instructor but received input from the entire team. You will learn about the successful running of the dive school, and help out while diving every day working towards your dive master qualification.

The lifestyle

Doing your Divemaster is as much about living the dream lifestyle as it is about learning to dive professionally. We select our Divemaster training locations selectively based on some key criteria. Certainly the diving is an important factor, but when you’re out of the water is also important. Playa del Carmen is the perfect location lifestyle wise for your Divemaster. Not that you need to be out partying and socialising every night, but you certainly can blow off steam whenever you want. When you are not at the dive school you have an amazing beach with all the associated activities on your doorstep.

It’s a truly international place, where you will meet people from all over the world and have a lot of fun. If you want to spend some time after your Divemaster course, to travel Mexico there are plenty of places to visit. Even if you want to take the weekends to do many adventures, you have some of the worlds best diving in Cozumel just a $13 half an hour boat ride away.

There is the paradise backpacker heaven of Tulum. When you want to get out of the city this is the perfect escape.


Hostel Option

Your accommodation is located in a quiet area of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, only a 5 minute walk to the beach and 2 minute walk to the busy 5th Avenue.

  • All the rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning!
  • All guests have use of a big terrace where they can relax, use our free WI FI or just share travel tips with other guests
  • Breakfast included
  • Located in a quiet neighbourhood with a touch of that ‘jungle feeling’ without the inconveniences
  • Free WiFi

The best hostel in Playa del Carmen for sure. Perfect blend of atmosphere without being too crazy. Great chill out area in the middle with fun events at night. The staff are all really good fun and friendly. The place has a great vibe and if you like tequila you will do very well here.

Private Studio Option

Those opting for the studio option you stay 4 blocks from the beach in a studio apartment. There is free wifi, cable, aircon (you need to pay for the electricity) kitchenette and BBQ area. Availability is very limited on this option so book well ahead please.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions


You will be picked up from the airport in Cancun. Simply accident terminal building and walk left and you will be met by our representative.
You will check into the hostel and familiarise yourself with the surroundings, the next morning you will be taken to the dive school and meet your instructors. You will be given a full run down of events and the schedule on your first day.
Yes if you are already certified, you will get a reduction on the price depending on your dive level.
Yes there is! You can use the kitchen at the accommodation to prepare your meals. also in walking distance is a massive super market with beautiful food! So if you like preparing your own meals and you want to keep the costs down, this is a perfect option.



  • Airport pick up
  • All accommodation (shared) Very near the beach
  • Breakfasts
  • All equipment (for rent)
  • All instructions
  • Orientation and welcome session in Playa del Carmen
  • Welcome dinner on the first night
  • Introduction to the dive school and to your instructors
  • Open water, advanced open water, rescue diver and Divemaster course (depending on your current certification)
  • Snorkel test on completion of your Divemaster course!
  • All PADI course materials included (most courses do not include this)
  • Direct access to the dive boats from the beach – The only dive centre to offer this in Playa del Carmen
  • Predeparture pack
  • Access to buddy lists before you leave


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance (ensure that it covers diving)
  • PADI registration and subscription fees for your Divemaster (approximately US$90)
  • Costs for a dive medical (you can do this prior to departure or in country for approximately US$48)
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Breakfast (with Studio Option)
  • Utilities (with Studio Option)
  • Return airport transfer
  • Departure tax in Mexico $50 USD


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One of the great things about doing your Divemaster in Mexico is some of the exciting bolt ons that work well with this program.  If you want to do something completely unique take advantage of some of the underground caverns and cave systems here.  With our exciting Mexico cave diving course.  This is the real deal of diving.  Cave diving is one of the most dangerous forms of diving, so do not even consider doing this until you have done your Divemaster.

Want to explore other areas in the region? The Belize underwater conservation programme is a perfect addition once you are certified. Or take advantage of the low cost and very short distance between Cancun Mexico and Cuba. The Cuba experience could be a perfect addition also.

Finally you can explore other Mexico trips which you can add on in addition to the Divemaster course.  A free diving course is a great complimentary programme.


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