Bali Surf n Stay

Waves, waves and more waves. Considered the Mecca of surfing, Indonesia has some of the best surf breaks in the world. Our Surf n’ Stay is the perfect intro to your Bali surf experience.

Bali Surf n’ Stay

On our awesome Bali Surf n’ Stay pack, the perfect intro to your Bali surf experience. You will be based in Bali’s hotspot. A really cool, chilled out, ‘surfy’ village on the west coast of Bali. You will stay in a private villa (which has an amazing lush garden & funky plunge pool!) with a choice of 3 accommodation options, where you will meet loads of like-minded travellers and surfers. We cater for all levels of surfing, so even if you’re  a beginner or an advanced surfer, we will make sure that you develop and work towards improving your surfing and knowledge of the ocean.


  • You fancy going somewhere completely different? You will love our chilled surf camp!
  • Explore Bali and its famous surf locations!
  • Experience an Authentic Balinese Lifestyle
  • Improve your surfing, we take you out surfing daily
  • Improve your fitness
  • Experience sandy beaches as your office, like we do!
  • Stay in our private villa which includes breakfast every morning
  • Includes your Surf Gear Rental
  • Meet like-minded travellers from all over the world!

Of course, you are here for surfing, but that is definitely not all that Bali has to offer! During your stay here you can expect to make friends for life. Because you will be based with us for a week, it allows you to experience Bali and Indonesia from a completely different perspective than the average tourist.
Your new home from home is a place with sandy beach parties, lush green rice paddies, heaps of cool and interesting people, even cooler locals… and the food is to die for!

To be able to really connect and interact with the local people, we also provide weekly Bahasa lessons. This is the national Language of Indonesia.



What Will my Time in Indonesia Look like?

It’s all about surf, with daily surf lessons, surf safaris and surf guiding. Every Sunday we have a ‘restday’, on these days you’re free to do whatever you want,
maybe even more surfing!

During your stay here we want to make sure you become a well-rounded surfer, so we offer as much support and advice as we can. To assure this we make use of the amazing waves that Indonesia has on offer. We will take you on surf safaris and even offer weekly surf video analysing evenings.

One of the best ways to learn to surf is not only by doing it as much as possible but also seeing yourself surf and to be able to understand potential mistakes you’re making. So during your training, you will be filmed and photographed a lot so we can work on your personal development.


Our boutique-style surf villas with 2 plunge pools offer high standard bedrooms with A/C & private bathrooms, you will share with max. 2 other surfers.  It’s a great place to hang out after your surf session and share your Bali adventures.

There are several terrific communal areas, and one of the best positioned yoga studios out there with views over the surrounding greenery.

There are 2 accommodation types to choose from:

  • SHARED ROOM – Flatscreen TV | Closet | Safe | Mini Fridge | Wifi -The shared room is a 30 m2 quadruple bedroom with en-suite bathroom. One of the two shared rooms has two single beds and one bunk bed. The other one has four single beds. Both rooms have a private bathroom equipped with a toilet, shower and towels. A ceiling fan and air-conditioner are installed to keep your room at the right temperature at all times. The room contains a wardrobe for your clothes and a fridge. Free Wi-Fi is available in your room and throughout the house.
  • DELUXE ROOM – Private bathroom | Bathtub | Flatscreen TV | Closet | Safe | Mini Fridge | Wifi


Only breakfast is included while you are staying with us, but you can get a nice (and cheap) meal on every corner of every street. Meals are about 3 to 8 GBP per meal in a restuarant. For streetfood you pay even less, and its amazing!

Breakfast is a choice of:

  • Pancakes with palm sugar syrup, bacon & fruits
  • Eggs scrambled, fried or omelette (with bacon and/or grilled veggies if you like)
  • Exotic fruit salad with yoghurt & granola
  • Local, Nasi or Mie Goreng with egg
  • Juice and or tea, coffee, cappuccino

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

The Indonesian currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). 1 euro is approximately 15000 Rupiah.

The safest way to travel in Bali is by taxi.  Scooter is the main transport and fastest way to get around. Walking is possible but not very ideal. Experience is required for driving a scooter, and we do not recommend it as its super busy and dangerous.

Yes you can. We offer insurance for just 25 euro a week that covers any damage or loss to our equipment (surfboards & leashes) while surfing.

Bali is a developed island. It is not necessary to take Rupiah from your home country. There are plenty of ATM`s around. In the airport, you will definitely find 2 or 3 ATM`s.  A good starting amount is 1 Million Rupiah that is equal to about 65 euro.

Don`t forget to take out your card from the ATM. The ATM provides money first then usually it will ask for another transaction before it will return your card.

Bali surfing conditions are excellent all year round! One of the best surfing locations in the world and offers year-round the best surf you will find on the planet. If we have to give an indication when the swell is absolutely world class, then it is during the dry-season months: May till late October. Basically for all levels of surfer Bali is good all year round.

The weather in Bali is very consistent temperature wise and offers a lot of beach time. It is day and night warm with temperatures always above 23C – 26C during the night and day above 26C to 32C. Bali knows two seasons: Dry-Season and Wet-Season. Dry-Season: May till October and Wet-Season: November till April. Wet season is the hottest time of the year as well and is still good for Holidays. The rain will feel like an outdoor lukewarm shower. It hardly rains all day and the rain starts usually early in the morning and late in the afternoon. During the day it is mostly hot and sunny. Also in wet-season, there are weeks that there is hardly any rain at all. So Bali offers year-round good weather conditions with a very very nice temperature throughout the year.

Dengue fever is one of the most common mosquito-borne diseases in Indonesia. These mosquitoes commonly breed in warm, humid weather and in stagnant water. Unlike most mosquitoes, dengue-causing mosquitoes bite during the day. Dengue infection along with other acute viral illness pose similar features: fever, bone and joint pain with or without skin rash. There is no vaccine for Dengue fever and there is no cure either. Dengue Fever can be prevented with precautions such as mosquito nets at bedtime and mosquito repellents.

This is just advice, please consult your Doctor at home. The recommended vaccines for travelling to Indonesia based on the Centers for Disease Control are: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Typhoid, Rabies, Tetanus, and Yellow Fever (only if you come from a Yellow Fever region). Ideally, you should get the vaccinations 4-6 weeks before travel, as some vaccinations require multiple doses and an immune reaction time.

  • Summer clothes
  • Bikini/board shorts
  • Flip flops
  • Sunscreen with high protection
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Beach towel
  • Camera/GoPro
  • Leggings (some people get surf rash from rubbing against the surfboard or get bad sunburns. The simple solution is either a wetsuit or leggings)

If you are already in Bali we have several pick-up and drop-off options. If you are in Kuta or Seminyak our driver will pick you up or drop you off for free. If you want to be picked up or dropped off in Ubud the price is 250.000 IDR, the price for a pick-up or drop-off in Sanur is 150.000 IDR. If you are in a different part of Bali you will have to organise your own transport.

 As soon as the sun comes up you can get a board and go surfing, although most have breakfast between 8-10. After breakfast, our instructors take you to the best breaks in our minivans,  that’s where you will have your surf lessons for the day.

After the lessons you can get a board and surf again, never go alone, there are plenty of other travellers to join you!



Duration Option Price  
2 (Days)Add on arrival packGBP 99Book Now
1 (Week)Dorm accommodationGBP 499Book Now
1 (Week)Plus Yoga - Dorm accommodationGBP 589Book Now
2 (Week)Dorm accommodationGBP 989Book Now
2 (Week)Plus Yoga - Dorm accommodationGBP 1149Book Now


  • Breakfast (vegetarian – gluten & lactose-free available)
  • Private bathrooms only
  • Towels service (not for the beach)
  • Wifi
  • Bar
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Plunge pool
  • Massage service (in-house)
  • Airconditioned Rooms
  • Daily cleaned rooms
  • 24/7 Surf house team onsite
  • Arrival on any day and time


  • Daily surf safari (all level)*
  • Daily surf guiding (intermediate & advanced)*
  • Dusk till Dawn sessions (intermediate & advanced)*
  • Daily board & lycra rash vest rental
  • Daily surf lessons, ± 2Hrs*
  • Daily free surfing ± 4Hrs*
    *Sunday is day off


  • Vinyasa style/ surf Yoga (all levels)
  • Daily morning Yoga 07.30 – 08.30*
  • Daily evening Yoga 17.00 – 18.00*
    *Sunday is day off


  • Weekly surf video analysing evening
  • Weekly surf & wave theory evening
  • Daily scooter rental with boardrack


  • Flights
  • Extra activities not on itinerary
  • Meals other than Breakfast
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Return airport transfer
  • Drinks


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Spain Kitesurf Legend

Spend 4 to 8 weeks kite surfing every day in a stunning location. Living right by the sea, spend your days out on the water, perfecting an amazing sport! Beaches, kiting, good food good times!

Live in an epic beach house and learn to Kite Surf like a legend!

Mallorca Kitesurf & Yoga Camp -Kitesurfing Course In Mallorca Spain

Incredible Kitesurf Camp With Beach Front Accommodation



  • Learn how to kitesurf and perfect your skills on our progressive course
  • High percentage of onshore thermal wind days, plenty of activities on non-wind days
  • Living in an amazing beach house right in front of the sea and kite launch zone.
  • Excursions to world heritage sites, and stunning Majorcan beaches
  • Expert tuition from our International Kite Surf team
  • Unrivalled location with plenty to do and experience
  • Awesome Kitesurf camp vibe




Become a Kite God and experience true freedom!

If one word sums up what it is like to be a Kite surfer that word would have to be freedom. When you are hooked into a power kite on the open water with wind propelling you at great speeds it’s an amazing feeling.

Then combine the ability to jump, and use the power of the kite to give you amazing hang time you can pretty much fly as well. Kite surfing is like skiing or snowboarding, but more forgiving. But there’s a lot of skill involved in being able to master the moves.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult it just takes practice, a little bit of ability and the right instruction. Mostly it takes an opportunity because it’s weather dependent you need the ability to jump in the water as soon as the wind is on. This is what this course gives you. Located right by the sea, weather permitting you can go kiting every day, improve your kite surfing ability and come home with an amazing new addiction.

Be warned though, kite surfing is a lifestyle. Once you have the bug, nothing will be the same. You will crave the wind like you are possessed. Because with the wind, comes the ability to at least something so fun, it will make good days great days.

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to become really good at something. But given enough time, and the opportunity to do so, perfecting a skill is an awesome achievement. Apply this to kite surfing and you got the ingredients for something amazing.

The Lifestyle

This is not just a Kite Surf course. Yes of course is fantastic instruction, and there’s more on that below, but signing up to this program is investing in your summer.

The location of the kitesurf camp is unrivaled. You will live right by the sea, 10 m from the beach, 50 m from the kitesurf channel. That gives you the ability to go kite surfing every day. And should the wind not come in, you can go and explore the bay on stand-up paddles. The kite surf house is located in a national park, in a truly beautiful location.

The sandy shallow bay of Pollenca, stretches out in front of the house. It’s a large bay, with aquamarine water which is quite shallow for several hundred meters providing the perfect conditions to learn to Kite Surf.  The water is warm, and the views are stunning. Dramatic mountains stretch to the north, and Majorca’s best beaches are within a short distance from where you are staying.

In the evenings you are a short walk from the bars and restaurants of Port of Pollenca town  See can go and hit the nightlife with your fellow kite surfers. If a full day on the water has knackered you out, we have an amazing chillout area on the roof of the beach health. A huge kite surf viewing platform by day, chillout zone and outdoor cinema by night!


Xtreme Gap Year has a beach house in Majorca, where we run this kite surf programme. You will stay in a shared apartment right by the beach in a beautiful National Park. Based on quad share.

Shared bathroom, lounge and outdoor chillout zones on the roof.


The Shared Villa

Most people opt for the standard shared villa option. Based on Quad share dorms. The villa is located right next to the training areas, so rolling out of bed is easy.

It is also a haven of relaxation when you are not training. Equipped with a rooftop terrace with views of the ocean.

Kiting together and living together is a very bonding experience, it’s a great way to make friends. Don’t worry about needing your own space also. The villa is sufficiently big with plenty of chillout areas for you to catch some quiet time to.

Due to the nature of the Kitesurf Camp, people do not tend to have late-night the villa. You will be exhausted! So you can expect to get a good nights sleep in fan cooled rooms.


Sunday Arrival Day.

Arriving into Palma de Mallorca the transfer to the local town of Alcudia takes approximately one hour on the A32 bus service (direct from the airport). A member of our friendly team will be waiting to meet you off the bus and transfer you to the beach house on arrival. You can arrive at any time on Sunday and check in after 2pm. After checking in, you are free to chill at the villa, hit the beach, or do some stand-up paddle. A group orientation and introduction and getting to know you session will take place at 5 o’clock at the  villa.

Monday Intro Day & Start Training

As with most days we start off with an early morning sun rise yoga session to stretch your muscles. Sessions take place on the roof terrace overlooking the ocean, National Park and Sierra Tramontana mountain range.

Then time for a healthy breakfast consisting of fruit, yoghurt, smoothie options, muesli, and eggs. Breakfast is served from 830 to 915 on the roof terrace.

9. 30

Stand Up Paddle

Depending on the water conditions we have a daily stand-up paddle session. The bay of Pollenca has crystal calm flat water in the morning and is the perfect place to do some stand-up paddle due to it being relatively shallow and exceptionally beautiful. The thermal wind doesn’t tend to kick in until around 1 o’clock that’s great to start your mornings by getting out on the water when it calm and serene.

12.30 -1.30

Buffet Lunch

Buffet style healthy lunch served on the roof terrace or in the garden. Stock up on your carbs as you’re going to be burning a lot of energy on the water.

1.30 – 4.00

Kite Surfing

And it’s on! Thermal wind kicks in pretty much every single day in the summer which means you can be out on the water most days. If you have never learnt to kite surf before, you will have a nine-hour in water course spread out over a couple of days. After that it’s all about practice so you will be out riding on the water improving your kite surf abilities.

Kiting takes place right in front of the villa we are merely a couple of metres away from the launch point.


Every Wednsday and Thursday we take excursions which you are welcome to join.

For example on Wednesday there is an excursion to the beautiful Roman town of Pollenca where you can visit a local market.

On Friday afternoons you have the opportunity to do a nature trek, this lasts approximately 2 ½ hours taking you through a beautiful valley, down to a secluded beach.

Early risers are able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise SUP session, or perhaps you may prefer a lie in. After a healthy breakfast at 8:30 AM on Saturday, it’s excursion day!

There are a range of options for excursions depending on the preference of the group. Some of these excursions are free and others incur a local charge:

Some of the excursion options include:

  • Speed boat hire: (Minimum for persons 100 EUR per person) includes captain, fuel and boat hire 4 hours)
  • Formentor Beach we catch a glass bottom boat across to one of the most beautiful beaches. The journey takes 25 minutes Puerto Pollensa to Formentor the views of the bay along the way are impressive. You can get a closer look at the lighthouse at Cap de Formentor and La Fortaleza, one of Spain’s most impressive estates featured in the bbcs night manager. It is an open ticket, so you can choose the timetable you prefer to come back, so the choice of options is flexible and you are not in a rush.
  • Formentor look out. Head up to a beautiful world heritage site with dramatic clifftop views.
  • Water Park Excursion (entrance fee not included)
  • Pirate Boat Experience: five hours exploring the bays beaches and cliffs of Majorca, on a pirate cruiser, includes snorkelling equipment and lunch. With pickup and drop-off from the villa. €60 per person

Sunday Check Out Day
Sunday is rest day, if you are checking out you will have to vacate your room by 10, but you are welcome to chill by the villa if you have a later flight. Say good bye to your new friends and hello to maintaining a new healthier better you!

Changes to Itinerary & Inclusions

Please note the above itinerary can change, so the above is to be taken as an indication of what you will achieve, but it is not set in stone.

Locations Of Activities

While “the hub” of the Kite Camp is set at the beach house. You will be given a bicycle on check-in, which will be your mode of transport for the majority of the camp. The furthest distance you would have to cycle would be 10 minutes and approximately 3 km to get from the beach house to the local town centre of town. The area is well connected with bike paths and is completely flat, along the ocean promanade. Should you wish to go to the local town by taxi, it’s six euros (shared with a maximum of four others).

Learning to Kite Surf what is it like?

Talk to anyone who’s into kite surfing and you will find out how enthusiastic and impassioned they are about this amazing sport. It’s easy to think, looking at some of the acrobatic and near death-defying moves that good kite surfers can pull off that is an almost impossible sport to get good at. Not true. Kite surfing is like anything it takes practice but anyone can learn. You build it up in stages from the basics mastering techniques until you become intermediate through to advanced.

It requires time on the water, and of course wind! But this is why this program is so good. With Majorca’s thermal wind, pretty much guaranteeing to blow every single day throughout the summer months you are out on the water every day. You have the time to perfect the basics, and start mastering intermediate techniques like jumps, transitions and some seriously cool moves.

Once you become a kite surfer, and you are up and running on the water it becomes highly addictive. The sheer freedom of movement on the water gives you a taste of something that is hard to give up.

Kite surfing is quite forgiving on the body, because most of the weight and force is taken by the harness, which means you can spend hours on the water without getting overtired. It’s a sport that gives you speed, the ability to fly, jump and buzz over the water like no other sport can.

How are the days structured?

Majorca benefits from thermal wind in the summer. This is basically a seabreeze that rushes in as the land heats up over the day. Locally this is known as “Embat” and has been a constant since the island was 1st populated thousands of years ago.

Because it takes time for the land to heat up the thermal wind doesn’t kick in until around 1 o’clock. So mornings are easy at the kite Academy. Get up when you are ready, and have breakfast. You are able to enjoy your breakfast on the roof terrace with 360° views of the kite beach, mountains a world heritage site and the largest National Park in Majorca all around. It’s a truly terrific spot. If you want to get active before hitting the water, you can take a mountain biking go explore the natural reserve. Most people will take time to chill in the morning, brush up on some theory to fix in their mind the techniques they want to try out that day.

Then come 1230 time to gear up. We had down to the launch channel which is located conveniently just 200 m from the house.

You will inflate your kites, connect your lines, do your safety checks and then it’s time on the water. The wind will blow solidly until about 4 o’clock, sometimes later but 3 hours a day on the water is more than enough to see some serious progression.

Come 6 o’clock you will be back at the house for dinner, with a debrief, discussing what you learned that day before having a well deserved dinner on the roof terrace.

The evenings are free to do as you wish. You are very close to the bars and restaurants of Port de Pollenca and Alcudia, or you can chill catch a movie on our large outdoor cinema, and just enjoy the local environment.

Here’s how it normally goes. When you start learning, you usually have around 12 hours of instruction which is a beginner kite surfing course. The 1st half a day, let’s say around 3 hours you learn all about how to set up the kite, all about the safety systems how the bar (the control system) works. The idea is to get you comfortable with the equipment, so you can then move into the water safely. Once you’re done with the safety training, you learn how to launch the kite, and you are then in the water without a board learning how to steer and control the kite. This takes usually around 4 to 5 hours depending how quickly you pick it up. It’s very much like driving a car, at 1st you don’t really know all the gears and levers do, but after a while it becomes 2nd nature. So the learning part of the course is designed to get this into your head. Once you are comfortable with the kite control, and the instructors also comfortable with you, you can then do body dragging. This is where you are moving through the water using the power of the kite without the board attached to you. This is where you 1st start to get a feel for the power of the kite and how it can move you through the water. Body dragging does not take that long, but it is designed to get used to the sensation of moving in the water.

After body dragging comes probably the most exciting bit: Water start. Water start is basically your 1st attempt at getting up on the board using the power of the kite. How long this takes is really down to the individual, some people pick it up straightaway (well within the hour) other people take quite a long time to get the feel for it. Once you do crack it, you will be up and moving and then it’s all about practice.

The 1st time you successfully water start, it’s a huge mix of sensations. It’s usually very exciting followed very quickly by a feeling of my God how do I stop this thing!

Once you are up and moving in the water, due to the nature of the sport you tend to be on your own. So it really is just like learning to drive, you have to keep practising.

Frequently Asked Questions

This programme is open to people with all levels of kite surfing ability. That includes if you’ve never even seen a kite surf in your entire life! Kite surfing is a remarkably progressive sport. No matter how long you’ve been practising, you can always improve. It’s time on the water that really makes the difference. You can go from complete novice to beginner in around 6 hours. After several weeks of constant practice you will be intermediate. But here’s the issue. Due to the sport being heavily dependent on the wind, often people don’t have the time to progress. The beautiful thing about this course is you are living right by the kite surf channel, when the wind is in which is pretty much a daily occurrence in June due to the thermal winds kicking up in Majorca, it on. You will have plenty of time to perfect your kite surf ability.

Majorca has 3 kite surf beaches. The most popular is in the bay of Pollenca on the north-east of the island. This is exactly where you will be located. The Beach house’s front line, you are just a couple of metres from the ocean. When your kite surfing day is done, there’s plenty to do in the area as well.

If you have your own kite surf equipment you are more than welcome to bring it. However this is not necessary as all the equipment is included. Majorca during the summertime operates on thermal winds. So we use kites around 14 m with big boards for the perfect setup.

We will collect you from the Alcudia and transfer you to the beach house. There is a direct bus transfer from the airport which takes approximately 1 hour to Alcudia. You will need to make your own way to Alcudia on this bus service.

All food is included, Gappers take it in turns to cook. We have full cooking facilities at the apartment both indoors and outdoors. Breakfast consists of bread, eggs cereals on a self-serve basis. Lunch and dinner will be healthy filling and nutritious and consists of Pasta, salads bbqs ect

Surprisingly not. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly not difficult. It’s a bit like learning to drive the car. Once you know how to do it, safely it becomes 2nd nature. But then it’s about improving your skills, and that requires time on the water. Something that you will have loads of on this course.

If you want to go for an instructor Exam

Kite surf development courses is a great when they are done over several months, as you will probably need 4 to 6 months of practice prior to being able to take your instructor exam. If you are out on the water every day, you can probably cut this time down to about 3 months or 12 weeks, but I would really give yourself more time just to get as much practice as possible. The exam part is a financial commitment and you wouldn’t want to fail it, plus you need the necessary experience yourself if you’re going to be put in a position of responsibility to instruct.

The Xtreme Gap course is a great opportunity to test the waters to see if the above is for you.


Wind Conditions

The wind varies every week but in general the wind is quite consistent. In Mallorca we benefit from thermal wind which means the land heats up and the cooler sea air pushes in. While this is great because it means you can get out kiting most days, it means the winds are not that strong. So mostly we use size 14 kites and large boards.

If you’re going to bring your own gear, we recommend you bring a 14 to 17, for a 10 to 12 slightly windy days. Kite gear rental is available locally as well.

The best wind for this spot comes in from the north.

Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)With out kite course (bringing own gear)GBP 859Book Now
1 (Week)Inclusive Kite course (Unlimited rental)GBP 1079Book Now


  • Pre departure information pack
  • 9 hour learn to kite surf course set over 3 days
  • Accommodation at the beach house in a shared dorm Apartment
  • All equipment rental for the duration of the course
  • Access to stand up paddle equipment
  • Most meals
  • Excursions to local areas of interest and beaches at weekends
  • Huge chillout kite surf viewing terrace
  • Pick up from the bus station in Alcudia


  • Airport Transfers
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Extra excursions
  • Travel insurance
  • Addition equipment rental after the 9 hour course (€35 per additional hour)


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Surf Instructor Course Morocco

The Surf Instructor Course in Morocco is an exciting way to learn something new, experience a fantastic culture, feel part of a community, and make a difference. Throughout the 12 week course in Taghazout, you will become a fully qualified surf instructor, learn Arabic, teach English in local school, spend some time in a local Berber family and live a stones throw away from the beach in one of the most sociable settings possible! Roof top parties, camp fires, heaps of friends from all over the world. You name it, we got it.

The Surf Instructor Course in Morocco is an awesome experience learning to surf and having the time of your life. Throughout the 12 week course in Taghazout, you will become a fully qualified surf instructor, learn Arabic, teach English in local school, spend some time in a local Berber family and live a stones throw away from the beach in one of the most sociable settings possible! Roof top parties, camp fires, heaps of friends from all over the world.

Surf Instructor Course Morocco

Discover why Morocco is fast becoming this season’s hottest surf destination. A cool eclectic blend of culture and world-class waves make the Xtreme Gap surf instructor camp in Morocco the ideal bolthole to spend a 12 weeks training to become a surf instructor with the best of them.

Morocco surf camp highlights include:

  • Surf everyday for 12 weeks and become a fully qualified surf instructor by the end of it
  • Accommodation, food, assessments, equipment rental is all included hassle free!
  • Living in a surf camp about 2 metres from the waves with a constant turn over of guests of all nationalities and backgrounds
  • Based in one of Morocco’s top surfing destinations
  • Help the community and have an unforgettable 3 months
  • Hanging 10 on some the best beach breaks in Africa
  • Riding camels and riding waves with guaranteed blue skies and good surf
  • Open to all levels



Morocco surf instructor course details

Once the exclusive territory of Berber fishermen, wandering hippies and seasoned wave riders spying the next rare break, thanks to some determined local surfers with a passion for sharing the swell with everyone, the Moroccan south coast is fast becoming a haven for anyone looking to conquer some waves while exploring the mosaic of desert, mountain, beach and bustle that this country , which is the  gateway to the African continent – offers.

Shrouded by the mountains that stretch deep into Morocco´s heart, perched perfectly on the warm swell of the West African Atlantic, the fishing town of Taghazout has become home to the Xtreme Gap surf instructor camp. Devoted riders themselves, these guys are passionate about everything surf and dedicated ambassadors of the waves.

The surf instructor course packages have been developed to maximise riding time and surfer development, while the opportunity to participate in a wholly immersive experience, with salt-spray waves in the day and spiced up tagine at night, is what´s given these guys their great local reputation.

About the surf Academy

We run the ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) level 1 course in conjunction with the SLS (Surf Lifesavers Qualification). The ASI is the worlds leading surfing accreditation and training organisation. It is a globally recognised qualification which can lead to real paid jobs as a surf instructor all over the world. At the Xtreme Gap surf instructor course we put both qualifications together in a nice hassle free course!



We have an all local team of chefs and boy can they cook! All your food is included in the price of the course to make it completely hassle free. Breakfast is served at our beach front cafe over looking the waves, an absolutely perfect way to start a days surfing.

Depending on the waves…

Lunch is usually served at the beach as sandwiches, rice, salad, BBQ etc.

In the afternoon

Dinners are served on our beautiful roof top terrace overlooking Taghazout at sunset. Big hearty meals for surfers is on the menu with a mix of traditional Berber cuisine such as couscous and Tajines on some nights, and big BBQ´s of fish, kebabs and homemade burgers on other nights.

  • 8:00-9:00: Breakfast in our beach front cafe. Consisting of Croissants, coffee, tea, cereals, fruit, bread, spreads, eggs, yoghurt, fruit juice
  • 9:00 – leave for the surf
  • 9:30 – 11:30 – surf lessons.
  • 12:00 – lunch. consisting of sandwiches, fruit, snacks, drinks
  • 13:00 – 17:00. More surfing! Also in the afternoons there will be the community projects
  • 17:00 – 19:30. Chill time. Explore the town, chill with the other surf campers, get a sunset surf in, do some yoga etc
  • 19:30: Dinner and relax!

The instructor course is heavily focused on safety in the water. Safety is of paramount importance when teaching someone to learn to surf and the ASI’s safety in the water is internationally known as one of the best! During the course you will learn how to spot rips and currents, discuss the nature of dynamic risk assessments and learn beach lifeguard techniques.

Reasonable levels of fitness are required. We ask that you can swim 25 metres before you start the course, but over the 12 weeks your fitness will improve naturally so don’t worry if you’re a bit out of shape!

Odd as it may sound, we realise that surf camps aren’t always about surfing. They´re about riding waves and discovering different places too, and we don´t want anyone to leave us without their fair share of Morocco – from the dust clad foothills and mountain vistas of the anti-Atlas mountains that shroud Taghazout from behind, to the babel of local fishing village life, the hubbub of Agadir´s bazaars, and the sporadic countryside forests nestled in the aptly named and nearby Paradise Valley.

So, if you or the surf is ever feeling flat, just quiz one of the team, and we´ll point you in the right direction for any activity that takes your fancy. Whether you want to sustain the adrenaline of the waves dune biking in nearby Massa game park, get traditional with a camel ride, raise some sand galloping your way across Taghazout´s surrounding beaches, or soothe those out-surfed muscles with a local Moroccan argan oil massage, we´ve got it all!

There´s also the opportunity to unwind with top quality yoga instructors, who take classes for as low as £12 in local currency in some of the most panoramic spots in the area. You can stretch those aches and pains out, while the sea spray rises from Anchor point below and the Moroccan sun drops behind the horizon.

Finally, if you just want to chill, drop into the Hash Point Cafe where you can watch the Atlantic waves break over the rocks with a fragrant Tagine, some freshly caught fish, or if you´re feeling less adventurous one of the Cafe´s famous bacon double cheeseburgers. (There´s also a wealth of surf gear available for rent in the Cafe, and the manager Rachid is always happy to talk surf, food and local culture).

  • For the first 4 weeks a local teacher will come to the camp twice a week to teach everyone basic Arabic. By the end of the 4 weeks, we hope that all the everyone will be armed with enough knowledge of the language that you can then use your phrase book to chat to the guys at the camp and in town.Over 80% of our staff are Moroccan, and they absolutely love it when tourists speak their local language with them. After the 4th week, official Arabic lessons stop (as we´ll be really focusing on the surfing!) but if anyone really wants to continue, we can arrange weekly classes for you.
  • ´Aftas Association´ was co-founded by our partner in Morocco a few years back to help out the local schools with books and classroom equipment. During your 12 weeks in Taghazout you´ll work with ´Aftas´ to teach English at the ´Taghazout Ecole Superiere´ to children of the age ranges 11-16. To start with you´ll be one of the teaching assistants until you have the confidence to take your own class. Each week you´ll spend the afternoon at the school helping the local children study towards their baccalaureate in English!
  • Live with a local berber family: The Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa. A very friendly group, always willing to accommodate and welcome you into their homes, you´ll spend a weekend in the hills with one of the families that we have grown very fond of and close to over the years. See how a traditional household is run, cook traditional berber food, help out on the farm and experience the simple life for just a weekend (longer if you´d like of course!)

During those rare occasions when Poseidon and Neptune don´t smile upon us and the waves cease to exist we are not left twiddling our thumbs and practicing our Eskimo rolls. We can take you off to Immouzer or as the locals call it – Paradise Valley. There is only one road in the village. The friendly inhabitants and the simple houses make it clear you are well off the beaten track. Chill out in tranquility and seclusion of the waterfalls. Take a plunge in the rock pools, or trek through the forests something of a rarity in Morocco.

If you need a break from the physical demands of the surf, relax and treat yourself to a four handed massage at the local hammam! Want to get a few gifts for back home? We´ll take you to the Agadir Souks or if you want to see the local countryside a little more jump on a camel. Why not go for a horse ride along the beach at full gallop! We organise quad biking excursions through the dunes of the Massa game park for the petrolheads out there as well. When you arrive at the surf camp, just ask the manager for information on all of these options and we will set you on your way for your action packed surf holiday.

How about a yoga session after a long day’s surf? Our professional instructors takes sessions at the luxury apartment complex overlooking Killer Point. The gardens have views that overlook both Anchor Point and Killer Point and the sunset sessions provide the perfect way to stretch down those aching muscles. All payments for Yoga lessons are made locally to your yoga instructor for the day. Normally the lessons start at roughly £12 in the local currency and to book in just ask the surf camp manager, it could not be easier!


Living at a surf camp:

The surf camp is one of the nicest and most sociable surf camps in the whole European and North African area. The camp itself is situated just 2 metres from the water´s edge (in big swell and high tides you have to time your exit so you don´t get wet!) and we have a beautiful roof terrace that over looks the whole of Taghazout!

At the surf camp you really will live and sleep by the waves. The camp duck-dives the swell all night; sitting literally on the shoreline, you will never be too far from the action, and whether you´re dusting off a tagine on our dinner-time roof terrace or chilling out with some surf vid action in our lounge, we guarantee that reassuring sound of a crashing wave will never be too far away.

Your accommodation will be shared, in apartments close to the Xtreme Gap camp, nestled in the square roofed, sun baked buildings of Taghazout, just a stone´s throw from some of Morocco´s greatest breaks.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions


Let us know in advance an estimated arrival time and we´ll be ready to check you in. If you arrive early it´s no trouble, you can surf your way through the day or hang out in our cafe while we prepare your room, which should be ready by the afternoon. We also offer a taxi service which is a good idea for late arrivals, and can save you a trek through Taghazout´s labyrinthine streets at night.

The currency in Morocco is a Moroccan Dirham, it is possible to exchange your pounds or euros at the airport and the nearest cash machine to the surf camp is in Agadir. It is possible to take a taxi to withdraw money should you require.
Yes absolutely, Morocco is a great place to learn and are surf instructors are some of the best in the country. And you do not need to be a world class surfer in the end either, you do need to be a world class instructor though!
We go on a few over night trips to Marrakech, Essaouira, Immsoune and Tifnit so that you get so see some more of this amazing country. Morocco is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and it would be a shame if you didn’t get to see as much as possible of it!
We have 2 programs running throughout the year. One starting beginning of September and another one starting 2nd week of January
With our large network of contacts in the surf school industry, we can offer assistance in finding a job in all sorts of locations around the world! Previous guests of the programme have found work in Morocco, UK, Norway, Costa Rica and most recently the Dominican Republic!


Duration Option Price  
12 (Week)DormGBP 4500Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
12 (Week)DormGBP 4500 GBP 4365 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 27 - Jul - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Pre departure information
  • All accommodation for 12 weeks
  • All meals Food for 12 weeks
  • All equipment rental, surfing tuition and surf guiding for 12 weeks
  • 4 weeks of Arabic lessons
  • ASI Level 1 instructor course
  • SLS lifeguard course
  • Return airport transfers to Agadir airport
  • Trips to Marrakesh, Essaouira, Immousne, Tifnit
  • Job search assistance on completion


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa
  • Drinks



11th January – 4th April; 2020

Xtreme South Africa Experience

The Xtreme South Africa experience, taking the best parts of a South African gap year experience and boiling it down into 5 weeks of non-stop group travel, action and adventure. All different weeks at different locations, focusing on different incredible activities. Adrenaline adventures in Cape Town, hands-on conservation and community projects covering the first two weeks. Then an unforgettable adrenaline tour up the coast featuring safaris, bungees and epic scenery before finally finishing on a two-week big 5 conservation project. Fly into Cape Town and out of Port Elizabeth.

The Xtreme South Africa experience, taking the best parts of a South African experience and boiling it down into five weeks of non-stop group travel, action and adventure. Different weeks, focusing on four different incredible activities. Adrenaline Adventures in Cape Town, hands-on conservation and community projects covering the first two weeks. Then an unforgettable adrenaline tour up the coast featuring safaris, bungees and epic scenery before finally finishing on a two-week conservation project. Fly into Cape Town and out of Port Elizabeth.

Xtreme South Africa Experience

What you experience now will change your life in the future. This trip with its massive highs, adrenaline shocks, and humbling insights into real issues will grow you as an individual. This trip combines it all; it will be the best five weeks of your life join our groups and kick off an amazing South African adventure.

Week One

Adrenaline Week

  • Arrival into Cape Town transfer to backpackers
  • Five-day Cape Town Adrenaline Week
  • Paragliding
  • Surfing
  • Cape Tour
  • World’s Highest Abseil
  • Free Weekend With Beach Time

Week Two:

Xtreme Hero Week

  • Choose either  Xtreme marine conservation hero great white shark project option or
  • Xtreme Kite Surf Qualification or
  • Or the Xtreme community superhero option in a township

Week Three:

Adrenaline Tour Garden Route Road Trip

  • Cape Town / Gaans Bai to Cape Aguilas
  • Cape Aguilas to Oudtshoorn
  • Face Adrenaline
  • Monkey / Elephant Park Night in Sedgefield
  • Jeffreys Bay via Tsitsikamma
  • Addo Game Drive – Jeffreys Bay
  • Hang out in Jeffreys Bay With Surf Lesson
  • Weekend in Port Elizabeth with city tour, Jazz club and Donkin Trail

Week Four & Five:

Big 5 Wildlife Conservation

  • Wildlife conservation Game Park
  • Transfer to Port Elizabeth
  • Trip ends


  • Make friends from all over the world, as you discover, learn party and chill in some incredible locations all throughout southern Africa.
  • Experiencing the site sounds and colonial vibe of Africa’s most beautiful city: Cape Town
  • Revelling in the epic landscape of where to oceans meet at the Horn of Africa: the Cape of Good Hope
  • Pitting yourself against the world’s highest abseil of Table Mountain
  • Insane views of Cape Town on the Table Mountain cable car
  • Chilling on white sandy beaches with incredible views of Table Mountain with optional kite surf lessons
  • Picking between two adventurous and worthwhile projects. Helping to report scientific research aiding in the conservation of the great white shark, or immersing yourself in a community project to give something back to the poorest and most vulnerable in South Africa
  • Experiencing one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world en route to the shark conservation project
  • An incredible garden route adrenaline tour, covering 1000 km of action and adventure!
  • Testing your bravery. Facing the world’s highest bridge bungee: Bloukrans at 216 m (optional).
  • Mount up and ride an ostrich Cango Ostrich Farm!
  • Discover the true beauty of the garden route as you drive through the Hops Valley experiencing its mind blowing scenery
  • Discover the gateway to the Otter Trail in South Africa’s third most popular National Park Tsitsikamma. A feast for your eyes as steep wilderness gives way to a beautiful stretch of coastline.
  • Go on safari in Addo National Park and search for the big five.
  • Chill on the golden sands and get proper beach time in Jeffreys Bay. Ultra cool beach-side surf hostel, with epic nightlife and chilled out vibes.
  • Get hands-on on a wildlife conservation project for an entire week. Loads of interaction with nature, in a beautiful environment.


Full Details

Cape Town Adrenaline Week One

On Arrival

You stay here.
You stay here.

Arrange your flights to land in to Cape Town International airport. We will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to our base in Cape Town. A stress free way of arriving into Africa. When you book with Xtreme gap year you get access to a Facebook group buddy list prior to arrival, so you can already start chatting to fellow Xtreme Gappers is who will be joining you on your trip.

Check in, kick back and relax. On Monday morning you will be given a full comprehensive introduction and then start your week-long adventures in and around Cape Town.

Your accommodation for the week is located in Table View its near the beach, and its a nice chilled out place to relax when dipping in and out of Cape Town. The views of table Mountain are spectacular as well.

Cape Town

DJI00013For the first week Cape Town will be your playground. It’s an amazing destination with a distinctively European feel yet African flair. You have loads of activities arranged for you for the week, but also plenty of free time to explore and check out some of the site sounds and highlights of the mother city.

As some of the activities are weather dependent the days you complete the activities might change, but we will aim to complete the following:

Table Mountain National Park & Abseil Africa

Take a trip to the top of table Mountain and check out the stunning scenery surrounding you. Awarded natural wonder of the world status, it’s easy to see why from the top. On a clear day you have impressive views of not only Cape Town but the Cape of Good Hope and the stunning scenery surrounding the mother city.

Table Mountain Drone (1)When you’re at the top, we are going to take full advantage of the altitude, because you are going to abseil of the world’s highest abseil from the top. Over 100 m in distance, and the thousand metres above sea level you will learn the true benefits of adrenaline travel with Xtreme. If you do not have a head for heights or want to back out you will not be forced to participate in this activity, but you will miss out on one of the best experiences of your life.

Please note the cable car ticket is not included in the trip price and you must purchase this locally (or this can be done online the night before) allow approximately £25 per person for the return journey.

Xtreme Cape Peninsula Tour

We will take you off to check out the Horn of Africa, on a mission to see the Cape of Good Hope. Along the way we will show you a thing or two about the history of Cape Town and show you things that most tourists miss. Check out the penguins at boulders Beach, have lunch with the locals in Kalk Bay and of course taste some of the local wine which is spectacular. We will take you through Clifton, camps Bay and then the stunning coastal road to Hout baai. It’s a scenic drive and then some with the final destination being the Cape of Good Hope. Prior to reaching the Cape there is a 40 minute hike, surrounded by baboons, seabirds and all forms of exotic wildlife. This is an entire day out, and will take around eight hours.


During the first week we will hit the beach and do a three-hour surf session!


When we look at table Mountain, we just want to jump off it . So as part of the Cape Town adrenaline week we will take you tandem paragliding. The views are insane from up there!

Please note this activity is wind and weather dependent so there is some flexibility as to when this happens. If we are unfortunate with the local conditions we will substitute this activity with something more appropriate.

Food Included

For the first two weeks breakfasts and dinners are included in the price of the programme (unless you are on the shark conservation option, in which case breakfasts and dinners will be included for the first week in Cape Town).

Week 2: Hero Week Pick An Option

  • Xtreme marine conservation hero great white shark project option or
  • Xtreme Kite Surf Qualification or
  • Or the Xtreme community superhero option in a township

On your second week you have two different projects you can choose. Please note both projects are located in different locations. If you choose the community hero option, you will be located in table view in Cape Town. The shark conservation project takes place in Gansbaai approximately two hours from Cape Town. The group will be split depending on which activities you have picked and be reunited on the road trip one week later.

Great White Shark Option

And Xtreme Gap your exclusive we have partnered with one of the leading great white shark conservation projects in the world.

Every day (weather permitting) boats go out to monitor great white shark numbers in one of the world’s top great white shark hotspots.

Your role as an Xtreme reporter will be to get in the water with the sharks (in a cage) and observe the sharks in their natural environment. There are various research projects and data collection needs that you will get involved with, and you will be briefed on arrival as to what research tasks need to be completed.

Important scientific data collection work… That just happens to be bloody exciting.

DJI00125For one week you will be going out on the boats, examining and interacting with great whites, collecting and collating data on their movements and markings.

You will also fulfill the role of an Xtreme reporter, by contributing to the Xtreme marine shark conservation blog with the aim of raising awareness of issues surrounding threats to the great white shark. The database and bloggers running conjunction with white shark projects, one of the world’s leading white shark conservation projects, and the work you do will be accessible to marine biologists throughout the world.

Now this is important work, because you will be located in the worlds number one hotspots the great white sharks. Very little is known about them, so the data that you collect is very important. Scientists from all over the world can use the data collected in Gansbaai to further their understanding of great white sharks, and help assist in the conservation of these magnificent animals. Sharks are under threat, this is common knowledge now is your opportunity to help do something about it.

Xtreme South Africa Experience (9)We will aim to get you in the water as much as possible, but please note the activity is weather dependent, so there may be some non-sea days. During these days your focus will be on writing up the article that you are working on, or nonacademic activities like visiting some of the incredible hotspots in the area.

During the week you will be accommodated in a volunteer house, located in Klein Baai, a stones throw from the launch site of the shark conservation projects boats. After one week you will have gained an incredible insight into the issues surrounding great white sharks, and we hope got to know them a little bit better! Not only that you will come face-to-face on multiple occasions with a top apex predator and probably crapped your pants in the process!

Breakfasts Included

Please note breakfast is included during this week and lunches and dinners you have to pay for locally however there are cooking facilities at the volunteer house, and volunteers usually take turns to cook together.

Kite Surf Option

The third very exciting option in your second week is our learn to  Kite Surf option. You will be located a short stroll from one of the best kite surf beaches in the world. Cape Town is well known for its perfect kite surf conditions, warm temperate waters reliable steady wind and some of the top kite surfers in the world choosing this is the number one destination.

If you pick this option we will enroll you on an IKO beginner kite surfing course. As this option is wind and weather dependent, you have a week to complete your course, which should provide ample time to complete the necessary hours and modules.

What you will learn:

The kite surfing course will take you through the theory of kite surf, everything from wind conditions to the equipment and safety checks. You will learn how to fly the kite on land prior to getting in the water to start body dragging. (Controlling the kite in the water without the board). Finally you will get onto water start where you are up on the board under power from the kite. How far you progress is really up to how quickly you pick it up.

During the week you will be accommodated in the same backpackers hostel as in week 1.

All meals are included during this week and you get a total of 12 hours of instruction split throughout the week.

Breakfast and dinner included with this option

 Township Community Work. The community superhero project option.

Skandal Camp Xtreme Gap Foundation (8) (Copy)For those not doing the white shark conservation project, you have an amazing opportunity to help some of Africa’s most vulnerable communities. Partnering with the save foundation, you are able to get involved in a series of different project to help benefit local impoverished communities. You will be visiting some of the most unfortunate and impoverished people in South Africa. There are significant social problems which need addressing with the help of overseas volunteers. Helping volunteer your time in community creches, playing with the children and being involved in construction projects like building classrooms can make a real difference to the local community.

Some of the work is heartbreaking, and some of it incredibly rewarding. You will be under the stewardship of very capable coordinators, who have been successfully running community projects in South Africa for many years. Nikki the project leader, comes from an NGO background whose drive and enthusiasm is infectious. Under her guidance hopefully you can give something back and contribute to the well-being of some of Africa’s most needy.

During the week he will stay in a shared volunteer house, located a couple of minutes from the beach in dormitory accommodation. The house is in one of the most picturesque parts of Cape Town, table view and each day you will be transported to the projects and set tasks.

Breakfast and dinner included with this option


Week Three Adrenaline Tour Garden Route Road Trip.

tAFELBERG 2 EN oUDTSHOORN 249 (Copy)The third week involves an epic 1 ½ thousand kilometre road trip along one of the most beautiful drives in the world: the Garden Route. This is a fully guided adventure stopping off in some of the best places in South Africa.

This will be a non-stop quest for adventure with some seriously awesome activities in the itinerary:

What you can expect

  • Opportunity to go shark cage diving (if you are on the community township option)
  • Safari and game drive in the legendary Addo Elephant Park
  • Two night stay in Jeffreys Bay with surf lessons
  • Optional bungee jump at the legendary Bloukrans (Or cheer on your mates from the clifftop bar!)
  • Tsitiskamma National Park the gateway to the otter Trail
  • Ostrich riding and cango caves
  • Cango Wildlife Park to see rare breeds and leaping crocodiles
  • Option to do some crocodile cage diving
  • Epic scenery of mountains, coastal roads and two amazing oceans
  • Chilling out on the golden sands of Jeffreys Bay
  • A breathtaking view from the top of Knysna Heads

Adrenaline Tour Garden Route Road Trip

Day 1 ǀ Cape Town to Struisbaai:

One of the most scenic coastal drives in the world optional shark cage dive,  ending at the bottom of continental  Africa.

It’s an early start from Cape Town at 8.30. It’s going to be a hell of the road trip. Today we head East, as we leave behind table Mountain and the glorious Cape Town, we had along the N2 to the coast. We will be joining the famous Whale route which is one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world. Mountains descend into the Indian Ocean, which is loaded with whales and sharks.

If you did not pick the great white shark option in the second week you have the opportunity to go shark cage diving today. This will mean you leave even earlier than the main group to get out on the boat to see the sharks. You will then meet up with the main group directly after your shot cage dive.

Make sure your camera is fully charged because you’re going to be snapping away like a lunatic, we can have a stop in a craft beer brewery to quench your thirst before heading to Cape Agulhas National Park.

Despite most people believe the Cape of Good Hope holds this title, it is actually Cape Agulhas that is the most southern geographical point of Africa.

After a visit to the lookout point we make our way to the harbour where there is an option to embark on an exciting ski-boat cruise to search for dolphin and whales (June to November).

After our cruise we take a walk back to our accommodation along “Die Plaat”, the longest beach in the Southern Hemisphere. This day is designed to be a relaxing one for you to get to know your fellow travellers, to get used to travelling in our vehicle and to settle into the comfortable routine of life on tour.

  • Meals: Dinner
  • Accommodation:  Backpacker dorm -Cape Agulhas Backpackers
  • Facilities Shared ablutions, bar, internet, swimming pool
  • Route: Cape Town to Struisbaai ±260 km
  • Travel time: ±4 hrs
  • Included Highlight: Land Based Whale Watching in Hermanus / Shopping
    Beer/wine tasting at Birkenhead Brewery
  • Optional Activities: Shark cage diving

Day 2 ǀ Cape Agulhas to Sedgefield: Canoeing & Hike

Goodbye whale route hello garden route. Day two brings beach time, kayaking and waterfalls.

Not such an early start this morning, enjoy your breakfast After a relaxing breakfast we start driving inland again, this time towards the famed Garden Route!

After a scenic drive we begin a beautiful canoe trip down one of the many tranquil rivers in the area, followed by a short hike to a stunning waterfall.
We finish off the day with some beach time down at Myoli Beach.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Cape to Addo Backpacker dorm: Sedgefield
  • Facilities: Shared ablutions, internet, pool, entertainment areas
  • Route: Struisbaai to Sedgefield ± 340 km
  • Travel time: ±4 hrs
  • Included Highlight: Canoe trip & hike to waterfall

Day 3 ǀ Oudtshoorn:

Driving through the desert Little Karoo. Exploring underground caves. Riding ostriches and swimming with crocodiles!

We begin the day with a drive over the picturesque Outeniqua mountain range into the semi desert region of the Klein Karoo and Oudtshoorn. Today you’re going to see more ostriches than you will probably ever see for the rest of your life. Originally not native to Oudtshoorn, settlers discovered that the ostrich thrives here. So you’re going learn a lot about them. If you’re up for it you can ride one one as well (don’t worry it doesn’t hurt the ostrich and it is really very silly).

Prior to that we are going to explore the amazing Cango Caves. Think massive caverns and a wonderland of stalactite and stalagmite formations, millions of years old. Cango Caves is a world heritage site and one of the great wonders of the natural world.

If you enjoy spelunking (yes that’s a real word we didn’t make that up) and don’t mind trying to squeeze through some smaller gaps then you are also welcome to take the 1.5 hour adventure tour!

Finally you can go see endangered wildlife act can go wildlife Ranch. This is the only place in the world we can go crocodile cage diving! They also have a big cat Sanctuary, where you can interact with cheetah as well.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Cape to Addo Backpacker dorm in Sedgefield
  • Facilities: Shared ablutions, internet, pool, free shuttle service to PiliPili Beach bar
  • Route: Sedgefield to Oudtshoorn day trip ±190 km
  • Travel time: ±3 hrs
  • Included Highlight: Standard or adventure guided tour of Cango Caves

Optional Activities:

  • Tour of a working Ostrich farm + riding (weight restriction apply to riders)
  • Cango Endangered Wildlife ranch

Day 4 ǀ Sedgefield – Jeffrey’s Bay:

Learn all about monkeys and Elephants. Throw yourselves down canyons and take on the mighty bloukrans Bungee. Hike through a national Park. Finish in one of the worlds top surf spots. Not a bad afternoon.

This morning we drive through Knysna on our way to the Crags where you have a number of options to choose from. This is an action packed itinerary today so you will not get to pick every single option, so pick the one that you would most like to do.

  1. Elephant Sanctuary where you learn about, and interact with orphaned elephants.
  2. Monkey Sanctuary where rescued monkeys roam free in a large jungle area.
  3. Kloofing trip through a spectacular gorge with jumps, abseils and swimming.

Bloukrans bungee

Bloukrans Face Adrenaline bungee jumpOur next stop is the World’s highest commercial bridge Bungee Jump at 216 meters.  It is really bloody scary. If you cannot face the jump, you can face a pint, from the clifftop bar where you can watch the jumpers on a live video feed.

For those that have successfully completed the jump they are going to need a serious wind down. There is no better place to do this than the Tsitsikamma National Park. It’s like something out of the lost world, with an ancient rainforest descending down beautiful cliffs into the sea.  We will go for a hike over the suspension bridges to check out the scenery and stop for lunch in an amazing beach-side lodge. Make sure you try the stake it is to die for.

If we have time we will head to Storms river swing bridges before we reach the world-famous surfing Mecca Jeffreys Bay. We will be staying right by the beach in an awesome Surf Lodge. The Surf Lodge will be your home for the next couple of days, although we will be doing road trips up to the Addo national elephant Park.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Accommodation Backpacker dorm; Island Vibe Backpackers, Jbay
  • Facilities: Shared ablutions, bar, restaurant, internet
  • Route: Sedgefield to Storms River/Jbay
  • Travel time: ±2-3 hrs
  • Included Highlight: Tsitsikamma Forest
  • Optional Activities: Elephant Sanctuary, Monkeyland, Bloukrans bungee jump (216m), Bloukrans Bridge walking tour

Day 5 ǀ Jeffrey’s Bay – Addo National Park – Sedgefield: Game Drive (Addo), Surfing, shopping time (Jeffrey’s bay)

Wake up early and head to Addo Elephant National park where we go on a morning game drive to view the multitudes of wild animals. Addo is home to the Big 5 and it also has the highest concentration of African Elephants in the world!

Addo Game Drive

The Addo elephant Park is immense. It’s also one of the top elephant game reserves in South Africa. Miles and miles of endless African bush, will have surprises around every corner. We will go for a 3 to 5 hour game drive in the elephant Park so have your camera charged in your memory card is empty!

Jeffreys Bay With Optional Surf Lesson

In the afternoon we had back to Jeffreys Bay, where you will set up for the next couple of days, learning to surf and getting some much-needed beach and chill time.

This is your opportunity to relax, take in the white sandy beaches and hang out with other backpackers. The week after we are heading into the African bush, so it’s nice to spend some time by the ocean.

No meals are included in Jeffreys bay so please budget and additional £30 to cover these expenses for the next couple of days

Weekend in Port Elizabeth

P.E for the weekend. You will be based in a hostel near the center and have serveral activities planned. An interesting city tour (Donkin trail ) combined with township tour finally dinner at a Jazz Club in the township (New Brighton Township).

When we depart from the Jazz club after dinner we stop at the beer shack for beer tasting (beers own cost).

This section is guided from Jbay all the way through PE until the wold life section of the trip. You will have free time at the weekend. You can shop, explore or if you thirst for some more adventure: Rent a bike from the hostel and do a few kilometres cycle to a SAMREC penguin rehabilitation centre and or you can do  a 9 km hiking trail of the Cape Nature Recife/light house.

Week Four & Five Wildlife Conservation & Safari

Week four and Five are all about the animals of Africa. Staying in the big five wildlife reserve near Port Elizabeth. Guided by expert game rangers you will have access every day to Africa’s wildlife. Early in the mornings and in the afternoons you will head out in modified land cruisers, looking for wildlife and getting involved in conservation activities.

It is spectacular as it is adventurous, but more than that you will gain a deeper understanding of the issues African wildlife is facing. For example the exploitation of the rhino, or combating poaching from elephant ivory poachers. There are so many different projects and tasks that need your assistance you can really contribute something back. But it’s not all hard work out on the reserves, its incredible experiences as well. Face-to-face with raw African wildlife, you will track lions, buffaloes leopards and more.

During these weeks you will stay on the reserves, in a shared volunteer house, all food is provided for you, although there is the opportunity to purchase extra snacks and soft drinks. With days full of wildlife interaction, your nights around the campfire will be filled with incredible story swapping as you relive the moments of the day.

Car Chasing (2) - CopyYou also have the option to contribute to our wildlife conservation database, and write reports on your findings, a great way to show future employers or university tutors what you got up to with your time off.

At the end of the weeks you will be dropped off in Port Elizabeth (Monday 11 am) where you can catch your flight home. If you wish to travel further on through South Africa, we can also help organise Baz bus tickets, a hop on hop off bus network so let us know all about your travel plans.

Which reserve will you stay at?

We use several different reserves depending on the groups sizes and availability at the game reserves. All reserves are highly rated (5 star game reserves). Sometimes it is necessary to split the group, but we endeavour to keep the group together. The game reserve selected will be confirmed to you at the time of booking and we do reserve the right to change game reserves at any time depending on what is best suited to group size. All game reserves are located in the Port Elizabeth Malaria free zone.


On this trip you stay multiple locations. Accommodation is mainly in dorms or twin to triple share single sex rooms.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

What are the group sizes

Group sizes do vary but expect up to 12 people per group. We keep it nice and intimate because this ensures the road trip section is truly unforgettable. You will make good friends with other Xtreme Gappers and have some incredible experiences along the way.

What spending money should I take

South Africa is very cheap, the exchange rate is very favourable so if you are on a tight budget you should only need around £80 per week. Most of your food is included in the second and fourth weeks, and there are cooking facilities available as well.

What are the average ages?

The majority of people on this trip are between 18 and 30, but it is popular with people of all ages.

As a first-time traveller as the suitable for me?

Yes absolutely. The majority of people on this trip book on their own, and you are well looked after throughout. It’s a great introduction to travelling, and you will be with other people in a similar position. You also get access to our online Facebook buddy lists prior to travel so you can make friends with other people on the same trip prior to leaving.

Is South Africa safe?

Yes it is. Throughout the trip you have assistance from our guides and coordinators, you will be well looked after.

Advise about vaccination

No need to really worry about a rabies vac – highly unlikely that you will need it. Most hospitals have this in stock and they could definitely get this within 24 hours (they don’t keep stock but can get in very quickly).  Our pharmacist in Kenton also said that they can order the rabies vac should someone wants to get vaccinated once here.  Most good pharmacies should be able to do this. We always suggest to our volunteers to get a tetanus jab before coming out – if possible but also not to stress if they haven’t (in case you stand in a rusty nail, hurt yourself with a machete whilst chopping out alien plants on the last 2 weeks.

Great White Shark option

Our great white shark project is closed for volunteers from the 15 Dec- 15th Jan but our kite surfing and community volunteering will still be running then.



Cape Town Section, Week 1:

  • Pickup from Cape Town International airport
  • All accommodation at an awesome hostel close to the beach
  • Fully guided in country support and predeparture support
  • Walking tour of Cape Town or Hop on hop off bus tour of Cape Town (with optional Signal Hill sunset)
  • 3 hour surf lesson
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Table Mountain abseil
  • Cape Peninsula tour or Wine tasting
  • Paragliding in Capetown or Lions Head Trek  (weather dependent)

The Xtreme Hero Week 2 :

  • Meals (dinner is excluded in shark option)
  • Breakfast and Dinner (on the Kite Surf and Hero Options)
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers to the projects
  • Xtreme Gap Year coordinators
  • Guidance on the various activities

Road Trip Section, Week 3:

  • All transport
  • All accommodation
  • Xtreme Gap Year guide
  • Entrance to Addo Elephant Park and game drive
  • Entrance to Tsitikamma National Park
  • Cango Caves
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch & Ostrich Ranch
  • Jeffreys Bay Surf lesson

 Wildlife Reserve Section Week 4&5:

  • Transfers to and from the reserve
  • Accommodation in a secure gated compound
  • All meals
  • Game Ranger supervisors
  • Game drive vehicle for 2 weeks
  • Drop off to Port Elizabeth


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Some meals unless stated and all meals during the road trip Jbay section
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Cape town cable car
  • Activities listed as optional on the road trip


2019 Start dates

01st of September – Sold out

06th of October – Sold out

03rd of November

1st of December

2020 Start Dates

05th of January

02nd of February


The Xtreme Passport – 4 Festival Travel Pass

Time to party your pants off with the best of them at some of Europe’s top festivals and have an epic summer that you will probably forget. The Xtreme passport is your ticket to an incredible European summer choose from up to 21 festivals (more will be added soon) and let us know one week prior to arrival that you wish to attend and your space will be reserved.

The Xtreme Passport takes you to 4  of the best parties, Surf camps and events all over Europe and we promise you will have an amazing time meeting with new and exciting (and probably fairly drunken) people in the process. Perfect combine the low-cost airline tickets or European hop on hop off passes. Fully flexible and you can decide where you want to go with anyone weeks notice. Easy! The pass is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase giving you plenty of time to experience the best festivals and events Europe has to offer!



The Xtreme Festival  Passport


Time to party your pants off with the best of them at some of Europe’s top festivals and have an epic summer that you will probably forget. The Xtreme passport is your ticket to an incredible European summer choose from up to 21 festivals (more will be added soon) and let us know one week prior to arrival that you wish to attend and your space will be reserved.

This is the perfect option to make the most of your summer and is super flexible meaning you can fit it in between working and hopping over to somewhere new every couple of weeks.

At some of the events there can be up to 8000 people so you can be pretty sure you’re going to meet lots of people from all over the world and have an incredible time.


You can choose from the following festivals:


    The pass is super flexible, and you can complete each trip when it suits you up to 24 months after your first trip.

    Here are some of the events:

  • La Tomatina
  • Oktoberfest
  • San Sebastian Surf
  • Andorra Snow Weekender
  • Barcelona City Break
  • San Vino Wine Fight
  • Sziget Festival
  • Ibiza Spring Break –  Subject to a €40 surcharge.



Full Details

Traveling is amazing, but getting from destination to party to festival to tour can be a big pain in the Schengen*.  Welcome to the Xtreme Passport that doesn ´t shuffle you around like a herd of cattle, but allows you to experience travel your way.


The Xtreme Travel Passport gives full flexibility to the open-minded traveller, so you can experience Europe’s biggest cultural festivals, surf trips, adventures and city breaks at your own pace.

The Xtreme Travel Passport is for travellers, not tourists. We know that you want to see Europe your way – that you don’t want to be herded on and off buses, tied to an inflexible twenty-countries-in-two-weeks itinerary – but sometimes want to reap the social benefits of group travel. The Xtreme Travel Passport allows you to create your own Europe trip while guaranteeing your place at the biggest and best festivals.

We take you to the best parties with large groups of like-minded travellers. Our campsite parties are legendary, fuelled by our unlimited beer and sangria option, at only €10 extra per day.

The Xtreme Travel Passport allows you to choose four destinations from more than 20 options. Your place is pre-reserved – just let us know if you’ll be joining us one week before you arrive. Xtreme Travel is an “all inclusive” company, with your accommodation ready on arrival, including bedding, meals included, and new best friends from all over the world.

Your Euro trip is yours to create, we’ll just help out with the parties.

Arrival information
You will need to make your own way to your accommodation for each of your trips. Flights and airport transfers are not included. You will be provided with detailed directions and arrival instructions before you travel.


2 or 3 nights’ accommodation are usually included for each individual trip, depending on which ones you choose. Accommodation may include camping in pre-erected tents with a mattress and sleeping bag included, staying in shared hotel rooms, or sleeping in multi-share hostel dorms.

You can stay longer at most destinations. and can upgrade to a private room/tent, please contact a travel advisor.

Many of the trips include some free meals prepared by on-site chefs. Please see each individual programme for more details.

The Events:

The Big Three
Running of the Bulls (San Fermin) – 3 all-inclusive nights in Pamplona, Spain (July)
La Tomatina – 3 all-inclusive nights in Valencia, Spain (August) *€17,50 Tomatina ticket
Oktoberfest – 3 all-inclusive nights in Munich, Germany (September/October)

Less known, no less fun, festivals
Las Fallas – 3 all-inclusive nights in Valencia, Spain (March)
Springfest – 3 all-inclusive nights in Munich, Germany (April/May)
The Wine Fight (San Vino) – 3 all-inclusive nights in Haro, Spain (June)
Les Fetes de Bayonne – 3 all-inclusive nights in Bayonne, France (July)
Semana Grande – 3 all-inclusive nights at the San Sebastian Surf Camp (August)
San Juan – 3 all-inclusive nights in Barcelona (June)
Sitges Carnival – Barcelona, Spain

The best breaks
Ibiza Beach Camp – 3 all-inclusive nights in Ibiza, Spain (June – September)
Barcelona City Break – 3 all-inclusive nights in Barcelona
Spring Break Ibiza – 3 nights hostel package in Ibiza, Spain (March/April) *€40 surcharge

Surf and snow
San Sebastian Surf Camp – 3 all-inclusive nights (June-September)
Van Surfari Spain & France – 3 all-inclusive nights (June-September) *€10 nightly surcharge
Morocco Surf – 6 all-inclusive nights in Taghazout, Morocco *€220 surcharge on special Moroccan Magic Weeks or €270 any time of year
Zarautz Surf Camp – 3 nights all-inclusive in Zarautz, Spain (July)
Andorra Snow Weekender – 2 nights all-inclusive in Andorra with return transport (January-March) *70€ surcharge

Music festivals
BBK Live Bilbao – 3 nights music festival tickets, return transfers to Bilbao, camping equipment (July)
Sonar Festival – 3 all-inclusive nights in Barcelona (June) *Sonar ticket not included
Sziget Festival – 3 nights hostel package in Budapest, Hungary (August) *Sziget ticket not included, but available from us
Xtreme Rolling Circus – 3 all-inclusive nights on bus around Europe (August/September)

The Wine Fight (San Vino)

Every year rather large amount of people head up the mountain in the Rioja region to throw a lot of wine at each other. If you like wine this is a rather good idea.

san vino 3

San Vino, as we call it, La Batalla del Vino de Haro, as the locals call it, is a full on war path in the middle of the vineyard and we own it. All’s fair in love and wine battles. We take a bus from Barcelona or San Sebastián to the small town of Haro, we party in our campsite and have dinner together to plan strategies for the battle.

We then pay last regards and walk into a town with your classic Spanish street festival. If you’ve never been to a Spanish street festival, holy vineyard… this is the one. Bands everywhere, open drinking in the streets and in the morning we all go throw wine on each other. In the vineyard, as the sun rises.

Farmers versus public servants, women versus serfs, tourists versus that tree that was lookin’ at you funny. It’s a no-holds-barred rootin’ tootin’ red wine drinkin’ beautyfest.

At the filthy end you can choose to swim down the creek back home, drop in on a farmers truck to come back, swim in the pool at our campsite, all the while discarding wine at your feet like some hoboriffic wino Hansel and Gretel. We spend another night in the idyllic, mountainous town partying up a storm and running riot, and then we all dust off, drink a bit more and head back to Barcelona or San Sebastian. Because that’s just how it’s going to happen.

“San Vino is a vicious and outrageous war and you would not have if you thought you could avoid ruining every item of clothing you´re wearing, dying your entire body purple for a few days or if you thought it was possible to find some sort of escape from the madness amongst the vines.”
“My childhood was filled with Xtreme moments. From the minute I busted forth from fruitful and dampened loins, to the minute I leapt from the top of the swing, landed on the playground and made that uppercut movement and was like, “yeah”, I have always been in search of a new place I can shower myself in new juices. So when I visited San Vino last year it was like I’d come full circle, and was also the fourth time I’ve been able to do that. The second and third time being when I spilt Fanta on myself and bent over to lick it up.”

  • When: 29th June
  • Where: Fly in and out of Barcelona.
  • Good to combine with: San Sebastian surf camp and Barcelona ConneXion

San Sebastian Surf Camp

San Sebastian Surf Camp Xtreme Gap (2)Some of the best Surf breaks in Spain. Good time surfing, meeting new people and having a laugh (the Unlimited beer and sangria helps!)

San Sebastian, the Basque Country and we bask really hard here! For those of who know it (and I mean really know it that way we know it) you know what I´m talking about. For those of you who don´t, let us show you and we promise you´ll probably never want to leave.

Your itinerary for the day looks like this: wake up, eat, surf, drink beer, nap, drink beer, tan, have a beer, socialize, swim, eat, drink sangria, party at a club and then wake up by the beach surrounded by the clearest waters, the most beautiful and chilled out people you´ll ever meet and the Pyrenees mountains. And then probably grab another beer.

At our surf-camp you´re fully accommodated for: tents are erected, beers are chilled, food is served and parties are organized. Even if you don´t surf or swim, you´re guaranteed a great time tanning, drinking and mingling with our fully diverse and international staff. Learn a few new international phrases, a few more drinking games and make some memories that you´ll probably never remember with friends that you won´t forget.

The basic package includes camping accommodation in a twin share and hearty breakfast in the morning. Add-ons: meals, surfboard hire and surf lessons.

For 10 eur a day get unlimited beer, wine and sangria all day long!

Check out our full package: All-inclusive for only 60€ a day. Have it all with three meals a day, surf hire and surf lessons.
Your life will never be the same again. This is what heaven is like. Our little slice of paradise, and we´re sharing our cake with you.

  • Where: Fly into San Sebastian or Bilbao
  • When: All year round
  • Good to combine with:  San Sebastian surf camp and Barcelona ConneXion


  • 4 day full Benicassim festival pass
  • Private return transport from Barcelona (the cheapest airport in Europe!)
  • Camping accommodation at the festival, and 5 minutes from the beach
  • Breakfasts every morning
  • Unlimited beer and sangria in our own festival within the actual festival
  • Experienced (eg. previously partied) guides

Benicassim is one of those festivals we love just because it really doesn’t matter who plays. The Bingy bongys? The sha la lalaylas? The wingy dingy who-nows? Whatever. The town becomes a beautiful festival in itself.
Don’t get us wrong, it’s an awesome lineup every year, and it’s organised so well that you can’t go to the loo without someone helping you out to where you need to go and how you need to do it. It’s in the middle of a desert, for 4 days, next to a beach, in a sleepy town with fountains and public libraries and municipal facilities that let you do whatever you want for those four precious, special little days. It started as the little festival that could, and became the big festival that did.
It’s everything you want, and not much more. But why would you need more? It’s everything you want. So stop asking.
When we go, we rock the shit out of it.
Everyone moves to our set and learns to our grooves, and once again we get reminded why our friends and us get proclaimed the monarchy of dance, every single night.
Self-proclaimed. But still. Jealousy it seems, takes many forms.
One of the best festivals is always the one where you needn’t worry for showering, taking naps, snaps and chicken wraps because you can do all that at the beach tomorrow, and then head on back to the festival that night.
Year after year this tiny Spanish town takes us in with our blowup Lilo mattresses in the town fountains, in the beaches, on the hills, on top of crowds, the limit is with your imagination, my new friends.
The festival has a stellar lineup every time and an excellent Spanish reputation for making you sweat out your sleep from about 5 am til 9am, and then it’s straight down the beach til the music starts again at 4pm. I’m telling you, Benicassim is raw and it’s great and for €350 all included? You’d be stupid not to.


Kind of like the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro except it’s near Barcelona in Spain’s gay capital. It doesn’t matter which way you sway it’s a hell of a spectacle and a lot of fun Please check the dates but it is always  between the months of February and March.

The Festival of fire

Las Fallas is a five-day party in  Valencia. It is quite a spectacle with people creating huge statues which all eventually get burnt. Expect crazy costumes, thousands of people and well fire everywhere.

Spring beer fest, much like Octoberfest but in spring. That means better  weather &  who does not want to get smashed in the sunshine?

By far the biggest party event in the Dutch calendar. Hit Amsterdam with us staying on our houseboat and take a cruise through the canals as this massive orange party kicks off! Kings day is every April usually on the 27th but on the 26th if the 27th is a Sunday. Read more about it here.
The Running of the Bulls is the quintessential Spanish festival, spoken of across the world, in hushed tones and braggart bar yells. The Running of the Bulls is famous, and revered amongst travelers who enjoy running, bulls, and articles and prepositions.

Let me tell you how it works…

Running of the bullsThe Running of the Bulls is part of a festival in Northern Spain in a place called Pamplona, a town famous for allowing Napoleon to invade them armed only with snowballs, and since that embarrassment not taking any shit from any of you Frenchies, tourists, or bulls.

It is an eight day festival of which the Bulls are only a part. At night there are world famous fireworks competitions, hedonistic street parades with multiple live bands, reveling and drinking, dancing, all with the knowledge that tomorrow you may be running with a beast who could kill you with but a flick of the head. And if you’re scared/slow/anti/not bothered, you do not need to run with the bulls – to watch them at 8am is a once in a lifetime event in itself.
When we facilitate a festival where you run on the horns of massive beasts and we say we make it more Xtreme, you know we mean it.

We have our own festival outside the festival at our legendary campsite in Zarautz with buses running back and forth all day. You can stay with us as long as you like. If you choose to go into the bulls in the morning, good luck to you and Godspeed, if you choose to stay in our site and chill on the beach, or go for a surf, we can help you out with that too. Every night is a party, and every night we have some new stuff going on, whether it’s a DJ, carnival, live band, sacrificial burning at the stake, political drunken debate, who knows? We decide on the day. One thing we can be sure of though, is you will most certainly be a part of it and it will be the experience of a lifetime.

The fêtes de Bayonne is a feria consisting in a series of festivals in the Northern Basque Country in the town of Bayonne, France. The festivals last 5 days and always starts the Wednesday before the first Sunday of August. They are the largest festivals in France. In the eighties, participants started to dress in white with a red scarf and a red belt after the colors of the city of Pamplona. Some rare purists prefer to wear blue and white, colors of the city of Bayonne.
The literary translation is a big week and this is one of the top events in the Basque country’s calendar. If you’re heading through northern Spain around this time of year, you sure not to miss it a huge international fireworks competition, live acts and one big melting pot of the party.
Bilbao ´s Top music festival has an incredible lineup of artists every year. You can check out the lineup for the next one here.
There are a few places in the world more legendary than Ibiza. The beloved white Isle home to some of the best super clubs and parties in the world. Come join us for a legendary weekend of partying all throughout the summer season.
Please contact us the details on this one.
Please contact us the details on this one.
24th of June-the Summer solstice. This always remains a big date in the Spanish calendar, and they lay on a massive party He warned it goes on all night!. Come celebrate it with us in San Sebastian
Sonar is one of the coolest events in the entire Spanish festival calendar.

More on the Sonar Festival:

The Sonar Festival is an amazing experience to be enjoyed in Barcelona, Spain. There´s nothing like it and its authenticity and creative spark drive the increasing popularity from year to year. It was founded in 1994 as a festival for advanced music and multimedia art and was modestly attended with media coverage from the first event. The hype after the shows closed continued across the next two years as it expanded and sent some notable performers into the global music scene. In fact, the Sonar Festival is part of the reason that electronic music has continued to evolve and gain traction over the last 20 years.
The festival takes place in the city center of Barcelona every June when it is flooded with approximately 80,000 visitors. The electronic music rumbles through the streets from gigantic venues and the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement across crowds of hip, exciting music fans. Famous performers rub elbows with festival attendees and Barcelona happily opens their doors to everyone.

However, the festival is more than just an opportunity to bring great, new music to adoring fans. The Sonar Festival, since its emergence two decades ago, is dedicated to living up to its name as a festival for advanced music and multimedia art. Offering conferences, film screenings, demos, online content, and exhibitions are just some of the ways that they meet these goals of supporting the artistic communities. One of the extra special features of the festival is its intentional design as an open laboratory, rather than a traditional fair format. Technology enthusiasts can experience hands-on workshops and demos with professionals in the industry. It really is more than just a cut-and-dry music festival, it´s an experience that lives up to the hype as one of the biggest events on the European calendar.

Showcasing the best of comedy, performance arts and Theatre the Scottish capital comes alive during the fringe Festival. It’s a great excuse to head up to glorious Scotland and come party with us.
Every year thousands of people head to a very sleepy Spanish pueblo not far from Valencia. Over four hour period hundreds of tons of tomatoes are thrown in every direction and it is a massive party. Come join us and get your five a day Xtreme Gap style!

You may be wondering why Oktoberfest is held in such high regard by your previously well travelled friends. “What’s the big deal?” You say, “it’s just old fat drunk men singing unintelligible songs on tables and hugging each other.” Sounds like your best nightmare, or your worst high school sleepover, right? To you I contend that it is both, and much more, and also not quite that.
No camaraderie is as strong and breaks as many barriers as that of beer, that destroys whatever divides a drunken German man from singing with a proud androgynous teenaged adult. Welcome to the rainbow of the human condition, amplified by ridiculous rides, slurring, good mateship and, I really just can’t emphasise this enough, singing on tables with beers while thousands watch you in good spirits. Lo, this be the good times.

The Book Of Oktoberfest

In the beginning there was a wedding. And lo, this wedding, it was between Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresa. And they made a festival to celebrate and the festival happened in Theresa’s Field. And lo, did they bang in the field. Probably. And then, so it was. And on the next day there was an agricultural fair and they added some fair rides and beer stands: And lo, did Ludwig say, let there be beer and there was beer. And they said “lo damn. There be a lot of beer.” And they looked upon their work and they saw that it was good, and it was good. And lo, Ludwig sayeth, “Let this henceforth be the Oktoberfest”, though it´s day not be in Oktober and they were in September but they had drunk more than a few good German beers. “And let it be the party where the fat old drunk men are lo, the coolest guys in the party.” And then they brought in some more beer tents… And lo, there be much more beer now. And on the seventh day they rested because they were pretty hungover. And now it’s the biggest festival in the world and more than 6 million people go. Lo, goddamn.
Be afraid, Bavaria-fraid of our favourite Xtreme festival and the most favourite public festival in the world. In Munich you arrive at the exact time beers will be served! When we arrive you can soak in the glory of our beautiful campsite for a few moments but then it´s time to get to business. Here’s the details:

Find me a kid who didn’t dream of running off and joining the circus and I’ll find you a kid aware of the various social taboos, limited economic potential and inevitable mental scarring of getting a job working for an entertainment company that’s in the business of torturing animals for the attention of the baying hounds that they call customers.

That’s a clever kid. When you meet this poor child, hug him.

But I digress.

Our rolling circus does away with these ethical issues and makes it a circus just about you! You and our other mates and our Europe! We roll, we glide, we hip hop dippity slide to our favourite cities in Europe, making the party as we go, and bringing more people on our trip as we can fit. We hit all the best festivals, we take live bands, there are no rules, and our driver is my best friend, you’ll meet him soon and you’ll love him like I do.

The world’s biggest food fight with tomatoes in Spain? Yeah we do that. Oktoberfest? We end there! Paris, Belgium, Prague, Budapest, a whole shitload of Spain. That’s a tick. It’s the best way to see the coolest cities, and we make our own parties in every city we go! We just invite everyone we meet along the way!



Accommodation differs from Festival to Festival but in general it is based in tents or hostel accommodation. Please check each individual Festival for details.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is all open dated and the passport is valid for one year. You can choose from any one of our  21 festivals (with more to come!)
  • The pass includes 3 nights All-Inclusive at any of your chosen festivals.
  • Inform us by phone or email only 7 days before your desired arrival to guarantee your place.
  • Holders of the pass are entitled to free unlimited beer and sangria at any of the festivals and trips (excluding morocco and Ibiza).
  • Some festivals can go on for longer than three days so you can specify your own start date providing you give us at least one weeks notice.
  • Valid for one year from date of purchase Non-refundable or transferable
  • You can choose the start date of your passport and it will be valid for 12 months from your starting date.
Fly, walk, hitchhike or ride by beer scooter. Well that is up to you, as some people will be travelling throughout Europe hopping from event to event and others will be heading home and then back out to different destinations throughout the summer months.

We would recommend either booking a European hop on hop off pass or checking sky scanner for low-cost airlines on easyJet and Ryanair. A detailed predeparture pack is issued once you book which will tell you where you need to get to and when and you can always ask our reservations team for assistance.

Please note if you are including any of the trips in the Balearic’s like Ibiza you will need to make your own way there. Ryanair and Vueling have great low-cost flight options or you can get a ferry from Barcelona or Denia (80Km south of Valencia).

Not that much, about £50 per day will do it. Remember also you can fit this in between working as well. Remember though you will need to budget extra for your flights or transport costs to the festivals.

Hell Yea Dawg. You do that and you be trippin!

Free Download  Xtreme Gap Rap YOLO Europe Baby


Duration Option Price  
24 (Month)4 TripsGBP 499Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
24 (Month)4 TripsGBP 499 GBP 494 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 27 - Jul - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Four trips for the price of three
  • Choose from 20 Plus destinations
  • 12 nights all inclusive accommodation
  • Prebooked place just confirm one week before arrival
  • Valid 2 years from the start of the first trip.


  • Transport to the festivals
  • Spending money
  • Travel insurance


The Xtreme passport is open dated and valid from one year from the start date of your passport. The key dates for the festivals and events are as follows. You do not have to do it all in one go; which means you can combine it with working and travelling to different locations or perhaps using a hop on hop off pass to get you between events.

Sitges Carnival – Barcelona; Spain
Las Fallas Festival – Valencia; Spain
Carnival Brazil – Salvador; Brazil
Spring Beer-Fest – Munich; Germany
Kings Day – Amsterdam; The Netherlands
The Wine Fight (San Vino) – Haro; Spain
Running of the Bulls (San Fermin) – Pamplona; Spain
Surf Camp Spain – San Sebastian; Spain (Basque Country)
Les Fetes de Bayonne Festival – Bayonne; France.
Semana Grande Festival – San Sebastian; Spain (Basque Country)
BBK Live Music Fest – Bilbao; Spain (Basque Country)
Ibiza Weekender – Spain Every weekend in the summer
Van Surfari – Spain and France Contact us For date
Yacht Surfari – Spain and France Contact us for dates
San Juan Festival – Barcelona; Spain
Sonar Festival – Barcelona; Spain
Fringe Fest – Edinburgh; Scotland
La Tomatina – Valencia; Spain Last Wednesday of August
Oktoberfest – Munich; Germany
Morocco Surf Palace – Agadir/ Taghazoute; Morocco
Rolling Circus – 3 nights on bus around Europe


Australia Surf Dude Surf Development Course

Doing the surf development course is an amazing experience. You will spend a couple of months developing your surf skills on some great Australia breaks. Everybody at the camp is so enthusiastic that you will have a good time and enjoy the surfers life style. Our professional surf instructors help you to push your surf abilities and you will become a real surf dude. Together with beach parties, BBQ’s, sun and your new friends, this will be an awesome experience!

Doing the surf development course is an amazing experience. You will spend a couple of months developing your surf skills on some great Australia breaks. Everybody at the camp is so enthusiastic that you will have a good time and enjoy the surfers life style. Our professional surf instructors help you to push your surf abilities and you will become a real surf dude. Together with beach parties, BBQ’s, sun and your new friends, this will be an awesome experience!

 Australia surf dude

Livin’ by the beach, lovin’ the surf…

Surf HolidaysThe surf camp is located about a two hour drive from Byron Bay in a secret surf spot, right on the beach. No stress in finding it though, because we will take you on a cool “surfbus” starting in Sydney or Byron to take you to the awesome surf camp. This gives you plenty of time to get to know others.

For the next one or two months you ´ll enjoy the secluded beaches and the surf camp where you will eat, breathe and live surf! You will develop your surfing abilities and live the life! You can start the surf development course without surf experience. You do have to love the sea, because this will be your class room.

You can join the course for one or two months. You have the opportunity to train every day and you will get lots of one on one attention. This will improve your surf skills in a very short time. Top instructors will mentor you, assessing your surfing by photo´s and video´s and you will learn about water safety awareness and surf fitness.  The instructors at the camp are some of the best in Australia, John the head instructor was ranked in the top ten in the world for eight consecutive years. He certainly knows a thing or two about surfing.

Highlights Surf Dude Course Australia

  • Live by the beach surfing everyday
  • All food included take all surf camp
  • All equipment included
  • Lots of one on one instruction from ex-pro surfers
  • Pick up from Sydney or Byron included
  • Great social scene





On the Monday morning you will be picked up from the Wake Up Hostel. You can just go there by yourself, which is really easy and we will explain it to you in your pre-departure pack or we can book you into the Wake Up Hostel. Just ask us if you would like that.

After getting on the bus early on Monday morning you will head north and this epic adventure begins. The bus will take you from Sydney to Spot X, your home for the next few months!

Tip: If you want a few days in Sydney before you start, check out our  Wake Up Sydney Pack. This is four days of fun, new friends, cool activities and nights out in Sydney and perfect to bolt onto this trip.

Onto Spot X

Aussie Surf Trip (7)Your new home will be in the legendary Spot X surf camp. This is just North of Coffs Harbour, and located on a huge sandy beach. A  prime spot for surfers to hang-out. A great place to party and to hook up with lots of travellers all trying out some surfing. For the extra brave you can also do a skydive from this location.

There is a great vibe at the camp as quite a few surf trips stop here ” Oz Experience and Contiki Tours to name a few. It is not exclusive to us, but we do occupy the best spot, with a cool club house, bar, chill out zone and all the surf equipment you could need located right on the beach. There is an internet café to show your mates on Facebook the awesome (or serious) wipe outs of the day. The team are on hand not only get you out in to the waves, but keep you entertained with some serious partying!

Just a few rules that govern this place, so be warned.

  • Look cool and have fun.
  • No nudity (before 11am).
  • Speedos are banned.
  • No shit music.
  • Respect the local wildlife by not littering.
  • The surf instructor is always right and the customer is always wrong!
  • And if you go in November, the growing of an offensive tash is mandatory in Australia.



Awesome Oz Surfing (4)Set in a beautiful surf spot in a National Marine Park, this is a unique opportunity to spend time in one of Australia´s most beautiful coastal areas. You will be living in a beach front cottage with other surfers. The secluded beach is situated between Sydney and Byron Bay. There will be short term surfers here and others like you who are staying for a couple of months. It is a good and safe community, everyone is supportive and open to meeting new people. There is a nice communal area, camp fire area, free coffee and tea and a big TV room where you can chill if you wish.

Please note that you will be living in your own room right next to the beach, so your have easy access to the waves and can get out in the surf as soon as you wake up.

Take time to get to know the crew, get involved in the games and activities. Experience kayaking, skydiving, music around the camp fire and much more. Time on the beach can be as exciting or relaxing as you like.


Three times a day you will have the best fresh and healthy food you could wish for. Surfing makes you hungry. In the mornings there will be cereal, milk, fresh fruit, toast, jam, Marmite etc. For lunch there will be all kinds of salads, beans, meat and spaghetti. In the evenings there will also be fresh salads, pasta, meat, rice, desserts you name it! All freshly prepared for you! The portions are HUGE so that surfer appetite will be well catered for.

What you can expect to learn

  • Surf Instructor Course Australia (5)The basics, like standing up and catching a wave
  • The more advanced stuff, like cutting back and linking waves
  • How to read the ocean, currents and check for the best surf conditions
  • Ocean safety, and awareness

A lot of the knowledge is gained through practice, but when you are out in the surf you always have instructors overseeing you and getting your surf skills improved through positive and interactive surf coaching. Of course because you have your own surf shack with the rest of the long term surf dudes, you can avoid that when you wish. If you want to get up and hit the swell as the sun comes up…grab an early night and avoid a hangover, well for one day anyway!

Because the surf camp is really popular, with groups from Oz Experience and Contiki arriving every couple of days to learn to surf with the rest of the crew, it goes without saying that there is a great social scene there. Beach parties, BBQ ´s and lots going on if you dare.

Surfer dudes get sixpacks

And we are not talking beer either, you can expect to get extremely fit during the course, surfing uses and abuses every muscle in your body, and with the great food, you will get in shape in no time. Nice little bonus eh?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hell no! That is the main point of a development course, you will become super amazing at surfing by joining this programme! We have complete beginners and intermediate surfers joining us, the main thing is that you want to get better and you love to surf!
You will get two surf lessons each on week days, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Weekends you are free! Next to that you can surf as much as you like, your accommodation is ten metres away from the beach!
Yes, you can use the surf equipment outside the surf lessons. So if you would like to improve your skills even further, for example in the weekends when there are no lessons, you can use the surf equipment to go surfing!
The average age of the others that take part in the Australia Surf Dude Development Surf Course is between 18 and 26 years.
We do have wifi available, the price is $5AUD for 24hours, $10AUD for 3 days and $15AUD for 7 days.
There isn’t an ATM however we do accept Eftpos and there are daily shuttles running to Woolworths so you can get cash out there.

We have an average of ten people participating, however many others will be there. This is because you will be training in the same place where surf tours come through. So there are lots of new groups arriving every week, but the number of people who are there long-term is tenon average.
You will be staying right on the beach! We have one of the best surfing beaches in Australia, and you have access to it 24/7.
The nightlife is pretty awesome. Not in terms of loads of bars, but at the surf camp literally bus loads of people come in to learn to surf or others are just travelling up the East Coast. So the action revolves around beach parties and BBQ ´s. There is always something going on.
No worries. 80% of the participants of the surf camp travel on their own. Everybody is there to make new friends so you will never be lonely. You will have a great time with your new friends!
Flights from Amsterdam or London to Sydney or other parts of Australia cost around £600.00 But it really depends on the time of booking. If you need help with booking your flights, please contact us.
We are learn to surf specialists. Our accredited surf instructors are in the water with you every step of the way, teaching correct paddling techniques, wave selection, understanding the oceans elements, and how to stand up and ride waves. For the intermediate we concentrate on timing, wave selection, turning, and getting the most out of each ride. It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and experience that will put you well on your way to living the ultimate lifestyle. All our instructors hold accreditation with surfing NSW, Bronze medallion – A.S.L.S.C., and First Aid Certificates. We focus on three main areas to have surfing with confidence and style in a fun and safe environment too.

  •  Technique – Learning made easy with our time tested coaching techniques.
  • Safety – is the highest priority. Every day we take you to the friendliest and safest surf beaches, we use new learner specific equipment, as well as abide by Surfing Australia guidelines by maintaining a ratio of one instructor to eight students. With major focus on ocean safety, equipment, respect for environment, and surf etiquette, our lessons are sound and experience complete.
  • Fun – A wise and cool dude once said, “The best surfer in the world is the surfer who is having the most fun”.So remember, whether you’re wiping out or catching a wicked wave, surfing is all about having the time of your life.
Duration Option Price  
30 (Days)One month. May June July 2019GBP 1949Book Now
30 (Days)One monthGBP 2059Book Now
60 (Days)Two month GBP 3609Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
30 (Days)One month. May June July 2019GBP 1949 GBP 1930 (Early Bird)
Enquire here
30 (Days)One monthGBP 2059 GBP 2038 (Early Bird)
Enquire here
60 (Days)Two month GBP 3609 GBP 3537 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 27 - Jul - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • 30 or 60 nights accommodation in the surf centre right on the beach
  • Bed linen
  • Hammocks
  • Hot showers
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the course, seven days a week!
  • Two days off a week to explore surrounding surf locations
  • Qualified level two surf instructors available to assist and support.
  • Use of all surf equipment


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Snacks and other drinks than coffee and tea


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“This was the best three months of my life. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of spending a couple of months in Australia.”
Anne Marie
“I have recommend you to a few people thinking about travelling.. I ended up working in Australia for 8 months as an instructor after my course had such a great time and now surfing in Bali for 4 months!”
Dan Clem
“I would really recommend someone doing their surf instructor courses are Xtreme Gap. You spend three months living by the beach surfing every day afterwards who knows you can go on to become a surf instructor in Bali Fiji or somewhere like that.”
Marta B

Bali Surf Xplorer 8 Days – Surfing in Bali

You’ll experience amazing surf breaks, super fun nightlife, adventurous road trips, stunning remote locations, classic characters and of course, the surfing will be awesome!! 3 Epic Surf Islands in 8 fully guided days! Bali Red Island In Java & Lembongan!

You’ll experience amazing surf breaks, super fun nightlife, adventurous road trips, stunning remote locations, classic characters and of course the surfing will be awesome!! Not only that you have swimming Cliff jumping great food and beach parties to look forward to! Surf in Bali, Nusa Lembongan and Java with friendly local surf instructor/guides.

Bali Surf  Xplorer

Good times and good waves with our legendary surf instructor’s.

One of the greatest surf destinations in the world, Indonesia is amazing. You will absolutely love these paradise islands, as you learn to surf or improve your existing surf skills with some of our legendary surf instructor’s.  We will actively go out and hunt the best waves, and head to the outer islands to find the best surf conditions on an incredible a day surf adventure.


Bali Surf Xplorer


DAY 01
All pick-ups done by 7-7:30am (from Kuta/Legian/Seminyak area) and meet at the Hub by 8am. You will get to have your 1st surf lesson and intro to surfing in Indonesia with the surf team. After lunch, start our journey to the Island of Java then transfer to Red Island. We spend the next 4 nights in the surf Camp at Red Island which is surrounded by jungle right by the beautiful remote beach. Included meals: L/D

DAY 02
We’re up early for breakfast, surfing, more eating, chilling and checking out this beautiful, secret surf location. Enjoy a beverage while watching the amazing sunset and have a fun night with the Red Island crew. Included meals: B/L/D

DAY 03
Surf, eat, explore, surf, chillax, eat, laugh, sleep. Included meals: B/L/D

DAY 04
Optional G-Land day trip, local village tour and paradise beach or just hang local at Red Island and surf morning, noon and arvo on the playful fun waves of this area. Included meals: B/L/D

DAY 05
Early breakfast and surf then transfer back to Bali. We arrive back in Canggu around sunset for dinner and drinks. Included meals: B/L/D. *Transport can vary between a flight, boat or mini van depending on availability and conditions.

DAY 06
Up for breakfast and enjoy a surf lesson in or around Canggu. After lunch head by fast boat over to one of the most pristine surf and dive islands in the world, Nusa Lembongan. Check in, relax and enjoy tropical island living. Included meals: B/L/D

DAY 07
We will be up early to explore some great surf breaks, enjoy a manta ray snorkel or snorkel safari and continue living the ultimate lifestyle. The opportunity to try stand up paddleboarding and other great water activities are available here on Nusa Lembongan. Included meals: B/L/D

DAY 08
Spend most of day on enjoying everything Nusa Lembongan has to offer. Surf, eat, swim, explore, eat, chillax and then a fast boat back to Bali. We arrive back in Bali around sunset for drinks, new friends, lifetime memories and ready to celebrate an awesome Xtreme Gap adventure Included meals: B or L (depending on surf times)/D


This package gets back to our camp in Canggu around 6pm on the last day.

Ideally, we recommend that customers with connecting flights book for the following day in case there are any delays out of our control, however if you must fly on the final day of trip, then the earliest flight that she should get should be around 11pm, as this will give time for any traffic  delays and arrival at airport a few hours before check in.



Duration Option Price  
8 (Days)No airport pick upGBP 569Book Now
8 (Days)Incl. airport pick up + extra nightGBP 639Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
8 (Days)No airport pick upGBP 569 GBP 558 (Early Bird)
Enquire here
8 (Days)Incl. airport pick up + extra nightGBP 639 GBP 626 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 27 - Jul - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Pre departure information
  • Accommodation as per selection
  • Surf lessons and guiding
  • Transport to the different surf locations: Bali, Nusa Lembongan and Java
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • Transport to the surf spots
  • Daily big breakfast
  • All surf equipment for rent


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Sun cream (you will need it!)
  • Private sessions 38 euro per session including equipment
  • Airport pickup
  • Airport  drop-off



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Spanish And Surfing In Ecuador

Surfing and Spanish is a wicked combination if you are heading out on a South America Gap Year. No boring classrooms, but learning Spanish on the beach. You will be staying in Montanita, a funky beach town and the capital of surfing in Ecuador. You become a great surfer as you will be taught by worlds best competitive surfing champions. No surf experience is needed.

Surfing and Spanish is a wicked combination if you are heading out on a South America Gap Year. No boring classrooms, but learning Spanish on the beach. You will be staying in Montanita, a funky beach town and the capital of surfing in Ecuador. You become a great surfer as you will be taught by world’s best competitive surfing champions. No surf experience is needed.

 Spanish And Surfing In Ecuador

  • Learn Spanish at an award-winning language school
  • Learn to surf from world known surf professionals
  • You do not need to have experience in surfing or Spanish
  • Stay in the most popular surf spot in Ecuador, Montanita
  • Surf trips down the coast when your skills are well developed
  • Very social seen: surfing, activities etc. are organized in groups
  • Great trip to make new friends and travel onwards with them
  • Perfect start for your South America Gap Year Experience



Spanish and Surf Ecuador

Award winning Spanish language school

Learn Spanish in MexicoImagine hearing the crash of the Pacific ocean as the waves hit the beach, while you grasp the basics of Spanish. Besides that learning the language is essential if you plan to take a gap year in South America. So what better way to prepare yourself or improve your Spanish, than by doing it is a fun environment?

Our partner Spanish School in Ecuador, is one of the most original and exciting Spanish academies in South America. They are winner of numerous awards, including the language star awards (being nominated as one of the top 5 language academies in the world).

We particularly love this language school as it is the way the classes are delivered that adds a little spice to the whole learning process. When you add this to the fact that the language school is based in Montanita, one of the most popular backpacking beach towns in Ecuador it is a great chilled out place to hang out learn Spanish and get into the South American swing.

Intensive Spanish

The Spanish School provides small mini-group Spanish. We pride ourselves on the quality of these courses. You can expect to receive plenty of help with your Spanish with 4 lessons per day, 5 days per week. With 6 different ability groups you will be with others also keen to learn, at the same level. The levels follow the standard European Educational system of A1 to C2. By having others in your class it is an excellent way to stay motivated, practice what you are learning and to meet other students, many of whom travel onwards after the course.

Classes consist of 2 hours of largely Grammar based learning. We make it fun! Then there is 2 hours of more conversational or activity based Spanish, to put into practice what you have learned. We have found this approach to be extremely effective.

Small groups for effective learning

The groups are very small, normally 2-6 persons. So you will get lots of attention, and your learning needs are catered for. Occasionally we will not meet our minimum numbers per class in your ability group. In this case your lessons will be replaced with 15 hours of private one on one lessons.

The amazing surf lessons

Every day (from Monday to Friday) you will have 1.5 hours surf classes. You will practice in small group so you learn to surf quickly. The quality of the surf instructors teaching you how to surf are amazing! Instructors and surfers from Montanita are (comprise half of the Ecuadorian National team) placed in the TOP 10 in Billabong ISA World Surfing Games 2011 in Panama! And you get learn to surf with these guys! Unbelievable! So then once your surf skills are a little more established, we will hit the road: Every second weekend we load up the surf truck and make a short surf trip up or down the coast. This is the perfect occasion to practice those new moves you have been learning in class and explore some of the more secret surf spots which are usually guarded as local knowledge.

No experience needed

Most people on this programme are in the same boat. Montanita is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers alike. The waves at low tide are a little more relaxed for beginners. When you are feeling confident, grab your surf board and get out there at high tide, where the biggest waves are waiting to challenge your new surf skills. You will certainly gain some impressive surfing ability, with one of Ecuador’s top instructors who came an impressive 17th in the World Championships on hand to get you moving through the water like a surf crazed torpedo!

Extra programme activities

It’s not just surfing you could combine with Spanish, there are other options available locally to add some more thrills or chills to your language course.

  • learn salsa
  • learn yoga
  • learn kitesurfing
  • or do the surf and scuba combo!


ecuador classroom (11)Our accommodation is a perfect combination of location, quietness and luxury! The accommodation will be shared with maximum 4 other travellers. You will stay with four other in a dorm or you can upgrade to a Cabana. This all is located in a stunning Eco Resort.

About the Eco Resort

Eco Resort means, recycled water to feed our large and growing garden (please bring biodegradable soap and shampoo if possible), solar powered outside lighting, rainwater collection for the large and tempting swimming pool (and Jacuzzi – a life saver to soothe the aching muscles – the ones you never knew you had – after an afternoon surfing), and a recycling system. Do you wish to see more picture? Please visit our blog with this link.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

It is hard to tell when is the best time to go. It also depends on what you prefer. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. The period from December to May is the rainy season. During this period the temperature is higher, there is more sun, but also some (heavy) afternoon rain showers. From June to November it is much dryer, but also a bit cooler, even chilly in evenings. If you prefer higher waves you should go from December to May. The waves are around 1.5 meters, now and then up to 2 meters. The waves from June to November are between 0.5 and 1 meters. The peak season is from June to August and in December and January when many tourists visit Ecuador. Please book early (also your flights) if you wish to go in this period to make sure you get a good deal.
You will absolutely not be lonely on this programme. Therefore it is best to start on the first Monday of the month as many more participants will starts at the same time. One of the reasons we set group starting dates. But if you wish to start another date, no worries, there are always people surfing and learning Spanish at the location you are staying at! So, you will make lots of new friends and have an amazing experience!
No worries, most people on this program are in the same boat. Montanita is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers alike. The waves at low tide are a little more relaxed for beginners. When you are feeling confident, grab your surf board and get out there at high tide, where the biggest waves are waiting to challenge your new surf skills. You will certainly gain some impressive surfing ability, with one of Ecuador’s top instructors who came an impressive 17th in the World Championships on hand to get you moving through the water like a surf crazed torpedo!
Yes, the quality of the surf instructor teaching you how to surf are amazing! Instructors and surfers from Montanita are (comprise half of the Ecuadorian National team) placed in the TOP 10 in Billabong ISA World Surfing Games 2011 in Panama! And you get learn to surf with these guys! Unbelievable! So then once your surf skills are a little more established, we will hit the road: Every second weekend we load up the surf truck and make a short surf trip up or down the coast. This is the perfect occasion to practice those new moves you have been learning in class and explore some of the more secret surf spots which are usually guarded as local knowledge.
Its is not just any language school. It is set right on the beach a stones thrown from the Pacific and you will be enroll in a multi award winning language school. There are 4 lessons per day (1 hour duration), 5 days per week. With 6 different ability groups you will be with others also keen to learn at the same level. By having others in your class it is an excellent way to stay motivated, practice what you are learning and to meet other students. There are a maximum of 6 students per class so you learn pretty fast.
Yes, if you want to have a crash course, we can also offer one to one lessons – 20 hours a week. Please contact us for additional costs.
Montanita is the place where you will be staying. It is a small coastal town where around 1,000 people live. It is a multicultural beach town and worldwide know within the surf community. But the surf is not only in Montanita. There are hundreds of miles of other breaks all throughout the coast. If you want a deserted first class break, you can easily find it! And surf boards are allowed in local buses.
Also other water sport can be done here, like water skiing, scuba diving and wind surfing. Montanita is one of the most liberal places in Ecuador and the atmosphere is very relaxed. You will hear a lot of reggae and hippie music and see many portraits of Bob Marley, Che Guevara and John Lennon while walking on the streets. Montañita is filled with bars, restaurants, and cafes that cater to all the budgets and tastes. During the peak season, there are many electronic and house music festivals on the beach.

If you are not convinced by now… Here are some more reason why you should join this programme:

  • People do not generally speak English in South America. Spanish is required.
  • Learn Spanish at an award-winning language school.
  • Montanita is one of the coolest surf towns in South America.
  • You will have lots of fun and learn a language at the same time.
  • You have surf lessons world pro surfers and you live in a cool place!
  • You spend your gap year constructively! Learning a language and a new skill (surfing).
Lots of people come to Montanita to learn Spanish and hang out before heading on with their travels to South America. If you are a little nervous about travelling or going alone, this is a great program to ease yourself into South America, and get you set up before you head off on your travels. It is not uncommon for our groups to travel together after the program and people often meet others wanting to do the same adventures.
With regards to money its quite difficult to say how much you will need. Really depends on your choice of food. At the restaurants around town the meals are between 1.50 and 5.50USD. What you spend has also to do with how much you will be drinking and partying, how active you are with the activities throughout the town etc. It really depends on the student how much they spend in Montanita. You can live off as little as $5.00 daily if you cook all meals, and spend up to $30 if you eat out and go out more often. A realistic daily budget if you live aware of money and don’t go out to eat every day is $15-$20. I hope this helps, but please do not complain when you spend more because you love to party!
Flights from London to Quito or Guayaquil, which is only 2.5 hours away from Montanita, will start from 650GBP. But it really depends on the date of flying and how much in advance you book your flights. Please note that this is an indication.
Unfortunately not, as this program is called Spanish and surf for a reason! However we have plenty of other fantastic surfing programs which do not require Spanish lessons, so contact us and we can talk you through your options.
There are two cash machines and a small bank where you can withdraw money from while you are there. If ATM’s not work? There are two ATM’s in town, and there are issues sometimes due to electricity shortages or errors in the system or sometimes they are simply out of money (especially at busy times like with the surf championship going on). However, these issues are usually solved within a day. There is always the option to go to the bank teller and withdraw money there with a bank-/ credit card and the student’s passport they can withdraw up to $1000. So if the ATM’s don’t work, this is always an option (except for Sundays where it’s closed).
Extra costs: From the airport (Guayaquil) we offer transfer, however they are not inclusive. The transfer from Guayaquil to Montanita costs £80, the return trip costs   £70 . Most people opt for the bus, only 6 or 7 dollars and very easy. Other extra costs are if you wish to hire a surf board for when you have no activities planned. Its 80 USD a week, to be arranged and paid locally.
Meals are great and there are plenty of restaurants. There are lots of meals with fruit, veggies and rice here!  There are even veggie ´fast food restaurants´: vegetarian fast-food joint offers soy hamburgers, organic tofu, natural yogurt and a long list of delicious fruit and vegetable extracts. So for vegetarians there are a lot of choices too!
The board rental usage is included during the classes, but not outside of these times. If you wish to use boards after class you can rent one by the week:  $60 for the first week and $30 for every week thereafter. this is paid locally.


Duration Option Price  
2 (Week)Shared DormGBP 650Book Now
4 (Week)Shared DormGBP 1499Book Now


  • Pre departure information before you leave
  • Surfing lessons (Monday to Friday and 1.5 hours per day)
  • Spanish lessons in an open air environment (Monday to Friday and 4 hours per day)
  • Accommodation
  • All Spanish course materials
  • Other excursions as mentioned in the itinerary


  • Flights
  • Internal flight from Quito to Guayaquil (30 minutes and around $38)
  • Meals and drinks
  • Travel insurance
  • Visas
  • Transfers to Montanita (private pick up can be arranged for a £80 fee)


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Xtreme Surf Trio Cape Town

Xtreme Surf Trio, Cape Town
For all water sports junkies out there…….Join the Surf, Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) trip. Three fantastic sports combined in a three week trip to Cape Town with a cool surf house as your base giving you all the luxury and chill time you need. No experience? No problem, train with our professionals from all over the world giving you all the support you need!

For all water sports junkies out there…….Join the Surf, Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) trip. Three fantastic sports combined in a three week trip to Cape Town with a cool surf house as your base giving you all the luxury and chill time you need. No experience? No problem, train with our professionals from all over the world giving you all the support you need!

Triple Action. Kite surf, Surf & SUP in Cape Town

Three weeks to learn or improve your skills in kite surfing, surfing and stand up paddle. At a stunning location just outside of Capetown with views on Table mountain you will spend 3 fantastic sporty weeks. One week of surfing, one week of kitesurfing, with an IKO certificate on completion of course and one week of SUP.

Be part of a group in the ultra cool surf house a stones throw away from the beautiful beach! You can be  active in the water every day, enjoy the buzz of Cape Town at night, and make new friends.


  • Three amazing water sports with instruction from the best (and most fun) instructors
  • Free use of all equipment 5 days a week
  • Get kitesurf IKO qualified, recognised worldwide
  • Stay in a super cool beach house
  • A big chance to see dolphins and whales while in the water
  • Fridays is Braai nights (South African meal), plus camp fires
  • Go snorkelling to find seals at the weekends
  • Mountain bike trip
  • Various cool activities to book at weekends


The Details

This three-week trip starts on a Sunday and finishes on Saturday. The three weeks you will be based in table view, with epic views to Cape Town and table Mountain. On your doorstep is your new playground Bloubergstrand. A huge white sandy beach which was just made the kite surfing stand up paddle and surf. It’s an epic place to hang out and become a watersports God.

It’s important to note all of these activities are weather dependent so the below is to be taken as a guide :

Week one surf lessons

From Monday to Friday you have a two hours surf lessons a day with a professional surf instructor. After the lessons you have enough time to try again and again because surfboard rental is included for five whole days.

Week two kitesurf lessons

From Monday to Wednesday you have kitesurf lessons, we teach you all you need to know to get in the water without an instructor and get you qualified. This gives you two more days to practice with another beginner kitesurfer, because we include two more days of kitesurf gear rental.

Week three SUP lessons

From Monday to Friday you have a two hours lesson in SUP a day with a professional instructor. After the lessons you have enough time to try again and again as board rental is included for five days.

On the last day we will take you on a social SUP trip. Using bikes to go up into the mountains and then SUP the river down. A fantastic way to spend the day showing off your new found skills………..


A day trip to go snorkelling with seals! How cool is that?

Cool beach house accommodation

Your home away from home is a beach house close to the beach where all the action takes place and with a view to Table Mountain.   It houses about 30 people who will all be doing kitesurfing, surfing and SUP, all joined by the common bond of water sports, partying and travel. Makes for a great evening swapping stories over a few beers!

You share your room with two or three others.


  • Communal kitchen, great to socialise and keep to your budget on your trip
  • Communal chill area with beanbags and tv
  • Great outside space with benches and bean bags, great place to relax..and have parties
  • Linen
  • Wifi
  • BBQ area, free to use
  • 20 minutes approximately from Cape Town centre (bus stop very nearby)

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can. In these three weeks we can teach you how to surf, kitesurf and SUP, even if you are a total novice.
Not really, because you can join whenever and there will always be people coming and going. You will have lessons with others and will be part of the community soon enough. Many travellers join this programme alone, and it is all very sociable. Don ´t be afraid you will be alone, we will show you an awesome time!
It is a 20 minute bus ride, and buses stop across the street from the accommodation.
Our location is on one of the best beaches in town, but we will  take you to where the best conditions are depending on your level
Local shops have anything you need and you can store your groceries in our fridge. There is a vending machine for drinks.
There are a few and a new one just opened around the corner, which is a great place to hangout.
Sorry, sheets only.  You need to bring your own towels and beach towels.
There are sharks in Cape Town area. However, a local kiter has never seen one in the five years he has been kiting along these beaches. There are hundreds of people in the water at any one time enjoying a the sea and sunshine and no kiter has ever been taken by a shark. Sharks are not usually a problem.


Duration Shared room 3/4
3 Weeks 1099


  • We email you lots of information before departure with all trip details
  • Airport pick up included
  • Orientation on arrival
  • Five days surf lessons, 2 hours a day plus use of equipment for five days
  • Kitesurf   beginner qualification after three days, plus two extra days equipment rental
  • Five days SUP lessons, 2 housr a day plus use of equipment for five days
  • Snorkelling adventure to swim with the seals, equipment included
  • Mountain bike trip
  • Accommodation in a cool surf beach house
  • Linen
  • Meal (Braai) on Friday
  • The coolest parties! Trust us!


  • Travel insurance
  • Flights
  • Optional extra excursions
  • Use of surf, kitesurf and SUP equipment at weekends
  • Bath towels and beach towels
  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Transfer back to airport


We have multiple departures per month. Please contact us for specific dates & availability.

Aussie Surf Trip

Do you want to live the Aussie Dream? Beaches, waves and great new mates, this is what it is all about dude. Beach parties, incredible breaks and learning to surf on some of Australias most untouched beaches. We will take you from Sydney to Byron Bay on an unforgettable 5 day surfari, all you have to do is look good on a board and enjoy Aussie BBQs and hospitality.

Do you want to live the Aussie Dream? Beaches, waves and great new mates, this is what it is all about dude. Beach parties, incredible breaks and learning to surf on some of Australia’s most untouched beaches. We will take you from Sydney to Byron Bay on an unforgettable 5-day surfari, all you have to do is look good on a board and enjoy Aussie BBQs and hospitality.

Aussie Surf Trip

Surfing is the ultimate Australia lifestyle. Beaches, waves, parties and BBQ ´s. This is your chance to sample it with the best of them. Cool surf instructors will teach you how to surf and catch the perfect wave (or you can improve if you know what you are doing), in one of the most stunning and fun surf spots in Australia. Travel does not get much better than this. With different route options from Sydney to Byron Bay, Sydney to Sydney or Brisbane to Sydney you do quite some distance and see a lot of the east coast too!

Aussie Surf Trip  Highlights Include:

This is one of the most popular activities for backpackers in Australia for good reason:

  • Get picked up from Sydney. Head up the coast on a train. Alternatively, start in Brisbane.
  • Surfing with new mates and learning this fun sport
  • You get to socialise and meet lots of people quickly as you are hanging out learning how to surf by day and partying together at night
  • You visit and stay at one of the most fantastic beaches off the beaten track
  • Surfing gets you super fit!




Full Trip Details

The Surf Trip departs from Sydney or Brisbane on any Monday, during Australian Summer there are also departures on a Wednesday.

For the standard five-day trip you can start from:

  • Sydney and finish in Byron Bay or Brisbane (Byron is a hip and popular surf town close to Brisbane). Most Popular!
  • Start in Brisbane and finish in Sydney
  • Start in Sydney and finish in Sydney (also known as the boomerang)

Itinerary based on Sydney to Byron Bay

Day 1

At 6:15 you will be picked up opposite the Wake Up hostel in Down Town Sydney. We can book you in the hostel one or more days before so you can enjoy Sydney (check the wake-up package). . You head up the coast on a train with the guide. It’s a long 9-hour journey but super fun once you arrive.

Day 2

Early rise and get ready for a 2-hour surf lesson after a good breakfast. The beach is just a short stroll across the sand and after lunch and an hour or so to chill we will take you back in the water. You will probably catch your first wave standing up today if you did not already yesterday! In the evening, it is time for an Ozzie barbeque and the group hangs out together. By now everyone knows one another and you will have settled in nicely.

Day 3, 4

Morning and afternoon surfing lessons. This is where you find yourself improving, and if your luck is in the surf condition may pick up some bigger waves to test you! Be warned, though, you may start to find your muscles aching at this point, but hey, the first rule of surfing is to look cool, so no pain NO GAIN!

Day 5

After breakfast, we take you to Byron Bay! You can check into one of the hostels, we can recommend you one, and in the evening, we meet up with the whole group to party and say goodbye. Expect a night out at the infamous Cheeky monkeys. Drinking games and partying to end an epic five-day adventure, before going to bed to face a new day of travel in the morning.

PLEASE NOTE:  Sydney return trips (‘Boomerang’) you stay at our surf camp only, with all lessons, accommodation and meals at the Surf Camp. No trip to Byron Bay is included with this option.

Meet people!

If you are nervous about going it alone in Australia and want to know which is the best way to have fun and meet people, then this is the trip for you. Most of the people on the trip are solo travellers, but by the end of the trip everyone knows every one! You party together, surf together, eat and sleep (in dorms ;)) together. You will make great mates for life guaranteed.

The surf crew at the camps go along way to easy you into it as well, in fact they are a really good laugh and groups can ´t help but have a good time with the team. Check out the Crescent head video on the video section to meet some of the crew.

Incredible beach front camp

Tents, no thanks. Imagine spectacular beaches and comfy chilled accommodation where you can relax in between surfing. See accommodation section for details.

You would be nuts not to…

This trip was voted as the best backpacker trip for good reason, if you are coming to Australia, and not intending to surf, you are missing out. Big time! This is the nation that made surfing famous! With the days of fun, top instruction and incredible settings it will be one of your Australian highlights.


Spot X Surf Camp

Your accommodation on the surf trip will be in the legendary spot X surf camp.  In Summary:

Right on the beach with the prime spot in a popular surfers hang out. A great place to hook up with lots of travellers all trying out some surfing. For the extra brave you can also do a sky dive from this location. You stay in dorms up to 12 share, a great way to meet people!

This is just North of Coffs Harbour, and located on a huge sandy beach, set right at the door of the camp. There is a great vibe at the camp as quite a few surf trips stop here. The area is not exclusive to us, but we do occupy the best spot, with a cool club house, bar, chill out zone and all the surf equipment you could need located right on the beach. There is an internet cafe to show your mates of Facebook the awesome (or serious wipe outs) of the day and the support team are on hand to not only get you out in to the waves, but keep you entertained with some serious partying!

Home comforts and great food

Battling the monster waves leaves you pretty exhausted after a 2 hour session, so waiting for you back at camp is some home comforts, chill out areas and unbelievable food. When the party dies down at night, you can rest your now aching muscles in comfortable dorms ready to wake up to an awesome breakfast and another day of hitting the surf under the watchful eye of top surf pros.

Where to start

Most travellers start this programme in Sydney and we also offer a combination pack with a few nights in a hostel with many many extra’s in Sydney. We call this programme Awesome Oz. At the end of the trip you get dropped of in Byron Bay or Brisbane and you can decide to travel further up the coast.

You can also start in Brisbane (Or Byron Bay) and end in Sydney. If you do not intend on travelling up the coast (or not yet anyway) you can also do the boomerang trip, this heads from Sydney and arrives back in Sydney.

If you are looking to travel up the east coast and do all adrenaline activities like surfing, skydiving, off roading on Fraser island and diving, check out our Ultimate Australia programme!

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Most don ´t in fact, but that is what it is all about, sampling the ultimate Aussie lifestyle of surfing, parties, beaches and great food.
The groups sizes vary but can be up to 50 people! Wow! But the lessons are not as big you will have a low instructor to student ratio, so we can keep an eye on you and make sure you are improving your surf skills!

No, although this is a big part of it, it is also about the surfing lifestyle of beach parties, good times and one exciting road trip up the coast. In fact, this is a great way to meet people and escape the stress of the cities, do some easy travel and see some of the amazing coastlines. One thing is for sure, whether you catch an amazing wave or fall flat on your face, you will have a great time.

We do have wifi available, the price is $5AUD for 24hours, $10AUD for 3 days and $15AUD for 7 days.

There isn’t an ATM, however, we do accept Eftpos and there are daily shuttles running to Woolworths so you can get cash out there.

Yes. You can link up with the Oz experience, greyhound or be dropped of in Byron bay or Brisbane afterwards. Most people end in Byron Bay through because it is an awesome town and a East Coast hot spot. If you are planning on travelling up the east coast then this is perfect for you. The price covers your transport costs from Sydney to Byron (or Brisbane), Accommodation, activities and food. The distances covered are pretty big, so it will take a load off your transport budget.

Yup you probably do! Arrange an impartial, no obligation Skype conversation, or drop us an email and we can answer all your questions. Also, don ´t forget to sign up to trip notes as well! We also have reviews and behind the scenes action on our blog too.
Duration Option Price  


  • Pre departure information pack
  • All transport by train
  • All Accommodation at our surf camp in shared accommodation
  • New surf equipment with a range of long and short boards, wetsuits and sun cream (you will need it!)
  • All instruction (with professionally qualified surf instructors)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the surf camps (except lunch on the road on the travel days but we do stop for supplies.)



  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance
  • Lunch on travel days


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