The Xtreme Mexico Fitness Bootcamp. Get fit, tanned and healthy in the Caribbean. Located next to the beach of Playa del Carmen you are welcome to join our Fitness holiday in the Caribbean. Join the crossfit box, 50 steps from the beach and additionally, unlimited gym access. Included are airport pick up, introduction on arrival, unlimited training, breakfast, amazing activities and accommodation close to the beautiful beaches in the famous 5th avenue area. That’s not all. Technique classes, personal coaching, stand up paddle and yoga classes are also included.


Mexico Fitness Holiday

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The Mexico Fitness Holiday programme is an intensive Crossfit fitnMexico Fitness Bootcamp (2)ess programme, open to men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. You can benefit from the intensive workouts and personal attention from expert fitness trainers and enjoy the Caribbean and true Mexican adventures. It won’t break the bank, and at the end of the trip, you can expect to feel fitter, stronger, and physically better. The programme is suitable to increase cardio fitness, muscle mass, help with weight loss, flexibility and toning up! Besides that, you take home new insights into maintaining a more active and healthier lifestyle!


Playa del Carmen. Just a 45 minute drive away from Cancun airport in Mexico. Playa is known for its beaches, great ambience and Xtremely fit people!

  • See your fitness improving easily with unlimited group cross fit training sessions
  • You will be amazed by how much fitter and better you feel with lots of varied group fitness training sessions that really work
  • Discover how motivated you get when training in a group fitness sessions
  • Improve fitness faster and more efficiently with proven, advanced fitness techniques, taught to you by top fitness professionals – currently ranked number one and two in Mexico
  • This trip is about you, and improving your personal fitness and well-being,  with a plan based on your own level and fitness goals in a supportive group environment
  • Most of our guests travel here on their own so you make new friends from all over the world easily
  • Exploring true Mexican adventures like snorkelling in Cenotes, beach tours and Mexican nights
  • Discover new ways to stay fit trying other sports as well, like freediving, diving and Kitesurfing (optional extra)
  • There is no limit to how much you can train with unlimited Gym Access 5 days a week and several CrossFit sessions a day
  • Jump straight into the Caribbean sea straight after your killer work out!
  • Unique Xtreme Gap Tailor made 1, 2 or 3 week trip with option to add on extra weeks

You can invest in your health as this is one of the best value fitness holiday´s out there. Can you afford not to take part?

Highlights Mexico Fitness Bootcamp Holiday

  • 5 days a week unlimited Crossfit training sessions & Olympic Lifting
  • Membership to the gym 2 minutes from the hostel with free group sessions
  • 1 hour personal coaching per week
  • Introduction session on arrival by our rep
  • Going on amazing adventures, see Chichen Itza
  • Weekly activities: Sunrise paddle boarding / Yoga Class /snorkeling cenotes
  • Located at stunning beaches, jump in the sea straight after the training
  • Super friendly, clean and perfectly located hostel accommodation
  • Many beach activities and other options available like scuba diving, freediving, stand-up paddle boarding etc.
  • More than a just bootcamp!

Minutes away from the stunning beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya! Will this be your post-workout view?!


Full Details Mexico Bootcamp

Mexico fitnessThe Mexico fitness bootcamp holiday is different from our Thailand Fitness Bootcamp in that it focuses on Crossfit with added  gym workouts and counselling to support your Crossfit workouts plus some unique Mexican activities.

You have probably heard of Crossfit as it has literally taken the fitness world by storm. Crossfit consists of very high-intensity workouts usually no more than one hour per day. Now if that doesn’t sound like enough training, believe us when we tell you that you do not need anything more. It is a world of pain that gets better every single time you do it. When people tell you this fitness and exercise is addictive, around about the third session you will understand why.

You can choose whether you take your class in the morning, or afternoon (we advise the morning) and you can also focus on less intense activities like yoga, Stand Up Paddling (SUP), swimming and gym workouts to support your overall strength and balance.

The goal of the Mexico Fitness Bootcamp Holiday is not only to provide you with an awesome holiday, but for you to come away with a stronger and fitter body and a more positive state of mind.

We will give you a total mental and physical makeover focusing on the following key fitness elements:

We will work on your cardiovascular and respiratory stamina

You should feel your strength, flexibility and stamina increasing significantly throughout your stay. How much you develop basically depends on how long you go for, and how hard you work at it, but everything is there to help support you reach your fitness goals and come home feeling a lot healthier physically capable and mentally blown away.

You will find it completely incredible of what you can achieve when you are physically in shape. It affects everything, how you feel, what you can do, your limits, how you think, how you are. It will just as much have a dramatic impact on not only your body, but also your state of mind and overall your joy in life and your self-confidence.

Crossfit Works

Cross fit works. It uses functional movements with constant variation executed at high intensity. Because it uses functional movements it’s not just strength and fitness that increases. Your coordination, agility and balance will improve, giving you everything you need to lay down the basis for a completely new active healthy lifestyle

Strength training

Crossfit is very good for high-intensity cardio workouts, but if your gain is to build muscle mass you can also do Olympic lifting or do additional workouts in the gym under guidance from our personal trainer.

World-class fitness professionals training

The Mexico Fitness Bootcamp is headed up by the top Crossfit instructors in Mexico. They are currently ranked number one and number two respectively. Whilst lessons are delivered predominantly in Spanish, they can also explain in English if necessary.

If you want to develop your Spanish skills whilst attending the fitness camp, we can also add in a crash course of Spanish in the morning with cross fit in the afternoon. Please ask us the details.

Personal assistance

It’s not just the supportive environment during the Cross fit sessions, we have a representative based in Playa del Carmen who will give you full introduction and make sure you are okay. The owners and the staff of the hostel will make you feel like family in no time. On arrival, our rep sits down with you to talk you trough the programme and you can enjoy the welcome dinner. On Monday morning, we take you out on a City Bike tour to get to know the town, the gym and cross fit center.

It’s a fitnesTulums Holiday, not a punishment

On the Xtreme Mexico Fitness Bootcamp Holiday, yes the goal is to get fit but it is also about experiencing the best Mexico has to offer. You are close to the beach with a whole host of water sports available to you, from SUP to free diving, kite surfing to learning to dive. You can easily add on plenty of activities to your itinerary, many of which complement your fitness programme rather well. You can arrange this locally with our rep.

Extra Fun Activities

We include lots of fun activities for you. Not every week we have the same activities but you can expect the below, or something similar. Activities are subject to change and can be arranged locally for a little fee.

  • 12697430_976712865708345_7247999042445661435_oSunday- Capoeira Class
  • Monday – Xcacel beach tour + Mexican Night
  • Tuesday –  City Bike Tour + Free Zumba Class
  • Wednesday – Cenote tour + Salsa Class
  • Thursday – BBQ + Mojito Lesson
  • Friday – Sunset Paddle board + Yoga Class

Day to Day Itinerary

The following itinerary is just a guide. Here is what your trip might look like.

First week: Start date is every first Sunday of the month.

Sunday: Getting in – Talk with the rep + welcome dinner

  • Monday: City Bike tour – morning (getting to know the town, the gym and cross fit center)
  • Meeting with personal trainer – tests and evaluation of goals of workout + 1 hr training with trainer.
  • Tuesday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Wednesday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Thursday: Cenote tour (going to 3 different cenote + Akumal with a local guide – Half day tour)
  • Friday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Saturday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Sunday: Sunrise paddle boarding / Yoga Class / Salsa Class


Second Week:

  • Monday – Meeting with personal trainer – re-evaluation of workout and 1hr of training
  • Tuesday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Wednesday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Thursday: Chichen Itza Tour / Tulum Coba (So the can get some culture)
  • Friday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Saturday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access

Third Week:

  • Monday – Meeting with personal trainer – re-evaluation of workout and 1hr of training
  • Tuesday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Wednesday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Thursday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Friday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Saturday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Sunday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access – Goodbye dinner


Additional Weeks:

  • Monday – Meeting with personal trainer – re-evaluation of workout and 1hr of training
  • Tuesday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Wednesday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Thursday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Friday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Saturday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access
  • Sunday: Group Cross Fit Class and Gym Access


The Mexico Fitness Boot Camp uses shared (6-8) accommodation, the accommodation is located a couple of minutes walk from the training center. Currently, there are no private options available if this is important to you, consider the Thailand or Bali Fitness Bootcamp.

Your accommodation is a beautiful boutique hostel, with a great intimate atmosphere. The rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning! All guests have use of a big terrace where they can relax or just share travel tips with other guests. Its located in a great neighbourhood, everything is round the corner, oh and there is free WiFi!


We include breakfast for you. Breakfast is a buffet style and includes – coffee, tea, bread, butter, 4 types of jam, 2 types of cereal, milk and 2 types of fruits, so good start of the day!

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Airport pick-up is included with the Mexico fitness Boot Camp. We organize a private transfer for you. All we need is your flight details, email them at least 2 weeks before starting your programme.
Breakfasts are included but lunch and dinner is not. As there are a variety of great restaurants and places to eat feedback from clients has suggested it’s better to not include these. We will give you advice on nutrition, and also show you where the best places to eat are located in Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen is a very social place, by providing a meal plan you would be missing out on much of the social side of the programme.
Yes there is! You can use the kitchen at the accommodation to prepare your meals. also in walking distance is a massive supermarket with beautiful food! So if you like preparing your own meals and you want to keep the costs down, this is a perfect option.
You need to check your own eligibility for visas when entering Mexico prior to arrival, however currently citizens from the USA, most of Europe and Australia do not need visas for Mexico. You will need to pay an exit fee of US$50 when you fly home and you will need to have this in cash with you at the airport. Credit cards are not accepted.
There’s loads of extra things you can do in Playa del Carmen. We can add a Spanish course to your programme, free diving, kite surfing (in season), whale shark tours, scuba diving, visits to ruins, paddleboarding and adventure days. Please ask us for details.
Please note during the BPM festival (New year and first week of January) the rates of accommodation goes up in the whole of Playa del Carmen and there will be an additional supplement to pay if you choose to train over these dates.
Want to learn some Spanish whilst you train? You can upgrade with additional Spanish classes for £189 per week.
From the 20th Dec-20th Jan the prices increase. Please contact us for a custom quote.


  • Pre departure information
  • Airport pick-up
  • Introduction orientation session by our Rep
  • Breakfast in the hostel
  • Access to all training equipment and cross fit box
  • All group Crossfit training sessions
  • Activities as per itinerary (if you only join 1 week we do not include Chichen Itza Tour / Tulum Coba, this is in week 2. You can arrange it locally with our rep, if you do want to add it.)
  • Free use of Bicycles
  • Stand Up Paddle and Yoga
  • Access to Olympic Lifting Classes
  • Option to join Spanish Lessons
  • Option to learn to dive
  • Accommodation in our funky hostel located very close to the beach


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa´s
  • Lunch and dinners
  • Spending money



Contact us with your questions below & Get a personalised response.