Do you want to do something amazing when you travel New Zealand? Now you can. Experience the mother of all adrenaline adventures. The Xtreme Gap New Zealand Adrenaline Tour. You will have the time of your life travelling through the country, jumping off high things, out of flying things and doing daredevil adventures that will make you go weak at the knees. You can relax in the knowledge that because it is pre-booked, you will get to do all the things you set out to do, before drinking your budget away at the bar.

Grow Some Balls. New Zealand Adrenaline Tour

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If  you are not interested  in doing some absolutely mental (and spine shaking awesome) activities during your trip to New Zealand, then stop reading right now.

Still here? Good, then let us begin. Do you every get the feeling life is passing you by? Do you want to see some of the worlds best scenery and if that wasn’t enough do some of the worlds most thrilling activities at the same time? Then the New Zealand Adrenaline Tour is for you.

Seriously, stop reading don’t listen to us. You will shit your pants.

  • Xtreme Gap Year New Zealand (17)Be sure  you will do it all  with pre-booked and paid for adrenaline activities.
  • Meet loads of backpackers easily and make new mates on tour.
  • Sit back and relax as we take care of all your transport and the must do activities!
  • Become a Facebook legend as you brave some of the top adrenaline attractions in Queenstown
  • Have a trip you will never forget exploring New Zealand’s stunning landscapes.

Even before the trip begins the adventure starts with loads of detailed must have information on New Zealand to get you ready for your trip.

What is in store for you?

During this, the mother of all adrenaline adventures you get to explore New Zealand, an amazingly beautiful country that you do not want to miss out on.

If you are short on time, or planning on working in New Zealand or spending much longer there, this trip is completely flexible so it fits around your itinerary.

That means:

  • You get to see both North Island and South Island (depending on the pass you choose)
  • You get to throw yourself out of a perfectly good aeroplane, attached to a handsome stranger
  • You might kak your pants on the Shotover Canyon Swing
  • You might just find a new addiction on thousand horsepower turbo jet boat.

How Does It Work?

The adrenaline tour is a combination of a hop on hop off pass taking in both islands and some epic adrenaline activities in Queenstown.

This then works well if you want to add some work in New Zealand onto this trip (we have a programme for that too) but most spend a month on the tour.

As you will need to spend at least five days in Queenstown, we recommend a minimum trip time of one month, allowing you just over three weeks to visit both islands. Having said that why rush it, five weeks would be a comfortable time frame to complete the trip. We have a comprehensive question-and-answer video on the  FAQ section  so have a look at that as it will answer many of your questions.

Choose from one of the options below:


Swing 06 - Photo 09

  • Shotover Canyon Swing
  • Shot Over Jet Boat
  • Nzone Sky Dive 15,000ft




  • Shotover Canyon Swing
  • Shot Over Jet Boat
  • Nzone Sky Dive 15,000ft
  • Ziplining Adventure or River sledging




New Zealand Queens Town (243)

  • Shotover Canyon Swing
  • Shot Over Jet Boat
  • Nzone Sky Dive 15,000ft
  • Ziplining Adventure or River sledging
  • Nevis Bungee  – 134 metres  or  Kawarau Bungee   – 43 metres




The New Zealand Adrenaline Tour takes in some of the most beautiful sights in one of the most stunning countries in the world, and then supercharges your system with healthy doses of adrenaline! In summary this guarantees you will do some of the coolest adrenaline activities in New Zealand, while you explore a beautiful country.

Don ´t think to hard about it. Just book it and do it! It is all out there waiting for you!

  • Adrenaline fuelled activities
  • Transport & logistics

Much more than just thrill seeking…

The tour is not just about pushing your comfort zone, it is a tour of New Zealand too! New Zealand has so much to offer the visitor. The country has a justly deserved reputation for being an unforgettable destination. It is absolutely stunning. Jaw dropping geology, from glaciers to rain forests, fjords at Marlborough Sound to mountains, cities, coastlines and unique flora and fauna. When you are not going nuts in Queenstown, there is a lot of country packed into two relatively small islands (New Zealand is compatible in size to the UK). Depending on the pass you choose, you will cover amazing places.

Transport Included

You don’t have to worry about how you get from place to place, because we include the Stray Max pass. This is a hop on hop off backpacker bus pass, that is THE way to see New Zealand. Loads of extra activities included, and great knowledgeable driver guides ensure that the party continues all the way round the islands.


Nomads Queenstown (2)There is accommodation included in Queenstown but not enroute, this is organised and paid locally.

When you hop on the bus in the morning, you confirm with your guide if you need accommodation for the night and give him a voucher number. Easy as that!

See more on  accommodation in New Zealand.

Please note the accommodation included will not cover your entire stay in New Zealand, we would recommend a minimum time of one month for this trip.

At least five of your nights will be spent in Queenstown, leaving another 15 nights in various locations. You will also probably want to stay in certain locations more than one night if you are not rushed for time.

Nomads Queenstown (1)

With so many beautiful places in New Zealand to discover you would be mad not to spend some time in Wanaka, Auckland or Rotorua. We bolt on flexible accomodation packs for you so you can sleep easy. We work with the top hostel chains in Australia and New Zealand:

Accommodation in Queenstown is based on dorms, in a mixture of backpacker hostels, they are all of a very high standard and the Xtreme Gap team frequently visits to ensure that the accommodation is up to standard. You will need to top up your accommodation in certain locations where hostels are not covered, although all the main locations are covered. Expect to pay about £15 per night for additional accommodation and obviously the costs of the extra accommodation depends how long you make the trip. Because eating out in New Zealand can be quite expensive, all of the hostels are equipped with kitchens so you are able to reduce the cost of living while travelling, and all the hostels have comfortable chill out areas and access to Wi-Fi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Probably should read what can ´t you do on tour! Seriously, we have been to New Zealand to scope out all the best activities and set up the ultimate New Zealand adrenaline rush. Yes, it was tough, but someone had to do it. Here is some behind the scenes reading if you are interested. If pictures speak louder than words, then our video section is ready to shout at you. Check it out for some of the activities awaiting you. Fair warning though, you may start to feel a little nervous. New Zealand has some of the most insanely ridiculous travel activities. It is the perfect destination for that once in a life time opportunity for you to tick off all the things on your bucket list. You can choose between one of three exciting adrenaline packs depending on your budget and bravery! Just how nuts are you anyway? See the included section for more details. Most of the adrenaline activities take place in Queenstown, this is the undisputed world champion of adrenaline locations!

It starts with endorphins, your body’s natural feel good hormone, produced when you feel a little bit scared. The Adrenaline Tour is all about helping these little beauties come out to play. With seriously cool once in a lifetime activities that only New Zealand can provide, you will be screaming and laughing your way round the country.  Scared? You do not have to be, not yet anyway. Wait until you are out there! Seriously though if you have questions or want to talk to us about what to expect, we can have a Skype conversation with you, and of course you are welcome to email us. Requesting trip notes is also a good idea, because we will email you lots of information about the trip.

Unfortunately not so don ´t be a chicken. But that is a sweet incentive to follow through and do the activities!

There are occasions when refunds are warranted, this is only when activities are cancelled due to exceptional weather conditions, mainly with skydiving. However this rarely happens because our skydive partners Nzone operate two drop zone locations, and you can jump at either of them – in Queenstown and Rotorua.

Well you could, but there are a couple of things to consider. If you wait, it is highly likely you will miss out on doing some of these amazing activities. Xtreme Gappers are given preferential queue jumping status. Meaning you are guaranteed to do the activities, and will be first in line should there be a back log due to adverse weather conditions. Secondly, our research has shown 85% of people waiting to book their activities until they are in country miss out because they run out of money. These activities are expensive and so is New Zealand in general. Your skydive budget will most likely disappear behind the bars before you get to the drop zone. Finally your time is precious when you are travelling, why spend months saving up to enjoy your time in New Zealand and then spend a third of it marching around trying to book accommodation, or sitting on the internet searching for activities when you could be at them doing them!
Yes and no, the start dates and travel dates are flexible, so you may not end up with the same people on the bus that you started with. Many do opt to travel together as they make friends and stick together, but most likely you will meet lots of different people.

Duration Option Price  
6 (Month)Overload recommended 40 daysGBP 1899Book Now


  • Adrenaline pack of your choice.
  • A suitably awesome hop on hop off passes covering both North and South Islands.
  • Pre departure information and guide pack to New Zealand
  • A lot of respect from the Xtreme Gap team if you book the Nevis Bungee!
  • Full supported all the way with driver guides
  • Lots of pre departure help and advice with guidance on flights, insurance and visas and what to do in country
  • New Zealand Buddy List to chat to other Gappers before you go
  • The trip of a lifetime!


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Spending money
  • Accommodation other than the included in Queenstown
  • Backpacker bus pass local payments if necessary


Flexible start dates


Contact us with your questions below & Get a personalised response.