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All you need to travel between two of South America’s most popular counties, Travel from Quito in Ecuador to Lima in Peru stopping off at lots of exciting places on the way. Why not extend this trip by adding on one or more of our other exciting South America programmes. Choose from Spanish and Surf in Ecuador, Trek the Inca Trail or one of the other choices and make your gap year experience one to remember.

Ecuador & Peru Travel Pass

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This ultra convenient hop-on hop-off bus pass is the best way to organize your transportation and adventure activities when travelling in South America. If you do not speak Spanish, it can be quite a hassle and a bit of a minefield to make your way around this fascinating continent. Don’t let language issues put you off exploring these amazing countries


  • Three day, two night Amazon Experience
  • Cajas National Park
  • Llanganuco Lagoon

This travel pass makes it easy to go backpacking in South America. We include all your transportation and loads of free activities en route. What’s more all the itineraries are flexible and we have daily departures to make this the ideal solution to travel South America.

Pass options

  • Start: Quito, Ecuador
  • End: Lima, Peru
  • Travel in one direction
  • Reverse travel possible (Start Lima, end Quito)
  • Minimum trip time recommended is 19 days



Day 1
Quito Salsa Lesson & Homestay 2D/1N (Multi Day Tour)
Day 2
** Quito Salsa Lesson & Homestay 2D/1N
Day 3
Cotopaxi Bike Day Trip (Day Tour)
Day 4
Quito to Banos (Public Local Bus)
Day 5
Banos Canopy & Bridge Experience (Day Tour)
Day 6
Self-Guided Waterfall Route by Bike (Day Tour)
Day 7
Banos to Cuenca via Riobamba (Public Bus)
Day 8
Cuenca HopOn HopOff City Tour (Day Tour)
Day 9
Cuenca to Guayaquil (Public Bus)
Day 10
Guayaquil to Mancora (Public Bus)
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Mancora to Trujillo (Public Bus)
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Trujillo to Huaraz (Public Bus)
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Huaraz to Lima (Public Bus)
Day 20
Lima Urban Discovery (Day Tour)


No accommodation is included with this pass, but you do have access to exclusive discounts for hostels en route.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer you the safest and best local transportation available in each sector. You may find yourself aboard a first class public bus with A/C, TV and WC, a 12 passenger mini-van. In developing countries where the infrastructure is not the best, such as Guatemala, Honduras or Bolivia you will travel in local shuttle transportation, second class buses, flights or trains. Rest assured you will travel on the best available means of transport. Getting from one destination to the next will surely be an exciting experience!
Send us an email a few days before your initial departure date so we can get in touch with you and send you the information regarding your pass and free activities. You can also give us a call on the phone or on Skype to speak with a Bamba representative in person at any time.

Easy! Contact us via e-mail, GMAIL chat, Skype or over the phone and let us know when you wish to depart. We will confirm your departure by sending you an e-mail with your confirmation numbers and information.

If your next route is by mini-van…  we will ask you where you are staying so we know where to pick you up. All you have to do is wait at your hostel to be picked up at the specified time.

If your next route is by first class public bus or flight…  We will send you an e-ticket number, departure time and bus station / airport address via e-mail where you will need to arrive on your own at least 30 minutes prior to your departure. There you can present your photo ID and e-ticket number at the indicated ticket counter to pick up your paper tickets or boarding pass.

If your next route is by local bus or train…  We will send you a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how and where to pick-up your ticket so you can board the bus. Sometimes, we will deliver the tickets to your hotel reception.

Everything is handled in an environmentally-friendly electronic format, so your bus pass vouchers and sector confirmation numbers will be sent to you via e-mail two days prior to each sector of your trip.
Your hop-on hop-off bus pass can only be used in the direction of the pass purchased. If you would like to add sectors or change the dates of departure you can reach us via email, Skype, or telephone any time!
The bus pass has a one year validity meaning you can begin and end your pass any time you want, taking as long as you desire between stops to enjoy all of the unique and interesting destinations as well as free activities included in your pass along the way.
We provide you with a list of recommended hostels or budget hotels in each destination so you can stay in safe, fun, comfortable and affordable lodgings during your trip where you can meet like-minded travellers and have a great time.  Accommodation is not included in the pass price.
Yes! The   hop-on hop-off bus pass is a flexible and convenient way to travel which allows you to make changes to your itinerary (departure dates) any time you desire so you can enjoy each destination to the fullest!
It means it´s the absolute minimum recommended time that you should allow to complete the trip. We always recommend more time to complete the pass and enjoy the cities, beaches, activities and nature without feeling rushed.
Many travellers arrive on their own and make friends quickly so feel free to do the same! The hostels and free activities are a great place to meet people and since everyone has the freedom to change their departure dates, you might meet new travel partners and link up with them during your trip.
If you are between the ages of 18 and 118, we invite you to travel with us Latin America and have the time of your life!


Duration Option Price  
20 (Days)GBP 699Book Now


  • Transport in first class public buses or hostel to hostel mini-vans.
  • Free activities and top attractions along the route.
  • Exclusive discounts in recommended hostels and on activities along the way (details in your travel documentation after booking).
  • Fully flexible itineraries with no time limit to the journey
  • Departures every day in all routes and activities.
  • English speaking backpacker concierge for all of your questions and itinerary changes.
  • Email, Skype, MSN, Gmail Chat or over the phone to speak with a Bamba representative.
  • Free destination guide with recommendations on where to stay, things to do, adventure activities and more in every destination along your route.
  • Make friends and have the time of your life with like-minded travellers.
  • Unforgettable experiences throughout Latin America.


  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Spending money

Included activities with this pass:

  • Llanganuco Lagoons Day Trip
  • HopOn HopOff City Tour
  • Local Encounter 2D/1N
  • Canopy & Bridge Experience
  • Waterfall Experience
  • Cotopaxi Bike Day Trip


We have multiple departures per month. Please contact us for specific dates & availability.
“Everyone was super helpful, friendly, and knowledgable! They took care of all the logistics so that my trip was stress free! The routes and attractions were excellent..”
“We travelled from Lima to La Paz and it was wonderful. Everything was well organized and the activities were lots of fun. The contact was excellent and they replied to all of our questions very quickly.”
Lauren Dubois


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