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We made a rap video and we didn’t even screw it up.




Europe. We could launch into dreary waffle about history, culture and languages museums and the arts. About getting an education, and “developing personally” on gap year. But then we thought screw that. Lets make a rap about it.
All of this is on your doorstep. From Spain to France super clubs to surf camps not to mention the worlds best festivals now you be trippin.

Europe Gap Year Trip Ideas

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      Get fit and meet others on the paradise island of Majorca. Our one-week fitness bootcamp, set in a global heritage site, right by the beach delivers effective mixed impact training sessions. Feel fitter, look better and have an amazing fitness training holiday.

      Spend 4 to 8 weeks kite surfing every day in a stunning location. Living right by the sea, spend your days out on the water, perfecting an amazing sport! Beaches, kiting, good food good times!

      Do you love horses? Learn to understand and manage them, as you never have before while you get under the skin of the real Mallorca. Imagine the waving reeds, the mountain views in the distance, brilliant blue skies and spending your days learning how to be a horse whisperer, working on a new level with horses, expanding your skills and riding out into mountains.

      You may be wondering why Oktoberfest is held in such high regard by your previously well travelled friends. "What's the big deal?" You say, "it's just old fat drunk men singing unintelligible songs on tables and hugging each other." Sounds like your best nightmare, or your worst high school sleepover, right? To you I contend that it is both, and much more, and also not quite that.

      Imagine spending your summer in the exhilarating city of Barcelona, embracing all aspects of life in sunny Spain, from the sexy language and the blissful siestas to the mouth-watering food and amazing wine. It´s safe to say that life in Barcelona is pretty sweet. So don´t envy them, join them!

      Join us for a wicked party weekend in Barcelona. Beaches, sun and city tripping. Discounted club entry, cooking classes in the Gothic quarter or beer tasting. Wicked walking tour through this stunning city, great accommodation by the beach, breakfast and dinner sorted!

      Time to party your pants off with the best of them at some of Europe's top festivals and have an epic summer that you will probably forget. The Xtreme passport is your ticket to an incredible European summer choose from up to 21 festivals (more will be added soon) and let us know one week prior to arrival that you wish to attend and your space will be reserved.

      Ouzo. It ´s a bastard. Perhaps the only drink that crystallises in your stomach, so the next day when you go to hydrate you get pissed again. That pretty much sums up the week ahead of you on the Xtreme Greek islands party experience. Well it's not all plate smashing and drinking we throw in some extreme Quad safaris, boat trips and stay at a beautiful (if a little pink) resort as well. Should just about match your tan by the time you leave. A weeks pretty much all-inclusive less than £400? Bargain.

      Ibiza needs no introduction, but for the uninitiated you are in the time of your life. The world's best super clubs, amazing beaches and good times await you when you join our groups every weekend throughout the summer. " Nights fully inclusive for only £210... With unlimited drinks! That's the price of a couple of rounds in Ibiza. A great way to enjoy this amazing experience in the company of awesome people.

      Come climb up the hill with Xtreme and throw gallons of cheap wine over perfectly innocent strangers. San Vino, as we call it, La Batalla del Vino de Haro, as the locals call it, is a full on war path in the middle of the vineyard and we own it. All's fair in love and wine battles.

      Benicassim Festival is like Glastonbury without the mud. If you missed the mud don't worry you can make up for it with golden sands pure Mediterranean sunshine and some of the best live acts and lineups out of all summer festivals in Europe. When we do Benicassim Festival we go Xtreme! That means big groups of guys and girls up for a party. You have been warned. Fly into Barcelona on a cheap flight and make July awesome.

      Spanish and Sun 2 Week Crash Course Spain Learn Spanish and soak up the best weather in Europe. Taking in 3 major Spanish cities with optional Xtreme adventures on the way - you will learn Spanish for 20 hours per week, take part in Spains biggest festival, and indulge in Spanish culture from Flamenco to Tapas.

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