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Playa del Carmen, or just Playa as the locals lovingly call it. An enchanting place in the Mexican Caribbean and a favorite beach town located on the ‘Riviera Maya’. It is famous for its beautiful white beaches, crystal blue sea and a thrilling nightlife. You will learn Spanish every morning at an award winning language school, located 10-minute walk from the beach, in cool open air palapa’s instead of a boring bright lighted classroom.

 Learn Spanish in Mexico. Playa Del Carmen

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It is an intensive course that will have you ordering taco´s and getting into the Mexican swing in days! Besides going to classes you are free to enjoy the laid back beach life or go explore Mayan ruins, go diving, visit one of the beautiful underwater caves (cenotes) and enjoy the Mexican hospitality. You share a residence with other students and together you will try your newly grasped language skills out on the streets and on the beaches!

Live and learn in paradise!

Mexico Sale Now OnThe award winning language school is the best place to apprehend the second largest language in the world and living in Playa del Carmen will surely be a life changing experience. It is full of people like you, that came here once and never left, or keep coming back. Whatever it is, after this Gap Year you will never be the same, in the most positive sense of the word! Viva Mexico!

  • 20 hours Spanish a week in the most thrilling town in the Caribbean
  • Classes are held in open air palapas in an award winning language school
  • Walk to the white beach and blue sea in just five minutes after your class is finished
  • Make friends easily with weekly ´Social Cafe´ and sport activities on the beach every Friday
  • Salsa and cooking classes
  • Never a dull moment with so much culture, nightlife, beach, friends to make and activities to do!

It will be hard to find a place that combines learning and fun like our school in Playa. We suggest booking one way! You won’t be the first deciding to extend their stay.




The Details

281805_10151292617477274_564882607_nOur language school was founded in 1997. Their mission is to provide the best quality instruction of Spanish as a Second Language, and to offer students a meaningful and unforgettable cultural experience.
One thing that sets the school apart is the individual attention each student receives to learn Spanish fast. The teachers and professional staff provide around the clock attention, creating a family environment for every student.

On the first day of school you will be taking a small exam to see what your level in Spanish is, so you will be placed in the appropriate class. During the morning there will be a contact session with the director of the school who will give you information about the programme as well as living in Playa del Carmen. Everybody in the school will be part of your everyday life in no time, for teachers and students will participate together in the many activities.

Besides learning Spanish the fun way, outside in a ´palapa´ instead of a boring classroom, you will be living in a place like no other, with white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue warm waters close by. You will be staying with your new friends in a beautifully set-up residence not far from the school. Amazing night life, restaurants, bars, shopping streets, countless activities, sports, culture, wildlife, and most of all fun, fun, fun!

Imagine practicing your newly apprehended Spanish skills staring at the sea, with your feet in the sand and a bucket of cold corona´s next to you, some mariachi´s playing songs that sound slightly familiar. That is studying Spanish in Mexico!

300x200Some reasons to study here

  • Small groups with a maximum of 6 students per instructor
  • All Spanish programmes and levels available year-round
  • Friendly environment for every student.
  • Cultural activities from Tuesday through Friday, such as movies or lectures in Spanish, free Salsa and cooking lessons, soccer and volleyball games and Cafe Social every Wednesday at a local cafe/restaurant/bar
  • Beautiful settings in our Spanish school, tropical gardens, open terraces and architecture
  • Located downtown, close to main streets, restaurants, cafes, stores and bars, 6 blocks from the beach
  • Cultural and recreational excursions to various archaeological sites and other places of interest in the area each weekend
  • Individual attention to each student and assistance with any questions or problems
  • A library with books on history, art, literature, etc as well as magazines and newspapers
  • Receiving calls in our Spanish schools offices free of charge
  • Computer room for students and free WiFi
  • An ID card from the school which will grant you discount in bars, restaurants and stores
  • Many things to do, like diving, kite surfing, paddle boarding, horse riding, quad tours, salsa classes, natural parks, snorkelling with turtles, underwater caves, gyms, islands to visit, fishing, archaeological sites.

The Spanish Course

  • 20 hours Spanish lessons per week
  • Spanish courses are held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and are composed of 3 lessons of practical conversational grammar and 1 lessons of practical conversation and/or lectures.
  • This programme consists of classes with an average of 4 students per class with a maximum of 6-8 students in high season.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful city that sits on the Caribbean Sea coast. It used to be a humble fishing village and the stopover for travelers visiting Cozumel Island. It is blessed with the same stretch of white sandy beaches and azure waters as Cancun, but with less crowd.
Tourists then began to see Playa del Carmen as a good holiday getaway, and so began its rise as a major destination. It is now home to various hotels, restaurants, resorts, and bars and clubs, not to mention many other attractions such as adventure sports facilities and great diving opportunities.

Quinta Avenida is the city’s major street. You can walk it from the beach. It is filled with boutiques, restaurants, and many other interesting establishments. Walking along this street will make you feel the festive atmosphere of the place. You will find streets intersecting with the Quinta and leading to the beach. Here you will find internet cafes, money changers, dive-shops and other specialty stores. Quinta Avenida transforms into a vibrant party venue at night. It is the perfect place to mingle with the locals and fellow tourists.
The picturesque beaches in Playa del Carmen are open to the public. The crystal-like waters have the right temperature for a nice swim. If you prefer a crowded beach, then head for the ones close to the ferry docks. But if you want a serene, private place, then go to either north or south for less crowded and quieter beaches.
Playa del Carmen offers lots of sporting activities at the beach. You can fish, scuba-dive, or snorkel. Do not worry if you forgot to bring your gears since there are many dive shops that rent out equipment. If you do not prefer some action, you can always relax by lounging under your umbrella, while sipping a glass of Margarita.
As for culinary adventures, the city also has many interesting things to offer. It has a diverse mix of traditional, international, as well as fusion cuisines and all ready to appease your craving palate with something hot, something new, or something scrumptious. Options include authentic Mayan dishes French, Italian, Chinese, Argentinian, and many other international dishes.
Visit the bustling yet charming Playa del Carmen. This heavenly, stylish, and surprisingly seductive place will astound you with all its unique offers. You´ll never want to leave!

Accommodation Xtreme Gap Mexican Base.

Your accommodation is in a beautiful boutique hostel, with a great intimate atmosphere. The rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning! All guests have use of a big terrace where they can relax or just share travel tips with other guests. Its located in a great neighbourhood, everything is round the corner, oh and there is free WiFi!

The best hostel in Playa del Carmen for sure. Perfect blend of atmosphere without being too crazy. Great chill out area in the middle with fun events at night. The staff are all really good fun and friendly. The place has a great vibe and if you like tequila you will do very well here.


We include breakfast for you. Breakfast is a buffet style and includes – coffee, tea, bread, butter, 4 types of jam, 2 types of cereal, milk and 2 types of fruits, so good start of the day!


Trip Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on the conversational ability of the students though writing, comprehension, pronunciation, grammar and reading are also emphasized.

Following are descriptions of the grammatical points covered in each level.

A1: Beginner Spanish I
Gender and number, definite and indefinite articles, adjectives, the verbs estar, haber and ser, demonstratives, regular and irregular verbs in present tense, direct pronouns (part I).

A2: Beginner Spanish II
Irregular verbs in present tense (part II), present progressive, present perfect and preterit tense, reflexive verbs, direct and indirect pronouns in the same sentence.

B1: Intermediate Spanish I

Imperfect tense, imperfect progressive and preterit progressive tenses, preterit and imperfect in the same sentence, accidental verbs, comparisons, past perfect tense.

B2: Intermediate Spanish II
Future tense, conditional tense, passive voice, comparisons of por and para, familiar and formal commands.

C1: Advanced Spanish I
Subjunctive mode (present and past).

C2: Advanced Spanish II
In depth analysis and review of all the grammatical points seen in the previous levels.

Advanced Spanish III
Analysis of literature, newspapers, journals and other material, Grammatical review.


You can start on any Monday throughout the year. With the exception of national holidays listed below.

In case the Monday is a national holiday the school will be closed. No refunds for this day, instead use it to hit the beach and drink corona’s or cocktails!
National holidays are:

  • January 1st: new year´s day
  • February 4th: Constitution´s day
  • March 18th: Benito Juarez´s birthday
  • March 29th: Good Friday
  • May 1st: Labor day
  • September 16th: Independence day
  • November 2nd: Day of the Dead
  • November 18th: Commemoration of the Mexican Revolution
  • December 25th: Christmas

Playa Del Carmen offers plenty to do when you’re not studying. The beautiful beaches and sea provide all kinds of activities like: volleyball, stand up paddle board, snorkelling with turtles, fishing, diving, free diving, kite surfing, cheap massages, parasailing, jet board, sailing or just chillaxing in the sun. There are jeep tours and natural parks with lots of activities. Depending on the season you can go diving with bull sharks or whale sharks. Close to the beach are countless restaurants, bars and stores to explore. There is Cancun and Tulum to visit, all with their own vibe. The area is famous for its hundreds of underwater caves that are unique in the world. Playa del Carmen has a nightlife like no other place. There are salsa parties everywhere. There are many cultural and archeological places to visit, like the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Chicen itza or Coba. There is gym’s, cross fit, many yoga schools, meditation classes and of course the enchanting quinta avenida that will make you come back time after time.

Yes there is! You can use the kitchen at the accommodation to prepare your meals. also in walking distance is a massive super market with beautiful food! So if you like preparing your own meals and you want to keep the costs down, this is a perfect option.
From the 20th Dec-20th Jan the prices increase. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)One weekGBP 599Book Now
2 (Week)Two weeksGBP 999Book Now
3 (Week)GBP 1349Book Now
4 (Week)GBP 1699Book Now
5 (Week)GBP 1899Book Now
6 (Week)GBP 2200Book Now
7 (Week)GBP 2499Book Now
10 (Week)GBP 3199Book Now
11 (Week)GBP 3499Book Now


  • Exclusive pre departure information pack before you leave
  • Airport pickup
  • 24 hour support
  • Spanish classes 4 hours a day, 5 days a week in open air palapas
  • Shared  accommodation in a fun hostel
  • Breakfasts
  • Weekly salsa and cooking classes
  • Weekly social cafe and sports activities on the beach
  • Placement exams to be given at arrival to determine students level
  • Daily conversation classes
  • Many other excursions, sports and activities to be added to your trip
  • ID card from the school for various discounts
  • Spanish courses certificate of your studies
  • Text books included
  • Free WiFi throughout the school
  • Use of Kitchen at your accommodation
  • Spanish movie night once a week
  • Unlimited sun, beach, fun!


  • Flights
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Drinks
  • Spending money
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance


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“The teachers are very professional, and in general all the staff are very friendly. I learned a lot in this time and had a great time in this beautiful place you got here. Thank you very much!”
Patrick - Switzerland
“The people there were very nice and extremely helpful. The classes-especially the conversation-made me feel more comfortable and practice my Spanish out loud. The excursions were great and the residence wonderful.”
Kelly - USA
“Thanks to everyone for a wonderful learning experience; it was truly fabulous! In general, the campus, directors and teaching personal, all contribute to a rich environment very conclusive to optimal learning potential for students.”
Margaret - UK
” ¡Desde el primer contacto mi experiencia estuvo muy bien! La organización es muy buena … me gusto como todo el equipo de la escuala atiende a los estudiantes!”
Monica - Germany
“Great school, very social and amazing location. The teachers were great as were all the people studying there. And Playa is just a Disney wonderland.”
Mick - Netherlands
“The school is like a home away from home Basically a small family and some new friends for a life time Thank you for the good times”
Karen - Switzerland
“I received a solid introduction to Spanish and the Mexican culture through both my classes and going out with the other students.”
Kathryn - USA
“Great people, great teachers, beautiful school. Very happy with my time in Mexico and Xtreme gap and I am planning to return …”
Jim - UK
“Living in the residence was like living in my own house, as you know this is my second time here, I hope this is not the last one, because I really want to visit again. …”
Andrea - Switzerland
” …Loved the classes and the whole vibe, the teachers, the other students, learning on the beach. La pura vida!! I miss it every day!”
Annette - Netherlands
I met people from all around the world and made lifelong friends. I had the time of my life in Mexico! It was such an amazing experience I will totally recommend!
Ilaria - Italy


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