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An awesome three weeks in Mexico. The perfect blend of Action, Adventure and Cultural discovery. Join our groups and our guides will show you Mexico at its Xtreme best!

The Xtreme Mexico Experience is split into a Settle in & Spanish Week, a Mayan Culture & Party Week and an Xtreme Activity Week with many different options. The perfect blend for an excellent Caribbean Holiday full adventure and beach time! Expect adventures and good times with new friends.

Xtreme Mexico Experience

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Want To Travel To Mexico In A Group? Now You Can.

You can now join the 3 week Xtreme Mexico Experience in Playa Del Carmen! The place to be.

1: Settle in & Learn Spanish, 2: Mayan Culture & Party, 3: Xtreme Activity



1: Settle in & Learn Spanish

2: Mayan Culture & Party

3: Xtreme Activity



Weekly Breakdown


Week 1: Settle in & Spanish

Sunday Arrival Day

We will have morning and afternoon airport pickups. From Cancun airport its only a short 45-minute ride to our excellent hostel in Playa Del Carmen. You have some time to settle in and sip on a Corona, or enjoy a home brewed coffee while you get to know the others. In the evening, we include a Mexican welcome dinner, and our guide will tell you all about your trip and answer all questions you might have. After that,   we take you for a shorts stroll around town, so you know where you are and what is where! The perfect start!

Don ´t be a gringo. Speak the lingo

Monday morning: Start Spanish Lessons

Monday morning you will be taken to a gorgeous Spanish school. It is an open air set up with lots of fun activities thrown in so you will not feel like you are at a “school”. In reality, it is an excellent way to learn basic Spanish and do some cool activities. We have plenty planned for the week. Like Mexican cooking, day trips and salsa classes.

The lessons run in the morning, finishing at   1 pm, so you have plenty of time to hit the beach and explore with your new buddies.

  • Spanish Lessons: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm
  • Excursion: Coba Mayan Village
  • Mexican cooking classes
  • Salsa Classes
  • Beach Volleyball or Football on the Beach
  • Evening out at Social Cafe, Cocktail Night!
  • Certification

There will be plenty of free time to explore or hang out at the beach during the week, but you will also get involved in lots of different social activities in the afternoons and evening. This way you will get to know lots of people in Playa del Carmen, not just the people in the Xtreme Mexico Gap Year group. People from all over the world enrolled in the language school. It’s a really social environment, and you will make friends very quickly.

You will have Saturday and Sunday as free days to enjoy as you want. Need ideas? There are lots of extra activities you can book to upgrade your Mexico trip. Like scuba diving, stand up paddling, cultural experiences, whale shark snorkeling trips… you name it!

Week 2: Mayan Culture & Party Time

Nowhere else in the world boasts such a great mix of ancient civilizations and modern day playtime. On the second week you will have both.

Okay the first thing we should mention in this itinerary is that it can change depending on the season and the time you go. We substitute different activities during different months to get the most out of your time in Playa del Carmen. For example: The whale sharks are only around from 15 May to 15 September. When they are in town you definitely want to see them so we make sure it is included in your itinerary. No matter what, with us you know you’re going to have an incredible adventure with a group of like-minded travellers all up for having the best time of their lives.


Monday – Good morning with water sports

Xtreme Gap Playa del Carmen Mexico (113)Monday mornings: Most people hate them, but you won’t as you will be starting off   by greeting the sunrise with a stand-up paddle adventure. The beach is only 5 min walk from the hostel, and even if you have never tried stand-up paddle before, it’s great fun to get out on the water experience a true Mexican sunrise. If the wind is in you can have a go on our kite surf trainer kite, to see if you have the feel for what it takes to become a kite surfer. It may be an early start (6 am!) but it is worth it, and breakfast will be waiting back in the hostel.

Beach Club visit! Later that day we will take you to a stunning beach club. What else can you wish for Chillaxing and zipping cocktails in the Caribbean! The Parrot beach club is legendary, and gives you access to one of the most stunning beaches of Playa!


Tuesday – Chichen Itza

Yes! Its time to Explore the Mayan Ruins. The most famous Mayan ruins and global heritage site. Famed for its human sacrificial ceremonies, this day trip will blow your mind! Built to awe, the pyramid known as El Castillo has become the towering icon of Chichen Itza.


Wednesday – Whale sharks Or Mayan Xtreme!

Whale Sharks
From 15 May to 15 September Mexico is one of the best places in the world to see whale sharks. The can be up to 150 of them feeding and breeding off the peninsular. An early start we will transfer you in an air-conditioned van to the waiting fast boat. High horsepower engines will blast you through the aqua marine waters in search of whale sharks. When we find them you will be guided by our trained whale shark Marine guides. The experience of actually swimming with these incredible creatures, which can reach up to 18 feet is virtually impossible to describe. It’s just amazing.

Sian Kaan Adventure Day!
Between 16 September and 14 May we have the Mayan Xtreme Adventure for you in place called Sian Kaan. This epic day will have you speed boating, jungle trekking and drifting in crystal clear Mangroves. Mind blowing nature, jungle trekking and high speed adrenaline.


Thursday – Xtreme Maya Adventure Day. Cenotes, Ziplines and JungleXtreme Gap Playa del Carmen Mexico (61)

Be part of nature as you experience the most thrilling adventure ride

Immerse yourself in the perfect mix of adventure & nature. Fly 20 meters (60 feet) above the jungle canopy on the fastest zip line ride in the region!

Test your nerves as you rappel 20 meters (60 ft) down into the Mayan jungle. Afterwards, wind down and snorkel in the mystical waters of an underground river with crystal-clear waters and astounding rock formations. Finally, delight yourself by sampling authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine as the perfect finish.

Friday –   Beach Club & Bar Crawl

On Friday we head to the beach, with access to the blue parrot beach club with beach towels included. This is one of the top beach destinations in the world, so go out and enjoy! On Friday evening there is an optional bar crawl, and if you are up for a big night out we head to Cocobongo.

Tequila, Michael Jackson, shows and more tequila… after all its friday night

  • Other activities can include (local payment or bookable in advance):
    Chichen Itza Day trop 45 gbp
  • -Tulum- Coba- Cenote 50gbp – a really recommended tour mainly because you get a lot for what you pay – entrance to Tulum ruins, a cenote, lunch, mayan village, and coba ruins. 7am to 7pm.
  • Catamaran to Isla mujeres 55gbp – it is a day trip to Isala mujeres on a catamaran with alcohol. They visit the beach in Isla, go to the shops a little bit, go to snorkel, lunch
  • Bacalar – 2/3 days trip – 80gbp- we can organize a 2 day trip with a boat tour at the lagoon and a night or two at the hostel. It is an amazing place.
  • There is also a full week of activities at the hostel as well. (These activities and schedule may change but that is a general idea of what we have).
  • Monday – Guitar Night/ Open mic – free
    Thursday – Argentinian BBQ “All you can eat” – 9GBP
    Tuesday and Friday – Cenote tours – 15 GBP
    Saturday – Our Famous “Mojito Lesson” – 4GBP
    Sunday – Movie Night – FreeWe also organise 2 times a week “Donations Yoga” and Donations Salsa classes, we will soon add also Spanish lesson for donations also. There is always something going on!


Week 3  Xtreme Option Week

You pick your option at the Xtreme Activity week.

As its your trip, and we understand not everyone is the same you can pick your option. What ever suits you best let us know and we arrange it for you. You can choose between the options below (its all pretty amazing!)

  • Skydive
  • Kitesurfing beginner course
  • PADI Open Water Diving
  • Freediving beginner course
  • CrossFit sessions
  • Yoga sessions
  • Xtreme Reporter

Activities In Detail


While attached to your jumpmaster, you will exit the plane from 10,000 feet. After a 40 second freefall, you and your instructor will be suspended in a dual harness below an oversized ram-air canopy.

While under canopy, the instructor will assist you in guiding the canopy to a soft, on-target beach landing.

Beginner Kite surfing Course

The beginner kite surfing option includes a full learn to kite surf course consisting of several stages.

The course lasts approximately 12 hours covering the following

Learning to fly the kite, equipment harness and safety features (approximately 3 hours)
Body dragging. Prior to being able to stand up on the board it’s important to understand how to harness and control the power from the kite. Body dragging is undertaken in the water where you will use the kite to pull yourself over the waves at speed! (Approximately 3 hours)
Water start. Once you have mastered harnessing the power from the Kite you are ready to get up out of the water on the board. This is called water start you will have approximately 3 hours of instruction.


Different people progress at different speeds depending on how quickly you are able to master the different sections. You have 12 hours in total of instruction which can be completed at any time during the three weeks you are there. As kite surfing is wind dependent we will not leave this all until the last week.

Should there not be favourable kite surfing conditions and you are unable to complete any of your time allotted you have the option to do an alternative activity ( stand-up paddle – yoga – CrossFit – extra Spanish) but there will be no refunds on any time not used. We believe you will have plenty of opportunity to complete your training however.

Xtreme Extra Support

We will also provide you access to extracurricular training to help further assist your learning. You will have access to the progression kite surf training DVD and a training kite to be able to practice your kite surfing and kite flying prior to starting your lessons. The more practice you have with kite flying the quicker you will learn and master the basics. Approximately 80% of kite surfing in the beginning is getting to grips with flying the kite. It’s much like driving, once you know how to actually drive the car it becomes second nature. The same as with kiting. Prior to worrying about wind direction and how to control the board, you need to know how to fly the kite. With the kite surf options you will have access to the trainer kite and you can use it as and when you like. This will be unsupervised and at your own risk.

There is no sugarcoating it kite surfing is an expensive activity to learn, but once you have the instruction under your belt and have your own equipment you can have limitless fun at zero cost. By utilising a trainer kite you can make the most of your instructions time and develop at a much quicker pace.

PADI Open Water Course

Your open water course is a ticket to complete underwater freedom. Accredited with PADI you can complete this 2 1/2 day course which includes four dives in the ocean. You will be taken through the theory and safety aspects of diving through modular theory and practical-based learning. Prior to starting you will be required to undertake a medical.

The PADI open water course qualifies you to dive to 18 m. Should you wish you can also complete your advanced open water taking you down to 30 m and go really extreme with the bull shark dive! This course includes 4 boat dives!

Beginner Freediving Course

Free diving is about getting to grips with what you are really capable of underwater. It is about the complete freedom and flexibility Of being able to explore the underwater world without limits. Why is it called free diving? Because you are free, normal diving you are constrained by nitrogen in your bloodstream, with free diving you can change your depth as fast as you like. This is particularly awesome in Playa del Carmen due to the large whale shark population, and as they are surface feeders they tend to dive and rise very fast meaning you cannot keep up with them with scuba tanks. Do the free diving course, bring underwater camera and you will be sure to have the most amazing experiences. 2.5 day beginner freediving course.

CrossFit Training Sessions

Cross Fit MexicoCrossFit is taking the world by storm. Widely regarded as one of the most effective ways of building fitness fast. It works on functional movements in a supportive environment. CrossFit boxes are popping up everywhere for good reason. In Playa del Carmen we have connections with a fantastic CrossFit box which will help you get that perfect beach body to show off on the white Sands and turquoise seas. The CrossFit option gives you one weeks box access.

Yoga Sessions

One of our cool options If you want something a little more sedate try yoga.  Five sessions in the final week. The Yoga sessions are at the most famous gym in Playa, around the corner from the Hostel. We include 5 sessions, time tables change from time to time, so check with our rep when in Playa del Carmen.



Living in a Caribbean paradise naturally you want to be by the beach. Don’t worry we have you covered. 5 min from the beach, you will find the Xtreme Gap Year base in Mexico. It’s a really social hostel, with lots going on. Every night people are encouraged to get together and do fun activities.  If you want to take advantage of Playa Carmen’s amazing nightlife, it’s on your doorstep. But there are plenty of chill out areas as well. You can get involved as much as you like or relax after a busy day’s activities totally up to you.

The rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning! All guests have use of a big terrace where they can relax or just share travel tips with other guests. Its located in a great neighbourhood, everything is round the corner, oh and there is free WiFi!


We include breakfast for you. Breakfast is a buffet style and includes – coffee, tea, bread, butter, 4 types of jam, 2 types of cereal, milk and 2 types of fruits, so good start of the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Its always a good time to come to Playa. Playa Del Carmen has a subtropical climate, so its weather ranges from warm to hot for most of the year. The average temperature over the year is about 27 ºC and the humidity is usually very high. The sea is almost always warm enough for a swim. Hurricane season is between August and October, with the peak activity generally being in early to mid September. But when we were there during this period…there was no hurricane at all, so do not let this stop you!

Yes there is! You can use the kitchen at the accommodation to prepare your meals. also in walking distance is a massive super market with beautiful food! So if you like preparing your own meals and you want to keep the costs down, this is a perfect option.
Anyone can join! super international crowd.

An open water course gains you the license to dive anywhere in the world. It is a full on PADI accredited scuba diving qualification.

Disclaimer: Please check yourself with your local consulate and do not take the below for granted!

The Government of Mexico requires that all travelers to present a valid passport to enter Mexico. Driver’s licenses, voter registration cards, affidavits and similar documents are not accepted.  
In Mexico VISA policy allows citizens of these countries to travel to Mexico without a visa: Andorra, Argentina. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, USA, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, United Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Most of your activities, all of your accommodation plus breakfast is included in the price the trip however you will need some spending money. We estimate $5-$10 per meal per day. $500  per week should be more than enough to cover you for the duration of your stay. It off course depends on how much you like to party….
Plenty! You will be in one of the top destinations in Mexico, and whilst there is loads crammed into this itinerary you will also have plenty of beach time and extra time to explore and do optional extras. Our guides at the hostel can tell you all about it!

Duration Option Price
3 (Week) Yoga/ Crossfit £ 1399 £ 1189 (SALE! 15.00% Off!) Book Now
3 (Week) Sky Dive £ 1559 £ 1325 (SALE! 15.00% Off!) Book Now
3 (Week) Freediving course £ 1689 £ 1436 (SALE! 15.00% Off!) Book Now
3 (Week) PADI Open Water £ 1689 £ 1436 (SALE! 15.00% Off!) Book Now
3 (Week) Kite Surf £ 1899 £ 1614 (SALE! 15.00% Off!) Book Now


  • Airport pickup Cancun
  • Transfer to Playa del Carmen from  Cancun
  • All accommodation (Dorm)
  • Xtreme Gap Year representative on-call
  • Welcome dinner on arrival
  • Walking tour of Playa del Carmen
  • Daily breakfasts at the hostel
  • Mexican cooking class
  • 20 hours of Spanish lessons
  • Whalesharks Safari in season (15 May to 15 October). Alternative is Sian Khan
  • Free diving/snorkelling in 3 different the Cenotes
  • Adventure day featuring the  highest Zip line in Latin America
  • Stalactite rivers
  • Underground rafting
  • speed boating, jungle trekking and drifting in crystal clear Mangroves.
  • One Xtreme activity option as per selection in week 3, take your pick between freediving, Open water, Crossfit, Skydive, Yoga,


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals unless stated
  • Extra spending money for drinks
  • Departure tax 50USD payable at the airport. ONLY USD!



The trip starts on the first Sunday of the month. The trip does not run in January


Xtreme Options In Week 3



Contact us with your questions below & Get a personalised response.