Tropical Fitness Bootcamp

Are you longing to get really fit? If you spend time at the Xtreme Gap fitness bootcamp, set in a tropical Thai jungle paradise, then you really will. Industry leading professional personal trainers will get you in peak condition in no time. After your training take your new six pack for a walk on the beautiful tropical beaches of Phuket. Feel the burn!!

Wouldn´t it be great, to get really fit? And we mean super fit. To the point where you’re feeling fantastic. Loads of energy, strength, feeling good and looking good. If you spend time at the Xtreme Gap Fitness Bootcamp, set in a tropical Thai jungle paradise, then you will. Industry-leading professional personal trainers will get you in peak condition in no time. After your training take your new six pack for a walk on the beautiful tropical beaches of Phuket. Feel the burn!!

Tropical Fitness Bootcamp Thailand

Somewhere between two weeks and three months you can genuinely change your life. These are not our words, but the feedback from previous clients who have attended the Fitness Boot Camp.  

The Thailand Fitness Boot Camp is an intensive fitness programme, open to men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. What you can achieve depends on how long you stay, but even short term guests benefit from the intensive workouts and personal attention from expert fitness trainers. It won’t break the bank, and at the end of the trip, you can expect to feel fitter, stronger, and physically better. The programme is suitable to increase cardio fitness, muscle mass, help with weight loss, flexibility or just toning up to kick off your travels! Besides that, you take home new insights into maintaining a more active and healthier lifestyle!

2 pools

Why join the Tropical Fitness Bootcamp?

  • Most guests travel to the boot camp travelling solo so don´t be afraid to come alone. You will not be alone. We hook you up on Facebook before arrival so you can meet others at the camp.
  • You can relax in style in your luxury boutique accommodation, in a luxury resort with two gorgeous pools or opt for the cheaper standard accommodation.
  • See your fitness improving efficiently with a personal training mentor session every week.
  • You will be amazed at how much fitter and better you feel with lots of varied group fitness training sessions that actually work.
  • Discover how motivated you get when training in a group, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.
  • There is nothing stopping you from reaching your fitness goals with access to comprehensive gym and training equipment.
  • Improve fitness faster and more efficiently with proven advanced fitness techniques, taught to you by top fitness professionals.
  • This trip is about you, and improving your personal fitness with a plan based on your level and fitness goals in a supportive group environment.
  • You don´t have to worry about what you eat, we have designed and include a meal plan devised by nutritionists to help compliment your goals.
  • Discover new ways to stay fit trying other sports as well, like Muay Thai & Yoga (no extra costs).
  • There is no limit to how much you can train with Unlimited Gym Access 6 days a week.
  • You will get out and about and hit the beach with beach training sessions.
  • Tailored to your schedule with long-term (12 weeks) or short term options. How much do you want to achieve?
  • You can invest in your health as this is one of the best value boot camps out there. Can you afford not to take part?

Photos of the Tropical Fitness Bootcamp

Tropical Fitness Bootcamp Full Details

untitled-201593_1024x683The Thailand fitness boot camp is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. The one unifying goal of people attending the camp to get fit or fitter and have a great time in a beautiful location doing something healthy. It combines ultra luxurious accommodation with world-class fitness training at incredible prices.

Arrival day Sunday: You will be met at the airport and taken to your accommodation by a Xtreme Gap representative. Settle in relax after a long flight and sleep well. The next day walk to the fitness boot camp located close by where you will have your introduction session.

You make your way to the reception of the training camp, and our rep will introduce you to the trainers, give you a training schedule and give you your vouchers for the meal plan (2 meals a day Monday to Saturday). The meal plan starts on the day of the introduction. You just need to go there in your training gear, shorts, sneakers, t-shirt and a towel and water. The water you can buy at the resort or the training camp.

Motivating. With  Time To Achieve Those Results.

Many people struggle to get motivated into taking their health and fitness seriously. Think about it, who has the time to hit the gym properly or go for a run in our busy lives?

When you do get round to it, where is the motivation? The great thing about the fitness Boot Camp: You can take time out of your hectic schedule to do something that is great for your well-being. Even better you know you will be supported every step of the way.

What can the Tropical Fitness Bootcamp do for you?

Everyone is different, with different goals. Some people are unfit others have a good base level of fitness, either way, you will benefit from spending some time training here, and you will see remarkable improvements.

You will be impressed by what you can achieve.

resized (2)It is a motivating environment. 90% of people at the camp travel there on their own which leads to a social and supportive atmosphere because everyone has there with the same goal. Coupled with superb trainers, scheduled classes and all the equipment you could need, there is nothing stopping you.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve, because with group training sessions slacking off is less of an option, and the exercise is quite addictive once you get into it. The included meal plan, two meals a day from Monday to Saturday, provided you with healthy and delicious food helping you to tone up, lose weight or build muscle extremely quickly.

We have had clients who have gone from 1 week to 12 weeks, and the feedback is consistently excellent with great results.

An Incredible Location

Relaxation Is Just As Important As The Training.

This is a holiday as much as a bootcamp. The training can take it out of you, so to relax after a hard session you stay in a super luxurious resort. Set in a peaceful Thai tropical garden, with two beautiful pools, and your own boutique villa style room all ensuite (or a suite if you choose Deluxe or Luxury), you have the perfect blend of healthy fitness workouts and complete relaxation at the end of the day. See the accommodation section for more.

All you need is on your doorstep.

The location is superb, in Phuket, towards the south centre of the island the camp is located away from the touristic mess of Phuket’s livelier locations. Situated on a quiet road, under the watchful gaze of Phuket’s most famous landmark the Big Buddha there are lots of nice little restaurants, spas and restaurants to enjoy.

The Training

World Class Crossfit Style  Training. Strength, Conditioning & Weightloss.

It is the training that sets up camp apart, not just the quantity but also the quality of the workouts really get results. With an impressive roster of trainers, we are constantly improving our fitness routines incorporating the latest methods and techniques.

On average there can be 50-100 people training at the camp, from all over the world and it is not unusual to be working out with professional athletes and fitness professionals. As well as clients who are on holiday and want to get in shape, as well as people of poor fitness levels who want to learn how to improve their physique. With so many people coming and training the camp, naturally, the latest fitness techniques are incorporated and developed in the training programmes. With just one month spent training at the Xtreme Gap Fitness Boot Camp, we can confidently state that you can develop so much further than six months with a personal trainer back home. Fitness results are really delivered.

Personal Training Session and Group Sessions.

Xtreme Gap Year BootcampOnce per week you will have a mentor session with a professional personal trainer,  and is well placed to advise nutrition, techniques and give you a roadmap during your stay to get the most out of your workouts.

As well as the personal training session, there are group training sessions, Monday to Saturday, with Gym access available seven days a week (But mostly Sunday is taken off for a well-deserved rest).

While there is plenty of training activities included, perhaps even more than most can handle, there is the option to book extra personal training sessions locally (Approx £45 per session), and you can even try other fitness activities like Muay Thai training (2 sessions a week are already included).

So what’s the catch? Well, nothing really, except you have to arrange your own flight to Thailand, you fly to Phuket which is very well connected internationally or via Bangkok and you need to make the effort in training of course! Just book early online and we will get you all prepared for your trip.

Fitness Bootcamp Beach Training Excursions.

xtremefitnessboot2014-5003The group training sessions are very diverse; we like to mix it up to keep it interesting and there are a couple of training sessions that take place every week away from the camp.

Every Saturday the whole crew hit one of the beautiful beaches and do an early workout. The perfect way to round of the week of intense training and enjoy paradise. Here is where we like to show our guest just exactly what makes this island such a beautiful place to train. Not only do we offer great beach training classes but we also like to make sure you know all the best places for your daily runs, hikes and general relaxation.

The Beach Boot Camp days are legendary, and they are probably the toughest training sessions throughout the week. The reward is you get to jump in the crystal clear sea after a one-hour session!

Our client feedback consistently mentions how surprised they have been at their progress and improvement on these two fitness excursions days. You will be surprised by what you are capable of.

Everything Is Made Easy.

After booking, we will set you up with an online buddy list so you can chat to other people going to the camp, or people already training at the camp before you even set off.

We are of course here to answer all your questions before you go and before booking, but after booking, we also include a very detailed predeparture pack for you to familiarise yourself with the trip before you go, and we will help you every step of the way making your travel arrangements as simple as possible.

Easy Arrival.

Thailand fitness bootcampOn arrival in Phuket, we will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your resort. As most of our guest travel solo, this really makes it easy when you arrive in Thailand for the first time. We recommend a Sunday arrival although we can be flexible (request trip notes for further details on the accommodation).

The Training Buddy List

Prior to arrival, you will have access to a facebook group of fellow bootcampers, so you will already know people at the camp and people arriving the same time as you. Makes integration even easier. It’s super supportive and a nice way to start. One of the best things about the camp is the atmosphere, most travel with us solo, so there is a very welcoming and social side to the camp.

Full Intro On Day One

On the first day of your training, our Xtreme Gap rep will give you a full introduction, introduce you to the trainers, show you around the camp and help you meet other Xtreme Gappers, and also talk you through the meal plan and training timetable (more on that below).

The rep is your first point of contact should you have any issues in Thailand. Perhaps you just want to know where to go to get your laundry done, where to have a good spa treatment or get the inside information on which restaurant has the best Thai red curry in town, all you have to do is ask. Everything is made really easy for you, allowing you to just focus on having a great time, getting fit and having a great holiday.

Also on the first training day (Monday) there is an afternoon nutrition seminar. We gladly go over your goals and help you with your meal plan.

How long should you go for?

Most people go for 2 to 6 weeks, due to time constraints with work, and two weeks is enough to start to see some good results. The main benefit you will take home the knowledge of how to maintain and improve your fitness back home along with a solid foundation or fitness.

Of course, you also have had an amazing holiday in Thailand as well, and it is not that often you can say you’ve come back from holiday feeling better than when you left!

Short-term guests will receive an amazing kick start to their health and fitness routine.

Many who travel with us use this as a kick-start to their travels as well, after all, if you are hitting the beaches in Thailand, you want to look and feel good!

Why Not Just Head To Thailand And Join A Gym?

Simply put: you won’t get the same experience. Due to our large groups, and the fact most people join on their own, it’s a very welcoming supportive environment which you would not get in the same way in other gyms. With our programme you get to know everyone, you hang out with them, you socialise with them and train together.

It’s work hard play hard. Just joining a normal gym you go there you workout, you go back to your hotel you don’t really meet everyone. It’s about the entire experience as well as the training.

Really want to get impressive results? Go long-term.

If you are really serious about making this a life changing trip, and completely give yourself a physical overhaul, to improve your health and fitness the way you look at the way you feel that you should definitely consider joining the long term.

Our clients who stay 8 to 12 weeks really feel the benefit and the transformation can be incredible. An improvement in your fitness levels is guaranteed, and spending 12 weeks devoting yourself to improving your health is surprisingly cheaper than spending the same amount of time at home.

Great Value Compared To Other Thailand Fitness Boot Camps.

The Fitness Boot Camp is incredibly good value, and when you compare the prices to similar boot camps and considering the quantity and quality of the training combined with a luxurious stay in a boutique resort, it becomes unsurprising that the majority of people who book revisit the camp at half the price of other fitness boot camps. It is little wonder it is so popular.

Accommodation Options.

Luxurious Villas: Boutique & Deluxe

Don ´t hold back and spoil yourself!  Located in walking distance to the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp we have a stunning 4* resort. Set in a beautiful landscaped Thai gardens, you will find the uttermost peace and tranquillity, with two pools – (the pools are heaven after a training session), a restaurant and high-quality service.

  • The resort  (called the retreat) is 8 minutes walk to the training camp. There is a free shuttle service laid on to the training facility.

The Boutique Villas

Each private boutique villa comes with a large bed, air conditioning, flat screen TV/cable, DVD, WiFi internet, hot water en-suite shower and your own little outside veranda. The perfect place to relax after your day training, the outside communal lounge spaces are accompanied by easy sounds of fountains and birdsong surrounded by tropical plants. Heaven.

We also have deluxe boutique villas available, with an extra living space:

The Deluxe  Boutique Villas

The resort has upgraded rooms available. These have a separate living and kitchenette. Consider this a suite. This accommodation option is perfect if you wish to work while you are training at the boot camp. There are a desk and a living area that could be perfect office terrain. The room has air conditioning, private bathroom, fridge, microwave, lounge area with a sofa, wifi and cable tv.

Also ideal if you want to share accommodation. Maximum 2 people. Special prices apply for sharing accommodation. Please e-mail us for information. Please note the camp is not located right on the beach, although the beaches are accessible by taxi or bike.

Standard Accommodation Option

If your budget doesn’t stretch to the luxury options, go for the standard ensuite accommodation. Set in another resort, you have a clean comfortable room with air conditioning, private bathroom, fridge, desk, wifi, cable tv. This modern resort hotel has free high-speed internet, a nice pool and clean and comfy ensuite rooms.

Lean Option

If your budget is really tight, and you do not mind sharing your room,  you want to take advantage of one of the best value packages then consider the lean option.

This is a super trim version of the Bootcamp, which still provides all the training essentials, but no meals, PTs or excursions.

You get fun group training sessions, amazing trainers, gym access, airport pickup and our budget-friendly shared mini-dorm accommodation. The accommodation is very conveniently located next door to the training camp. We offer a six-bed ensuite female only dorm, and four-bed ensuite mixed dorm. Each dorm has an ensuite toilet and shower facilities. You are still able to access the pool at the standard resort located right next door to the training camp.

Please note: Check the inclusions section details what is excluded with the lean option. Meals, personal training sessions, excursions, Muay Thai sessions, Nutrition seminar and training top, are not included with the lean option but it can be purchased locally. You do get the essential group training, gym access, access to the buddy list, and accommodation.

The Training Timetable.


Note: Timetable is subject to change.

Early Morning

If you wish, you can start with a good stretch in the morning by joining the Yoga class for an hour before the ‘real’ work begins.

Boot Camp

The boot camp training consists of 6 days a week Mon-Sat high cardio (fat burning) in the morning, using highly advanced techniques (request trip notes for further details and videos about this). These classes vary from Strenght & Conditioning, Crosstraining, Bodyfit, Spinning and Boxercise. They are designed to increase your fitness fast and efficiently. The groups typically have people training with a moderate physical condition and peak physical condition; this works well as the exercises are modified depending on your fitness levels and ability, so no one is left behind. The indoor gym is open on Sundays for those who want to train on the day off.

Open Matt Sessions

The whole camp is at your disposal to do your own workout. Use all the equipment the camp offers like battle ropes, assault course, med ball, torsonater, Olympic weightlifting bars with plates you can drop and a bunch of free weights so you can do your WOD (Workout of the Day) by yourself or team up with some of the other xtreme gappers.

Olympic Weightlifting

The sport of Olympic Weightlifting involves participants completing two separate lifts; the snatch and the clean and jerk. In Olympic Weightlifting class you will learn how to perform these two lifts. Performing this type of exercises will help with increasing power, speed, flexibility and strength.

The class is recommended for those who have little or no experience with these lifts. Coaches will put a heavy emphasis on obtaining proper form and execution of these lifts before you start to really increase the weight used in these exercises.

Don’t let the term Olympic weightlifting put you off, this is a multi-purpose workout that will improve your whole body and the way it performs. Once perfected it will make other exercise much easier. Olympic Weightlifting also has a major Neurological benefit.

 S&C (strength and conditioning)

Strength and Conditioning at our bootcamp is more than just your average fitness class! You will learn the exercise techniques that will lay the foundation for future training and transform your athletic ability and the way to push yourself hard beyond your limits. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete: this training system will develop power, endurance, speed, agility, core strength. It will enable you to become more flexible. Not only will you perform better and remain injury free, but resistance training is also scientifically proven to promote weight loss.

Strength and Conditioning sessions run Mon-Fri afternoons at 5pm so that you can make the most of the weather here and chill a bit by the pool in the afternoon. This is a very good time to train as the heat drops, and the wind picks up to cool the sweat off your body, this helps to keep you motivated while training.

To keep our Strength and Conditioning sessions interesting, we constantly vary the format and emphasize a range of resistance exercise techniques and equipment to ensure no session is ever repeated exactly. Class intensity will be high, with all exercises demonstrated by our expert coaches to ensure correct posture and form so that you get the best results.

Beach training

Every Saturday the whole crew hit a beautiful beach and do an early workout. The perfect way to round of the week of intense training and enjoy paradise. Here is where we like to show our guest just exactly what makes this such a beautiful place to train. Not only do we offer great beach training classes but we also like to make sure you know all the best places for your daily runs, hikes and general relaxation.

However, when coming to such a tropical place you can’t miss out on the great beach training programme we have for you. The unique environment offers us an opportunity to run through some imaginative routines which take advantage of both the sun and the sea to ensure you get the best beach training to remember.

Mobility, recovery and Stretching

Two days a week we focus on recovery of the different musscle groups.

Shoulders: for strength, stability, and mobility of the rotator cuff along with the development of the supportive muscle groups for correcting imbalances of the anterior and posterior.

Core: for total spine support through strengthening and stabilizing the deep and external major core muscle groups along with spine mobility.

Hips: mobility and flexibility for improved ROM (range of motion) along with the development of the hip flexor muscle groups.
All to enhance movement, posture, and performance with your sport, fitness, health and wellbeing for longevity and injury prevention with your life and training.


Get fit without getting hit. Train and have fun and learn boxing technique without the fear of getting hurt or getting hit in the face:) We teach basic boxing technique and keeping the pace high to maximize calorie burn and keep the pace in the fat burning zone. We use boxing gloves and pads, which we provide in class for our clients. A different and fun class that we teach two times per week, Tuesday and Thursday 4-5pm.

Assault Course Class

Want to train different, want to learn how to use your body weight strength and run through Thailand’s biggest obstacle course? Then this is the class for you. Ex-Navy Seal coach will teach this class 3 times per week. He will break down the different and most efficient way to tackle the various stations to make your time better and better each time you run the course. The record is 1.52 min so that is what we are aiming for to beat:). This class is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4-5pm.


We run spinning three times per week we have spinning class, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15pm. Tour the Thailand in one spot. We will also throw in some bodyweight exercises as well to mix it up. We are taking spinning classes to a new level, and it will be different to a normal spinning class, but we can assure you will love this!

Nutrition Seminar

Every Monday you can join our Nutrition Seminar. We discuss nutrition and how we should eat for a healthy lifestyle. We will guide you and make suggestions on what, how and when to eat so everyone is able to make their own meal plan on a generic basis.

Bodyfat Measurements

Not everyone at the camp is attending for weight loss.  So please note we do not incorporate body fat measurements using callipers as standard in the package. This is a service available locally on request for an additional small fee.

Yoga, Muay Thai Try It All

There are also options to join Yoga sessions taught by a highly qualified yoga instructor.

The Yoga sessions are first thing in the morning and are perfect to warm up your muscles and get you ready for a hard session at body fit.

Muay Thai

This is not a Muay Thai training camp; we specialise in fitness. That being said if you want to try some Muay Thai we include 2 Muay Thai sessions a week. This is a complimentary service. (about 2 GBP for gear rental per session)

Set your own pace if you need to

The gym is open full-time Monday to Sunday (No group sessions on Sunday), you can train harder if you like, or explore Phuket and hit its stunning beaches with a body to match if you don ´t slack off!

What equipment do we use?

The gym at the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp is brand-new equipment. Includes all you need to work on strength and conditioning training: Life Fitness and Cybex equipment. Fully equipped 3 stories air-conditioned gym. You have Unlimited access to the gym and there are always fitness trainers can advise you and guide you throughout your workouts.

  • Treadmills
  • Spinning bikes
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Concept II Rowers
  • Cross-trainers and step-up machines
  • Two Squat Racks
  • Cable Cross
  • Smith Machine
  • Bench press
  • Masses of dumbbells!
  • Plethora of bumper plates and bars
  • VKR Tower
  • Preacher Curl
  • Leg Machines
  • Calf machine
  • Ab Machines
  • Stretching Area


Flights are not included, and please do not book your flights before booking with us as we do need to reserve your spot, and make sure there is availability. Submit your booking form and we will come back to you within 24 hours to confirm. Once we have issued you your confirmation invoice you are then good to book your flights into Phuket.

When should you go?

Whenever you like! It starts every Sunday. In our experience, the cheapest time to fly is between mid-April and October. This is a traditionally low season. The price of the Boot Camp remains the same throughout the year, however, this can seriously affect the price of flights. So if you are on a budget consider coming during those months.

Travelling alone is no problem it’s a very social environment.

Titan Beach-2015181_1024x683As we mentioned most people who attend the camp, are independent travellers and arrive at the camp on their own. If you are concerned about travelling solo, don’t be. There is such a social atmosphere at the camp, and it is a supportive environment that everyone gets to know each other very quickly.

We set you up on our buddy list system before you go (to chat online with other people attending the camp, and we promise you will make really good new friends, (serious physical exercise in a group can be quite a bonding experience we assure you!)

So really it does not take long for people to get to know one another.

While two meals a day are included in the meal plan, you are free to have dinner where ever you like, which tends to be very social.

People come from all over to train at our camp, so expect to meet new friends from all over the world and actually broaden your horizons and extend your connections at the same time.

The fact that most people travel there alone, also adds to the motivation factor, because everyone is there to succeed in their fitness goals, so everyone encourages and pushes each other to do more.

Location & Activities.

Thai fitness bootcampYou can expect great weather, fabulous food and exciting environment. Lots of culture and exciting day trips to be had. The training camp is about a 10 min drive from the beach, (taxis are cheap) there are temples, spas, and numerous activities like elephant trekking, diving, snorkelling, trekking and you can even head out to Phi Phi for some to die for beaches.

You can’t go to Thailand without trying a Thai massage as well, and after a few days training you might just want one! There are ample spa facilities in the vicinity of your accommodation, so it is very easy to reward yourself with a bit of pampering after all of your hard efforts with your training.

Request trip notes (on the right and we will send you further information on some other things you can do there.)


You can enter Thailand on a 28 day Visa exemption if arriving by air, so for our clients staying just four weeks or under there is no need to arrange a Visa. If you intend to stay longer, you will need to pre-arrange a Visa, after booking we can send you all the information you need to do this, and our partners can even take care of this for you.

Booking Process.

The booking process is relatively straightforward, but please note spaces to fill up so we advise booking well ahead, last-minute bookings can occasionally be taken, but we do need at least ten days notice. Having said that we can rarely guarantee you space if you book last-minute, so please contact us if you want to make a last-minute booking.

To book all you have to do is submit your booking form, we will then check availability and send you your confirmation invoice. You can take this to the bank to pay (no charge), or pay online to a UK account, or you can pay online with PayPal (there is a 5% charge for this option).

If you are travelling within 12 weeks, you will need to pay the full amount. If you are travelling later than 12 weeks you only need to secure your place with £200 deposit, then pay the balance 12 weeks before departure giving you plenty of time to save flights and spending money.

So for only £200, you can make a commitment to yourself to get fit and healthy, tone up and feel incredible you just need to submit your booking form. Don’t think too long about it, as spaces to fill up so get it in early.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions.

People come to the camp with lots of different personal fitness goals, men and women, super athletes and people seriously out of shape! While most people that join are of average fitness, none are by the time they leave, so depending on the time you have to devote to your body and personal health, the results can be impressive. Don ´t be surprised to find professional body builders rubbing shoulders with Pro athletes and people wanting to lose weight in a supportive training environment.
The average age of the participants is between 20 and 35, but there are quite some over 35 that train at the camp. There could be staying up to 100 people at the camp, so you will find like minded people for sure.

Lean Option

For those on a tight budget yet still wanting to join the Thailand fitness bootcamp, we have the lean option. Overall it’s a superfit trimmed version of the standard package where you stay in a four or six bed dorm and have all of the group training access available in the standard option.

There is a saving of approximately 30% on the standard price. This means you would have to buy your own meals (easily done in the nearby cafes and restaurants near the Boot Camp) and add on personal training sessions and mid-size sessions plus external excursions should you want them but this can all be easily done in the resort.

Pool Access.

Clients on the lean package also have access to the swimming pool in the standard resort this is approximately 60 m away from the accommodation so you still have a great place to cool off after training.

What’s included in the new Lean package:

  • Online buddy list before travelling.
  • Predeparture information.
  • Airport pickup Phuket.
  • Acess to all training equipment and three story gym.
  • specialised strength and technique classes, five days a week .
  • Introduction orientation session by our rep.
  • All group body fitness training sessions six days a week.
  • All group weight training sessions five days a week.
  • Option for yoga sessions five days a week.
  • Obstacle course training (most mentally and physically challenging class).
  • Brand-new abs on departure!

So what do you miss out on if you book the lean package over standard?

The following is not included in the lean package but is available in the standard package

  • Nutrition seminar, standard and deluxe clients receive help creating the best meal plan for their stay.
  • Weekly personal training session one-to-one.
  • Excursions: access to beachfront runs workout sessions with transport.
  • Excursions: access to big Buddha run with transport.
  • Option to join the Thai classes two times a week
People join for 1 to 12 weeks. Some even stay up to 6 months! But even if you just have 10 days you are more then welcome to join and will notice the difference in your shape. Please note this is not your typical gap year programme, it can be undertaken by all, even on a short break to Thailand.

As a general rule everyone is different, but it depends on as much as the effort you put in when training, the techniques you use when training and the fuel you are putting in your body when you are training. The Fitness boot camp teaches you all these things and sets you on the right path to peak physical fitness.


One of the benefits of the camp is that you will be taught the proper techniques and exercises by experts (you would be amazed by how many people who do attend a gym, do an incorrect work out that is not effective and waste a lot of their time and energy, when these inefficient workout routines can be easily corrected with a little education). This is great because you will be able to take this home with you to continue once you are back from your trip.


Secondly, as there are lots of others training at the camp with the same fitness goals you will find that you end up pushing your efforts harder to reach your fitness goals. Why? Because everyone is there to support you, and it is a very encouraging atmosphere. The gym is always on your doorstep, and you are there to train, so there really is no excuse, especially when you have paid to attend the camp. There is no slacking off!


Third, the meal plan is designed to help with weightloss and muscle mass gain. Lots of healthy, protein-rich and delicious food, of the Thai and Western variety.

It is incredibly easy to eat healthily here and we will cater to your nutritional requirements. You won’t see any processed foods here; it’s all freshly cooked and they use the best quality ingredients, it´s lean, clean and delicious. During your consultation, we will discuss and recommend the ideal nutrition plan to run alongside your training. In the programme, 2 meals per day Mon-Sat are included.

So how long is the ideal time to go for? Hard to say, we would suggest people start seeing results in as little as the first week, but real visible results come after about 2-3 weeks of continuous training. Some people go for months and really make a dramatic transformation.

Tailored nutritional advice can be provided by personal trainers during your one to one with a lot of experience in providing the correct diet matching to your personal fitness goals. This is backed up by a specially designed healthy eating menu. If you need a more tailored personal nutrition plan, we are also able to provide one for you at extra cost. This will involve measuring your body fat and optimising your calorie intake to complement your training. Please ask us prior to booking additional nutrition options.

The gym at the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp is brand-new for 2016. Includes all you need to work on strength and conditioning training: hammer strength benches, curl bench and bar, incline, squat rack, sit-up benches, 3 racks of dumbbells, stationary bikes, Nautilus machine with pull down, seated row, leg press, and 4 full sets of kettlebells which are highly regarded for hardcore weightlifting workouts and plenty of plate weights to accommodate several weight-lifters at the same time. You have Unlimited access to the gym and there are always fitness trainers are able to advise you and guide you throughout your workouts.


At the training camp you are a 40 minutes taxi ride away from Phuket town and 40 minutes from the airport.

Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate. It is warm all year round, but the two periods of April-May and September-October are the hot months. The September-October period is also the wet. The best time to visit Phuket is during the cool monsoon season, from November through March. Then it isn’t so humid, and the cool breezes keep it comfortable. The average temperature is around 75F to 89F (24C to 32C).

The Thai new year is celebrated on the 13 and 14th of April! it’s an amazing event, waterfest!

We have classes at 11.00 and 19.00 (times can change) for the customers who do want to get in a bit of training. The missed out meals will be served before and after Songkran.

The beaches are about 6km from the camp. The best way to get there is by bike, scooter or taxi. There are always more people going on the weekends, so you can join each other. In the neighbourhood there are pools, and if you stay at our luxury resort you can chill by one of the two pools it offers!

Vegetarian and Vegan´s also have options at the restaurant. Not all the fun has been taken out of the menu, you can still get French fries made with unpeeled potatoes! Also included at the Restaurant for extra costs is our protein and fruit shake bar offering a wide variety of Fruit and protein shakes and a selection of drinks to keep our guests maintaining a high amount of protein in their diet to help build muscle and lose fat.

If you are thinking it might be a little intimidating arriving at a fitness boot camp, you will be pleasantly surprised. There is a great supportive atmosphere, where everyone has a similar goal, to benefit from improving their fitness and well-being. Also you will have a serious introduction by our representative who will help you settle in and introduce you to the trainers and team at the fitness camp. He will explain you about all different training sessions and the meal plan (also included!). There can be up to 100 people at the camp so do not worry about being arriving on your own!

The camp is quite remote and there are no tourist bars and big supermarkets in the neighbourhood. Also, everyone you meet will be training and will be working on their health and fitness, so it is not hard not to go out, as everyone is focussed on getting fit! Also, we include a meal plan. These 2 meals a day are very fresh and healthy and we also include water and fruit. The other meals you can order at our restaurant or you can eat out in one of the restaurants down the road, they all have a healthy menu!

If you are planning on travelling to Thailand for 30 days or less and you have British, Dutch & Nordic or USA passport you can get a Visa exemption on arrival. This is valid for 30 days and can be extended in Thailand on Phuket for 30 days more. The cost will be around 1900 THB. Or (easier and more organised) if you are planning on being in Thailand longer than 30 days you will need to pre-arrange a Visa. You can prearrange a visa for 60 days which you can extend to 90 days in Thailand.

There are two ways of arranging your visa. When you are from the UK. You can either go in person to the Thai embassy in London, or you can post your passport along with the necessary documentation and fee to one of the Thai Consulates. In general, this works the same for the other countries like The Netherlands and United States too, but please contact the nearest Thai Consulate for visa inquiries.

Please note that you are responsible for arranging your own visa. Xtreme Gap cannot be held responsible if you fail to travel with the correct visa. So please check with your local embassy personally. The previous information is meant as a guide, but visa rules change often and frequently. So do not take this as the current law.

The joint motivating factor for people who attend the Thailand fitness boot camp is the desire to improve fitness and health. As all fitness programmes are tailored to your needs, no matter what your fitness levels or experience, the camp will be able to set you on your way to your personal fitness goals and in most cases exceed them.

You will be getting instruction from some of the worlds best trainers and you will build up a huge personal knowledge of how to get the most out of your workouts when you leave.

No, there is no kitchen, but you can get amazing healthy Thai meals from our health kitchen, which is just a stones throw from you or you could chat to our local rep about a meal plan too. The food is amazing.

Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 999Book Now
1 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 829Book Now
2 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 1759Book Now
2 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 1329Book Now
3 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 2259Book Now
3 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 1749Book Now
4 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 2419Book Now
4 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 1899Book Now
5 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 2749Book Now
5 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 2299Book Now
6 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 3299Book Now
6 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 2449Book Now
7 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 3599Book Now
7 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 2799Book Now
8 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 3849Book Now
8 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 3099Book Now
9 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 3999Book Now
9 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 3359Book Now
10 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 5049Book Now
10 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 3799Book Now
12 (Week)BoutiqueGBP 5639Book Now
12 (Week)Standard En-suiteGBP 4439Book Now


  • Online buddy list before travelling
  • Pre departure information
  • Airport Pick Up from Phuket
  • Accommodation in your accommodation of choice
  • Access to all training equipment and 3-storey gym (also on Sunday)
  • Specialised strength & technique classes, 5 days a week we focus on a different subject
  • Introduction orientation session by our Rep
  • All group body fit training sessions 6 days a week
  • All group weights training sessions 6 days a week
  • Option for yoga sessions, 5 days a week
  • Obstacle Course Training (our most mentally and physically challenging class)
  • Nutrition Seminar, we will help you create the best meal plan for you*
  • Meal Plan, 2 meals a day*
  • Weekly personal training session 1 to 1*
  • Excursions: Access to beachfront runs and workout sessions with transport*
  • Excursions: Access to Big Buddha Run with transport*
  • Option to join Muay Thai Classes 2 sessions a week (free)*
  • Brand new abs on departure!

* Not included with the Lean option.


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Taxi back to airport
  • One meal a day and meals on Sunday (2 meals mo-sat included in meal plan).*
  • Drinks
  • Extra personal training sessions (1 per week included)*


More dates

Thailand Backpacker Experience 8 Days

The ideal way to start your backpacking adventure in Thailand! Travel as a group from Bangkok to Koh Phangan in 8 days. We will take care of everything for you including accommodation, activities and transport, plus your group leader will be on hand all week to ensure you have an awesome and trouble free trip. See the best of this amazing country and meet new friends whilst enjoying the experience of a lifetime! The best value for money backpacker tour in Thailand – everything only £499!

[rev_slider th-backpackerexperience]
A great value arrival into Thailand, jam packed with exciting activities and excursions. Timed perfectly to give you a eight day introduction, helps you meet people and get to know your surroundings and gives you a further 20 day ´s with a visa on arrival to explore on your own steam if you want.

 Thailand Backpacker Experience

Exceptional value group backpacking experience!

You will meet loads of new friends as we explore bustling Bangkok and cruise the River before travelling south to Koh Phangan via Khao Sok National Park. Our awesome Group Leaders will be with you to help you stay safe and get the most out of your week and are all experienced backpackers so can give you loads of info and advice on onward travel if you need it. Consider it being like welcomes into a family, even after you finish travelling with us if you choose to travel elsewhere independently it’s good to know you have a team to backup and support you in Thailand. That’s exactly what you get on this trip.

It’s not just about where go it is who you are with.

We take all the common worries out of travelling alone or in an unfamiliar country and our aim is to give you the best week of your life. Our groups are made up of mostly solo travellers or people in twos and threes who are all looking to meet new travel buddies so you will quickly make friends to travel with after the tour.

Some of our groups are also timed to finish a few days before the famous Full Moon Party in Haad Rin and our resort is just a 5 minute walk from the action so perfect if you want to stay on for the party, Or head over to the neighbouring island Koh Tao where we have our own base to join the other Xtreme Gappers there.

We run tours all year round, however spaces on groups are limited so please book early to ensure you get a place on the start date that best suit your plans!

Highlights Include:

  • 8 days in the land of the smiles for a price that will keep you grinning!
  • The excitement and hedonism of Khao San Rd
  • Tuk Tuk ride through Bangkok
  • Temples, palaces and markets and cruising down the Chao Praya river
  • Go Xtreme in the stunning Khao Sok National Park with, kayaking tubing and cliff jumping.
  • You get to spend the night on amazing unique floating bungalows in an off the beaten track beautiful destination
  •  Amazing longtail boat trips and boat parties
  • Stay overnight on Bottle Beach one of the most secluded paradises in Thailand
  • Eating some of the most amazing Thai food with the rest of the Xtreme Gap group in Koh Phangan
  • Stay a few nights on Koh Phangan. the party Island
  • Wicked laughs and fully guided with a trip leader
  • All accommodation, activities and transport included



Thailand Backpacking Experience Itinerary

Tropical beaches? Island paradises? Amazing adventure? Welcome to the trip of a lifetime; the ultimate bucket list journey through Thailand! If you love beaches, nature, adventure and a healthy dose of partying, then this is the trip for you!

Amazing value, and perfect for first-time or solo travellers, you´ll instantly make a bunch of new friends in your travel group who will share amazing travel experiences with you.

From the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, to the remote hidden beaches and islands made famous by legend and movies, this tour packs in so much epicness and adventure in just 8  days!

Day 1: Arrive to the Land of Smiles!Day one Bangkok

You´re getting closer and closer to the greatest adventure of your life. Just 10 minutes from landing in Bangkok airport, you start to feel the butterflies in your stomach. A new friend is waiting for you on the other side, ready to take you through the crazy streets of Bangkok to your accommodation and a group of fellow travellers who will soon become close friends. Once you´ve taken some time to relax and unwind in the guesthouse after your flight, you´ll head out for dinner and drinks with your new friends and travel buddies on the iconic Khao San Road.

Welcome to the first day of your amazing Thai adventure! It only gets better from here!

Day two River cruiseDay 2: Exploring the In´s and Out´s of Bangkok

Bangkok is known as the ´Venice of the East´, so what better way to explore the city than taking to the rivers. Cruising along the Chao Phraya River, you´ll experience one of the most epic skylines in Asia, seeing how the modern metropolis has merged with the ancient temples to create one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

After the river cruise, you´ll visit two of the most important temples in Thailand, where you´ll get your first experience of the beauty and intrigue of Thai history and culture. Next, we´ll jump on a Tuk Tuk for a whirlwind ride through the city back to Khao San Road. If you´ve never been on a Tuk Tuk before, you´ll be laughing (and possibly screaming) all the way, as it swerves and dodges all sorts of traffic and obstacles imaginable. Who knew driving could be so adventurous!

Finish the day with an amazing lunch and dinner in one of the best eating spots in Bangkok, Khao San Road; cheap, authentic and delicious!

MassageDay 3: Preparing to head South

Your final day in Bangkok sees you getting ready to head to the tropical south of the country. After checking out of your accommodation, you´ll have an opportunity to relax with a traditional Thai Massage in a local spa. This should keep you sufficiently chilled out during your overnight train journey to the south of the country. You´ll probably be so relaxed that you´ll fall asleep on the train. If not, make sure to check out the awesome views of the Thai countryside.

Don´t worry though, as you´ll have plenty of time to pick up some souvenirs and do a little shopping in the awesome Khao San Road before you depart from Bangkok.

Kao Sok national ParkDay 4: Visiting Paradise in Khao Sok National Park

Prepare to be in awe of the beauty of Khao Sok National Park. Arriving bright and early at 7am, after the overnight train, you´ll be taken direct to the stunning park. Your accommodation here just so happens to be floating on the Cheow Larn Lake. Yep, you read correctly! These cute wooden bungalows are situated on a beautiful turquoise lake, surrounded by mountains covered in lush evergreen rainforest. You can even sit right outside your bungalow door, cooling down by dangling your feet in the lake!

Swimming, kayaking, tubing, bamboo rafting and cave exploring are just some of the awesome adrenaline-pumping activities that can be enjoyed in the park, while surrounded by some of the most gorgeous scenery you´ll ever see. We´re sure you´ll never want to leave your temporary home floating on the lake. However, Thai beaches are waiting:and that´s a pretty good excuse to keep moving!

Koh PhanganDay 5: Beaches, Waves and Cocktails

Today we leave Khao Sok National Park via ferry to Koh Phangan, one of the most iconic and beautiful areas in Thailand. You´ll spend the day on Bottle Beach, a postcard-perfect beach with bright white sand and turquoise blue water, often regarded as one of the best beaches in Thailand!

Swim, sunbathe, relax or snorkel during the day, while in the evening we´ll prepare an awesome private beach party for you and your travel buddies. Cocktails, a campfire, lanterns and music will make this evening one of the most memorable during your travels in Thailand.

After a few drinks and dances around the campfire, you won´t have very far to go for a good nights sleep. In fact, you´ll still be able to hear the sounds of the ocean as you stay in your own private beach bungalow just a few metres from the waves. Not a bad way to spend a day!


Wake up in paradise and step out onto the soft sand of Bottle Beach. Today, you can spend the morning sleeping, swimming, getting your tan on, or taking selfies with the world´s best backdrop!

The afternoon is reserved for your Muay Thai boxing experience! Hopping in a taxi boat, we´ll head towards the fishing town of Chaloklum, where you´ll get picked up by open air taxi and travel back through the heart of Phangan to Haad Rinn. It is here where you will try your hand at a bit of Thai boxing. Over the course of an hour your will learn about the sport of Muay Thai, techniques of the national sport and experience a training session with a local fighter. After building up a sweat we check into our accommodation in Haad Rinn just in time for a shower and some sunset drinks in one of our favourite beach bars.

elephant trekking

Day 7: Exploring The Phangan Islands

Koh Phangan is one of the best snorkelling and diving spots in the world, and at 11am you´ll be on your way there to explore the water and island for the day. From bathing in a waterfall like a boss, to enjoying lunch on the beach and watching the sunset from the boat, your day in Koh Phangan will definitely be one for the scrapbook!


In the evening, back at the resort we´ll enjoy a farewell dinner courtesy of the tour organizers. Of course no event is finished without some celebratory drinks to commemorate your first amazing week in paradise! On the beach, you´ll party, enjoy a famous Thai bucket or two, and dance the night away, preferably in your bare feet!

Day 8 After the week is up…

neptunesWhen the week has finished it doesn’t mean the experience has to end. If you wish to stay in Haad Rin for the next Moon Party you are already in the perfect location and your Group Leader can arrange for you to stay on at the resort for as long as you like.  If you have to get back to Bangkok for an onward flight, we can help you arrange your transport.

Don ´t miss out on the opportunity of the Koh Tao Adventure though, a superb bolt on to this trip.

Please note this is a flexible itinerary. Due to local conditions, changes can and often do happen at local level,  which means the above itinerary, and things listed in the included section,  is meant as a reference guide as to what might happen not as a contractual obligation as to everything included. Sometimes we add additional things into the itinerary, sometimes we do not do all the things listed due to group members wanting to do other activities instead.

Prefer To Spend Longer?

Short trips like this are great to kick start your travels, but the long trips are better value with more inclusions. Check out the 12 Day Epic Thailand, or the 18 Day Thai Buck list Tour for longer versions of this trip.


During the trip you will stay in a variety of gorgeous cosey guesthouses, backpacker hostels and even in a floating resort. You share your accommodation With one other person of the same sex. We really go to town on the quality of accommodation as well for instance on the final night you will stay in a luxurious resorts.


Koh Sok National Park

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

It depends how long you are travelling for or if you are moving onto another country after but you will not need to pack much for SE Asia. The climate will stay the same all year round which will be in the mid 30´s so light clothing will be best. It will also help if you use a backpack rather than a suitcase as it will be more comfortable for you to travel around with.
Can I speak to other group members before I go? Yes of course you can. We will put you in touch with other group members shortly before your tour. You can also join our Facebook page to interact with your group and others, see pictures etc.
It is recommended that you do take malaria pills in some parts of Thailand and the surrounding countries. The areas that we visit during the tour are generally considered malaria free however this can change so always speak to your GP before you travel and if you are going to other areas of Thailand and S.E. Asia it is very likely that you will need some. You can also consult the CDC website for more info
If you are susceptible to motion sickness then you may experience symptoms during a cruise/ferry, although symptoms tend to disappear as you adapt to the conditions in one or two days. Your Group Leader can help you pick up some medication that will help with this or you could look into getting some sea sickness bands which are now commonly available
Some meals are included so please make sure you let us know in good time if you have any special dietary requirements. Please click here to see the itinerary in full which will tell you what meals are included.
The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) does recommendations vaccinations such as hepatitiis A & B and Typhoid as well as being sure you are up to date on routine vaccinations. For more information you can visit the CDC website but please remember that information surrounding vaccinations changes on a regular basis so always consult your GP before you travel.

The first day of your tour is mainly a check-in/meet and greet. It gives you the chance to chill out after a long haul flight. Day two is the start of your activities. Do I need to pay for any transport? All transport is included with the Experience within the week.

(Please note: If you arrive in Bangkok 3 days or more prior to your start date, you may have to arrange and pay for your own airport transfer.) and if you choose to go out in the evenings or take part in activities not included in the itinerary then you will need to pay for your own cabs etc…

Any time is a good time. The climate is relatively steady throughout the year and it depends where in Thailand you are going. It can rain more down South during October and November and there are some fluctuations in temperature but in most of the country it is guaranteed to be hot all year round! See our Weather page for more info. When will I meet my group leader? Your tour leader will greet you off your flight at Bangkok airport and take you to your guesthouse. If you have already arrived in Bangkok prior to your start date, then we will put you in touch and your Group Leader will arrange to meet you at the guesthouse when you arrive.
It differs from city to city but very rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius. Bangkok is always around 35c and tends to have the odd down pour. Do not pay attention to the iphone weather app as it will always say thunderstorms in Bangkok. Not the case! On the islands it is less humid and averages around 33c all year round. They do have a brief rain season between October and November, however it usually only rains for about an hour or two with sunshine for the rest of the day. Check out our country info page for more info.
 Yes. The media has a tendency to report only the very worst news, which means that we can get quite a negative impression of a country and quite often we don’t hear anything about the very friendly, helpful people and extraordinary cultures in these amazing destinations.
Nearly 95% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist of the Theravada school, though Buddhism in this country has become integrated with folk beliefs such as ancestor worship as well as Chinese religions from the large Thai-Chinese population. Buddhist temples in Thailand are characterized by tall golden stupas, and the Buddhist architecture of Thailand is similar to that in other Southeast Asian countries, particularly Cambodia and Laos, with which Thailand shares cultural and historical heritage.
You will automatically be granted a 28 day tourist visa on entry to Thailand if you are from one of the countries on the exemption list (see our Visa page). If you are considering staying in Thailand for longer then you may need to arrange your own visa. Visit the Visa Info page on our website to find out all you need to know.
Book your flights to land on your start date if you can. Do not book your flights until you have booked with us and received a confirmation invoice. Generally people will arrive on that date or one or two days before hand. If you land much before or are already in Thailand just let us know and we will help you arrange a transfer and to meet at our accommodation.
Yes. Let us know via email if you are arriving early and your group leader will reserve a room for you at your guesthouse. All you would need to do is pay for the additional nights. Once your group starts,we will cover the rest.

Duration Option Price  
8 (Days) Thailand Epic Adventure 8 DaysGBP 575Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
8 (Days) Thailand Epic Adventure 8 DaysGBP 575 GBP 569 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 25 - Oct - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Airport pick-up
  • 7 Nights´ accommodation
  • Bangkok River Cruise
  • Visit two historical temples
  • Experience Bangkok nightlife
  • Tuk Tuk ride
  • Thai massage
  • Overnight train
  • Visit Khao Sok National Park
  • All food included at Khao Sok National Park
  • Go kayaking and explore caves
  • Stay in floating bungalows
  • Boat trip around Koh Phangan (lunch provided)
  • Snorkel at some of Thailand´s best spots
  • Spend a day and night on Bottle Beach
  • Muay Thai Training lesson
  • Farewell Dinner & Beach party
  • All accommodation, activities and transport included.


  • Travel Insurance
  • Most Meals
  • Visa
  • Flights
  • Return Transfer from Koh Phangan (can be organised easily through our rep)



26-Feb To 4-Mar

5-Mar To 12-Mar
10-Mar To 17-Mar
15-Mar To 22-Mar
19-Mar To 26-Mar
24-Mar To 31-Mar
28-Mar To 4-Apr

5-Apr To 12-Apr
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14-Apr To 21-Apr
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26-Apr To 3-May

4-May To 11-May
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2-Sep To 9-Sep
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4-Oct To 11-Oct
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2-Dec To 9-Dec
7-Dec To 14-Dec
12-Dec To 19-Dec
17-Dec To 24-Dec

Cape Town Community Volunteer Superhero

Travel and experience a new culture in one of the most rewarding ways possible by volunteering at our community projects in Cape Town. This isn’t your typical gap year volunteer project. By joining this program, one of the cheapest volunteering projects you will find out there from £224 per week! You can make a valuable contribution to the Xtreme / Save foundation. We do not charge you for volunteering you are only covering your costs and a donation to the foundation.

Travel and experience a new culture in one of the most rewarding ways possible by volunteering at our community projects in Cape Town! This isn’t your typical gap year volunteer project. By joining this program, one of the cheapest volunteering projects you will find out there, you can make a valuable contribution to the Xtreme / Save foundation. We do not charge you for volunteering you are only covering your costs and a donation to the foundation. This is the perfect project to be involved in, to give something back, meet others and set yourself up for an amazing gap year experience in South Africa. You can volunteer from two weeks up to 12 weeks, and then head off and travel South Africa or bolt on a multitude of optional activities.

Cape Town Community Volunteering Project plus 3 day Intro

  • Super rewarding hands-on experience working with those in need. Join our volunteer projects in and around Cape Town helping local communities, schools and nurseries improve their lives.
  • Help beautiful kids develop and grow and give them valuable attention. These are some of the most unfortunate yet loving children in the world. They need your help and this is your opportunity to give it.
    Grow as an individual as you experience what it’s like to give back to those most in need. By supporting this project you genuinely help change people’s lives by supporting the Xtreme Gap Year foundation.
  • Location, location, location! Check out the amazing Cape Town over a three day guided intro, learn to Kite Surf, go surfing or shark cage diving with loads of exciting bolt on’s.
  • Very safe and fully guided experience. With airport pickups, live-in coordinators and large groups of 30 or more it’s a great way to make friends, experience Africa if you are a first-time traveller.
  • Super easy with all of your meals, accommodation, transfers included.
  • A great way to start your travels in South Africa, and experience one of the worlds most exciting cities.


The Cheapest & Safest and ethical way volunteer in Africa on your gap year.

Firstly if you are serious about volunteering in South Africa, and you are looking at different options we strongly recommend you listen to this interview below. This was conducted between the founders of Xtreme Gap Year, and the founder of the not-for-profit organisation we work with. We discussed some of the real issues around gap year volunteering programmes. Namely companies over charging people for profit with contributions from clients not filtering down to the grassroots level. This is a real problem in the industry and why historically Xtreme Gap Year has not offered volunteering programmes. So if you are planning on doing a volunteering program such as this one, please be aware when looking at other options not to fall into the trap.

What happens at the project.

You can really split this trip down into two areas. What happens at the project and what happens during your free time. Both are equally rewarding, and exciting but for very different reasons.

Firstly what you can expect during the project:

We work with a local NGO which has been fighting to improve the lives of local communities throughout Cape Town. You will be working in various community settlements, helping look after the kids, getting involved in adult learning projects plus assisting various events and projects as and when necessary. You will be exposed to some quite distressing environments. Which will only encourage you to help out even more. Playing with the small children who are growing up in these communities with nothing, will really open your eyes to how lucky and fortunate you are. But the kids don’t know any different, because they are exposed to the love and attention from various volunteers throughout the year through this foundation. So that is the most important thing to focus on. You can genuinely make a difference to a child’s life by giving your time to do something rewarding and worthwhile.

Some of the projects you could be involved in include:

  • Helping out in a nursery.We have helped set up preschool to educate small children and they need lots of love and attention.
  • Disabled school assistant. Assist children with learning and care at a disabled township school. The school has been set up and built by the foundation throgh contributions from volunteers just like you!
  • We have a watersports academy and adventure swim and surf club. Help teach local kids how to swim, surf and enjoy the water!
  • If you have your own individual skill that you can share, you may be up to assist on a specialist skills development project.
  • We have various sport and youth development projects. Help the kids play various sports at a local recreation centre. You can also assist in classes.

This is not an exhaustive list of projects that we offer. Due to the nature of the project, new opportunities come up all the time. Whilst most people focus on just one project, you do have the option to move between different projects. But please remember this is about the projects themselves, so you would be expected to genuinely help out!

When you are not on the projects.

When you are not on the projects you are living in one of the best suburbs of Cape Town. It’s about 25 km from the centre, which means you are not stuck in the madness of a big city, plus you have the benefit of being located by an amazing beach. Yet the centre of Cape Town is accessible should you want it.
There are loads of activities you can get up to, and usually volunteers head out into the local area in the evenings.
There’s always something going on, and full backup and support with coordinators living with you day-to-day.

Day 1, Friday
You will be welcomed at the airport by our representative who will transfer you to your volunteer house accommodation. First up is an introduction session. Then you have the rest of the day to chill out and settle in. In the evening you are invited to a barbecue where you can meet the rest of the new arrivals and begin your new adventure.

Day 2, Saturday
After a hearty breakfast it’s time to hit Cape Town with a vengeance!
Our tour guide will explain how to get into town on the local bus system which is super easy and very quick. Then it’s on to a walking tour, which is guided, and we will take you to the Castle of good Hope, grand Parade and you will visit loads of areas of interest. You will find out about apartheid, see Green Market Square and there will be ample opportunity to purchase loads of African arts and crafts.

Definitely take time to see the waterfront, some great restaurants and live bands. Good shopping here as well. You can also check out the old biscuit Mill, great if you are into tasting fresh delicious food.

Around 4 PM most people head back to the hostel, to start planning the next day. Kick back at the bar, meet other travellers and start to feel the excitement and bars of what it’s like to be living abroad travelling with loads of new sensations and experiences.

Day 3, Sunday
Sunday is a free day. So we recommend you check out the amazing beach!

Day 4, Monday
Breakfast is from 7.45-8.15am on all volunteer days. Project volunteering from 8.30am-12/12.30pm. The afternoon will start with a volunteer meeting. We will discuss the local issues and areas that need your attention. There will be lesson planning, and you will be taught how to teach and plan activities with kids. There’s quite a lot involved when you hold a lesson. So you will need to be taught how to plan activities that are appropriate for ages, and how to manage the behaviour of the naughty ones!

Days 5-7, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Breakfast 7.45-8.15am. You will take part in your volunteer programme at morning sessions, running from 8.30am-12/12.30pm. Lunch is taken between 12-2/3pm on volunteer days, and afternoon volunteer sessions run from 2-4.30 for settlement or teaching projects and 3-4.30pm for the swim/surf project. During the evenings you will set aside some time for project or lesson planning.

Day 8, Friday
On Friday we mix it up a bit. Depending on the needs of the local projects, what you are up to depends on what is needed.

Days 9 & 10, Saturday and Sunday
Free days. Usually the groups head into Cape Town and explore. We recommend going up table mountain or hitting long street. This is also a great time to try a kite surfing lesson if you want to sign up for one of those. Please ask us for the details. For more suggestions see here: Things to do in Cape Town.

Day 11-15, Monday-Friday
The second volunteer week is identical to the first week.

Day 16, Saturday
On day 16 we usually organise a social event. Things like exploring Cape Town on hop on hop off bus passes, lunch in a township or hiking up to some of the impressive viewpoints like Lions head or Signal Hill for sunset.

Day 17, Sunday
Your trip is coming to the end, so take the opportunity to enjoy where you are. Chill at the beach, shop in Cape Town or just hang out with your new friends on this day of relaxation. You are going to miss it when it’s gone.

Day 18, Monday
You will say your goodbyes and depart from your hostel after breakfast. Travel further up the garden route with a variety of bolt on tours that we offer. For example our garden route tour. Or talk to us for other options to extend your stay in South Africa on other volunteering projects, wildlife conservation projects or sports courses.


You will need to fly into Cape Town International airport (CPT) on Friday. Where we will have someone waiting for you with a sign with your name on. You are located about 30 minutes from central Cape Town by Blauberg beach. This is a great location because it’s an amazing place to stay by the beach, and also a fantastic place to learn to Kite Surf if you have time or the inclination. (Check out Kite surfing in Cape Town programme which can easily add this trip). The views of table Mountain a truly epic from here as well.


One of the great things about this volunteering project is where you stay. We have a shared volunteer house located five minutes from the beach. The house is set in a very secure safe compound, and we have space for up to 50 people. Attach next door is a hostel, where we run our other Cape Town programs. So it is a very social vibe and a very welcoming place. There is a plunge pool, bar, TV room kitchen and loads of facilities at your disposal. In the local area there are loads of nice little bars and restaurants, so it’s not uncommon to head out in the evenings in groups to enjoy your local environment. Check out this link to see more about the location on our blog.


 You will not need much for this trip. All food and accommodation is included on the project and South Africa is super cheap.
 Please do book well ahead as space is limited on the programme. Simply submit a booking form and you can hold your place with a deposit of £200. Full payment is not due until 12 weeks prior to departure.
We have capacity for up to 50 people. We do get full in peak season so it is a great programme if you are looking to meet lots of other gappers too!
Duration Option Price  
18 (Days)GBP 629Book Now
25 (Days)GBP 929Book Now
32 (Days)GBP 1159Book Now
46 (Days)GBP 1399Book Now
60 (Days)GBP 1929Book Now


  • Large group sizes
  • Airport transfer from Cape Town airport
  • Accommodation in either a volunteer house or hostel
    All meals
  • A welcome pack
  • Orientation tour
  • Walking tour of Cape Town
  • Traditional welcome BBQ
  • Transport between the hostel and your volunteer project (the staff will drive you)
  • Weekly social events
  • A donation to the project organisation is included in the total price
  • A certificate of appreciation once your work here is done
  • 24 hour emergency support


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • return airport transfer (although easy to arrange in country)


More dates

Australia Sydney ConneXion

This is the ultimate beginning to an epic adventure in Australia. The Sydney ConneXion is all about having an amazing first week, meeting new friends and doing some incredible adventures fully guided in one of the coolest cities in the world. Whilst you’re out having fun we take care of all the hassle enabling you to get set up with a job with a 12 month membership access of the best backpacker job network in Australia. Everything is taken care for you so no worries about arriving in Australia this can turn into one of the most daunting yet exciting things you will ever do!

[rev_slider sydneyconnexion]
This is the ultimate oz experience. The perfect way to start your travels in Australia. The Sydney ConneXion is all about having an amazing first week, meeting new friends and doing some incredible adventures fully guided in one of the coolest cities in the world. Whilst you’re out having fun we take care of all the hassle enabling you to get set up with a job with a 12 month membership access of the best backpacker job network in Australia. Everything is taken care for you so no worries about arriving in Australia this can turn into one of the most daunting yet exciting things you will ever do!

Work & Travel Oz! Intro Week & 12 Months of Jobs

If you’re looking to find backpacker work with a working holiday Visa, and you are worried about going it alone in your first week this is the trip for you. If you are aged between 18 and 30 you can start a once-in-a-lifetime experience of working in travelling in Sydney Australia.

This programe helps sort out your arrival with an amazing first week fully guided with our funky tour leaders, staying in down town Sydney. We then help you find work all over Australia with exclusive access to jobs for 12 months.

Sydney ConneXion Highlights Include:

  • Sydney work and travel assistance and help every step of the way with not one but 2 job placement services.
  • An action packed 7 days in Sydney crammed with activities.
  • New friends and new adventures in one of the coolest cities in the world.
  • Party boat cruise in Sydney Harbour (on our own catamaran no less!).
  • Fun and lively Xtreme Gap Team in Sydney to sort out your arrival.
  • 2-night excursion to the beautiful Port Stephens.
  • Go Sandboarding and cuddle a kangaroo, see wild koalas.
  • Discover the amazing nightlife Sydney has on offer with a Sydney Party Pub Crawl.
  • Our Sydney arrival package is guided by our awesome group leaders who’ll guarantee loads of fun with your new mates in Oz!
  • After the first week we will help find you the perfect backpacking job so that you can earn big bucks in Australia. With minimum wage being about £9.75  in many of our jobs from our job placement service come in at £15- £21 per hour*
  • Getting up t0 £1500 tax back on your return from Australia**

*Rate varies due to exchange-rate fluctuations and you are paid in Australian dollars.

**You will also qualify to get tax back at the end of the year meaning you can actually come home with cash in your bank account providing you have paid that in earnings!


Check Out Your First Week Down Under


You get all following awesome Essential Inclusions:

The Essentials

  • Pre departure information pack
  • Meting like-minded travellers
  • Guaranteed fun groups
  • Airport transfer direct to your hostel
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfasts during the basecamp trip
  • Job Assistance all over Australia for 12 months


The Fun Stuff

  • Awesome group leaders will show you around this awesome city!
  • Guided Sydney city tour to see the major sites
  • Harbour cruise on a  catamaran. See all the sites in style have a party and hit Sydney’s beaches
  • 2 night beach escape take you to Port Stephens one of the most beautiful locations in Australia
  • Sand dune off roading sandboarding
  • National park bush walk
  • Dolphin trip
  • Sydney party bus pub crawl
  • Sydney beaches tour

The Life Savers

  • Just landed info session
  • Online RSA for QLD, NT,WA,SA
  • Bar skills course
  • Job search assistance for 12 months
  • Cv review
  • Mail forwarding for 12 months
  • Australian Bank account
  • Sim Card activated number given on arrival
  • Tax file number arranged
  • Medicare organised
  • Tax refund advice
  • Travellers Discounts
  • Free in Sydney offices
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Assistance form the locally based Xtreme team
  • Detailed pre departure pack before you leave
  • Several meals

If you find this type of trip like for like cheaper we will beat the price let us know.


A Week You Will Never Forget

The itinerary is structured to make sure your first week down under is jam packed with the best activities Sydney has to offer. What´s more, accommodation and many meals are included, along with great company and dedicated expert guides for practical support and, of course, to help you milk the most out of every experience along the way.

Meet Your Mates On Monday

Work Up Australia (46)Straight from the plane, you drop into the Xtreme Gap base in Sydney, where you´ll meet up with all the other arrivals. For many this is the start of long friendships, that last for the duration of Gap time in Oz and beyond, so it´s super exciting to see everyone meet.
You´ll get an introductory session from your guides, who´ll let you know everything about the practicalities of being in Oz and what you can expect from the first week with us in Sydney. It´s low-key and fun, and everyone´s excited to get going, but before we do, you´ll also get all the arrival admin out the way. This is sorted by us before you get here and includes bank cards, mobile SIMs and tax numbers; all the requirements to set you up for your stay in Oz, beyond your Sydney experience.
From here it´s straight into the city, for a full and comprehensive tour of all the major sights. You´ll see all the fantastic architecture of the Sydney Harbour  from the iconic Opera House, to the formidable steel curves of the Harbour Bridge. Then, it´s on to the Royal Botanical Gardens, where the multitude of Australian fauna blooms in the shadow of the city´s looming skyscrapers.
In the night, you can unwind with a meal and a drink on us, getting to know your fellow travellers late into the Australian night.

Explore Sydney On Tuesday

Work Up Australia (33)After an early start, the Xtreme Gap crew give the whole group a comprehensive introduction to all the ins and outs of working and living in Australia. These guys really are in the know, with first-hand experience of Gapping in Oz, so they have all the answers for what´s what when it comes to setting up camp here.
Afterwards, the focus of Tuesday is all about adventure and exploration. We´ll take you on a Harbour cruise to show you the city sights from a whole new perspective and we´ll delve deeper into the New South Wales cityscape by adventuring to Fort Dennison (a prison-cum-lighthouse glowering over the bays downstream from the Sydney harbour), Luna Park and Watson´s Bay in Woollahra (where the sandstone cliff peninsulas jut dramatically into the ocean).
In between seeing the sights you can swim in the warm waters of the coastline that straddles the harbour, take photos, or just chill in the Sydney sun as you please.

Wildlife and Wild Land On Wednesday

Work Up Australia (36)Wednesday sees us get out of the metropolitan centre of Sydney and into the New South Wales wildlife. The Xtreme Gap basecamp is an area of 6 acres, covered in rich rainforest fauna and home to a myriad of very Australian critters. We set off early from town, to let you get the most of this different setting, where you´ll stay for the next three days and two nights.
Relax in the day in the company of Josie the Kangaroo, or go wildlife spotting to try and catch a glimpse of some koalas, echidnas or possums in the forest, or dolphins and whales in the nearby coastline shallows (the sea is just 5 minutes´ walk from the basecamp!).
After an evening swim watching the Aussie sun dip below the horizon, it´s pizza night at the basecamp!

Thrilling Thursday

Xtreme Sydney Connexion (3)We start Thursday with some adrenaline pumping sand boarding in the nearby dunes. We get up in the 4x4s and ride back down again, so there´s no dune here too high to conquer!
After everyone´s had their fill, it´s of for an adventure filled bush walk, guided by the Xtreme Gap crew. There´s loads of wildlife to see, and the walk ends on one of New South Wales´ best lookout spots, where there´s a chance to take photos and go Koala spotting (here, families are observable the entire year round!). Then, as the sunlight fades and night creeps in, we light the BBQ in true Aussie fashion, and chill out around the camp fire into the early hours.

Party Boat Cruise on Frickin Awesome Friday

Friday´s a real high-point. The Xtreme Gap crew launch our very own boat and everyone gets up close and personal with the rich marine life of the New South Wales seas.

Aside from the bucket list beating dolphin spotting (when you´ll also have a chance to sit in the boom net while dolphins glide through the water below you), it´s also possible to spot whales in the water here.
LVY-jnF1ZSj6c3XHXP_ZtdTpSPcdEWtFS3pOnCDDLqoThe bonus here is that you´ll be on board your very own private boat during the party cruise, with just your guides and fellow gappers as company. We´re in full control of where we go, and we can explore the waters as we please; there really is no better way to experience this amazing place.
After the cruise we depart for Sydney and arrive at the highly rated WakeUp hostel. With a central location and a great selection of nightly entertainments, it´s a great way to get back into ´city mode´ and enjoy the Sydney night in style.

Shindig Saturday

While the day time may all be about chilling and getting some hard earned rest, the night time is about donning your dresses and brushing up nice. We meet in the early evening at one of the city´s best bars, where backpackers and locals enjoy the famous Australian beers, and gear themselves up for a night on the town.
From here, we get hedonistic on the Xtreme Gap Sydney Pub Crawl. With entry and drinks at 4 bars and clubs included, you´ll experience all the facets of nightlife that has made this city so famous.

Slow down, Surf’s up Sunday

Where better than to coax away those hangovers and unwind than the soft-sanded white beaches of Sydney? On Sunday we´ll


transverse some of the most famous coastline in the Area, visiting six along the way. From the wide yellow stretches of Coogee, to the famous surf-swells of Bondi, this is among the most coveted beach territory in the world, and today it´s all yours!

Most people opt to start their Oz travels between October and March, as this is when you´ll get the best weather, and Sydney really is fantastic at this time of year. That said, there´s something to be seen here all year round, and the Xtreme Gap Sydney arrival package is a no-holes-barred, full-frills introduction to Gap Years in Oz, with the added bonus of a great bunch of like-minded travellers and fun-hungry tour guides ready and waiting for you in one of the country´s most endearing of cities.


s1You will be staying in downtown Sydney in the wakeup hostel, voted one of the best hostels in Australia, and consistently hitting the top of trip advisor.

The wakeup hostel is an awesome place to be located as everything is on your doorstep including our team who have their offices based directly in front of where you’ll be staying.

That means you can pop in there at any stage, access their free Internet (kind of handy in Australia is everywhere tends to charge you) but also you’ll be staying in one of the swankiest hostels in Australia.

There are loads of facilities available at the wakeup hostel, good chill out areas, comfy beds and safe and secure rooms. Is also slap bang in the middle of backpacker district, which means it’s really social, and everything is on your doorstep.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t, we have thousands of jobs in our database all over Sydney and they are constantly updated. You will remain in touch with the job team and they will be up to assist you in finding work all over the country. Work and travel made easy!
There is no minimum amount of time you need to remain there, it’s very flexible and you can even leave and re-enter the country’s many times as you like. That means if you’re only planning on going for three months you can still book this trip, having an awesome first week and pick up casual work as you go.
Wages very but on average people are between 15 and £18 an hour.
You have to fly in before 10 PM. If you arrive later we still can instruct you how to get to the hostel, but you need to pay locally. However we will refund you, just keep your ticket and give it to us the day after arrival when we all meet up!
No way! Actually most of our customers travel on their own and this program is by far the best and easiest way to make new friends and meet new people soon as you arrive. Everyone is in the same boat new arrivals into Australia and all feeling a little bit bewildered. Do not worry though because on Monday when you meet up with everyone and meet your awesome group leaders will be put right to ease and shown some the most amazing things this cool city has too offer.
If you enter this program there is no reason why cannot get a job very quickly. We have literally thousands of jobs available all throughout the country, and they are all geared towards working holiday Visa holders. It takes a special type of position to be suitable for people on working holiday visas, you are not allowed to work for one employer for more than three months so there are a wide range of jobs available and this is very handy to have a membership of our exclusive job finding service. You can go into the office any time to discuss what kind of job you need, and you can access the online database of jobs from anywhere in the country. You get 12 months membership access.
Not only is our Sydney connection a full-blown intro week we get to meet loads of people, turn on your social life from day one but we also have a fantastic award-winning jobs package as well. We have a dedicated team who actively hunt for backpackers jobs and can apply to these jobs for you. You also get access to travellers at work Australia’s largest online jobs database for backpackers, & the membership lasts one year. Travellers at work have jobs all over Australia not just in Sydney, so you can use this as you are travelling up the East coast or throughout the country. Jobs do tend to be relatively short-term in their nature as they are backpacker jobs, but that just adds to the fun of work and travel. You never know where you’re going to end up or what you will be doing or who you will be meeting.

We are often asked if it is possible to get a job prior to arriving in Australia, and the simple answer to this is no. You need to be on the ground and available for interview and keen to attend to secure those jobs, but it really does help that you have a dedicated team in Sydney backing up hunting for those exclusive jobs for you.

Sydney is by far the best place to start your Australian adventure. It is the economic powerhouse of the country, and it is one of the best places to live in the world. We have plenty of further information about Sydney on our blog so feel free to check it out, the information covers all sorts of things like reviews of the activities, what it’s like to live in Sydney and plenty of other useful information.
Yes it is, in order for you to know exactly where the best places are and do the best things available to you in Sydney, we have a couple of awesome group leaders who will sort you out and make sure you have the best time possible.
You have to be between the ages of 18 and 30 and be a national one of the participating countries in the Australian working holiday visa system. If you’re from the UK then this is absolutely no problem providing you have not already applied for one in the past.
Know the working holiday Visa is not covered in the cost of the trip, you will need to apply for one prior to entering Australia, the cost varies but this usually about hundred and £120.
Most people arrive on the Sunday, there is included airport transfer with this trip, so you make your own way to the hostel but this is prepaid for (you will be issued with a voucher before you arrive allowing you to jump on a bus dropping you straight at your accommodation). The arrival transfer does not take long, and you will check-into the hostel in your own name before meeting the rest of the group on Monday.
Exclusive to Xtreme Gap Year we have a travellers network that enables you to chat to other members of your group before you leave online. You get access to this once you have made your final payment 12 weeks before you go.
That is no problem we can book you in open dated, you just need to confirm with our team in Sydney before you arrive the likely date you’ll be joining.
Yes there are certain dates where this trip does not run, these tend to be during the major events in Sydney like New Year’s Eve, Christmas and a few select other dates contact us if you want to know the dates.
Yes absolutely, it’s quite easy to set up a bank account by mobile phone Sim card and arrange all the essentials yourself, however this does take quite some time to arrange, as you physically have to visit banks and do all the organising yourself. The beauty of this trip is that we take all the hassle out of arranging all staff meaning you can devote your first week in Sydney to just having fun making friends and kick starting your trip in the best way possible. The other majorly cool thing about this is the friends that you make, everyone is in the same boat and often lifelong friendships are formed in this first week, it’s not uncommon for people to end up travelling with other members of the group and the feedback we get from our previous groups shows that this is much more fun than just turning up in Sydney and doing your own thing.
Simply fill in your booking form and put down your hundred pound deposit, then your space is guaranteed, the final balance of the trip is payable 12 weeks before you depart give you plenty of time to save flights and spending money.
Other than giving you an amazing first week and access to jobs on tap.This trip is great for enhancing your CV with work experience. Whilst many people may struggle to explain away travel to future employers, it shows that you have self-reliance and ability to be responsible for yourself as you travel. It shows motivation and actual practical work experience as well. It takes some guts to up sticks and move to another country, but with the help of this program you can demonstrate you are more than capable of taking on the challenge.
Book Now

Is this trip right for you?

If you're serious about going to Australia on a working holiday Visa we believe this trip is essential for you.

We will find you a backpacking job quickly and take the hassle out of looking for one. In fact it will sort you out for the entire year in Australia.

There are lots of amazing activities included and as the trip is guided with a fun group you will meet people and have a great time.

It represents excellent value for money, and it's a great way to be able to afford to travel throughout this massive exciting country.

It's hasslefree, as everything is taken care of for you, from accommodation, bank accounts, tax file numbers tax rebates, job support, free hospitality training programs and an incredible itinerary as well.
With dolphin cruises, sand boarding, beach tours, Harbour cruises in an exclusive catamaran, and included nights out with some meals and all accommodation.

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Jobs In Australia & Support Finding Work

Taking the stress out of finding a paid job in Australia!

RSA1After an amazing first week in Sydney we will help you get a job.  Great so you have made loads of mates and now you’re going to make loads of dough!

After the first week is up you can arrange appointments with our job support team at our offices in Sydney. They are constantly recruiting for work and travel positions all over Australia. So when you are ready to commit to finding work abroad in Australia It is really easy for you.

The job assistance team is available in the office Monday to Friday and can help you out by reviewing your CV, giving you advice and running through the latest backpacker jobs.  The service is not just limited to Sydney, they find jobs all over Australia and you can communicate with them on the move via e-mail and phone.

There are thousands of amazing jobs on offer for backpackers in Australia. You are pretty much only limited by your imagination, you can find work in the cities, in surfer towns, the mountains or outback. It really takes the pressure off knowing that there is a team dedicated to help you apply and setup job interviews.

Even though you may not be looking to find paid work in Australia for the entire year, the job support service lasts an 12 months. That’s great because you never know way Australia adventure will take you.  A large percentage of people on a working holiday Visa, do extend to a second year.

It’s not actually just the physical assistance that is beneficial in helping you with your job search.  You can use the free Wi-Fi access in the office if you have your own laptop or smart phone which helps you access the jobs database.  You can also use their printer for printing out your CV.  Now if this sounds petty, believe us it’s not.  Wi-Fi access in Australia is quite expensive so it’s the little things that really make your job search less hassle.

One of the great things about this program is that the Australia job support service is totally flexible around you.  That means you can go after the jobs that inspire you, after all your Australia trip is more about fun but working. That worklife balance is completely in your control. With plenty of access to loads of Australian jobs, it can really make your trip amazing. Work for a couple of weeks in one location, and then move onto another having more money saved up then you started with!


What you get with the job support programme:

  • An entire year’s access to an exclusive online jobs database and job finding service.
  • A CV review service.  You will be amazed how a few changes can mean more job offers.  Our team are experts in reviewing Australia work travel Cvs
  • The best advice about living working in travelling around Australia from expert mentors.
  • Your own Australian bank account set up online for you to enable you to manage your finances easily.
  • We will set you up with an Australian telephone (mobile) number.  You will pick up your Sim card in Sydney but your mobile phone number will be e-mailed to you before you leave.  That means before you even enter Australia you can get contacted by employers offering interviews!
  • A Tax File Number – To receive an income in Australia you need to have a Tax File Number And without it you would get taxed heavily. The moment you arrive we will sort this out for you.
  • Help getting your refund tax back.  On average we get people nearly $3000 ( Australian) or £1500 of tax back prior to coming home. Now that’s enough to kill those travel blues.
  • Medicare Arranged.  This means you could get health cover on an Australian national health service equivalent.  This is a reciprocal agreement between the UK and Australian authorities but it needs to be set up on arrival.
  • You can use Wi-Fi at our offices.  You can use our printers as well.
  • Expecting snail mail?  No worries we will hold your  Post for you for up to 12 months.  It’s pretty handy to have a fixed postal address in Australia when you are moving around.
  • We will give you all the help and advice you need about finding long-term accommodation the duration of your stay.
  • We also arrange discounts which can save you loads of money on hostels, tours and travel products all over Australia.
  • If you are looking to work in hospitality: we will set you up with an inclusive bar skills course.
  • You will also get an online responsible service of alcohol course valid in Queenland, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.  Please note the New South Wales And Victoria one is different you can have access to that as wellPaying a small local payment supplement.
  • The Australia job finding service is pretty amazing.  It helps sort you out on arrival, and covers pretty much everything you need.  It genuinely can help you get a job in Australia from the very start.  Please note it is just a job finding service, your employment contract is between you and your end employers.  We are not responsible for what happens during your employment.

More on the types of jobs available to you jobs

While let’s just say it’s pretty comprehensive.  Up to 2000 jobs available in a wide spectrum of industries:

Accounts Banking / Legal /Au-Pair / Nanny / Childcare / Bar / Hospitality / Chef/ Credit / Collections Jobs / Farm / Harvest / Ranch

Hairdressing / Beauty Jobs / IT / Web / Design / Media / Mechanical / Engineering / Mining Industry Jobs / Nursing / Health Care Jobs
Office / Admin Jobs / Retail / Customer Service / Sales / Marketing / Fundraising /Teaching / Coaching Jobs / Telemarketing / Call Centre Trades / Labour Jobs /Travel / Tourism Jobs.

How much can I expect to earn?

Wages vary depending on where you are and what you are doing obviously.  On average people earn up to £15 per hour.  Now this is a huge improvement on the UK minimum wage, but the Australian dollar is strong and wages are good.

Will you help me out with tax?

We will sort out your tax file number, and your employers will be dealing with your tax as you earn.  It works on a very similar systems the UK.  Whilst tax is a necessary evil, it’s nice to know you can claim much of it back when you leave Australia, with some refunds being up to $3000 on average!  That’s a great way to head home knowingly have plenty of money still in your bank account.

When should I book and when can I start looking for jobs?

Almost immediately. Although the best jobs get taken very quickly, so it’s better to sign up sooner rather than later before heading to Australia.  We do have limited availability on this program, so make sure you book early.  We will need a least two weeks to get everything together and usually the working holiday Visa comes through in two days. On average people book six months ahead because it gives them peace of mind that their places secured on this unrivalled job finding service.

Where can I go in Australia?

Anywhere you want!  Although after your first week in Sydney you may want to hang around for a bit as it is an amazing city you don’t have to do.  Are so many places to visit in Australia, and loads of jobs all over the place.  Where takes your fancy you can head there knowing that you have the full backup and support of our jobs team to help find you a job at a moments notice.

How long do I have to stay in Australia?

The working holiday Visa is valid for one year from the point of entry.  You do not have to stay for one year however.  In fact there is no minimum amount of time.  There are some restrictions, you are not allowed to work for one employer for more than three months.  If you want to stay for two years you can do that but you need to do agricultural work for a minimum of three months.


Duration Option Price  
8 (Days)StandardGBP 539Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
8 (Days)StandardGBP 539 GBP 528 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 25 - Oct - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.




Mon 2nd
Mon 9th
Thur 12th
Mon 16th
Mon 23rd
Mon 30th


Mon 6th
Mon 13th
Mon 20th
Mon 27th


Mon 4th
Mon 11th
Mon 18th
Mon 25th


Mon 1st
Mon 8th
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Mon 6th
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Mon 3rd
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Mon 7th
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Thurs 24th
Mon 28th


Thurs 1st
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Mon 2nd
Thurs 5th
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Thurs 19th
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Mon 7th
Mon 14th

2021 Start Dates:


Mon 4th
Thur 17th
Mon 11th
Thur 18th
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Mon 28th


Mon 1st
Thur 8th
Mon 11th
Thur 15th
Mon 22nd
Thur 25th


Mon 1st
Thur 8th
Mon 11th
Thur 15th
Mon 22nd
Thur 29th

Later dates on request

Due to the popularity of this programme we have advise to book in time!

For the Thursdays start dates the itinerary will be the following:

  • Thursday: City Walk and Welcome Dinner
  • Friday: Group Info Session and Harbour Cruise
  • Saturday: Beach Walk and Party Night
  • Sunday to Tuesday: Basecamp
  • Wednesday: time for laundry, individual Q&A, apply for jobs, relax



  • Airport transfer (When arriving before midnight)
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Guided Sydney city tour
  • Harbour cruise day trip
  • 2-night beach escape
  • Sand dune off-roading
  • Sandboarding
  • National park bush walk
  • Dolphin trip
  • Sydney party bus pub crawl
  • Sydney beaches tour
  • Just landed info session
  • Online RSA for QLD, NT,WA,SA
  • Bar skills course
  • Job search assistance for 12 months
  • Cv review
  • Mail forwarding for 12 months
  • Bank account set up
  • Sim Card activated number given on arrival
  • Tax file number arranged
  • Medicare organised
  • Tax refund advice
  • Travellers Discounts
  • Free in Sydney offices
  • 24-hour emergency number
  • Assistance from the locally based team
  • Detailed pre departure pack before you leave
  • Some meals
    • Welcome Dinner and Drink
    • BBQ on the Sydney Harbour Cruise
    • Basecamp: 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch
    • Party Night: 1 drink in each bar (at least 3).