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Imagine spending your summer in the exhilarating city of Barcelona, embracing all aspects of life in sunny Spain, from the sexy language and the blissful siestas to the mouth-watering food and amazing wine. It´s safe to say that life in Barcelona is pretty sweet. So don´t envy them, join them! The exciting trip feature a great intro to the city with an intensive language course.

 Learn Spanish In Barcelona With Xtreme Activities!

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Barcelona is one of the coolest cities in Spain, and Europe. Not only do you get to live here, immersing yourself in a new culture for a few weeks or months, but you´ll also become fluent in one of the most important and widely used languages in the world. After Barcelona, there´ll be no stopping you from hopping on a plane to South America, Central America or the Caribbean; the world is your oyster when you master the language of love!

Barcelona is a fantastic place to live and learn Spanish for many reasons; the year-round great weather, the amazing arts and music scene, including huge festivals like Benicassim, the Primavera Sound Festival and Sonisphere Barcelona Festival, and, of course, the city´s central location in Europe allows you to easily explore some of the best spots on the continent.

Did we mention that Barcelona is a beach city? So, if you´re feeling too hot from the gorgeous weather, or you want to relax after an intensive Spanish lesson, you can simply stroll to the beach to dip your toes in the warm Mediterranean  Sea.

What should you do when you´re not studying Spanish? There are lots of things to do on your time off, from exploring the history and culture of Barcelona through the beautiful architecture, the amazing museums and the mesmerising art, to travelling around the country and continent, visiting the best beaches, cities and festivals that Europe has to offer. Trust us, there´s nowhere more exciting to spend a gap year than Europe in the summertime!


We pack a load into this short itinerary that you still have plenty of time to check out the must see places and obligatory sites like the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell Cathedral and much more.

  • Intensive Spanish language classes
  • Two hour boat party with live DJ and Unlimited beer and sangria (throughout the summer until the end of September)
  • Lots of social excursions and activities in Barcelona






Learning Spanish in Barcelona is easy, fun and flexible. All of our courses in Barcelona can be completely tailored to suit your lifestyle, whether you want to accommodate a job and can only commit to a few hours of learning each week, or if you want to fully immerse yourself in the language-learning process and come out speaking Spanish like a native.

From just 5 hours a week in the mornings or evenings, to over 30 hours a week of intensive full-time learning, our Spanish courses are both professional and extremely effective, leaving you with plenty of time and independence to decide how you spend the rest of your time in Spain.

In fact, the courses have a nice little twist to them in the form of ´gamification´. In the ´Casa´ where you will go to complete your lessons, beginners start on the bottom floor of the building (Level A1) and literally ´level up´ as their Spanish improves and they move on to more difficult courses. By improving your skills, you will gradually move up to higher floors in the building until you reach the very top level; floor 6 (Level C2)!

It´s these small details that make learning Spanish with us so fun and intriguing. No more boring classes, yawn-inducing teachers or pointless books. We provide you with the best, most appropriate material, the coolest and most qualified teachers, and the most amazing way to learn Spanish fast; through living and immersing yourself in one of the coolest cultures and cities in Europe!

All of the Spanish courses have been certified by the Cervantes Institute, so you can be confident that the qualifications you receive in Barcelona will be widely recognized as standard-level Spanish qualifications across the world.

Course Schedule

Apart from the weather, food, amazing city and awesome culture, one of the main reason why so many students choose to study in our Barcelona Spanish school is because of the flexibility they are awarded here.

From choosing how many hours you want to study per week, to choosing how many weeks you will stay in Barcelona, there is a lot of room for flexibility and changes of plans. You can even extend your course on a week-by-week basis, in case you are not sure how long you can stay. That means you´ll have plenty of time to yourself for traveling, eating, partying, dating hot Spaniards, or whatever other way you choose to spend your time!

Choose from the Standard Spanish Courses (max. 10 students per class) with hours ranging from 6 to 30 hours per week, the Combined Spanish Courses (private and group lessons) with hours ranging from 5 to 24 hours per week, or a range of other courses like the Exam Preparation Courses, Private Spanish Courses, Express Spanish Courses and Long Courses (up to 48 weeks!!).

On  Arrival


With your accommodation sorted jump on the airport bus (A2) or get a train (departing every half an hour direct from the airport) and this will get you into the city centre in 20 min. Head to the homestay to check in, before heading over to our central Barcelona language school to meet the team.

Barcelona Highlights

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Parc Guell

Parc Guell

Plaza Espana

Barcalona 074

Homestay Accommodation

One of the really nice things about this learn Spanish programme is that you stay in a homestay in Barcelona. This really helps you integrate with the local environment and it’s really nice to have a supporting friendly family looking after you.

As the name suggests, a homestay is where you live with a host family. All of our host families have been thoroughly vetted, and are used to hosting our students so even if you are a little bit nervous about going to a completely foreign city you will be made most welcome.

The host family will take care of your accommodation and your food during your stay. Obviously, there’s a social side to studying Barcelona as well, as you will be meeting and hanging out with other students but always be mindful and respectful of your host family as well.

Typically you will have your own room in an apartment or house close to the language school. Each of our host families are located in different areas, so they will familiarise you with the Metro system (Barcelona has an excellent public transport infrastructure) and you will feel at home in no time.


Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Fly into El Prat Airport (Barcelona). With really cheap flights from most European destinations, it is very easy to get there.
We have around 300 people studying at the school at one time so it’s easy to make friends quickly. You’ll be broken into smaller groups of between 7-10 for your classes.

Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)GBP 589Book Now
2 (Week)GBP 1099Book Now
4 (Week)GBP 1669Book Now
6 (Week)GBP 2399Book Now
8 (Week)GBP 2299Book Now
12 (Week)GBP 3799Book Now


  • Awesome predeparture and in country support
  • 20 hours of Spanish language classes per week
  • Unlimited transport for the first three days throughout Barcelona
  • Homestay Accommodation
  • Two-hour boat party
  • The best fun you can have in Barcelona!


  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals unless stated


If you are a BEGINNER we start our Intensive program every 2 weeks on a Monday.
If you already speak some Spanish you can start any week on a Monday.

Please contact us for availability!




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