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Experience the Australian outback and get trained to get paid to work up to 12 months on a real Australian Ranch! This is an unique opportunity to experience a new way of life in the Australian Outback! It includes the Outback course PLUS a fun week in Sydney (Sydney ConneXion), transfer to the outback and fun activities like riding horses, motor bikes, quad bikes, 4 x 4 and tractors. So if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, sign up and start earning down under.

Work & Travel In The Outback With Jobs!

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Working in Australia on a real Australian Ranch in the outback… That is something different!

Before you are joining the course you have an awesome week in Sydney. This is the perfect way to start your travels in Australia. Your week in Sydney is all about having an amazing first week, meeting new friends and doing some incredible adventures fully guided in one of the coolest cities in the world. Whilst you’re out having fun we take care of all the hassle enabling you to get set up with a job with a 12 month membership access of the best backpacker job network in Australia. Everything is taken care for you so no worries about arriving in Australia this can turn into one of the most daunting yet exciting things you will ever do!

Then after 6 nights you are off the the Australian Outback for your Outback Ranch Training Programme. It includes 5 days of fun horseback riding, calf wrestling, sheep mustering, cattle drafting and whip cracking in the NSW Outback! You will gain the basic skills needed to work on a farm or cattle station in Australia whilst having the time of your life!

Highlights Include:

  • An action packed 7 days in Sydney crammed with activities.
  • New friends and new adventures in one of the coolest cities in the world.
  • Party boat cruise in Sydney Harbour (on our own catamaran no less!).
  • Fun and lively Xtreme Gap Team in Sydney to sort out your arrival.
  • 2 night excursion to the beautiful Port Stephens
  • Go Sandboarding and cuddle a kangaroo, see wild koalas.
  • Discover the amazing nightlife Sydney has on offer with a Sydney Party Bus Pub Crawl.
  • Our Sydney arrival package is guided by our awesome group leaders who’ll guarantee loads of fun with your new mates in Oz!
  • Learn to become a cowboy or cowgirl (or a jackaroo as we call it in Australia) and work on a Ranch
  • Getting out into the big wide spaces of the outback: Riding horses, 4×4’s, quads, bikes, and tractors
  • Cattle yard work and sheep mustering skills
  • 1 night en route to the outback included
  • 4 nights accommodation in the outback included
  • Upon successful completion of the programme you will be granted access to a list of available job contacts
  • Earnings after the course will be between AUD$250 to  AUD$600 per week

Please note, finding a job after the course for you is not included. Its important to know we cannot guarantee you will get offered a job on any specific field. You will get access to a list of available job contacts so you can source a farm job somewhere in Australia that suits your skills and ability. 



Part 1: Fun week in Sydney

The Essentials

  • Airport transfer direct to your hostel
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Job Assistance all over Australia for 12 months

The Fun Stuff

  • Awesome group leaders will show you around this awesome city!
  • Guided Sydney city tour to see the major sites
  • Harbour cruise on our own catamaran. See all the sites in style have a party and hit Sydney’s beaches
  • 2 night beach escape take you to Port Douglas one of the most beautiful locations in Australia
  • Sand dune off roading sandboarding
  • National park bush walk
  • Dolphin trip
  • Sydney party bus pub crawl
  • Sydney beaches tour

The Life Savers

  • Just landed info session
  • Online RSA for QLD, NT,WA,SA
  • Bar skills course. If you go straight from the Sydney Connex to the Outback programme you won’t have time to complete their Bar Skills course. When you are back in Sydney you can drop us an email and we will get you organised. We usually have one/two running a week depending on the time of year.
  • Job search assistance for 12 months
  • Cv review
  • Mail forwarding for 12 months
  • Australian Bank account
  • Sim Card activated number given on arrival
  • Tax file number arranged
  • Medicare organised. You have to make an appointment beforehand
  • Tax refund advice
  • Travellers Discounts
  • Free in Sydney offices
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Assistance from the locally based Xtreme team
  • Detailed pre departure pack before you leave

Full itinerary week 1

The itinerary for the 1st week is structured to make sure your first week down under is jam packed with the best activities Sydney has to offer. What´s more, accommodation and many meals are included, along with great company and dedicated expert guides for practical support and, of course, to help you milk the most out of every experience along the way.

Meet Your Mates On Monday

Straight from the plane, you drop into the Xtreme Gap base in Sydney, where you´ll meet up with all the other arrivals. For many this is the start of long friendships, that last for the duration of Gap time in Oz and beyond, so it´s super exciting to see everyone meet.

You´ll get an introductory session from your guides, who´ll let you know everything about the practicalities of being in Oz and what you can expect from the first week with us in Sydney. It´s low-key and fun, and everyone´s excited to get going, but before we do, you´ll also get all the arrival admin out the way. This is sorted by us before you get here and includes bank cards, mobile SIMs and tax numbers; all the requirements to set you up for your stay in Oz, beyond your Sydney experience.

From here it´s straight into the city, for a full and comprehensive tour of all the major sights. You´ll see all the fantastic architecture of the Sydney Harbour  from the iconic Opera House, to the formidable steel curves of the Harbour Bridge. Then, it´s on to the Royal Botanical Gardens, where the multitude of Australian fauna blooms in the shadow of the city´s looming skyscrapers.

In the night, you can unwind with a meal and a drink on us, getting to know your fellow travellers late into the Australian night.

Explore Sydney On Tuesday

After an early start, the Xtreme Gap crew give the whole group a comprehensive introduction to all the ins and outs of working and living in Australia. These guys really are in the know, with first-hand experience of Gapping in Oz, so they have all the answers for what´s what when it comes to setting up camp here.

Afterwards, the focus of Tuesday is all about adventure and exploration. We´ll take you on a Harbour cruise to show you the city sights from a whole new perspective and we´ll delve deeper into the New South Wales cityscape by adventuring to Fort Dennison (a prison-cum-lighthouse glowering over the bays downstream from the Sydney harbour), Luna Park and Watson´s Bay in Woollahra (where the sandstone cliff peninsulas jut dramatically into the ocean).

In between seeing the sights you can swim in the warm waters of the coastline that straddles the harbour, take photos, or just chill in the Sydney sun as you please.

Wildlife and Wild Land On Wednesday

Wednesday sees us get out of the metropolitan centre of Sydney and into the New South Wales wildlife. The Xtreme Gap basecamp is an area of 6 acres, covered in rich rainforest fauna and home to a myriad of very Australian critters. We set off early from town, to let you get the most of this different setting, where you´ll stay for the next three days and two nights.

Relax in the day in the company of Josie the Kangaroo, or go wildlife spotting to try and catch a glimpse of some koalas, echidnas or possums in the forest, or dolphins and whales in the nearby coastline shallows (the sea is just 5 minutes´ walk from the basecamp!).

After an evening swim watching the Aussie sun dip below the horizon, it´s pizza night at the basecamp!

Thrilling Thursday

We start Thursday with some adrenaline pumping sand boarding in the nearby dunes. We get up in the 4x4s and ride back down again, so there´s no dune here too high to conquer!

After everyone´s had their fill, it´s of for an adventure filled bush walk, guided by the Xtreme Gap crew. There´s loads of wildlife to see, and the walk ends on one of New South Wales´ best lookout spots, where there´s a chance to take photos and go Koala spotting (here, families are observable the entire year round!). Then, as the sunlight fades and night creeps in, we light the BBQ in true Aussie fashion, and chill out around the campfire into the early hours.

Party Boat Cruise on Frickin Awesome Friday

Friday´s a real high-point. The Xtreme Gap crew launch our very own boat and everyone gets up close and personal with the rich marine life of the New South Wales seas.

Aside from the bucket list beating dolphin spotting (when you´ll also have a chance to sit in the boom net while dolphins glide through the water below you), it´s also possible to spot whales in the water here.

The bonus here is that you´ll be on board your very own private boat, with just your guides and fellow gappers as company. We´re in full control of where we go, and we can explore the waters as we please; there really is no better way to experience this amazing place.

After the cruise we depart for Sydney and arrive at the highly rated WakeUp hostel. With a central location and a great selection of nightly entertainments, it´s a great way to get back into ´city mode´ and enjoy the Sydney night in style.

Shindig Saturday

While the daytime may all be about chilling and getting some hard-earned rest, the night time is about donning your dresses and brushing up nice. We meet in the early evening at one of the city´s best bars, where backpackers and locals enjoy the famous Australian beers, and gear themselves up for a night on the town.

From here, we get hedonistic on the Xtreme Gap Sydney Pub Crawl. With entry and drinks at 4 bars and clubs included, you´ll experience all the facets of nightlife that has made this city so famous.

Leaving Sydney on Sunday

We’ll arrange your train journey to Tamworth, NSW where you’ll spend a night before starting your Ranch Course. Get to meet others in your group. Your accommodation is pre-arranged. The following morning, our rep will meet you at reception and take you to the farm.

Part 2: Work on a Ranch in Australia

What can you expect to be doing this second week?

Horse Riding & Handling

Learn how to ride on horseback, and gain knowledge and skills needed for general horse handling and care. Be introduced to the way of Natural Horsemanship, learn how horses think and communicate with them. Take the horses for a swim in a local swimming hole (in the warmer months).

What is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural Horsemanship mainly focuses on the horse expect of farming, with an alternative way of “controlling” the horse.

Natural Horsemanship is about learning how the horse thinks and communicating with the horse using the horses own language. It’s about creating a relationship between you and the horse where your horse does things for you because he wants to, not because he is forced to. A partnership where both parties have responsibilities to the other and from this deep trust is developed where the horse accepts you and looks to you for leadership. This allows humans to enjoy a lot better partnership with their horse.


The lasso is used today in rodeos as part of the competitive events, such as calf roping and team roping. It is also still used on working ranches to capture cattle or other livestock when necessary. You will learn to catch cattle with a lasso and have competitions with your fellow students.

Cattle Mustering

We’ll muster cattle from the paddocks to the yard. Assist with stock work such as drenching and tagging. A muster is the process of gathering livestock and usually involve cattle, sheep or horses, but may also include goats, camels, buffalo or other animals.


Fencing is one of the most important pieces of farm infrastructure and our instructors will show you how to install and maintain fences. A properly installed fence will keep livestock/pets safe and secured and will keep any unwanted visitors outside the property.

Sheep Shearing

On Aussie farms, shearing is generally carried out in the spring, so sheep don’t become overheated in the summer. A long fleece is likely to become dirty and drag along the ground, decreasing the mobility of sheep. During your course, you will shear a sheep and learn about sheep health and husbandry.

Day to Day itinerary in the outback

Monday Day 1:

  • Pick up at 9.00 am from Tamworth YHA in Tamworth
  • A quick stop at a second hand store where you can buy cheap work clothes
  • Introduction and a cup of tea on arrival at Leconfield
  • A grooming and saddling up lesson
  • Lunch
  • A lesson on Natural Horsemanship riding followed by a ride
  • including bush survival and local bush tucker

Tuesday Day 2:

  • Catch and saddle the horses
  • A Natural Horsemanship lesson
  • Barefoot trimming Lesson
  • A whip cracking and lassoing lesson
  • Lunch
  • Before the ride we play some Natural Horsemanship games with our horse
  • Mustering sheep on horseback
  • A demonstration in using working dogs
  • Trotting & cantering in the arena
  • A barrel race on horseback
  • A talk on sheep health and husbandry
  • A sheep shearing lesson

Wednesday Day 3:

  • A Natural Horsemanship lesson
  • Pasture improvement
  • Lunch
  • Fencing or yard building

Thursday Day 4:

  • Catch and saddle the horses
  • We play some Natural Horsemanship games with our horse
  • Mustering cattle on horseback
  • Yarding and drafting cattle
  • Lunch
  • A talk on cattle breeds and husbandry
  • A lassoing competition
  • Wrestling, branding and marking calves

Friday Day 5, last day

  • A lesson on maintaining saddlery
  • Catch and saddle the horses
  • Swim the horses (in the warmer months)
  • We play some Natural Horsemanship games with our horse
  • Games on horseback
  • A ride where we take the horses for a trot and a canter
  • Muster cattle in for cow working in the arena
  • Head to local pub for dinner around 6pm
  • Return to Tamworth YHA around 9pm
    Most people stay at YHA Tamworth one more night (own costs) and catch the morning train back to Sydney on Saturday

Meals & Accommodation

You have one nights accommodation when travelling from Sydney to the Ranch before starting the course. On the Ranch you will receive 5-days/4-nights accommodation and all meals. All evenings are spent around the campfire with open-air camp oven cooked meals.

Accommodation at the Ranch is in a dorm with bunk beds.

Job Contacts

Upon successful completion of the programme you will be granted access to a list of available job contacts so you can source a farm job somewhere in Australia that suits your skills and ability. Most jobs include meals and accommodation and you can expect to earn $200 – $500p/w after tax and accommodation. Please be aware, a job offer is not guaranteed. It helps if you can work at least 3 months. If not there are plenty of farm of WQOOFingv (working on a farm for food & accommodation, no pay)  jobs in Australia.


  • 6 Nights in Sydney
  • 1 night in Tamworth enroute to the outback
  • 5-Day / 4-Night Ranch Programme
  • Travel Sydney > Outback Ranch
  • All Meals (at the Ranch not in Sydney) & Accommodation
  • Possible job upon successful completion

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

If you have only booked the Ranch Course and not the Sydney welcome week, then we recommend that you arrive on the Saturday before your course start date (Monday) as your train transfer leaves early on the Sunday morning before your course start date. We can recommend an awesome hostel for your additional night”]
No, just have a positive attitude, willingness to learn, work hard, and the ability to follow instructions.
  • Anyone between 18 and 30 years! Both Australians and international visitors. You just need to meet the below requirements:
  • Understand, speak and write fluent English.
  • Possess the correct working holiday visa (if applicable).
  • Have an Australian Medicare Card, if not eligible then comprehensive.
  • Personal – Travel Insurance.
  • Be fit and able to complete the course.
  • Notify any medical conditions- medication, prior injuries, dietary conditions or learning disabilities.
  • Recommended: have a drivers´ license. You can still do the course if you do not have one, but your job offers may be limited.
  • Quad bikes riding and basic maintenance.
  • Bike riding and basic maintenance.
  • Stock horse riding.
  • Tractor driving and basic maintenance.
  • Rural fencing techniques.
  • 4×4 Operation, off-road driving and basic maintenance.
  • Useful knots.
  • Cattle and sheep mustering.
  • Cattle yard work, and sheep sheering.
  • Girls often have as a first job helping out the lady of the house, unless very experienced in farm work already it tends to be too tough to start immediately in the outback.
You can travel where ever you like. Accommodation and travel will be at your own expense. This can be a great opportunity a chance for you to travel before working in possibly a remote area. We usually recommend you to go to a large city/town near your new job. We can also assist with travel arrangements once you are out here.


Duration Option Price  
6 (Days)Only Outback (Sunday arrival)GBP 599Book Now
7 (Days)Only Outback (Saturday arrival)GBP 639Book Now
12 (Days)Sydney and OutbackGBP 1139Book Now

Included Sydney ConneXion (1st week)

  • Sydney work and travel assistance and help every step of the way.
  • An action packed 7 days in Sydney crammed with activities.
  • New friends and new adventures in one of the coolest cities in the world.
  • Party boat cruise in Sydney Harbour (on our own catamaran no less!).
  • Fun and lively Xtreme Gap Team in Sydney to sort out your arrival.
  • 2 night excursion to the beautiful Port Stephens including breakfast.
  • Go Sandboarding and cuddle a kangaroo, see wild koalas.
  • Discover the amazing nightlife Sydney has on offer with a Sydney Party Bus Pub Crawl.
  • Our Sydney arrival package is guided by our awesome group leaders who’ll guarantee loads of fun with your new mates in Oz!

Included Outback Course

  • 1 night enroute
  • 5-Day / 4-Night Ranch Programme
  • Travel Sydney > Outback Ranch
  • One night in Tamworth
  • All Meals & Accommodation (not in Sydney)
  • Possible job upon successful completion


  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Not all meals are included (no meals in Sydney)
  • Drinks
  • Cost of transport to job placement
  • Transfers back to Sydney
  • Outfit
  • If you just book the outback course the 12 month job assistance is not included


The dates below are for the 5 day outback Training.

When you book the full pack; including the Sydney Connection; arrival is a week earlier (the Monday prior)

The transport from Sydney as well as 1 night in Tamworth will be arranged for the Sunday; the actual training starts on Monday.

Course Start Dates – Must arrive on the Saturday before for early transfer on Sunday before course start dates.


Monday August: 26th

Monday September: 9th; 23rd

Monday October: 7th; 21st

Monday November: 4th (Last Spots); 18th (Full)

Monday December: 2nd


Monday January 13th; 27th

Monday February 10th; 24th

Monday March 09th; 23rd

Monday April; 6th; 20th

Monday May; 4th; 18th

Monday June 1st;

Monday July; 6th



Contact us with your questions below & Get a personalised response.