Choosing Volunteering Projects Abroad

Volunteering projects abroad.


There are many gap year companies offering volunteering projects abroad. If you are looking into volunteering projects abroad, then please do your research carefully. Before deciding upon which projects abroad most suit your gap year aspirations, consider what you want out of your gap year and your choice of projects abroad.

At Xtreme Gap we choose not to offer teaching volunteering specific projects abroad in our programs, for good reason. We believe that volunteering on your gap year is extremely worth while, but only if you deal direct with the organisation in country. Please do not pay over the odds to a UK based company if you think that the money you pay could be put to a more worthwhile cause direct with the organisation you choose to volunteer with.

Remember many UK gap year companies are money making businesses, with only secondary concerns for the welfare of projects. The Share holders will always come first.

This is particularly the case as one of the directors of the business experienced this first had with his gap year teaching in Tanzania with world challenge in 1997. It became pretty apparent that the gap year company had not considered the needs of the school projects abroad before the started supplying gap year students. Sending young people with no teaching ability or experience to teach 40 African students with no English language ability did not help the school or the students: Furthermore, this meant one less job for a local teach in the school.

Clearly the only party that benefitted was the gap year company in question world challenge. Now we are not saying all tefl or educational volunteering projects are dubious, but it is difficult to know if they are before heading out on placement. So for the avoidance of doubt, be sure to do the research.

At Xtreme Gap we believe your gap year will benefit you immensely and you will have some incredible experiences, whether you are choosing learning based projects abroad, conservation based projects abroad or extreme sports based projects abroad, our projects abroad are guaranteed to be great fun, and not charge over the odds to hide behind a dubious worthwhile cause.


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