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Experience summer beach parties, make new heaps of new friends from all over the world, relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand while learning how to become a surf instructor. The programme takes place about a two hour drive from Byron Bay. Here you find the secluded beaches and the surf camp where you will eat, breathe and live surf! You will develop your surfing abilities, focus on your teaching techniques and then we qualify you to work in the industry.

Surf Course Instructor Australia

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Become a professional surf instructor & get the best job going in Australia

The surf academy courses are run by qualified surf coaches at our purpose built surf camp two hours from Byron Bay on the beautiful mid north coast of Australia. In three months you learn all surfing skills from beginner to pro from an ex-professional and gain all you need to get an amazing job down under. It´s all about the surf and you get to live the ultimate life style.  You will learn coaching skills and life saving skills. The certificate is recognized worldwide and is the perfect start for a new career! All inclusive too, so all your meals, accommodation, equipment and instruction are all included, even your transport from Sydney or Brisbane on an awesome bus.


  • You train for three months, surfing every day, living in a cool surf house right on the beach!
  • All your food is taken care of leaving you with no hassles, just time to improve your surf!
  • Loads of backpackers come to the camp, so you have an awesome social scene too.
  • After you have your qualification (local payment), you can teach and get paid – The BEST GAP YEAR JOB IN AUSTRALIA!

Sounds like a dream, and for many it is, but with the surf instructor programme you can make it a reality. You are located about a two hours drive from Byron Bay, living right next to golden sands and clear clue sea. It is not uncommon to share the waves with the occasional dolphin either!




If you want to properly master the art of surfing and turn your new found passion into a career (or at least a fine gap year job) then this is for you. Not only do you get to spend three months surfing and living in great beach side surf shacks, but ultimately you can be paid to surf for a living!

Surf Instructor Course Breakdown

Surf Instructor Course Australia (9)

1st month – level one

  • Understand surf safety and ocean awareness
  • Understand surf conditions and wave selection
  • Ability to catch unbroken waves
  • Ability to ride across the face of unbroken waves
  • Ability to get out the back of breaking waves
  • Improved fitness and ocean knowledge
  • Understand surf equipment and its uses


Surf Instructor Course Australia (8)2nd month – level two

  • Demonstrate surf fitness
  • Ability to perform a bottom and top turn on unbroken waves up to one metre
  • Demonstrate correct wave selection
  • Demonstrate ability to ride right and left breaking waves (forehand and backhand)
  • Demonstrate ability to negotiate rips and currents


Surf Instructor Course Australia (5)3rd month – level three

  • Apply first aid techniques
  • Perform an ocean rescue
  • Ability to swim 500 metres in under ten minutes
  • Apply advanced resuscitation techniques
  • Ability to instruct a surf lesson
  • Perform a risk assessment on the surf lesson area
  • Ability to create surf lesson plans
  • Perform cut backs & re-entry´s in one metre waves
  • Ability to link manoeuvers on unbroken waves

Help with finding work after the course

Xtreme Gap Australia Surf Instructor Course (3)

After your three months of training, it will be time to find work if you want to. Work is not guaranteed but the chances are good. You will then be able to teach others to learn to surf and earn money by working on the beach and in the ocean! Job assistance is provided in Australia, but your qualification is internationally recognised, you can take it with you and earn more on your onward travels, previous Xtreme Gappers have gone onto Fiji, Bali, New Zealand and some have returned to the UK to teach.

But I have never surfed before…

You can start the surf instructor course at any level even without surf experience. You do have to love the sea, because this will be your classroom and you will have to surf a lot, but hey its fun!

The last month involves a lot of coaching skills.

This qualification enables you to work as a surf instructor in Australia. Perfect for a working holiday spent on the beach! If you do not wish to become an instructor but just want to surf a lot… you do not have to do the qualification.

Extra activities when not in the water.

You will be having surf lessons five days a week, at least four hours a day, but in your free time there is also other stuff to do. Take time to get to know the crew, get involved in the games and activities. Experience kayaking, skydiving, music around the camp fire and much more. On the beach can be as exciting or as relaxing as you like. We travel with volleyball equipment, footballs and other fun stuff. The surf academy is also a very social place, as alongside the surf instructor programme it is also a main stop for Oz Experience buses, meaning every week hundreds of backpackers stop by and yes, it can be a bit of a party!

If you are looking for a little peace and quiet, you have a surf house away from the riff raff to hang out and chill with other academy students. There tends to be seven to ten students training at anyone time, so you always have friends to hang out with.


Three times a day you will have the best fresh and healthy food you could wish for. Surfing makes you hungry. In the mornings there will be cereal, milk, fresh fruit, toast, jam, Marmite etc. For lunch there will be all kinds of salads, beans, meat, spaghetti and in the evenings there will also be fresh salads, pasta, meat, rice, desserts you name it! All freshly prepared for you!


Set in a beautiful surf spot in a National Marine Park, this is a unique opportunity to spend time in one of Australia´s most beautiful coastal areas. You be living in a beach front cottage with other surfers. The secluded beach is situated between Sydney and Byron Bay.

There will be short term surfers here and others like you training to become a surf instructor. It is a good and safe community and everyone is supportive and open to meeting new people. There is a nice communal area, camp fire area, free coffee and tea and a big TV room where you can chill if you wish.

Exam Fees Local Payment

Please note there is an extra local payment of AUD1000 (approx £500) paid on arrival. This covers the exam fee if going for surf instructor. If your surf skills are not up to standards by the time it comes to be examined you can forfeit the exam (and qualifications) and be refunded this locally.

You can pay this amount by credit or debit card on arrival at Camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a surf instructor you will need a basic and competent level of surfing ability, although admittedly you do not have to be an expert. Much of the “skill” is gained through practice, a lot of which you will obtain on this course. The academy is designed to produce competent surfers in three months that have the skills to complete certification requirements, or become an intermediate level surfer. We have our best coaches working with the students every day which provides a high level of one on one attention. This allows them to improve their surfing in a short amount of time. We use techniques such as video and photo assessment, class room theory, surf fitness, water safety awareness, and countless water time in a concentrated form to ensure we achieve our outcomes. All this takes place in our own surf camps with access to the best waves in all conditions. Our academy is a truly unique experience.
No, you will not be with the same group all the time. Because some people just do the five day surf camp, some stay a month, others two (surf development courses) and some three months like you. As the trip starts frequently people come and go. However the instructors are the same and with surfing you make friends very easily! Soon you will find your way and make friends for life!
It is very likely that you will find a job after you have finished the course. 90% of the population of Australia live by the coast and there are surf schools everywhere. Our partners help you to find a job, but it is not guaranteed. It also depends on your own willpower too. If you really want it and go for it, you are very likely to find a job. In cause it does not work out with finding a job as a surf instructor, there are plenty of other jobs available.
Yes, you can join our Surf Instructor Course without applying for an Australian Working Holiday Visa. You will get your worldwide accepted certificate after finishing the course successfully, but you are not allowed to start working in Australia after you have finished the course. Remember that you cannot apply for a Working Holiday Visa when you are in Australia. You need to do that before you go. So, please think about this carefully.
The Australian Working Holiday Visa subclass 417 costs around   £170. Rates change constantly so use this only as an indication. Furthermore you need to have  around £2,000 in your bank account when you enter Australia with a Working Holiday Visa. You will apply for a visa before you go and will do this online at the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the Australian Government.
As we are entering their habitat to go surfing there will always be a chance of a shark in the area, however we take every precaution possible to ensure our customers and staff are safe.
We do have wifi available, the price is $5AUD for 24hours, $10AUD for 3 days and $15AUD for 7 days.

There isn’t an ATM however we do accept Eftpos and there are daily shuttles running to Woolworths so you can get cash out there.

Duration Option Price  
30 (Days)Development Course - No QualificationGBP 1989Book Now
3 (Month)Excl. local paymentGBP 4459Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
30 (Days)Development Course - No QualificationGBP 1989 GBP 1969 (Early Bird)
Enquire here
3 (Month)Excl. local paymentGBP 4459 GBP 4370 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 31 - Oct - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Pre departure information pack
  • Transfer from Sydney to the surf camp
  • All nights accommodation in the surf centre. 90 days!
  • Linen
  • Hammocks
  • Hot showers
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the course, seven days a week!
  • All qualifications
  • All surf equipment, although we do advise buying your own wetsuit (can be done while in Australia)
  • 20 hours required work experience with our surf schools (no working visa necessary because it is part of the course)
  • Two days off a week to explore surrounding surf locations
  • Qualified level two surf instructors available to assist and support
  • Great career possibilities
  • Senior First Aid
  • Ocean Safety Surf Coach Award APOLA
  • Advanced resuscitation
  • Work with children


  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Drinks
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Spending Money
  • Internationally recognized level one Surf Instructor Qualification. You can add this. 1000 AUD local payment to be paid on arrival


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