Caribbean Island Divemaster

Caribbean Island Divemaster

Join us for your Divemaster Padi qualification in the Carribean. You will discover some of the most beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and tropical island sunsets in the world. With over 100 different dive sites to choose from, including caves and wrecks. Here scuba diving is always interesting and never crowded. You can join us from any level!


The Divemaster course in Utila, a unique Caribbean island perfect for scuba diving, brings you a slice of an amazing lifestyle, gaining more diving experience and thoroughly enjoying life. We will take you from beginner to dive professional and we can be very flexible. So if you are already a diver we train you from your level up to Divemaster. This is a professional level qualification enabling you to earn a living in the Dive industry, move on to becoming a Dive Instructor and it gives you a license to look good in a wetsuit.

 Divemaster Internship in the Carribean

Training to become a Divemaster anywhere is a fantastic way to spend several months abroad. There are few other travel activities that can provide you with this much adventure and fun and of course the excitement of being underwater in a completely different world totally different to everything you are used to. It is highly addictive. On this course, it is particularly special because it is located in the Caribbean, on the world’s second-largest barrier Reef, with some superb dive sites so you will really enjoy your days diving in crystal clear seas.

Utila, the smallest of the smallest islands off the coast of Honduras in the Bay Islands has it all! On the island of Utila, which borders on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system, (the 2nd largest reef in the world after the Australian Great Barrier Reef) you will discover some of the most beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and tropical island sunsets in the world. With over 100 different dive sites to choose from, including caves and wrecks (such as the famous Halliburton), here scuba diving is always interesting and never crowded.

The reef system is home to more than 65 species of stony coral, 350 species of mollusc and more than 500 species of fish. Also, it is known as the “Whale Shark Capital of the Caribbean” and is a famous location for Whale Shark encounters, year round.

And it’s not just the diving! You will be living the life on a tropical island in off the coast of Honduras in the Bay Islands. There is plenty to do here, stunning beaches, water sports, exploring and also quite a bit of nightlife! With some cool beach bars and lovely restaurants, there is always something going on in this tropical paradise.

Carribean Island Divemaster Highlights Include:

  • Spend your days and nights, enjoying scuba diving and living on a Caribbean Island
  • You can start at any level
  • Dive the world’s second-largest barrier Reef
  • Here you find it all underwater, superb network of caves, canyons and underwater channels
  • Dive with Dolphins and whalesharks
  • A free speciality in either Dolphin Awareness, Tec Support or Adaptive Teaching
  • Get to spend time in the Caribbean. If you want to learn, life and dive on a tropical island, the Xtreme Gap Divemaster programme is the one to follow



Divemaster internship Honduras (14)There is no set itinerary during a Divemaster course, each day is different with different dive sites and different things to learn depending on which stage of your Divemaster internship you are at. Typically a day would involve waking up bright and early, pack equipment jumping on the boat and then going for a spectacular dive before breakfast, some days you will be shadowing instructors, other days taking clients the dive is leading them through the dive sites and giving them their pre-dive safety briefings, and of course there is some theory and study about the safety of diving and everything you need to learn to become a Divemaster.

PADI Divemaster internship in the Carribean with Xtreme Gap

Students with no dive experience. 7-week programme

No diving experience necessary but we suggest that you have at least tried diving in a pool or have done a Discover Scuba Diving course to see that you enjoy the experience. We would take you through Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, First Aid and Divemaster.

Students with Open Water Certification. 6-week programme.

We would take you through Advanced, Rescue, First Aid and Divemaster.

Students with Open Water and Advanced Certification. 5-week programme.

We would take the diver through Rescue, First Aid and Divemaster.

Students with Rescue Certification. 4-week programme.

We would take you through the Divemaster course.

Dive and Learn Every Day

Divemaster internship Honduras (21)During your Divemaster training, you will be able to dive and learn every day. You will discover a mix of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life from sharks to turtles and thousands of fish. The sites vary in depth from just a few meters down to 40 meters, there is little current and the water temperature is always warm, ranging from about 27 Celcius to 32 Celcius offering amazing conditions to dive every day of your Divemaster course abroad!



Personal attention and superb dive training

You will never be alone unless you want to. We work together with small and very professional dive school and who are able to give you a lot of

personal attention and training. You will be part of the crew once you have done your open water, advanced open water and rescue diving certificates as you then start the Divemaster internship.

From that moment on you will be assisting at dives and following your own personal instructor teaching you all you need to know as a Divemaster. You will meet divers from all over the world, some staying long term just like you and some just diving for a few weeks.


Your home away from home will be in a shared apartment 5-10 minute walk from our Divecentre. You will share with other students, which makes it super social.

Accommodation is including wifi, cable tv, hot water, AC and weekly cleaning. Electricity is charged extra.

Usually, after a day of diving, you meet up for a drink and chat with the staff, other divemaster students and dive customers that you might have been guiding underwater.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

The diving on UtilA is some of the best found on the planet, with over 40 dive sites, wreck dives, lots of marine life (including dolphins!), walls and shore dives. Why you should become a Divemaster and train in the Caribbean:

  • If you want to scuba dive every day in the Caribbean sea
  • If you would like to learn a new profession that you can practice all over the world
  • If you would like to be around like-minded people who want to broaden their horizon and have FUN
  • If you want to dive beautiful dive sites
  • If you want to become a professional diver and learn all there is to know during a Divemaster internship
  • If you want to learn more and become a Dive instructor, you have to start with your Divemaster, and Utila is a great place to do it.
You need to be a confident swimmer and at least 18 years old. Furthermore, you have pass the check for the health requirements before arriving to make sure that you are OK to dive.
Officially you need 40 logged dives to start the DM course and 60 to get certified. As soon as you get here we will get you diving and once we know you are comfortable in the water you can start helping out on dives, staying shallower with less experienced divers, while the instructor goes deeper but within sight, or staying with divers who use a lot of air so you can take them up when they get low on air. If you are not studying or completing assignments you will be diving, probably 1 or 2 dives a day.
All diving equipment is included for ow, aow, rescue and EFR, but when you start your Divemaster we provide use of BCD/regulator/weights/tanks but expect Divemaster candidates to have their own mask/snorkel, fins, dive computer, SMB, wetsuit, dive light. We can offer a special rate for this.
You can do the Utila Dive Master Course all year round. March through to November is the dry season, but even in the rainy season, you can come as we do not get much rain. You can expect busy times during Christmas and cheap flights in November.
Yes, the price includes accommodation. Please check the included section to see what is all included in the price.
For the course we quite often have 2 or 3 Divemaster trainees at the same time. If not, there are always other divers at the location. They are also very into diving and you will have lots of fun with them!

We suggest that you have at least $200 – $300 spending money a week for food, drink and personal expenses. Meals out are $5 – $30 depending on the restaurants. If you buy food and cook you can obviously live more cheaply.

First of all, we cannot be held responsible for information on vaccinations and visa ´s as rules do change.

Most people from the UK receive 90 days upon arrival that can then be extended for a further 30 days with a quick day trip to the mainland.

First of all, we cannot be held responsible for information on vaccinations and visa ´s as rules do change. Before visiting , you need to get vaccinations and medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for at your destination: (Note: Your doctor or health-care provider will determine what you will need, depending on factors such as your health and immunization history, areas of the country you will be visiting, and planned activities.) To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to allow time for your vaccines to take effect and to start taking medicine to prevent malaria, if you need it. Even if you have less than 4 weeks before you leave, you should still see a health-care provider for needed vaccines, anti-malaria drugs and other medications and information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while travelling.
Duration Option Price  
4 (Week)DivemasterGBP 2399Book Now
5 (Week)Rescue and EFR to DivemasterGBP 2759Book Now
6 (Week)Advanced Open Water to DivemasterGBP 2799Book Now
7 (Week)Open Water to DivemasterGBP 3059Book Now


We Include all the training you need and offer different packages depending on what level diver you are.

  • Beginner to Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue & EFR to Divemaster – (7-weeks)
  • Advanced Open Water, Rescue & EFR to Divemaster – (6-weeks)
  • Rescue & EFR to Divemaster – (5-weeks)
  • Divemaster – (4-weeks)

We also include:

  • Travel advise prior to departure
  • Help with your 3 month Visa
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation close to the dive resort
  • Island introduction and orientation and dinner party on arrival
  • Dedicated dive instructor
  • Use of dive equipment during the full duration of the Divemaster course
  • Qualification certificates for all courses
  • Divemaster crew pack
  • All teaching materials
  • Substantial discounts off retail prices for all diving equipment.



  • Flights
  • Food and drinks
  • Costs for visa’s
  • Utility Bills (electric and water) in your apartment (approx $50 – $100 per month depending on use of airconditioning)
  • PADI DIVEMASTER registration and annual subscription fee
  • Travel insurance and diving insurance
  • Dive computer, safety sausage
  • We provide all gear needed, just when you start your professional (MD) training you need your own gear.



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Thailand Fitness & Beaches

An awesome combination of joining a Fitness Bootcamp and getting some well-deserved beach time in Thailand. Spend time focusing on your health and fitness by combining your fitness holiday with a lot of beach time on an awesome tropical paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Xtreme Gappers (61) 
An awesome combination of fitness and relaxation. First focus on your fitness in Thailand before heading to another tropical island for some serious beach time to show off your new body!

Thailand Fitness & Beaches Adventure

Combining Fitness and Relaxation on Stunning Beaches in Thailand

Whilst joining us at bootcamp for a week or two to focus on your health might be your main priority, it is great to know that you are able to see and do that much more by adding on another adventure after your training with us. We have a bunch of amazing trips that are easy to combine with the bootcamp, which will give you the chance to experience the best of Thailand. On this page, we focus on adding an extra beach week on Koh Tao. Who wouldn’t want to show off their new ripped beach body, while exploring the most beautiful beaches in the world?


Thailand  Fitness Bootcamp

  • Most guests travel to the boot camp travelling solo so don´t be afraid to come alone. You will not be alone. We hook you up on Facebook before arrival so you can meet others at the camp.
  • See your fitness improving efficiently with a personal training mentor session every week.
  • You will be amazed at how much fitter and better you feel with lots of varied group fitness training sessions that actually work.
  • Discover how motivated you get when training in a group, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.
  • There is nothing stopping you from reaching your fitness goals with access to comprehensive gym and training equipment.
  • Improve fitness faster and more efficiently with proven advanced fitness techniques, taught to you by top fitness professionals.
  • This part of the trip is about you and improving your personal fitness with a plan based on your level and fitness goals in a supportive group environment.
  • You don´t have to worry about what you eat, we have designed and include a meal plan devised by nutritionists to help compliment your goals.
  • Discover new ways to stay fit trying other sports as well, like Muay Thai & Yoga (no extra costs).
  • There is no limit to how much you can train with Unlimited Gym Access 6 days a week.
  • You will get out and about and hit the beach with beach training sessions.

Beach Time on Koh Tao:

  • Beachtime
  • Exploring stunning beaches
  • Enjoining lovely dinners on the beach
  • Beach parties
  • Dancing on the beach
  • Yoga sessions (optional)

Photos of the Tropical Fitness Bootcamp


Photos of the  Thailand Beach Adventure

Fancy Learning to Dive?

We can easily add on a dive course for you on Koh Tao. We work with the best diveschools on Koh tao and you can join a Open Water or Advanced Open water dive course for you. talk to us about your plans, and we make it happen!

For Full Details on our Tropical Fitness Bootcamp Click on the Link Below:

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      Are you longing to get really fit? If you spend time at the Xtreme Gap fitness bootcamp, set in a tropical Thai jungle paradise, then you really will. Industry leading professional personal trainers will get you in peak condition in no time. After your training take your new six pack for a walk on the beautiful tropical beaches of Phuket. Feel the burn!!

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If your budget doesn’t stretch to the luxury options, we have now got standard ensuite accommodation. Set in another resort, you have a clean comfortable room with air conditioning, private bathroom, fridge, desk, wifi, cable tv. This modern resort hotel has free high-speed internet, a nice pool and clean and comfy ensuite rooms.



The location of our accommodation on Koh Tao is perfect! A 2-minute walk from the beach you will find your beautiful new, safe and clean home from home.

Our accommodation is one of the few places on the island with a swimming pool, which in 30 degrees heat is a godsend. Your room, basic but spacious and comfortable, will have an en-suite and there is a maid service. There is a laundry service (approx £3 per big bag load) as well. Linen and towels are provided.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Our bootcamp is in Phuket, so you need to arrange your flights to arrive there.
the trip is on Koh Tao, we will help you plan and arrange it all.
Remember, you have a week or two of training, then off on your next tour. The climate will stay the same all year round which will be in the mid 30´s so light clothing will be best. It will also help if you use a backpack rather than a suitcase as it will be more comfortable for you to travel around with but don’t worry, your pre-departure pack has a packing list too.
Yes, of course, you can. We will put you in touch with other group members shortly before your tour. You can also join our Facebook page to interact with your group and others, see pictures etc.
Book your flights to land on your start date if you can. Do not book your flights until you have booked with us and received a confirmation invoice. Let us know if you need some help planning it all.
It is recommended that you do take malaria pills in some parts of Thailand and the surrounding countries. The areas that we visit during the tour are generally considered malaria free, however, this can change so always speak to your GP before you travel and if you are going to other areas of Thailand and S.E. Asia it is very likely that you will need some. You can also consult the CDC website for more info
The Thai new year is celebrated on the 13 and 14th of April! it’s an amazing event, waterfest! We have classes at 11.00 and 19.00 (times can change) for the customers who do want to get in a bit of training. The missed out meals will be served before and after Songkran.

Koh Tao is a tiny tropical island with great beaches and bays in the Gulf of Thailand
you can book extra activities locally with our rep on the island. She can book you on to Muay Thai sessions, a dive course, yoga sessions and island tours, like a boat trip around the island.


Duration Option Price  
14 (Days)1 Week Fit & BeachGBP 1029Book Now



  • Pre departure information
  • Airport Pick Up from Phuket
  • Introduction orientation session by our Rep
  • Meal Plan, 2 meals a day
  • Access to all training equipment and gym (also on Sunday)
  • Weekly personal training session 1 to 1
  • All group body fit training sessions 6 days a week
  • All group weights training sessions 6 days a week
  • Option for yoga sessions, no extra charges
  • Beach front runs and workout sessions
  • Option to join Muay Thai Classes 2 sessions a week
  • Accommodation
  • Brand new abs on departure!



  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Taxi back to airport
  • One meal a day and meals on Sunday (2 meals included in meal plan).*
  • Drinks
  • Extra personal training sessions (1 per week included)


  • 6 nights of accommodation on Koh Tao
  • Pick up from the pier on Koh Tao
  • Introduction by our rep
  • Dinner on arrival day
  • Optional upgrades – scuba diving, Muay Thai sessions, Yoga. Can be booked locally.



  • Travel Insurance
  • Most Meals
  • Visa
  • Flights
  • Return transfer to airport



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Xtreme Marine Conservation & Dive Hero Belize

Hang loose and protect the world’s second-largest barrier reef clearing it of lionfish. Staying on an idyllic tropical island, join the Xtreme marine team to protect Whalesharks, Queen conch, lobster and eradicate invasive species. The perfect Caribbean Marine conservation and diving getaway.

Diving in Belize (4)

Get a PADI qualification, Become a diver and help protect the world’s second largest reef system. Staying on an idyllic tropical island, in the middle of the Caribbean you will be diving 12 times a week taking part in valuable and exciting Marine conservation initiatives.  The perfect place to disconnect from the world and live life to its fullest.


 Xtreme Marine Conservation & Dive Hero Belize

Become a true Marine conservation hero in Belize. Diving in Caribbean seas, submerged in turquoise waters you will find the second-biggest reef system in the world.  Belize a former English colony has the ultimate Caribbean tropical island vibe.  But like all complex and beautiful reef systems it is under threat.  Invasive species like the lionfish, not native to Caribbean waters are raging rampant all over the reef system and they need to be stopped. These beautiful but menacing little critters can hatch eggs in two days and a single fish can release up to 15,000 eggs.


  • Explore stunning Belize and But, hey Marine conservation hero on the world’s second-largest barrier reef.
  • Learn to scuba dive and gain a PADI qualification.
  • Dive 12 times a week and discover new addiction in an underwater paradise.
  • Disconnect from reality and stay in paradise on an idyllic private island in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Live on an unspoiled island, contributing to Marine conservation and becoming a legendary diver In a Marine Park.
  • Hunt these evil Lionfish Critters. The other fish will thank you for it.
  • Get involved with Marine conservation efforts from other species such as lobster, conch and whale sharks
  • Contribute to the global Coral watch and reef check initiative
  • Cut your dive teeth in the dark with a night dive.  This will completely change your perspective of the underwater environment.
  • Let loose at the weekends on the mainland with some incredible extreme adventure activities!



Belize Island (7)Imagine living on a tropical island helping protect the reefs by day and seeing 1 million tropical stars by night.  Learn to dive, get involved in conservation efforts and have the time of your life with the group of fellow Xtreme Marines! Beautiful beaches with white sand that will spoil you. Turquoise waters that will take your breath away. So let’s check out what happens on this program


On arrival

Arriving on Sunday you will be met at the airport by our representative and transferred to your accommodation. We recommend you meet up with the fellow course participants in a local restaurant that evening.  The introduction and orientation session takes place first thing Monday morning at 830.

Then half an hour later we hop on a boat for a two-hour ride out to your new home from home on a tropical paradise island surrounded by the world’s second-largest barrier reef.


The Adventure Begins!

Diving in Belize (2)If you do not have a PADI open water course or equivalent you will begin your dive training.  Contact us the details  of what happens during the section.  If you already have an open water course qualification, you are welcome to begin the Marine conservation section straightaway.

Once you are dive trained you will take part in 12 conservation dives per week.  We include most of the equipment but there is some that you will need to bring with you:

Bring your own wetsuit (a full 3mm suit is recommended) and booties, a dive mask and snorkel. You will also be required to purchase the relevant PADI Open Water manuals for training purposes if you are undertaking the PADI training. If you wish to take part in night dives you must also bring a dive light or waterproof torch with you. You cannot purchase these on the island so please bring these from home.


The Xtreme Marine conservation project in detail

IMG_4363Once you have completed your diving qualifications it’s time to get down to business. The Marine conservation programme focus on five core activities.  All of which take place in a protected area the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Park (SCMR) area.

Please note: In order to support the marine conservation projects and the local area, each participant will need to pay extra marine Park fees of USD25 per week or USD75 per month.

You will take part in several different activities during your stay, depending on the season and the needs of the project of the time.


Lionfish Population Control

Lionfish huntingThe seas around Belize are currently under threat from an invasion of the non-indigenous Lionfish.

Not native to Belize they eat the local fish, and degrade the reef.  They are outcompeting all the local fish population as well is killing them because they can release 15,000 eggs every four days.  The region is overrun by these beautiful yet perilous fish so they need to be eradicated.

As part of the Xtreme marine conservation dive team, you will be responsible for diving down and removing Lionfish using a special spear gun, and then analysing and collecting data on the local Lionfish population.  If you think that killing fish species is contradictory to conservation, then you do not understand the impacts of the lionfish on the native species.  If you ask squirmy wish about hunting fish this is not the programme for you.

But this is not just about eradication.  Surprisingly lionfish taste delicious, and you’ll no doubt get to try your catch once you return to your island hideaway.

Working closely with local partners we have been able to get the lionfish onto many of the local menus.  This provides a sustainable great alternative to the overfished fish stocks so you are actually contributing to conservation efforts in more than one way. Every fish you spear means others will live!


Whale Shark Monitoring

Diving in Belize (17)The whale shark population in Belize is exceptionally good.  Whalesharks the world’s biggest fish, our incredible to be in the water with.  The reef in Belize attracts some of the largest concentrations of Whalesharks in the world.  But with their food supplies dwindling the conservation project aims at sustaining the food supply for these impressive creatures.

It is widely known that whale shark numbers are in decline and unless action is taken they are under threat from extinction. Whalers who target them for their fins and meat prize Whalesharks this is your chance to give something back. When we encounter Whalesharks we do data collection and log their movements.

Please note: The main whale shark season runs between March-June, although sightings have been recorded throughout the year. We cannot guarantee a sighting of a whale shark. You must abide by the whale shark code of conduct when diving which means no touching!


Protecting lobsters

While lobsters are very tasty they are overfished.  It is important during the breeding season is that they are not finished so as part of the programme you will help monitor the population of lobsters underwater.  You also check out on local restaurants to make sure that lobster is not on the menu during the off-season.

Many Caribbean countries now have open and closed lobster seasons, with the closed season being when the female lobsters are ready to release their eggs. Belize’s closed season usually runs from February – June, and during these months, fishing for lobsters is banned, as is serving them on restaurant menus.

How does this help?  Well by identifying the male to female ratio of lobsters as well as locating females carrying eggs. By protecting the key areas where the female lobsters lay eggs, we can help protect lobsters in their own native habitats.

The underwater lobster survey is conducted using a ‘rover diver’ technique, with groups of six divers spaced along a line, with two divers carrying slates and a measuring stick. Divers move slowly along, allowing time to coax the lobsters out of their holes using the measuring stick, checking its sex, measuring its length and seeing if female lobsters are carrying eggs.


Queen Conch Monitoring

The queen conch carries a high commercial value and as a result it has become a victim of overfishing in Belize. This large, shelled mollusc takes around 3-5 years to reach maturity and in this time it can grow up to two pounds in weight and up to 8 inches long. If left undisturbed, a conch can live for up to 40 years.

Each year between July-October each year the female conch lays huge egg masses, and as part of the marine conservation diving team you will be responsible for locating and recording conch breeding grounds. Some conchs are being forced to breed further out in deep water due to overfishing.

In order to monitor the migration patterns of the conch, a number of individually-numbered plastic cable ties have been placed around each conch, so that every subsequent observation can be recorded. Divers will go down in pairs to measure and/or tag the conch and to record the lip thickness, which determines the age and maturity of each conch, as well as the size of spiral, habitat, depth and tag number. Follow up survey dives are then undertaken each week. Help to protect this unusual and rare creature and do your bit for marine conservation in Belize.


Coral Reef Conservation

Southern Belize has a unique marine ecosystem, and as part of the marine conservation dive team you can take part in a comprehensive assessment of the health of Belize’s beautiful coral reefs. This will include monitoring the number of species including Parrot fish, Groupers, Surgeon fish, Butterfly fish, Grunts, Snappers and Lionfish. You will also record signs of coral bleaching, damage or disease as well as mapping the composition of the reef.

Working along a 100m transect line, divers will be divided into three sub-teams, one focusing on fish, one on invertebrates and one for substrates. Divers will count the species in a specific area for a set time, and records will be taken as you go.

The Belize Coral Watch Programme was set up to monitor coral bleaching and health using a non-invasive method. Divers are trained to recognise the difference between coral bleaching and coral disease using the ‘rover diver’ technique. You will record and submit your research into an international database, contributing to a much-needed central overview of coral reef health across the world.

Day to Day Itinerary

An Xtreme Gap representative or a taxi will meet you at Placencia airstrip and take you to your  accommodation. Sunday night we suggest that all of our gappers get together and meet at a local  restaurant for dinner.

  • 8.30am – Monday morning – meet, greet and breakfast at the snack shack.
  • 9am – Monday morning – transfer from mainland to the island (expect a 2 hour boat ride).
  • 11am – Island briefing, accommodation allocation and equipment allocation.
  • 12.30pm – Lunch.
  • 1.30pm – Dive briefing.
  • 2.30pm – First dive, boat fun dive or refresher dive.
  • 6pm – PowerPoint presentation about the programme and the marine environment.
  • 7pm – Dinner.
  • Relaxation

Typical itinerary Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • 6am – Tea, coffee, biscuits and fresh fruit available.
  • 7am – Dive briefing.
  • 7.30am – Dive 1 – Conch or Lobster survey and Lionfish hunting
  • 9am – Breakfast
  • 10.30am – Fish Identification training session
  • 11.30am – Dive 2 – Fish Identification dive, Commercial fish survey and/or Lionfish hunting.
  • 1pm – Lunch
  • 2pm – Coral Identification training session.
  • 3.30pm – Dive 3 – Coral identification dive, Coral watch bleaching survey and/or Lionfish hunting.
  • 5pm – Lionfish presentation, dissection and data collection.
  • 7pm – Dinner
  • Relaxation

Typical itinerary Thursday

  • 6am – Tea, coffee, biscuits and fresh fruit available
  • 7am – Dive briefing
  • 7.30am – Dive 1 – Conch or Lobster survey and Lionfish hunting
  • 9am – Breakfast
  • 10.30am – Briefing for ReefCI check survey
  • 11.30am – Dive 2 – ReefCI check survey
  • 1.30pm – Lunch
  • Relaxation 3.30pm – Guided free dive to spear Lionfish and look for Lobster and/or Conch (seasonal) for dinner!
  • 7pm – Dinner
  • Relaxation

Typical itinerary Friday

  • 6am – Tea, coffee, biscuits and fresh fruit available.
  • 7am – Dive briefing
  • 7.30am – Dive 1 – Conch or Lobster survey and Lionfish hunting
  • 9am – Breakfast
  • 10.30am – Leave island to return to the mainland

There is one night dive per week planned to fit into the above itinerary.
The above itinerary is subject to change and weather conditions. The survey participation is dependent upon the length of the trip. For example, week 1 will be mostly learning species, doing Lobster and Conch surveys and Lionfish hunting.

Week 2 will be actual Commercial fish surveys and Coral watch surveys.


Belize Island (4)Tom Owens caye is a 1½ acre island situated 36 miles from mainland Belize. It is surrounded by turquoise coral seas and situated on the continental shelf; dive sites are 5-10 minutes away! This is the ultimate place to learn to dive and contribute to Marine conservation.  While there is Internet access on the island, it’s the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy this beautiful planet.

Most of the dives take place in Sapodilla Cayes Marine Park (SCMR), an unspoilt ocean landscape only 5-10 minutes away from your island base.

Additional Activities

During the weekends there are plenty of options available to you if you want a bit of adventure.  The additional activities are not included in the price and payable locally.  You could visit Mayan ruins explore the jungles by kayak and interact with the indigenous Mayan population.  You can check out water fall underground cave systems go zip lining water tubing and so much more.


Belize Island (9)Living on a tropical island is pretty idyllic but you do have to make some sacrifices. Accommodation is basic but very clean and comfortable as for the location, it would make someone a five-star resort envious. Even Without a TV you will feel right at home. Programme participants stay in individual cabanas with shared bathrooms or twin shared rooms with bath. Couples are guaranteed their own room with bathroom.

Quirky, stone, individual cabanas surround the island. Every Cabana has incredible views of the Caribbean! Imagine waking up to the sound of waves lapping against  the shore and a spectacular Belizean sunrise! Guests staying in cabanas use the shared bathrooms.
For groups, friends and couples, there are twin, family and double en-suite rooms in  the main building. We never have more than 3 people in one room.  Hammocks are scattered around for that chill out moment with a cold rum cocktail.

During weekends accommodation is hostel style.  If you wish to upgrade, you can do so but will have to pay the difference in price locally.

Arrival Info

Please ensure your flight arrives on Sunday and you will need to arrange your own arrival into Placencia in Belize. On arrival you will be met and transferred to your accommodation in Placencia. If you would like help booking the flight from Placencia to Belize let us know and we can help you book it at a better rate.

Recommended method of getting there:

There are no direct flights from the UK to Belize. Our recommendation is to combine this program with a stop off in Mexico flying via Cancun and spend a week in Mexico.

Xtreme Gap Year owns a hostel in Playa del Carmen where you can stop off on the route. You then have the option to fly on to Belize or take an overland bus. You can also then take the advantage of completing a free diving course in Mexico should you wish which will come in handy on this program. Please ask us the details.

Other routes for getting to Belize are to fly from London Gatwick to Cancun in Mexico and hop on a safe and comfortable first-class overnight bus service into Belize City and then travel onwards to Placencia (using one of the methods listed above). Buses depart Cancun at around 10pm and arrive in Belize City before 8am (approx cost USD47).

An alternative is to fly via the US:

Then take a connecting flight onwards to Belize International Airport (BZE).

Please note that most connecting flights will require you to make a stopover overnight in the USA so you allow for this extra time when booking flights. Accommodation is not included for any USA stopovers so please factor this into your flight planning. Once you have arrived at Belize International Airport you then have two options to travel onwards to Placancia:

Internal Shuttle Flight:

If you wish to fly directly from Belize International Airport to the airstrip at Placencia our partner company in Belize can book these flights for you (but at your own cost). The internal shuttle flight takes around 1 hour and costs approximately £100 one-way or £175 for a round trip.

Please note that there are only around 5 internal flights per day so you will need to factor this in when planning your previous flight times. You will then be met at the Placencia airstrip by a representative and taken to your local accommodation.



End of the programme:

Friday is the last day of the programme and accommodation for this final night is included.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put they kill the other fish.  And they breed so successfully and so quickly they hijack the native habitats of other fish. The Lionfish is also an invasive species, originally from the Indian and Western Pacific oceans. It was brought into Florida as an aquarium fish, and after a hurricane broke some of the aquariums containing the fish, they started to appear around the lower coast of Florida. They have now spread all the way up to Long Island, New York and throughout The Central American continent.

When scientists do dives to study the lionfish, sometimes they capture one, and trace it’s DNA. The odd thing lately, is that all the fish trace back to an original six or seven Lionfish from the ocean in which they came.

As you will be living on an island everything has to be imported so we take care of your meals.  You will eat well!

Typical Menu:

  • Breakfast: Flour tortilla or Fried jacks, bacon, eggs and refried beans
  • Lunch: Island chicken pasta salad
  • Dinner: Fresh fish filets baked in coconut milk, garlic, lime and cilantro with carrot
  • salad and yellow ginger rice.
  • Homemade chocolate rum cake with rum butter sauce
  • Purified water and fresh juices

We will do our best to complete further education courses such as PADI Rescue and Speciality courses Should you wish to participate in these (local payment).  However please be aware that the Xtreme Marine Hero Programme is primarily a conservation initiative.

We can guarantee the PADI Open water and mostly you should be fine for the Advanced Open water.

Weekend activities.

Mayan Ruins

Nim Li Punit (the big hat) sits atop a hill with amazing views of the surrounding forests and mountains. It is easily accessible by bus from Placencia, and quite often our guests are the only visitors. Lubantuun is about 45 minutes drive from PG and is the largest Mayan site in Southern Belize. The famous yet controversial crystal skulls was supposedly found at this site back in 1926.

Mayan Villages and Homestays

You can step back in time and visit the picturesque Maya villages of Southern Belize .  Surrounded by beautiful jungle and countryside you can experience how life is for the  indigenous communities of Belize. The experience can include Mayan home stays, local  story telling, dance, eating the local food and even having a lesson how to prepare  homemade corn tortillas.

Garifuna drumming lessons –

Warasa Garifuna Drum School is a locally owned business that offers hands-on interactive experiences in Garifuna culture, including drumming, drum-making and  dancing. You can sit back and relax under our traditional thatch while watching our professional drummers and dancers to all the hard work (and when you see how fast the hands drum and how fast the hips shake, you’ll see it really is hard work!), or you
can try it yourself. Lessons in are available one-to-one or for groups of up to 20, and service comes with a very big white smile from our Director the one and only Ronald Raymond McDonald (yes, that is his name!).

Adventure tours

For those who like climbing, jumping off cliffs, exploring, getting dirty, going fast and getting wet an adventure tour in Southern Belize is meant for you! A short trip from Placencia you will find yourself surrounded by dense jungle, unusual creatures, stunning waterfalls, zip lining, tubing through the jungle and unexplored caves!

Rio Blanco Waterfalls

A tiny reserve, Rio Blanco National Park is as remote as it is beautiful! The nearby villages of Santa Elena and Santa Cruz organised the Rio Blanco Mayan Association in 1994 to protect the waterfall and 104 adjacent acres of sub-tropical forest. Jaguar, ocelot, margay, river otter and many species of birds and fish live in the part. Men from Santa Elena and Santa Cruz rotate ranger duties at the small visitors centre and local
women will open the craft co-operative shop when tourists arrive.  It is only a 15-minute walk on a gentle gravel trail to the falls. Benches provides spectacular views and a photographic opportunities. Thrill seekers can step out to the 20’ cliffs and jump into the swimming hole (if they dare!) Limestone pools above and
below the falls are perfect for swimming and wading. A great place to cool off!

San Antonio Waterfalls

Tucked away in the hilly Mayan village of San Antonio are the beautiful San Antonio falls. Smaller than Rio Blanco, you can wade or swim and those that want to challenge themselves may climb the boulders around the falls to the pools at the top and maybe even jump off the ledges here.

Blue Creek Caves

This trip is one of our ‘must do’ trips for our guests. Towering karst limestone hills, offering challenging hiking, surrounds the village of Blue Creek and a network of dry and wet caves. The Mayan name for Blue Creek Cave is Hokeb Ha, or where the water enters the earth!

To reach the cave, you’ll hike approximately twenty minutes over mostly easy terrain through the jungle and upstream along the banks of the green-blue river. As you approach the cave, the river breaks into small waterfalls and beautiful clear pools for swimming. The last 100 yards of the journey are the most challenging, climbing over roots and rocks.

You will be provided headlamps, life jackets and a trained guide to assist you as you step into the water and swim upstream towards the cave’s interior and the river’s source.  After you turn the first corner, all natural light disappears! You will see stalactites, stalagmites and other unique rock formations as you swim and hike upstream.

Tiger cave

The ancient Maya believed that the caves of Toledo marked entrances to Xibalba – the Mayan underworld! Caves were amongst the most sacred places and used for rituals, sacrifices and communication with the spirits. When you enter Tiger cave, it is easy to imagine the ancient Maya holding their  ceremonies here. The entrance chamber is strewn with shards of broken pottery other  evidence of Maya presence. As you explore the cave, you will see stalactites, stalagmites and other unique rock  formations. The cave has topography of narrow passageways, huge chambers and  underground rivers. Each turn a new challenge. The final chamber, more than a mile  into the cave, is filled with spectacular rock formations and well worth the effort.

This excursion is only recommended for people who are very physically fit. From the  road to the cave, visitors must navigate a steep drop down a dirt path. Inside the cave,  expect to walk on slick cave floors, climb boulders and navigate loose gravel slopes.  Also available are Chocolate tours, Zip-lining and tubing, River and sea kayaking.  Guests also have the chance to visit neighboring Guatemala or go to the beach town of Placencia.

Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)GBP 885Book Now
2 (Week)GBP 1569Book Now
3 (Week)GBP 2059Book Now
4 (Week)GBP 2799Book Now


  • Incredible tropical island accommodation with Caribbean sea views.
  • Tasty and fresh Island meals
  • Xtreme Marine conservation activities guidance and training
  • All diving, typically 12 dives a week, subject to weather conditions and including at least one night dive
  • Diving equipment: BCD, regulator, fins, weights and tanks
  • Unfortunately as many lionfish as you can spear
  • 3-5 days PADI Open water course. * $50USD admin fee applies to be paid cash in country upon completion.
  • 1 week trip: weekend accommodation includes:
  • Sunday and Friday night prior to departure.
  • 2 + weeks trip: weekend accommodation includes:
  • Sunday, weekends Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Friday night prior to departure.


  • Mainland meals
  • Mainland activities and tours
  • Internal flights with Tropic air – $186.25USD one way, $264.25USD round trip
  • Internet access on the island – $15USD per week
  • Marine Park fees – $25USD per week, $75USD per month
  • Beers, sodas, rum drinks – typical price:
  • Beer: $2.50USD
  • Mixed rum drink: $4USD


You can start any Sunday through out the year. Check availability with us.

Closed in September each year.


Divemaster & Internship Mexico Playa Del Carmen

The Mexico divemaster Internship has it all. Clear aqua marine seas, exciting marine (and night) life and action packed days learning to dive and moving towards your professional level dive accreditations. A great location for Whalesharks between May and September – but great anytime of year.

If spending eight weeks and paradise learning to become a professional diver sounds ideal than the Divemaster course plus internship in Mexico is for you. Experience bull sharks, whale sharks, Cenotes and crystal clear turquoise water in a stunning location. This is truly a life changing event, whether you are doing this on your gap year, or as part of a career break.

Divemaster & Internship in Mexico

Imagine spending eight weeks having the time of your life in a paradise location. Working towards professional level diving qualifications, you can have a life changing experience with Xtreme Gap Year in Mexico. Diving every day you will get to experience the incredible underwater environment Playa del Carmen has to offer!

Playa del Carmen has it all, whale sharks, bull sharks, turtles and even cave diving and under ground Cenotes, diving in the crystal clear turquoise water this is one of the top places in the world to get your Divemaster course.

When not in the water you will stay by the beach, in the heart of the action enjoying the incredible social scene that the Playa has to offer.

 Highlights Of The Divemaster Internship Mexico

Cenote Diving


Bull Sharks

Extra Curricular:

Mayan Temples


Paradise Beaches

Xtreme Gap Playa Del Carmen Mexico (44)

Xtreme Water Sports

Trainer Kite On  Playa el Carmen



Zero  To Hero Or Custom Made

Mexico Divemaster Diving Course (9)Most people start the Zero  to Hero course. This takes you through all of the PADI diving certification is up to Divemaster.

  • Open water (The basic beginner course certifies you to 18 m – Usually takes 3 to 4 days)
  • Advanced open water (Qualifies you to a deeper limit of 30 m- Usually takes 2 1/2 days)
  • Rescue diver (Gains your qualification that enables you to rescue distressed divers and improves your safety knowledge)
  • Divemaster course (The rest of your time spent will be completing the Divemaster course, set over several modules the goal is to reach your certification which is a professional level)

Why do your Divemaster course in Playa del Carmen?

There are many reasons to do your Divemaster internship in Playa del Carmen. The location is extremely easy to get to, and highly rewarding once you are there. Underwater you are in for a treat, crystal clear turquoise water, with incredible marine life. This is one of the worlds top locations to see whale sharks, at certain times of year you have huge bull shark populations as well (Nov – March).

Year round the water is warm and the visibility is great.

When you are not in the water there is plenty to do, incredible white sandy beaches famed for being some of the best in the world, cool beach bars and warm Mexican hospitality.

There’s usually something going on in Playa del Carmen, not that you have to go out every night if you don’t want to. The hostel is the perfect sanctuary for those wishing to escape the madness, although no doubt you will want party a fair amount as this is a great reason to choose this location.

You don’t have to be a party animal though. Beach lovers will be completely at home here, some of the best beaches in Mexico are at your disposal. After all this is the Caribbean!

Diving in Playa del Carmen

Mexico Divemaster Diving Course (11)A great reason to do your Divemaster in Mexico, and go diving in Playa del Carmen in particular is because of the quality of the dive sites. In general the reefs are very healthy, and there’s a lot of biodiversity underwater. In general the visibility is very good, sometimes when there is a storm this might stir things up a bit, but when you compare it to places like Thailand the actual quality of diving is much more superior in our opinion.

This is a major breeding grounds the turtles, and you can see this when diving. Huge loggerhead turtles and green turtle populations always make dives interesting. But one of the most fun things about diving in Playa del Carmen, is the drift diving.

Because there is a significant current runs along the peninsular with the tides, in general you will drop in at one insertion point and not have to fin for the entire duration of the dive, you can just drift along the reefs checking things out. It’s a fantastic experience. There are large walls the go down past the 30 m mark, so you can plan your dive profile accordingly.

You will see plenty of tropical fish, Nudibranches, box fish, parrotfish Moray Eels. In season the bull sharks come, very few things can give you an Xtreme buzz when diving like a bull shark.

Diving the Cenotes

Xtreme Gap Playa del Carmen Mexico (61)This part of Mexico used to be all underwater. As the sea level changed and the peninsular rose out of the water it left behind plenty of caverns caves and underground rivers known as Centotes. Officially there are over 10,000 registered but new ones being discovered all the time. This is because mainly they are based in the jungle, and the miles and miles you have impenetrable rainforest jungle surrounding the highway that connects can cocoon, to Playa del Carmen and further south to Tulum.

The Cenotes are amazing to dive. They are freshwater, with amazing light. Deep blue colours, and an almost eerie atmosphere will give you an incredible experience.

You will get the opportunity to dive a Cenote or many of them during the Divemaster course although this is an optional upgrade as cave diving is not for everyone.

You would also be able to do some specialist courses, again as an optional upgrade the PADI Bull Shark speciality course and the Cenote Speciality course as well.


One thing that sets the dive school apart from many others is the impressive quality of the equipment. All of which is included in the course although we do recommend you bring your own dive computer.

In general we use Cressi gear with brand-new wetsuits and 2014. Regulators and BCDS are well maintained and replaced regularly. We also the only dive shop in Playa del Carmen to have an extensive stock of re-breathers we have six of them costing around €8000 each.

The Xtreme Dive Team

On Mexico Divemaster you will join the Xtreme dive team and become part of the family. Staff roster is impressive with highly qualified dive instructors from all over the world. From France, Denmark Mexico the USA and UK. As part of the Divemaster internship you will be mentored by one instructor but received input from the entire team. You will learn about the successful running of the dive school, and help out while diving every day working towards your dive master qualification.

The lifestyle

Doing your Divemaster is as much about living the dream lifestyle as it is about learning to dive professionally. We select our Divemaster training locations selectively based on some key criteria. Certainly the diving is an important factor, but when you’re out of the water is also important. Playa del Carmen is the perfect location lifestyle wise for your Divemaster. Not that you need to be out partying and socialising every night, but you certainly can blow off steam whenever you want. When you are not at the dive school you have an amazing beach with all the associated activities on your doorstep.

It’s a truly international place, where you will meet people from all over the world and have a lot of fun. If you want to spend some time after your Divemaster course, to travel Mexico there are plenty of places to visit. Even if you want to take the weekends to do many adventures, you have some of the worlds best diving in Cozumel just a $13 half an hour boat ride away.

There is the paradise backpacker heaven of Tulum. When you want to get out of the city this is the perfect escape.


Hostel Option

Your accommodation is located in a quiet area of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, only a 5 minute walk to the beach and 2 minute walk to the busy 5th Avenue.

  • All the rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning!
  • All guests have use of a big terrace where they can relax, use our free WI FI or just share travel tips with other guests
  • Breakfast included
  • Located in a quiet neighbourhood with a touch of that ‘jungle feeling’ without the inconveniences
  • Free WiFi

The best hostel in Playa del Carmen for sure. Perfect blend of atmosphere without being too crazy. Great chill out area in the middle with fun events at night. The staff are all really good fun and friendly. The place has a great vibe and if you like tequila you will do very well here.

Private Studio Option

Those opting for the studio option you stay 4 blocks from the beach in a studio apartment. There is free wifi, cable, aircon (you need to pay for the electricity) kitchenette and BBQ area. Availability is very limited on this option so book well ahead please.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions


You will be picked up from the airport in Cancun. Simply accident terminal building and walk left and you will be met by our representative.
You will check into the hostel and familiarise yourself with the surroundings, the next morning you will be taken to the dive school and meet your instructors. You will be given a full run down of events and the schedule on your first day.
Yes if you are already certified, you will get a reduction on the price depending on your dive level.
Yes there is! You can use the kitchen at the accommodation to prepare your meals. also in walking distance is a massive super market with beautiful food! So if you like preparing your own meals and you want to keep the costs down, this is a perfect option.



  • Airport pick up
  • All accommodation (shared) Very near the beach
  • Breakfasts
  • All equipment (for rent)
  • All instructions
  • Orientation and welcome session in Playa del Carmen
  • Welcome dinner on the first night
  • Introduction to the dive school and to your instructors
  • Open water, advanced open water, rescue diver and Divemaster course (depending on your current certification)
  • Snorkel test on completion of your Divemaster course!
  • All PADI course materials included (most courses do not include this)
  • Direct access to the dive boats from the beach – The only dive centre to offer this in Playa del Carmen
  • Predeparture pack
  • Access to buddy lists before you leave


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance (ensure that it covers diving)
  • PADI registration and subscription fees for your Divemaster (approximately US$90)
  • Costs for a dive medical (you can do this prior to departure or in country for approximately US$48)
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Breakfast (with Studio Option)
  • Utilities (with Studio Option)
  • Return airport transfer
  • Departure tax in Mexico $50 USD


More dates



One of the great things about doing your Divemaster in Mexico is some of the exciting bolt ons that work well with this program.  If you want to do something completely unique take advantage of some of the underground caverns and cave systems here.  With our exciting Mexico cave diving course.  This is the real deal of diving.  Cave diving is one of the most dangerous forms of diving, so do not even consider doing this until you have done your Divemaster.

Want to explore other areas in the region? The Belize underwater conservation programme is a perfect addition once you are certified. Or take advantage of the low cost and very short distance between Cancun Mexico and Cuba. The Cuba experience could be a perfect addition also.

Finally you can explore other Mexico trips which you can add on in addition to the Divemaster course.  A free diving course is a great complimentary programme.

Underwater Filmmaker Internship, Thailand

Step off the plane and into paradise, living on an incredible tropical island and getting paid for it! This once in a lifetime opportunity is not to be missed. Become an underwater videographer on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand, spending your days filming colourful and tropical scenes underwater, and your afternoons editing your footage into awesome movies! This is living!

Become an underwater cameraman (or woman) on a underwater videography internship. Earn as you learn to film underwater while you are staying at the stunning Thai island Koh Tao. For 6 weeks you will be diving every day! You will work with a young dynamic team and earn your beer money shooting movies in paradise. Who does not love that!

Earn Your Money On A Tropical Island

This is no ordinary lifestyle; this is the ultimate trip of a lifetime! Not only can you live on one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world, soaking up the sun all day, every day, but you can also become a underwater filmmaker in the process, diving among the colourful fish and coral in the mornings, and editing your footage in the afternoons! How awesome is that?!

Working with a dynamic and youthful team, you´ll get to learn all the tricks of the trade, gain valuable industry experience, and even get paid for your work! This is not just any travel course; real customers will buy your work and you´ll help them to remember an amazing part of their travels through film.

We know what you´re probably thinking: ´what´s the catch?´ There is none! This is simply an amazing trip designed to be an unforgettable experience, to be cherished for the rest of your life.

So what will you get up to on this trip?

  • Two-week PADI pro videography course.
  • Four-week videography Paid internship, you shoot, you sell, you earn!
  • Opportunity to work and earn a living as an underwater filmmaker in Thailand
  • All of your accommodation for the duration
  • Transfers to the island
  • Services of our rep base locally
  • Unlimited diving with use of all dive equipment and camera equipment
  • You will also join our community of Xtreme Gappers based on Koh Tao.
  • Optional:

    Extra preliminary PADI Diving Divemaster course to become a qualified professional Diver.  You can join the course if you are only rescue diver level option, but then we can not offer the paid internship. Only for Qualified Divemasters we can offer the 4 week paid internship after the 2 week Professional Videography course.


  • Learn how to shoot, edit and produce professional underwater movies.  
  • Complete a paid internship at one of Koh Tao´s top dive schools.
  • During the internship part of the course you will make 40% per sold video
  • Learn how to make money filming divers, tourists and open water students in action underwater, by selling them their own personal souvenir movies.
  • Rise bright and early every morning to spend the day diving underwater out on the open water.
  • Meet fellow Xtreme Gappers and make lifelong friends through our awesome Buddy List online chat system.

Take home amazing and unique new skills, which look awesome on your CV, or use your new qualifications to travel the world as an underwater videographer! Pretty sweet, eh?


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Paid Under Water Film Maker Internship

Spend 6 weeks in Koh Tao learning how to shoot, edit and produce awesome underwater movies. One of the most exciting aspects of our underwater filmmaker course is that for 2 weeks you will be trained as a professional Underwater Videographer followed by a 4 week paid internship, where you really have to go out there and put your skills to work.

Meanwhile, you will be living in one of the most beautiful places on earth! We know, we know, we spoil you!

Live at our awesome resort, 5 min walk from to the best beach, gain access to top facilities and equipment. To join the paid internship, you will need a minimum scuba diving qualification of Divemaster. If you do not already have this qualification no worries we can include that for you by adding the additional Dive Courses.

No diving experience at all yet. Have look at the 8 week Divemaster course. This course is run on the same island. It includes 8 weeks of accommodation, diving and all professional qualifications.


The Videography Course.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to u/w Filming + Editing
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Editing Adobe Premiere Pro SD / HD lite
  • Advanced Editing Adobe Premiere Pro HD
  • Standard / High Definition / Web Formats
  • Paid commission for video sales

This course includes 2 weeks (14 dives included) and is teaching you:

  • Selecting, using and caring for underwater video equipment
  • Self-servicing and maintenance of underwater video equipment
  • Videography fundamentals, such as; white balance · correct zoom use · shot types · moves·
  • Advanced videography techniques, such as; storyboard development · high definition formats · cinematic effects
  • Film, Edit and show a customer dive movie for a group of Open Water training graduates
  • In-depth post-dive editing including; advanced transitions · audio mixing · time effects · colour correction · advanced titling and animated effects · multitrack video · multi-format final rendering SD/HDV/FLV/MPEG4 as well as other web video standards

Graduates from this course are certified as PADI Professional UW Videographers.

So how does the paid part work?

For successful graduates of the 2 week professional Videography course we include a working internship where you get more practice, experience, and paid to make your movies. We are still on hand to offer assistance and advice at any stage of the process but you now get the chance to work as a professional underwater videographer. During this internship, you will polish your filming, editing and selling skills to become a successful commercial videographer with a skill set that you can take worldwide and continue doing the job you love.

During this 4 week experience you will:

  • Accompany instructors taking Open Water Students for their 2 final training dives in the morning
  • Capture, Edit and Compile a professional final movie in the afternoon
  • Show and sell your completed movie to the students in the evening
  • Work on secondary video projects such as special trips or promotional films
  • Learn the business and personal skills to get the best video and commercial results from your customers
  • Get paid for every movie you sell!
  • We often have full time positions available for successful interns who would like to stay longer on Koh Tao as well as a wide network of diving contacts on Koh Tao, the rest of Thailand, and also worldwide to help take your talents to new and exciting destinations!

So what do you do during your Internship?

Thailand Filmmaker en stage (7)

After the videography course comes the exciting part of the trip; the paid internship! Four weeks of blissful diving on the gorgeous island of Koh Tao, with some of the best professional divers in Thailand!

Bright and early, you´ll start your day by diving and filming out in the ocean with fellow students and a professional team of divers. Filming the beauty of the underwater world, you´ll take your footage back to the editing suites and begin an afternoon of editing, experimenting and collaborating to create epic diving movies.

Get up close to an array of beautiful and exotic marine life, learn fun new underwater filming techniques and make the most of the beautiful Thai light to create visually stunning and captivating films for both the customers and yourself.

The best part? You can even sell your creations for cash to other dive students and tourists getting their open water certifications. The dive schools we work with are one of the most popular and top-rated schools on the island, so there are always plenty of students looking for personal souvenir films as a memento of their trip! You´ll make a commission on each sale, so you can spend it on a nice cold beer after a hard days diving, or put it towards the extended travel fund!



Trip Frequently Asked Questions

One of the benefits of booking your trip on Koh Tao with Xtreme Gap Year is not only do you get to do this awesome activity, but you will become part of the Xtreme gap family on Koh Tao. We will pick you up from the pier and give you a warm welcome at our stunning resort. On your first night our resident representative will take you out for a gorgeous Thai meal annual get to know all of the other members of the group. When you are booking a trip with us it is not just about the activity so please bear this in mind if you are comparing prices to other companies. No other company has such a big presence in Koh Tao, runs groups of like-minded travellers so booking a trip with us is as much about the friends you make as well as the experiences you will have.

You need to have diving experience because you will be taking a camera underwater. You need a minimum of Divemaster qualification. The minimum training level for this course is Divemaster qualification.
Our reasons for this are you will often be working as a full-time diving professional and the knowledge and skills acquired in the divemaster programme will make you a valued member of any dive operation you work with. Another reason is that you will often be filming customers with various levels of experience from new students to lapsed divers re-entering the world of scuba. Your professional training and experience at this level will help you get the best footage of the groups without having a negative effect on their experience.

 During the internship part of the course you will make 40% per sold video.” This is because we allow the videographers to discount the prices depending on the group size, so the final amount they can earn will vary from job to job.

You will be filming for example open water students in the morning, edit the movie in the afternoon and show the movies in the evening and hopefully, when they are good enough you sell them. The group you film can consist of 1 to 5 persons, so there is a big change you sell more than one video per group.

Around £20 per day should be enough for a great gap year. If you are not the drinking type and you like more quiet nights you could do it for £15. During the day you will only spend some money on food and water, and trust me, that is cheap!
Thailand is great for a gap year, because the weather is always nice. Maybe except October and November when it is rainy season. But for the rest of the year it is hot and sunny! And even in the rainy season you will have lots of sunshine and hot weather.
Yes, there we will be other Xtreme Gappers on the island. We do never know exactly how many, but there is always an average of 5 to 12 travellers from Xtreme Gap. Not all gap year travellers will be doing the Thailand Divemaster programme. There are also options to do Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga, Free diving and people on Thailand round trips. For more gap year Thailand ideas please check our site. Everyone will stay in the same resort.
The rooms are spacious and clean and have a nice balcony. Every fan room has two single beds, a TV and  ensuite bathroom. If you wish your own room during your gap year diving, there is an option to get your own private room, for just £75 extra a month.
The resort is part of the dive school. There is a reception, bar, restaurant with Thai and Western food, a big pool with sun beds pool, friendly reception, spacious rooms, and internet. The resort is a 2 minute walk from the beach, the bars and the restaurants.
Yes, there is support for you on Koh Tao. Xtreme Gap has a rep on the island that will be there for all gap year travellers. The rep will meet you on arrival at 4 pm at the resort, show you around, take you out for dinner, introduce you to other gap year takers and will be there for you 24/7. Furthermore, you will also be working with your instructor closely every day. We will also have an emergency number.
You can buy anything you need on Koh Tao, and it is much cheaper than back home, so pack light! The shops are all close to the resort. You can buy souvenirs, sun lotion, mosquito repellent, swim shorts, flip flops and everything else you might need just on the island.
You would need a backpacker insurance with an upgrade since you will be diving up to 30 meters deep. We recommend InsuredandGo since they offer good value and cover the necessary diving and sports travel activities we offer.
We have arranged that your transfer tickets are ready at the desk of the hotel in Bangkok. The night after arriving you will get on an overnight bus and then in the morning a few hours on the boat. Also the pick up from the pier on Koh Tao on your day of arrival is included. Be sure to check our you tube channel which has detailed video instructions and a walkthrough. One you are on Koh Tao everything is very easy as the island is 21 square km, and the resort is a 2 minute walk from the beach and all restaurants.
Duration Option Price  
5 (Days)Padi Specialty /4 nights acc/ no BKKGBP 529Book Now
2 (Week)2 week pro course NO internshipGBP 1559Book Now
6 (Week)2 week pro course plus 4 weeks paid internshipGBP 1989Book Now


  • Travel advice prior to departure
  • Hotel in Bangkok on the night before leaving for paradise
  • Transfer from Bangkok to Koh Tao before the start of the underwater videography course
  • In Country Representative to meet you off the boat
  • Comfortable and clean: 6 weeks accommodation with pool and restaurant
  • Island introduction and dinner party on arrival
  • Dedicated instructors for diving and during the underwater videography course.
  • Use of all specialist underwater videography equipment and custom editing studio
  • Use of dive equipment: Regulators, BCD, Weights, Tanks, Wetsuit, Masks and Fins
  • Qualification certificate for the Filmmaker course
  • Substantial discounts off retail prices for all diving equipment (inquire)


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Meals
  • Return boat transfer to Bangkok (can be organised locally)
  • Travel and dive insurance
  • PADI Dive Medical if required
  • Extra dives and dive certificates needed for training up to the min. level if not at minimum experience level
  • Dive computer


Koh Tao Adventure

If you like the sound of die for beaches, superb nightlife and some incredible adventure activities with a cool group of travellers then the Koh Tao adventure is the trip for you. Each week has a new adventure. All you have to do is decide which activities to pick and how long you want to go for.

If you like the sound of beaches to die for, superb nightlife and some incredible adventure activities with a cool group of travellers then the Koh Tao adventure is the trip for you. Each week has a new adventure. All you have to do is decide which activities to pick and how long you want to go for.

 Ready for the Koh Tao Adventure?

Xtreme-gappersHow much fun you will have depends on how long you can stay, whether you have one week or one month we have plenty to keep you entertained with an action packed itinerary.

The Koh Tao adventure includes the following:

  • Pick up from the pier
  • Welcome dinner to meet the rest of the group with our rep
  • In country support
  • One activity option per week
  • Stand Up Paddle session
  • Discover Scuba Dive
  • Longtail boat tour around the island
  • Visit Koh Nang Yuang, stunning little island
  • Snorkelling
  • Full Moon Party Ticket min stay 2 weeks (if your timing is right)
  • All accommodation
  • Free Wi-Fi in resort

You probably don’t want to go all the way to Asia to miss out on the gorgeous beaches, Koh Tao has plenty. However, if you are like us, beaches are never enough, and you also want some serious fun and adventure. With The Koh Tao Adventure, you can pick your own itinerary by choosing from some of the incredible included adventures. You can even sneak in a cheeky Full Moon Party and let the good times roll with an awesome adventure day in the first week.

Koh Tao Adventure Highlights

  • Going out for a gorgeous Thai meal so you can meet the rest of the group
  • You will never have a dull moment, with plenty of plenty of Xtreme activities included (see below)
  • You can top up your tan and laze around on some of the amazing beaches you have plenty of chill time as well.
  • As the sun goes down that nightlife heats up, Koh Tao has amazing nightlife you will make friends from all over the world.
  • Relax into the swing of things, we make it easy with comprehensive intro session to the island, and our rep is there to help you every step of the way.
  • You will be amazed by what you can achieve when you challenge yourself, with the snorkelling and climbs to viewpoints, stand up paddling and a Discover Scuba dive session!! Question is, can you handle this much fun?
  • You have plenty of time to also explore some of Thailand’s beautiful underwater environments, with crystal clear waters and amazing snorkelling you might just get hooked.
  • It’s your holiday, so we set you up in a beautiful resort with gorgeous Thai tropical gardens and a nice refreshing pool and its own restaurant. See accommodation section for more information.
  • Includes one amazing activity per week. Crossfitt, Muay Thai, Yoga… take your pick!

The Xtreme Activities

Xtreme Gappers on Koh Tao (2)If you want to stay longer than 1 week, and chill out on one of Thailand’s most incredible paradise islands, you can book extra weeks, to complete the other Koh Tao Adventure options (one per week).

The longer you stay the better value the trip is. If you want to spend 2 months in Thailand, you can combine the Thailand Adventure and the Koh Tao Adventure giving you 2 months in Thailand. Or combine the Koh Tao Adventure with any other trip we run in Thailand or anywhere else in Asia! We have some amazing suggestions, so tell us about your plans and we can see what would suit you best. That is what we are here for.


These are the weekly options, you can choose one per week.

Next to the options we also include the amazing Adventure Day, and a ticket to the Full Moon Party with a minimum stay of 2 weeks,  if this goes inside your travel dates

  • Cross Fit Package
  • Muay Thai Package
  • Yoga Package
  • Beginner Freediving Package

Read more about all this in the Details tab.

Nightlife & Beach Time

Koh Tao is not only famous for its great diving and beautiful beaches, there is quite a party scene there too! Picture this: Cool beach bars, fire shows, awesome night clubs like Fizz bar all within easy stumbling distance to your accommodation. If you want to have some serious fun after the sun sets, you will not be disappointed.



Crossfit, Muay Thai, Yoga  or  Freediving? What should I Pick?

How adventurous are you?! Some of our top-rated activities are in Koh Tao and they are waiting for you, the tough choice is what to do?!

We know Koh Tao only too well, we started Xtreme Gap here, lived and breathed the life here and so we know how to show you a great time – all over the island and in the water around it. It is a paradise island that you could easily fall in love with, spending months relaxing here. We have the perfect cure for all this laziness, with the following adventure options.

Available Included Xtreme Activities On Koh Tao

Koh Tao cross thatSo when you are lying on a dreamy white sandy beach, in a paradise setting wouldn’t it be nice to have the body to match. With our cross fit package, you can! Five full-on cross fit sessions, with professional accredited Cross fitness trainers will whip you into shape so you will not feel guilty about lazing on the beach, and dipping into the Gulf of Thailand will be so much more rewarding.

If you have not done CrossFit before you need to come to the 4 different Foundation classes before you can do the regular classes. These 4 classes will teach you all the basic movements and techniques for CrossFit, so that you are able to do the movements safely and effectively. These classes are similar to personal training as our coach will spend lots of time helping them with the movements.
We run the Foundation classes every day at 10.15am and so they can easily do the Foundation classes in a week.

Check out the video below it is the latest fitness craze that has become huge. It’s highly effective high-intensity WODS (work out of the day) mixes hundreds of different techniques and every day is always different. With this option is the perfect way to get into excellent physical shape and get that perfect beach bod

Xtreme Gap Thailand Muay Thai 2012 (27)The fit package is the most popular option. It includes 5 Muay Thai sessions taken over five days. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, learning the national sport of Thailand in a cool jungle gym is an awesome experience. It is a great way to try something new, get really fit and learn much more about the culture of Thailand.
You will undergo a modified non-contact training regime in the camp that host monthly Muay Thai fights, a really authentic and cool experience!
Some like to do it in the morning and then hit the beach others like the cooler evening training times.

Koh Tao yoga optionProbably one of our most chilled out options, you have five sessions working on your well-being, and flexibility with a fantastic yoga package. Set in landscaped gardens surrounded by coconut groves there’s a special feeling about the place.

Even if you’ve never tried yoga before this is the perfect place to do it, as everyone is welcome to come and give it a go and it is the perfect activity to take if you want to turn your Koh Tao experience into the ultimate chilled out beach time.



freedive mexicoThis is probably the most Xtreme option, and one of the most rewarding!  Our professional freediver instructors will teach you the basics of Freediving, and accompany you down to depths of 12 metres! The actual course itself lasts 2 days and included theory and water based instruction.


Free Time On Koh Tao – A Tropical Island Paradise

Koh Tao Adventure (11)During the trip, there will be plenty of free time for you to explore the beautiful island of Koh Tao. Whilst activities to keep you busy they do not take up the entire week, so you will have plenty of chill time. Don’t worry about getting itchy feet though, there is plenty to do on the island, as you will be with our group there are always tons of suggestions for things to keep you entertained. Whether it’s exploring the amazing beaches, soaking up the incredible nightlife (or having tasty Thai food to get over the hangover!) feedback from previous Xtreme Gappers has always been very positive about Koh Tao. When you are not off exploring, you have a beautiful resort with a swimming pool to chill out in, and everything is within an easy walking distance of where you are staying. The beach for examples is just a 3 min walk from your accommodation.

As Koh Tao is one of the best places in the world to learn to dive, many people add on a full open water course. Once you have a license you are able to book extra fun dives locally for about £18 per dive.

For those staying for a minimum of 2 weeks, you are lucky enough to join the full moon party(check dates upon booking). We include the full moon party tickets and its super easy to head over to the neighbouring island to hit the full moon party, and party all night!


[all_in_one_carousel settings_id=’8′]



Your stay on Koh Tao will be made even sweeter as you stay at a luxury diving resort. Our representative is located next door so you always have our backup and support on your doorstep.

You will be staying in a shared twin bedroom (upgrades to your own room available £25 per week) with an ensuite shower and toilet. Room upgrades to more expensive and luxurious class are also available.

The accommodation is set in gorgeous tropical Thai Gardens, with a beautiful relaxing pool. There are a bar and a restaurant available at the resort and you will be based in Sairee, the main backpacker Hub, just 3 min from the beach and a short walk to the nightlife.



Trip Frequently Asked Questions

This programme begins in Koh Tao, but we can book you an extra night in bangkok plus overnight transfer to Koh Tao. This means you have to arrive 2 days before the start date of the trip in Bangkok.

If you wish help with flight just let us know.

Stay in luxury in Bangkok for a night before heading to paradise (optional).

An easy entry into the country with your arrival in Bangkok sorted, with a night in a hotel close to Khao San Road (the backpacker area). You can then spend a few days in the capital, checking out the sites or taking some optional tours. After exploring the capital city and partying on the Khao San Rd, you will be ready to head down to a paradise island, famous amongst backpackers for being the ultimate get away… Prepare yourself for a relaxing, blissful and adventurous time, spent living on Koh Tao. Your transfer tickets to take you from Bangkok to Koh Tao will be ready for you at our office in Bangkok.

Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)1 Option Standard TwinGBP 479Book Now
2 (Week)2 Options Standard TwinGBP 679Book Now
3 (Week)3 Options Standard TwinGBP 899Book Now
4 (Week)4 Options Standard TwinGBP 1099Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
1 (Week)1 Option Standard TwinGBP 479 GBP 469 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 23 - Jul - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Shared accommodation in a beautiful resort with pool (upgrade to single available at £25 a week)
  • Taxi pick up from the pier on Koh Tao
  • Delicious Thai meal with the rest of the group on us
  • Introduction to the island and details on where to find the best beaches and your activities
  • Free Koh Tao Guide
  • Amazing nightlife in cool beach bars
  • Your choice of Activity (beginner freediving (2 days), 5 one on one Muay Thai sessions or 5 yoga sessions, or 3 Crossfit sessions)
  • Snorkelling
  • Long Tail boat adventure
  • Stand up paddle session
  • Climb to viewpoint on stunning Koh Nang Yuang
  • All Equipment for activities
  • All instruction and guides for activities
  • Free Wifi at the resort
  • Return ticket to the full moon party with a min stay of 2 weeks (if it is on during your dates)

For 2 or 3 or 4 week packages, choose one extra adventure option per week:

Not included but available

  • 1 night in a luxury Bangkok hotel with breakfasts (optional with upgrade)
  • Transfer from Bangkok to Koh Tao( optional with upgrade)


  • Flights
  • airport pickup
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals (apart from the evening out with the rep)
  • Transfer ticket back from Koh Tao to Bangkok. Our rep can help you sorting this out once you are on the island.

Please note this programme does not include meals, we are often asked why and the answer is simple. You can eat out in Thailand for as little as £2. If we included all of your food, you would have to eat in the same place all the time. We feel that there is so much amazing food to discover in Thailand, that you should be able to choose where to eat and when to eat. Going out for dinner is also a social event, you will discover that during the day everyone is training, and you meet in the evening for a nice Thai Curry somewhere. Our rep can tell you all about the nice places to eat.


More dates


Mozambique Divemaster Course & Whale shark Diving

Train as a professional Divemaster in one of East Africa’s most beautiful beach front settings, with the Indian Ocean providing the backdrop for an incredible couple of months living the life diving with manta rays, humpback whales and whale sharks everyday! Tofo, has one of the highest populations with juvenile whale sharks in the world.

Train as a professional Divemaster in one of East Africa’s most beautiful beach front settings, with the Indian Ocean providing the backdrop for an incredible couple of months living the life and saying in our funky stunning accommodation! Diving with manta rays, humpback whales and whale sharks everyday! Tofo, has one of the highest populations of juvenile whale sharks in the world so is a great place to do some whale shark diving.

 Mozambique Divemaster Course

Africa is often overlooked as a place to do your Divemaster course and regrettably so because in Tofo you have some of the best diving in the world. The biggest draw is  undoubtedly the whale shark and the worlds highest population of juvenile whale sharks can be found here.  It is the biggest fish in the ocean and can grow to 12 m or more and weigh up to 15 tons! But there is so much more too..

Whale sharks, long tropical beaches and a lot of diving.

Doing your Divemaster in Mozambique you can expect some of the following highlights:

  • Very diverse marine life including whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and even the guitar shark. Rock on!
  • Training at a cool dive school, with a great atmosphere, lots of backpackers diving there, and with some of the best in whale shark trackers in the world on the staff.
  • Get free diving up to 60 dives (necessary for your Divemaster) while working and completing your courser. You will do as many dives and ocean safaris as possible.
  • Leave here fully qualified to work and lead dives in any diving centre worldwide
  • Chilling out in a a funky resort, enjoying parties, barbeques, the amazing pool with bar! And the laid-back lifestyle in a tropical paradise setting.
  • Experiencing the culture of Mozambique, a country that seems to be lost in time, and set in one of the most beautiful African environments.
  • Gaining a qualification that enables you to work in the diving industry anywhere in the world, but even if you don’t do that the lifestyle as you train is an unforgettable memory to keep.
  • Optional surfing, ocean kayaking, and other adventures to be had.



What happens: Mozambique Divemaster

Mozambique Divemaster course (1)First off all, its about you having a great time and gaining a qualification. Diving, socialising, partying, beach time, barbecues, pool parties…. its a live style!

You will be diving with the freshest and hottest dive centre in Tofo, we possess a combined 15 years of experience diving Tofo’s world renown reefs.

There is no set itinerary for this trip but during the Divemaster programme you will be trained from PADI Open Water level to professional Divemaster. However, as a Divemaster you need to progress through different PADI training courses starting with your Open Water. This is the basic intro to scuba-diving, after this you do your Advanced Open Water (this consists of five specialist dives) and then you do your Rescue Diver course. The Rescue Diver course teaches you about diver safety, trains you to effectively rescue distressed divers, trains you how to provide CPR and first aid and administer oxygen in case of emergencies.At this point this is the last recreational level dive qualification before you go on to do your Divemaster course.

Once you start your Divemaster internship, you will be getting into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to become a professional diver. There is no day-to-day minute by minute itinerary for this section of the course, there are certain criteria that you need to fill for example a minimum number of dives (60), you will assist dive instructors on their courses, and you will take customers out for dives acting as a dive leader, providing them with pre-dive safety briefings, helping out at the dive school and dive centre. You do all this while following the PADI training syllabus that the Divemaster course requires you to complete.

Mozambique Divemaster (27)


The real beauty about doing your Divemaster course is that you get to dive a lot

This is no understatement, when you consider how expensive recreational diving can actually be, you get to dive every day, in some of the most exciting underwater environments in Africa, if not the world, and you will spend months doing this in unlimited amounts, you start to see why it is such an appealing way to spend several months, and great value too!


Enjoy everything that Tofo has to offer

During your time when you are not in the water, you assist at the dive school, this is part of the course. You will be completing an internship learning all about working in the dive industry. But off course there is time to just chill out and enjoy everything that Tofo has to offer. It certainly has that by the bucket load, relaxation and chilled out vibes.

Mozambique Divemaster course (2)When not relaxing in a hammock under a palm tree, you will go out on ocean safaris (with snorkel gear) to swim with whale sharks, and humpback whales (in season). There is the most amazing sandy beach with good surfing opportunities, ocean kayaking and horse riding too.

You might just prefer to enjoy the buzz of the backpacker lifestyle in the town, because this is quite a popular destination for backpackers (although not your typically ruined overpopulated backpacker hangout). The locals are exceptionally friendly, the cost of living there is incredibly cheap and you are going to absolutely love the lifestyle.

Dedicated Dive Instructor

You will discuss your loose itinerary with your dedicated dive instructor on arrival, and you will also be given a full briefing on what the course involves. At the end of the course you need to pass several exams (about eight of them), but these are incredibly simple providing you follow your course work!

Upon successful sign off on completion of the course, once you have paid your PADI membership fee, (direct to PADI about £80) you will be a professional Divemaster, able to work in any dive resort in the world, and earn a living in one of the most easy-going lifestyles out there. You will get your dive certificate and membership card in the post.


Cabin 2Accommodation is in a really funky cool dorm, and offers you the perfect opportunity to meet your travel companions. Its has 5 bunk beds, lockers, ceiling fans, extra length mattresses, mosquito netting and an ensuite bathroom.

Please take own shower and beach towels as these are not supplied. The rooms are serviced by municipal power and each has 3-point 220V power point with 2-point adapters.


There are also single rooms, but as you will be staying a long time with us, its not economical to book the single room. If budget is not a problem, ask us for a quote.

Varied dive sites

During your Divemaster training, you will discover a mix of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life from sharks to turtles to dolphins to whale sharks and thousands of fish. The sites vary in depth , there is little current and the water temperature is always warm, ranging from about 27C to 32C offering amazing conditions to dive everyday on your Divemaster course!

Whale sharks, long stretches of beach and a lot of diving, this is what you can expect on the PADI  Divemaster course in Mozambique. We can train you from zero to hero in 12 weeks, meaning that you can join even if you have no prior diving experience. If you do already have dive certificates we can alter the programme for you, no problem just ask us for prices.

Whale sharks, that sounds scary to me!

Mozambique Whaleshark Diving (34)Whale sharks are the most magnificent and biggest fish in the sea and they only eat plankton. They do not even have teeth. Once you spot them you will fall in love. They are gracious and beautiful, and the great thing is they love the bubbles divers make so tend to come up to you. Because their eyes are so small you have to watch it that they do not bump in to you.

The population of juvenile whale sharks in Mozambique is at the moment higher than anywhere else which means that you will likely bump in to one pretty frequently, and don’t forget you will be doing the Divemaster in one of the top dive schools with experts trained in tracking and finding whale sharks. No need to be afraid!

Become a professional diver

Being a Divemaster means you can work in the dive industry and make money with once of the best jobs in the world. You will be able to guide dives, do scuba reviews and help out in dive shops. The PADI Divemaster certificate is internationally recognised so you can work as a Divemaster anywhere in the world. As a Divemaster the dive boat, where you soak up the sun and have your morning coffee, and the sea, where you meet the corals and the fish, are your office. You will always be surrounded by happy people who are on holiday.

So why Mozambique?

In Africa you can see the big 5 on safari’s but in Mozambique, you can  Dive The Big Five.

The big five of the underwater world are:

  • Whalesharks
  • Humpback whales
  • Dolphins
  • Manta rays
  • Sea turtles

Tofu in Mozambique is where the Xtreme Gap Divemaster course takes place. Tofu is definitely one of Southern Africa’s favourite diving destinations. Even National Geographic votes Tofu in Mozambique the prime diving location for spotting whale sharks and Manta rays. Xtreme Gap works with a PADI certified diving school that has already taken on many many divers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, but the reason we have not put it online is because the price is an extra 65 USD a night (Over Christmas and new year it’s even more.

Most gear, but not the dive computer, is included on a rental basis.  But since you are training to become a professional and you will be wearing your outfit daily, it is much better to have your own gear! We advise you bring your own facemask as this is a personal item and is much nicer to have your own.

You will need to pre-arranged your own VISA before joining this program. Please book well ahead to ensure you have enough time to organise your visa, and remember one to arrive in country you have to have an arrival stamp putting your passport at the airport. This is to validate the VISA.

The accommodation is about a 15 min walk from the dive school.

The weather is always a difficult subject, but the climate in Tofo is warm and sunny which can be dived year round but it can have high winds during February and August which can cause the water to become very rough and choppy, even so diving is usually still possible and it only called off in extreme conditions.


The summer months of November to April are the rainiest months which occasionally bring violent storms but they have the highest water temperature of 28C. The winter months of May to October are a lot cooler but still pleasant with a lower water temperature of 23C. Visibility in this area varies by the day and is influenced by a combination of plankton, currents, winds and tides.


There are other divers coming and going doing shorter or longer courses. As there is no set date people normally do not start on the same day. However you will meet lots of people also diving with us and you will be one of the team! No worries its super social.

Please bring an adapter suitable for South African plugs which are three pins and round you will also want Mozambique and plugs which are to pin.

At the hostel there are cooking facilities. There is a bbq area you can use to grill your own food.


The hostel is truly amazing and funky and with a stunning garden and pool! Comfy lounge areas and friendly staff! In the evening there are often dj´s playing too! Free wifi areas, laundry service, safety deposit box, a dech from where you can see the sun set over stunning tofo and a bar and restautant.


Mozambique is unfortunately a malarial zone, so you will need to take antimalarial medicine, please check with your doctor which is the most appropriate, because Malarone for example mimics symptoms of decompression sickness so you cannot use that one.



Absolutely not! They are big but they do not even have teeth. They are extremely impressive though, and being lucky to see one, and swim with one once, is never enough.

Yes you can, we will train you from zero to hero. We do recommend you take a diving medical before you leave the UK if you have any doubts as to whether you will be suited to diving.

Yes, you can. Fishing, horse rising, surfing, ocean kayaking and exploring along some of the worlds most unspoilt coastline. Not bad.

Inhambane is in a malaria zone, we advise you take malarial tablets and consult your GP or travel clinic before you go.With regards to Malaria medication our partners recommend DEMAL 200, its a British product made by Blue Turtle, and they have used it for eight years without getting malaria. Please note though we do not endorse any particular brand or product and you should consult your own GP and take your own advice and precautions as necessary.

Take malaria tablets but NOT Lariam, Mefliam or Mefloquine as these can mimic symptoms of decompression sickness and the nearest decompression chamber is in South Africa. If participants take Larium, Meflian or Mefloquine, they will be excluding themselves from the dive and there are no exceptions.
Africa may be cheap, but diving in Africa is not, well, not if you are diving with a reputable company that looks after their equipment and customers! All the dive equipment has to be brought in from South Africa, we also put you up in a nice backpacker resort, and you get  unlimited  dives. If you want the trip of a life time then you really do get what you pay for, and this is exactly that, very few other places in the world will get you this much whale shark exposure in such a beautiful setting.

Duration Option Price  
3 (Week)IDC EFRI IE Add onGBP 3489Book Now
4 (Week)IDC EFRI IE MSDT Add onGBP 3905Book Now
8 (Week)DM DormGBP 1629Book Now
8 (Week)Rescue to DM DormGBP 2099Book Now
8 (Week)EFR & Rescue to DM DormGBP 2129Book Now
8 (Week)Advanced Open Water to DM DormGBP 2519Book Now
8 (Week)Open Water Course to DM DormGBP 2879Book Now
12 (Week)DM DormGBP 1899Book Now
12 (Week)Rescue to DM DormGBP 2389Book Now
12 (Week)Advanced Open Water to DM DormGBP 2879Book Now
12 (Week)Open Water Course To DM DormGBP 3109Book Now


  • Pre departure information
  • PADI open water course
  • PADI advanced open water course
  • PADI rescue diver course
  • PADI Divemaster internship
  • Airport pick up
  • Dive training
  • All books and certificates
  • Rental dive equipment
  • Unlimited diving
  • All accommodation
  • PADI Divemaster crew pack (to keep)
  • Lots of ocean safaris to swim with whale sharks

And a lot of FUN!!


  • Meals
  • Annual PADI Divemaster fee
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flights
  • Dive computer, dive knife and surface marker boy
  • Over Christmas the prices are higher!

We also advise you to buy your own wetsuit, mask and fins, although they are included in the cost of the course on a rental basis, when you do your Divemaster it’s definitely nice to have your own. We also recommend you purchase the dive computer before you travel, check out our Divemaster blog for advice on buying a dive computer and everything you need to know about the courses.


Start dates are every Monday. Remember over Christmas the prices are higher; if you are planning to join us over the December period ask us for a quote please.

If you want to add on the IDC (PADI Instructor) please contact us for set start date.

Australia Divemaster

Become a Divemaster in Byron Bay! Living the life as a Divemaster in Australia in one of the coolest towns in Australia, Byron Bay! Diving everyday at Julian rocks, one of the best dive sites in Australia. You will be living in the thick of the action as you discover why Byron Bay is one of the most fun towns in Australia.

Become a Divemaster in Byron Bay! Living the life as a Divemaster in Australia in one of the coolest towns in Australia, Byron Bay! Diving every day at Julian rocks, one of the best dive sites in Australia. You will be living in the thick of the action as you discover why Byron Bay is one of the most fun towns in Australia.

 Australia Divemaster

You know the best thing about training to be a Divemaster? You are training to “work” in one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world. That ´s not the best part either, the “training” is great fun! You will complete a minimum of 60 dives at Byron Bays Julian Rocks dive site – one of the most bio diverse sites in Australia, attracting lots of large marine life. Dolphins and Whales often shadow the dive boat out to the site!

When the Xtreme Gap team paid a visit, we were in the water for 2 minutes and we had a leather-back turtle swim right up to us (Check out the video!) and saw plenty of huge Bull rays!

Australia Divemaster  Highlights Include:

  • Gaining your PADI open water, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster Qualifications
  • Seeing just how good looking you are in a wetsuit
  • Diving one of the most interesting dive sites in Australia (Julian Rocks)
  • Rental dive equipment included
  • Gain the ultimate qualification allowing you to work anywhere in the world!



Full Details

The 10-week schedule is as follows (as a student you have your weekends off). This is for the Open Water (OW) to Divemaster programme.

Week 1 Open Water Course. Duration: 5 days

Course Content: Your diving experience starts with basics in the comfort of the swimming pool then you move on to the excitement of the ocean with six exciting dives, refining your skills to become a competent diver.

Week 2 Advanced Open Water Course. Duration: 5 days

Course Content: Experience the different elements of diving in the second part of your diving adventure. Deep diving, underwater navigation, drift diving and marine identification are just a few of the specialties to choose from. Your instructor will help choose the dives that best suit your needs.

Week 3 1st Aid. Duration: 2 days

Course Content: An internationally recognized CPR and 1st aid course that covers a wide range of scenarios including bleeding, spinal injuries, victim assessment and life support. This course is not only applicable to the dive industry but any work place. A prerequisite for the rescue diver course.

Week 3 O2 Provider. Duration: 1/2 day

Course Content: The effective use of oxygen is one of the most important skills in diving, cardiac and respiratory emergency. The course outlines various aspects of providing oxygen including, respiration, delivery systems, oxygen resuscitation and advanced life support techniques.

Week 4 Rescue course. Duration: 5 days

Course Content: Develop new skills in self-aid and buddy assist as well as search and recovery techniques. Understand how to recognize and deal with fellow divers suffering from stress. During the theory, pool and open water sessions you will cover areas such as accident prevention, under and above water rescues and full rescue scenarios.

Week 5 Vessel Handling and Nautical Knowledge

Get to know how to handle the ribs and get them in and out of the water, as well as learning boat setup and maintenance.

Week 6 Divemaster Study Week       

In the week before your Divemaster Course starts you will have time to do pre-study and prepare yourself for your upcoming course. During this week you will be given all your Divemaster manuals.

Week 7 and 8 Divemaster Course. Duration: 10 days

Course Content: Knowledge – Communication, presentation and effective teaching techniques are some of the important skills you learn in this professional qualification. Knowledge of physics, physiology, and decompression theory along with a host of other dive related components will be covered, to enable you to become the best Divemaster possible.

Practical – In water training is conducted in confined water (swimming pool) and open water (Julian Rocks, Cape Byron Marine Park), with skill demonstration and assessment, leading dives and specialized assist techniques being taught. Your skill level will become second to none

Week 9 and 10 Divemaster Internship. Duration: 10 days

Internship – The real thing, under the guidance of a highly qualified instructor put your new but refined skill’s into action. Assist complete beginners in their open water course, teach specialty diver course’s and conduct scuba review sessions.

If you are already an Open Water diver you can start with the Advanced Open Water Course (AOW).


Your Qualification allows you to:Divemaster Australia (6)

  • Work on dive boats, at resorts and retail stores, take people diving
  • Lead dive trips and tours
  • Conduct discover Scuba programmes
  • Teach and certify Skin diver programmes
  • Teach selected specialty diver programmes
  • Assist instructors in the pool and open water
  • Teach skills in the pool under instructor supervision
  • Enjoy a lifestyle like no other

So why do your Divemaster course here?

Are you kidding? If you decide to do your Divemaster course in Australia, Byron Bay is the pace to do it. Next to excellent diving with a big chance to see and dive with whales and dolphins, you live in the coolest town in Australia. Byron Bay is a really trendy and young coastal town with beautiful beaches, great surfing and people watching. There is always a buzz about the place.   Also Byron Bay has it all.

Nice clubs, bars, cool little restaurants, friendly people and a great coastline!

Getting Qualified in Byron Bay

Your Australia Divemaster programme gives you the ability to work in any tropical dive location worldwide and it is designed to train you from beginner too professional Divemaster. The perfect gap year qualification for earning money after your course. With the Australian Divemaster programme you will have the time of your life, gain professional diving qualifications and with that in your back pocket you will be able to hang out in tropical locations, swim in the largest marine park on the planet or live on luxurious yachts in the Caribbean; these are just some of the possibilities that await you as a qualified Divemaster.


australia divemaster

One of the things that sets this course apart is the location. You will be living in the heart of Byron Bay – near the beach in a self-contained Divemaster’s accommodation. The lodge houses up to 10 Divemaster’s – in single sex dorms, and has everything you could need to make your stay comfortable. Even a pool! ?

  • Kitchen
  • Pool
  • Single Sex Dorms
  • Living room and big veranda overlooking the centre of town


Trip Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have scuba diving qualifications, then we will tailor the training (and costs) to suit.

If you arrive a few days early, that is no problem. Cost of about 25 AUD a night may apply with early arrivals.

You can start the training and we include the use of all equipment but if you would like to buy (some) of your own, we would recommend purchasing the equipment here and then we can work out the best gear to suit you. Let us know if you want to know the prices for this.

Byron Bay Australia beach Byron is blessed with a unique distinction of the most easterly point of Australia, and it is at this point that tropical water of the Coral Sea collides with the nutrient-enriched water of the southern Tasman Sea. This special blend provides the perfect environment for tropical species to swim alongside more temperate-suited species.

You will be training 5 days a week and will be off on weekends, this gives you a great opportunity to explore the area. Nimbin is a popular location nearby and the surf in the area is first class.

If you want to learn to surf (Byron Bay is a great Surfing location and we will give you a free lesson to get you started!), hang out with the other Divemaster interns on the beautiful beach’s and meet lots of backpackers!

  • Manta Rays
  • Leopard Sharks
  • Turtles
  • Humpack whales
  • Dolphins
  • Grey Nurse sharks
  • Wobbegong Sharks
  • Eastern Blue Gropers
  • And a wide array of schools of pelagic fish, including snapper, trevally, sweetlips, batfish and more!

No, there is no form of dive certification required to start the course.  However, if you are joining the programme already holding an Open Water, Advanced Open Water or Rescue ticket, the relevant paperwork, card and log book will be needed. It is also necessary for you to be able to swim
at least 400m in under 20 mins.

A dive medical is required to participate in this program. To ensure there is no medical conditions preventing you from diving, it is advised to complete this before your arrival onto the program. The dive medical must be completed under the Australian SPUMS Standards. Please visit the SPUMS website  to download a copy of the full medical.

You will be staying above the Byron Bay Dive Centre in its self- contained, on site lodge. All linen, kitchen ware and laundry facilities are provided. You will be able to watch the sunset sitting in the hammocks while enjoying your BBQ!


Your campus throughout the programme is a purpose-built facility on 1000m2 of land right in the heart of Byron Bay! The Centre is one of the largest and best-equipped dive centres in all of Australia and includes:

  • A large in-ground pool
  • Multiple lecture rooms and briefing areas
  • A wet gear storage area
  • Equipment service workshop
  • Full retail facility with a wide range of stock
  • and an ENTIRELY self-contained diver´s lodge!

This means that you will improve your diving skills from a spacious, comfortable base with well-maintained equipment.

Further, the Dive Centre regularly invests in the quality of the diving facility, the safety of the equipment, and finding the best diving instructors available.

Your main outgoings will be food and entertainment. We understand everyone varies in terms of tastes, requirements, social life and spending habits. Although the dive school expects your primary commitment to be the course, Byron offers plenty of entertainment from having a schooner at the local pub with live music to surfing the breaks at The Pass. Also we have a kitchen you can use and share with the other trainees.

You will graduate the Academy as a fully certified Divemaster, ready to unleash your potential as a dive leader on live-aboard boats, tropical dive centres & resorts, or in dive retail outlets! Further, the skills that you will learn in this program will serve you well in careers out of the water as well! The Australian Divemaster programme will give you an advantage over your peers in an increasingly competitive business world. In the dive industry, you will be able to:

  • Work on dive boats, at resorts & retail stores, take people diving
  • Lead dive trips & tours
  • Assist instructors in the pool & open water
  • Teach skills in the pool under instructor supervision
  • Teach the SCUBA Skills refresher courses
  • Teach selected specialty courses
  • Teach selected First Aid and CPR programs
  • Teach and certify PADI skindivers
  • Conduct Discover Local Diving orientations
The average income of a Divemaster is about 20AUD an hour, but varies from place to place as well as season. It is busy at different times of the year depending on where you are working. In Northern Australia (e.g. The Great Barrier Reef) the high season is winter, where as in Southern Australia (e.g. Melbourne / Sydney) the high season is the summer. Here in Byron Bay the summer season is our busy season, however because of our subtropical location we are also busy in the winter.
No, full diving equipment will be provided for you for rent and is included in the cost of the course. This gear is for rent and needs to be given back at the end of the course. The diving gear we will provide you with and you can use for the duration of the course consists of:

  • BCD
  • Regulators
  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Wetsuit
  • Safety sausage
  • Dive knife
  • Whistle
  • Dive slate
  • Occy holder

You do need to buy your own dive computer.

Yes, you can store the diving gear at our location. There also is a market for second hand dive gear. It would depend on the market rate for how much you could sell it for. If you want to you can collect it after travelling and take it home with you. You could also ship it home if you are not coming back to us.
You will be required to have a policy that covers diving to 30 meters. For a more dive-specific insurance policy go to DO NOT TAKE THE RISK OF TRAVELLING WITHOUT INSURANCE.
The minimum visa you will be required to hold is the 3 month Tourist Visa. However, if you wish to continue your travels around Australia with the opportunity to supplement your travel funds through incidental employment you will be required to hold a valid Australian Working Visa. For more information ask your booking agent or visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship web site at

The Australian Working Holiday Visa subclass 417 costs around £180, which is the equivalent of AUD$320. Rates change constantly so use this only as an indication. Furthermore, you need to have around £2,000 in your bank account when you enter Australia with a Working Holiday Visa. You will apply for a visa before you go and will do this online at the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the Australian Government.

There are no extra costs in regards to the course during the time you are with us. The only other costs would be money for personal spending money, breakfast and lunch and any other personal trips they may choose to take. If you go and work as a Divemaster somewhere else in Australia, then you will be required to purchase dive insurance from PADI.


Duration Option Price  
8 (Week)Rescue and ERF to DM (min.16 dives)GBP 3699Book Now
9 (Week)Advanced OW to DMGBP 4129Book Now
10 (Week)Open Water to DM GBP 4399Book Now


  • Airport transfers to/from Brisbane and Coolangatta international airports and Ballina domestic airport
  • PADI-accredited dive courses from Open Water to Divemaster, including instruction & all classroom materials
  • All dives
  • Divemaster manual & registration
  • First Aid & O2 administration course
  • Equipment service technician course
  • Marine vessel care & maintenance certificate
  • Compressed air cylinder filling qualification
  • Accommodation in a spacious self-contained diver´s lodge
  • Evening meals
  • The PADI registration fee
  • All dive equipment for rent
  • Weekly BBQ every Sunday night
  • And most importantly, the CONFIDENCE & LEADERSHIP skills to excel both in and out of the water!



  • Flights
  • Meals
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical costs (about $88 AUD)
  • Dive computer


Flexible start dates; please contact us for availability!


Divemaster in Costa Rica

Complete your Divemaster training in Costa Rica, in a paradise setting on the Pacific coast. Days spent diving beautiful sites and evenings chilling out listening to sounds of the jungle surrounded by rainforests filled with monkeys and exotic birds. The local underwater environment is just as stunning, with mind blowing volcanic formations and a multitude of tropical fish.

Spend the most incredible 8 to 12 weeks of your life training to become a dive professional. Whether you choose to work in diving as a result or just enjoy the training process of diving everyday, it is tough to beat this lifestyle! Located in a popular and beautiful part of Costa Rica you will advance your dive skills from your current level through to Divemaster. You can go from Zero to hero (Open Water to Divemaster) or start at your current level.

 Divemaster in Costa Rica

Start your adventure as a professional diver and join our Divemaster course in Costa Rica. The Divemaster course will get you working closely with a PADI Instructor. You will expand your dive knowledge and work on your skills daily. The PADI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers.

Costa Rica Divemaster (15)Divemaster in Costa Rica Highlights Include:

  • Diving in the tropical Pacific Ocean
  • Seeing Dolphins, Whales and thousands of tropical fish
  • Encountering monkeys and Sloths in Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Diving every day and being part of a vibrant fun dive shop
  • Getting to know the locals with your own host family looking after you
  • Includes all meals and free wifi!
  • Up to 70ft visibility in warm waters


Itinerary Costa Rica Divemaster Course

Why do your Divemaster Costa Rica? One who would want to dive in the beautiful warm waters surrounding Costa Rica. It’s a tropical paradise with amazing underwater environments, coupled with superb dive training and easy laid-back lifestyle it’s a great place to go about getting a Divemaster course.

There is no set itinerary for doing your Divemaster course, however you will have to complete different courses in the run up to doing your Divemaster:

  • Open Water Course
  • Advanced Open Water Course
  • Rescue diver and EFR
  • Divemaster

A Typical Day

Duties in the morning would usually revolve around greeting the costumers as they came in and fitting their equipment, fins, mask, wetsuit, weights ect.. As well as answering questions and generally chatting and joking and trying to make them feel comfortable about the upcoming dives.

After loading up all the tanks and equipment on the big F150 truck known as Mighty White its off to the boat 5 minutes away. After loading up the boat and giving the customers a briefing it is time to go diving.

There are many dive sites in Manuel Antonio National Park. Often you will be assisting the resident Divemasters, shadowing customers underwater and keeping an eye out on them. You will greatly improve your dive skills through lots of diving and on some days specific training dives with the course director Georgia.

Mapping, search and recovery, deep, rescue and navigation ect..

Some times you may do skills in the pool or studying theory or helping out around the shop.

Free Time

If there are no dives in the afternoon you will generally finish up around 2pm. Which leaves you free to go to the beach, explore rainforest trails, swim in waterfalls.. Manuel Antonio is a stunningly beautiful national park with amazing wildlife. Sloths, lizards, 3 types of monkeys, birds.


This Divemaster programme uses local homestay accommodation. Expect your own comfortable room, private bathroom, breakfast, lunch, dinner, free wifi and laundry service. We have been using the same homestays for a couple of years and it has proven to be very popular and more importantly secure, safe environment for our Divemaster trainees. Staying at a home stay also gets you immersed in the local culture quicker and you have your own Costa Rican family to look after you!

The Homestays are located in the Manuel Antonio / Quepos Area

Manuel Antonio is located 100 miles south of San Jose on the central Pacific Coast (a pleasant 2 1/2-hour drive, or a short 20 minutes by plane), Manuel Antonio is home to a national park which was established in 1972 and is the natural habitat of species such as the endangered squirrel monkey (endemic to the area), white faced capuchin monkey, raccoons, three and two-toed sloths, white-nosed coaties, brown pelicans, black-collared hawks and green kingfishers.

Manuel Antonio is located 100 miles south of San Jose on the central Pacific Coast (a pleasant 2 1/2-hour drive, or a short 20 minutes by plane), Manuel Antonio is home to a national park which was established in 1972 and is the natural habitat of species such as the endangered squirrel monkey (endemic to the area), white faced capuchin monkey, raccoons, three and two-toed sloths, white-nosed coaties, brown pelicans, black-collared hawks and green kingfishers. It has beautiful beaches, great for relaxing or learning to surf, and a wealth of activities and nature. It is off of the national park where you will be diving during your time here. Nearby Quepos (about 10 minute drive or bus ride) is where the dive shop is situated.

This is a local town with all the necessary amenities including banks, shops restaurants and anything else you may need and serves as the gateway to the Manuel Antonio area. Accommodations are situated in Quepos and a local family house. You will have a private room with basic bathroom. Breakfast, dinner and laundry service are included in this. The Homestay is approximately a 15 minute walk to the dive shop so allows an easy commute in the morning.


Trip Frequently Asked Questions

We have moved primarily toward digital materials for the courses. This to allow the students to have access to materials before they arrive if they would like, and also to make it easier for them to travel with, example for baggage limits etc. This also makes it more efficient with our timing, allowing us to spend more time in the water and less time physically in the classroom.
You will need to fly into Quepos, this is about 10 min away from the dive school you can also fly to San Jose but there is an additional US$165 pickup fee. As this is several miles away.
Read all you need to know about our Divemaster courses on the Xtreme Gap Year blog  here.  
Duration Option Price  
8 (Week)OW to DM Home StayGBP 3449Book Now
8 (Week)OW to DM Private Room Home StayGBP 3629Book Now
12 (Week)OW to DM Home StayGBP 3899Book Now
12 (Week)OW to DM Private Room Home StayGBP 4099Book Now


  • Airport pick up from San Jose Airport to Quepos by private car (met by representative of the dive shop)
  • All Dive Courses (Open water to Divemaster)
  • Dive Equipment (rental)
  • All PADI Course Materials
  • All dives during your scheduled program (2 – 4 Dives per day)
  • Accommodation, private or semi-private room with bathroom at a homestay
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Wifi
  • Laundry service (local payment per load)
  • Scuba equipment rental of BCD, regulator, tanks and weights
  • Regular social events: BBQs, salsa classes.
  • Beach location, minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Discounts on local tours: whitewater rafting, ATV´s, Canopy tours, horseback riding on the beach.
  • Free workshop on Rescue techniques.
  • Free CV preparation and Job placement assistance.


  • Flights
  • Lunch
  • Travel insurance & Dive insurance
  • Padi Registration Fees
  • Additional dives after scheduled program has finished
  • Mask, snorkel and fins and dive watch or dive computer (all Divemaster candidates must have personal)
  • Lunch
  • Transport to return to San Jose airport (can be arranged locally at $185)



More dates

Whale Shark Marine Conservation Mozambique

The Whale Shark Marine Conservation Project in Mozambique is the ultimate marine conservation project. Swimming with Whale Sharks (Mozambique is one of the best places in the world to see them) you will be involved in data collection, reef monitoring, and humpbacked whale research. Volunteers will also be involved in turtle nest data collection, as well as getting the chance to live an breathe one of Africa’s best gap year diving and backpacking destinations.

The Whale Shark Marine Conservation Project in Mozambique is the ultimate marine conservation project. Help with whale shark data collection, reef monitoring, and humpbacked whale research. Volunteers will also be involved in turtle nest data collection, as well as getting the chance to dive at one of Africa’s best gap year diving destinations.

Whale Shark Marine Conservation Mozambique

Whale Sharks are the giants of the sea. They are the biggest fish in the world and incredible to swim with. Whale Sharks are surface feeders eating tiny microscopic plankton, but they eat so much of it that they can grow up to 18 metres! This exciting Whale Shark Marine Conservation Project comprises of assisting with the conservation of Whale Sharks, coral reefs and other marine life while living in Tofo. Tofo is a hot spot of adventure on the Mozambique coast line.

Whale Shark Marine Conservation Highlights Include:

  • Contribute to a very important Conservation project.
  • Conservation of the Whale Shark and the coral reefs.
  • Boat launches and swimming with Whale Sharks.
  • Open Water Course or AOW included.
  • Located on Tofo, the best spot in the world for Whale Sharks.
  • All accommodation and meals included.
  • Great social scene: Making new friends is guaranteed.





A day in the life of a volunteer

Although day to day activities vary on the Whaleshark Marine Conservation Project a typical day in the life of a volunteer working on the Project might be:

  • 07:30 Wake up and have breakfast
  • 08:30 Data entry on the computer from previous day´s research work
  • 10:00  Walk over to the dive centre (100meters away) and get prepared for a whale shark launch. Jump on the boat and head out to sea to find whale sharks. On finding a whale shark enter the water snorkelling next to the whale shark and take photos of the correct parts of the shark. Photos enable us to identify individual sharks around the world and track their movements, age etc.
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Depending on the time of year ” whale counts and data collection from on top of the dunes or preparation for turtle work in the night.
  • 15:30  Work generally ends around 3.30pm but this is flexible and can sometimes be earlier and sometimes later.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Take malaria tablets but NOT Lariam, Mefliam or Mefloquine as these can mimic symptoms of decompression sickness and the nearest recompression chamber is in South Africa. If participants take Larium, Meflian or Mefloquine, they will be excluding themselves from the dive and there are no exceptions.
Whale Sharks are magnificent creatures and the oceans largest fish. Diving or swimming with them is an unforgettable experience. They are becoming increasingly rare though, and there is still much to learn about these species. This project helps to collect data, identify different Whale Sharks and track their movements giving scientists a better understanding of their behaviour and the factors effecting their conservation. Not only do you get to swim with these huge fishies, but your work will be directly contributing to their protection. Amazing!
Because they are considered good indicators of ocean productivity. Whale Sharks play a significant role with marine conservation of efforts. Not much is understood and known about the population dynamics of these big fishes and this Conservation Project aims to understand and prevent the threats to them.
Yes, you can join. Because 95% of the participants have no or little experience with diving we have included an Open Water course for you. You will be trained by PADI professional Dive Instructors how to dive safely. Remember, though most of the Whale Shark research is done without scuba gear. This is because Whale Sharks are surface feeders and it is much easier to keep up with them when not carrying bulky scuba gear.
The Whale Shark Marine Conservation Project   also involves protection of coral reefs. Reefs play an important role in the ecosystem, a lot of marine life is supported through healthy and living reef systems. Threats to reefs include: coral bleaching, alien invasive species (like the crown of thorns star fish) and other ecological changes related to tourism and man made activities. One of the main course components involves monitoring the state of coral reefs in the Tofo area. Methods used are based on the international reef check system. This will involve completing scuba diving transects amongst the reefs and then recording coral data as an indicator of fish species. All the while you will be doing this in one of Africa’s greatest diving destinations, Tofo!

Your job on the Whale Shark Conservation Project will carry out marine research data collection and assist with monitoring activities under the supervision and guidance of the projects field co-ordinator. Joining other   volunteers on this project, you will be hands on, collecting data via: beach walks, boat survey, swimming, freediving, and scuba diving.

Your assistance is vital to carrying out the required field activities, but also helping to fund the project. As you would expect   the diving will be excellent and this will be a stunning environment to enjoy learning principals of marine conservation and learning about the worlds biggest fish, the Whale Shark.

Our volunteers are vital to help monitor whale shark populations, assist in understanding their behaviour and also you will be able to take underwater photos to help identify them. Joining research scuba teams to assist with the monitoring of coral reefs, during certain seasons you may also get the opportunity to help with hump back whale surveys as well.

You will be well looked after on the project. You can expect a though briefing and induction on arrival. You will be taught about the project, the local area, safety and have a question an answer session.
Duration Option Price  
2 (Week)GBP 1599Book Now
3 (Week)GBP 1759Book Now
4 (Week)GBP 1899Book Now


  • PADI Open Water Course or AOW or research dives.
  • Transfer to and from Inhambane Airport to Tofo.
  • Full support and daily guidance from the project coordinators.
  • Project equipment.
  • Project activities (including boat launches).
  • All accommodation.
  • Orientation upon arrival.
  • All meals included, volunteers help cook.


  • Flights.
  • Visas.
  • Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement. Please ask us for a quote.
  • Extra food and drinks.
  • Weekend activities (optional).
  • Other excursions than mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Telephone and internet.


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“Unfortunately we did not see Whalesharks everyday, but the times we did it was amazing, so gracious and beautiful, and experience I will never forget.”
Peter Davis
“Very nice location, great weather, and it suited my biology study perfectly, thanks for the tip Xtreme!”
Amy Potter

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