Do you want to try the ultimate in personal fitness training? Muay Thai training Thailand gets you closer to the culture and action. Set on a gorgeous tropical island paradise. You will train hard in a stunning jungle gym up a sandy track minutes from the beach. But will you be ready to step in the ring?  New: Optional bolt on Unlimited CrossFit workouts only £100 per month extra.

Muay Thai Training Thailand

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The Muay Thai training in Thailand programme gives you a great sense of roots of Muay Thai. On this programme you will be Muay Thai training with the Thais and other westerners and being trained by former Muay Thai champions.

Not only is this a great fitness holiday, it is perfect for a completely different cultural immersion experience, and life will be good as you will be staying in a beautiful resort minutes from unbelievable beaches.

Finally once you are ready you have to option to step in the ring in a live showdown with 200 people supporting you. Nothing like a little incentive to train hard!

Highlights Muay Thai:

  • Muay Thai training for beginners, intermediates and very experienced
  • Training 1 on 1 with professional Thai trainers
  • 6 day per week flexible training schedule (1.5 hrs per session)
  • Living on Koh Tao. One of the most beautiful islands of Thailand
  • Staying in a stunning resort with a pool
  • Amazing social scene and stunning beaches
  • Get in the ring and test your skills when ready!
  • Day and night in a luxury hotel in Bangkok upon arrival
  • Add on Crossfitt training sessions for the ultimate wok out

Add CrossFit workouts to the programme for only £100 per month




Imagine… Stepping in the ring to face down your opponent…

What to expect

The Muay Thai School is located 2 minutes walk from the Koh Tao Resort and set under Coconut trees in Sairee Stadium. The trainers will provide you will all the gear necessary to complete your one hour session (on the Koh Tao Adventure you get 5 sessions). After a warm up you will work on punching or kicking techniques, blocks and movements to out smart your opponent. It is a centuries old martial art, so there are literally hundreds of techniques, but you will start with the basics and it is a fun and sporty way to learn about the sport.

Fight night!

Once a month there is a fight night on Koh Tao, so you can see first hand pro Muay Thai fighters combating each other in the ring using some of the skills you can pick up in your sessions!

Muay Thai Training Thailand. The Training Schedule:

Xtreme Gap Thailand Muay Thai 2012 (2)The Muay Thai Training in Thailand is not just for Muay Thai addicts! It is a great for fitness and to do something health different and great fun on holiday: This all takes place in a beautiful Paradise island setting with a lively and exciting night life. Every day in the early morning hours, when it is not too hot, we start off our Muay Thai training at the Boxing Stadium.

Your dedicated Muay Thai trainer will brief you about the sessions goals and begin with a warming up to get your body ready for action. If the morning hours don’t suit your holiday plans, no problem, we also hold daily Muay Thai training sessions in the evening when it cools down again.

The Muay Thai training in Thailand typically consists of skipping rope and shadow boxing which is a good way of stretching and warming up. Running up and down for short distances will help to improve your foot work and you will also learn many new Muay Thai techniques.

The warming up is followed by bag work. 3-5 minute rounds of punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing a kick bag to increase your stamina and the power of all your physical Muay Thai weapons.

Next: Muay Thai pad training. When Muay Thai Training in Thailand the Muay Thai trainer wears shin guards, a stomach pad and two pads held in his hands, so he can interact with you and make the Muay Thai training more exciting and focused. This part of the Muay Thai training will help you to figure out distances and speed up your reaction time. Depending on your condition those rounds are as well set to 3-5 minutes.

Clinch training will follow where you practice close up Muay Thai knee strikes and elbows techniques as well as grappling and foot work for 10-30 minutes depending on your strength and fitness

To cool your body down slowly, we will finish up each Muay Thai training session with some light shadow boxing, sit ups to strengthen stomach muscles and stretching. This will increase flexibility and help to stop cramps and torn muscles. If you are training to fight we will also add running to your training schedule.

Get in the ring! If you dare!

If you are brave enough and feel ready for it, toward the end of your Muay Thai training program you will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test!

You have the option to take part in a live Muay Thai fight in front of hundreds of spectators

Thailand Muay Thai (4)(Note: this is at the discretion of your trainer and is not compulsory. You will only be able to take part if you are deemed ready you will not be allowed to fight otherwise)

So what’s fight night like? Well is a lot of fun just watching it, but when you know that you will be fighting live in front of 200 people, with frenzied betting going on all around you and the sound of Muay Thai music, it is quite atmosphere. Feedback from Xtreme Gappers has shown the preparing for a fight really gives you the motivation you need in your training. But don’t take our word for it, you can see reviews of previous Muay Thai fighters in the video section.

Fighting is a great honour remember this is the national sport, and ties can start training from a very early age as little as four years old. Along with competing comes respect, and as you will be prepared and trained by ex-champion Muay Thai fighters the satisfaction from this trip is incredible.

Who joins?

Anyone can join, men & women alike, if you want to experience a totally unique and exciting way to spend some of your travelling time, then there are a few trips to offer so much excitement, action, health and fitness on a gorgeous tropical island where you are genuinely surrounded by culture.

A Muay Thai Training programme in Thailand has clear and distinct fitness benefits:

Studies regarding Muay Thai´s fitness benefits estimate that an average person will burn upwards of 800 calories in one one-hour Muay Thai training session. Added to that a health delicious (and cheap!) Thai food diet of lots of fresh fish and curries, lots of sunshine and active lifestyle, the Muay Thai training course can only have one out come. A fitter, healthier better looking you!


A 30 second walk from the Muay Thai training camp you will find your beautiful new, safe and clean home from home.

Our accommodation is one of the few places on the island with a swimming pool, which in 30 degrees heat is a god send after training. Your room, big and comfortable, will have an en-suite and there is a maid service. There is a laundry service (approx £ per big bag load) as well. Linen and towels are provided.

Room options

Please note the standard fan room is the default room we provide unless upgrading room class.

Standard Fan Room

Recommended!!! Our most basic standard of accommodation, with your own bathroom, satellite television, twin beds, ceiling fan and private terrace to enjoy the garden view and socialising.

  • Fan
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet Wifi
  • Balcony
  • Your own own Shower and Toilet

 Comfort Fan Room

Our newest rooms, recently built they are beautifully decorated and furnished for your relaxation. Larger than our Standard Room range, they are very close to our swimming pool and sunbathing area.

  •  Satellite TV
  • Internet Wifi
  • Balcony
  • Your own Shower and toilet

Standard Airconditioning Room

Basic accommodation, with your own bathroom, satellite television, twin beds, air-conditioning and private terrace to enjoy the garden view and socialising.

  • Airconditioning
  • Satellite TV
  • Hot shower
  • Internet Wifi
  • Balcony
  • Your own Shower & Toilet

More Accommodation Information

Follow this link to our Blog post with more details and pictures regarding the accommodation on Koh Tao.


Read More about the trip as published in Martial Arts Illustrated.

How To Beat the Credit Crunch: With your Fists, Knees and 6 other Muay Thai Weapons!

Xtreme Gap Thailand Muay Thai (1)It was a cold dark night in September when David Cook finally succumbed to a long burning desire. Fuelled by a combination of his interest in the Thai national sport: Muay Thai, abysmal UK weather and his repetitive job and lifestyle: he decided to get away from it all for a while, to have a short career break and learn Muay Thai in Thailand []. He wanted to become a better fighter, and at the same time have a decent break on a paradise isle in Thailand: The land of a thousand smiles, where it is always hot, the beaches are idyllic, the food fragrant, healthy and stupidly cheap.

Taking advantage of a gap year companies (Xtreme Gap) Muay Thai programme he set off for 2 months to the motherland of Muay Thai. We caught up with him after his trip, looking brown and smug to find out a little bit about his experiences and what it was like…

MIA: “So tell us about what made you decide to set off on this adventure?”

Dave: I have been training in Muay Thai for a couple of years at a couple of different clubs, so it has always been a sport that I have enjoyed, then I heard about this Xtreme Gap program where you get a true sense of the sports roots: training with the Thai and being trained by Thai champions. The setting looked pretty spectacular too: a small little tropical island north of Samui in the gulf of Thailand, so I figured what the hell – what have I got to lose. Looking back on it now I believe that any avid Muay Thai enthusiast should take a pilgrimage there, not just to watch a fight but to train and take part in a conwww. So I looked into it, and worked out that it would actually cost me very little to take a 2 month break and give me proper time to devote to myself to do Muay Thai training Thailand.

Tropical Island sound nice…

It was. Stunning. Turquoise blue sea surrounds gorgeous little white sand beaches with palm trees everywhere, in fact some say 3 million coconuts are grown there a year, so much so that they warn you not to fall asleep under trees in case you get hit by one! But it makes for a spectacular setting, on the islands interior is a tropical jungle, not quite Robinson Crusoe but not far off it. The perfect place to spending your recovery time relaxing your muscles and building your strength with amazing Thai food. The Gym itself was nestled up a sandy track a few minutes from the sea, best looking gym I have ever been to…

So what can you tell us about living there?

What a place, you live in an environment where everyone is happy, and interested in making new friends and having fun. The weather is great, as you would expect, but there is more to it than that. The Island seems to have a magical attraction to it, people go there for 3 days and end up staying 3 years. A combination of the easy happy lifestyle and total lack of outside world influences creeping into spoil your day. Some day’s your toughest decision will be what colour Thai curry to eat. At night the beaches come alive with fire shows and happy revellers drinking Thai Whiskey buckets, I mean seriously? Who ever came up with the idea of serving drinks by the bucket knew how to party – but it is not over done, it still has a lot of charm of a small island.

What about the training? How did it compare to the UK? Were there any language problems?

Well first lets just say that the Thai are 110% committed to the sport, in Thailand becoming a Muay Thai fighter brings great honour on the fighter and his or her family. Not to mention it can be a respected form of income for their families. So much so that they start training at a very early age, I have seen 6 year old ´s go at it in the ring. This national love of the sport translates to the training very well, whether you are a “farang” (Thai word for Western) or Thai national. They are so passionate about the sport that even if you are inexperienced, yet show desire or interest to learn, they embrace you and will give you the training of your life!

The instructors language skills were not great, but it really did not affect their performance, their enthusiasm was infectious, and you always knew what they wanted you to do. Also there are many westerners on the island, dive instructors and other nationalities living and training there, so you meet lots of people and make new friends, you never feel that you are alone in a foreign country.

What did the training actually involve?

Xtreme Gap Thailand Muay Thai (3)Every day in the early morning hours, when it is was not too hot, we would start. The training consisted of skipping rope and shadow boxing, bag work, and then 3-5 minutes of punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing a kick bag. Pad training with the Thai Trainers – former national Champions where the trainer wears shin guards, a stomach pad and two pads held in his hands, so he can interact with you and make the training more exciting and focused.

Clinch training followed where you practiced close up knee strikes and elbows techniques as well as grappling and foot work for 10-30 minutes depending on your strength and fitness.

Finally to cool the body down slowly, we finished up each Thai boxing training session with some light shadow boxing, sit ups to strengthen stomach muscles and stretching.

Did you compete? What was it like?

It was the most incredible mix of sensations I have ever had in my life: nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. I was out there for 8 weeks, so I had some time to prepare and watch a few fights, but nothing really prepares you for the sensation of stepping in the ring with hundreds of spectators watching. Some of whom have become your friends over the weeks. You know that you are going up against a determined opponent who does not want to loose. The drone of the Pi Muay really gets you into it though one of the 4 instruments used to create the sound of the “Wong Pi Glong ” fight music. It focuses the mind on the fight and helps prepare you mentally.

Before the fight starts it is tradition to perform a ceremonial dance Waikru a demonstration of respect to your teacher and it is while you are doing this the adrenaline really starts to kick in.

The fights last for 5 rounds, 3 minutes a round my opponent was tough, I had a reach advantage but hitting this guy was like punching a wall and he moved really fast. It was a close call but I beat him, thanks to my brilliant instructor Pi Toon and all weeks of training. After the fight I was like a local hero! All the Thais were shouting my name when I arrived at the bars that evening for a well deserved Singha beer.

Well done. I bet it tasted good! Any Advice to budding Muay Thai Champions?

Don’t have any pre-conceived ideas, just do it will be the experience of a life time. I went out there for 8 weeks and I only spent a little over £1000 on the program including accommodation and travel insurance, and the cost of living there was so cheap, that I came back with spending money to spare. I experienced a new culture, learned a lot and came back feeling fit and healthy: ready for my next fight, the only down side was coming back, but I know that one day I’ll be back out there.


Trip Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning on travelling to Thailand for 28 days or less and you have British, Dutch or USA passport you can get a Visa exemption on arrival. This is valid for 28 days and cannot be extended in Thailand. If you are planning on being in Thailand longer than 28 days you will need to pre-arrange a Visa. You can prearrange a visa for 60 days which you can extend to 90 days in Thailand.

There are two ways of arranging your visa. When you are from the UK. You can either go in person to the Thai embassy in London, or you can post your passport along with the necessary documentation and fee to one of the Thai Consulates. In general this works the same for the other countries like The Netherlands and United States too, but please contact the nearest Thai Consulate for visa enquiries.

Please note that you are responsible for arranging your own visa. Xtreme Gap cannot be held responsible if you fail to travel with the correct visa. So please check with your local embassy personally. The previous information is meant as a guide, but visa rules change often and frequently. So do not take this as the current law.

In Bangkok you will be booked into a 4* hotel right next to the Koh San Rd where everything happens. After you have arrived in Bangkok by plane you just take a taxi to the hotel. You will have two days to explore Bangkok at your leisure, before we take you to Koh Tao. Getting there is very easy and we arrange it all for you. Here is a video explaining how you get there. If you would like assistance with your flights, we can assist with sourcing the best value flight options, just indicate on your booking form.

This programme is popular all year, however during October and November it is the wet season on the island Koh Tao, The programme still runs, and there is still sunshine, but sometimes this is accompanied by heavy rain.

If you have not done CrossFit before they need to come to the 4 different Foundation classes before you can do the regular classes. These 4 classes will teach you all the basic movements and techniques for CrossFit, so that you are able to do the movements safely and effectively. These classes are similar to personal training as our coach will spend lots of time helping them with the movements.
We run the Foundation classes every day at 10.15am and so they can easily do the Foundation classes in a week.

One of the benefits of booking your trip on Koh Tao with Xtreme Gap Year is not only do you get to do this awesome activity, but you will become part of the Xtreme gap family on Koh Tao. We will pick you up from the pier and give you a warm welcome at our stunning resort. On your first night our resident representative will take you out for a gorgeous Thai meal annual get to know all of the other members of the group. When you are booking a trip with us it is not just about the activity so please bear this in mind if you are comparing prices to other companies. No other company has such a big presence in Koh Tao, runs groups of like-minded travellers so booking a trip with us is as much about the friends you make as well as the experiences you will have.

Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)Standard Fan GBP 349Book Now
2 (Week)Standard FanGBP 549Book Now
3 (Week)Standard FanGBP 729Book Now
4 (Week)Standard FanGBP 929Book Now
6 (Week)Standard FanGBP 1309Book Now
8 (Week)Standard FanGBP 1719Book Now


  • Travel advice prior to Thailand departure
  • A day and night in a luxury hotel in the amazing backpackers’ area of Bangkok (If add-on is purchased only, please see pricing)
  • Transfer from Bangkok to Koh Tao (one way) – (If add-on is purchased only, please see pricing)
  • Taxi pick up from the pier and transfer to your accommodation
  • Island introduction and help you settle in
  • Dinner on arrival with rep
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation at the beautiful resort for the full duration of your Muay Thai Training course in Thailand
  • 2 to 12 weeks of personal Muay Thai training in Thailand up to your level
  • 1 on 1 Muay Thai training, 1 session a day (1.5 hrs), 6 days a week with flexible training schedule
  • Running classes in the early morning
  • Option to fight when ready (at the approval of your trainer)
  • Muay Thai training equipment included Custom made Muay Thai shorts with your name on for you to keep!
  • Help with flights if required
  • Option to train Crossfit ( £ 100 per month extra)



  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Meals and drinks (except breakfast in Bangkok)
  • Transfer ticket back from Koh Tao to Bangkok. Our rep can help you sorting this out once you are on the island.

Please note this programme does not include meals, we are often asked why and the answer is simple. You can eat out in Thailand for as little as £1,50. If we included all of your food, you would have to eat in the same place all the time. We feel that there is so much amazing food to discover in Thailand, that you should be able choose where to eat and when to eat. Going out for dinner is also a social event, you will discover that during the day everyone is training, and you meet in the evening for a nice Thai Curry somewhere. Our rep can tell you all about the nice places to eat.


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“Thanks guys for helping me do this, I hand an incredible time living on Koh Tao and I can safely say I have never been so fit in my life! The island lifestyle was amazing I feel so free!   See more reviews here.”
Thomas Mather
” Hey guys thanks for arranging such an awesome trip. Fly home tomorrow morning, but I think I will definitely be continuing with some muay thai back in London. Cheers!  more reviews here.”
“Had my first Muay Thai fight and Won! walked away with some money for winning and a bloody nose so over all not a bad way to start. It ´s going pretty well here, got a few more fights to hopefully win which means more money for me then , might be heading to full moon party today. Otherwise i ´m training everyday and relaxing by the pool or beach.  more reviews here.”
” Absolutely Amazing Experience. Learned so much. Met so many nice new people.I am intending to come back very soon.  See more reviews here.”
Paul Holloway


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