Become A Bonafide Horse Riding Cow Girl In The USA

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Based on the working ranch for the duration of your trip. You will be involved in hands-on activities include participation in daily life in the west! That means trail riding, horse wrangling, cattle gathering, branding and small cattle drives. You will be carefully matched with a horse based on your riding experience and your goals for your 3-week project. The project will be tailored to your riding ability and interests as often as possible.


Full Details

Do you remember not long ago the wind rushing through your hair with all the worries of growing up, school & the future forgotten and it was just you, riding your favourite horse through the countryside? We have the ultimate trip to tick off your bucket list. Even if you haven’t experienced that yet, we want to give you the opportunity to be given that feeling.
team-horse-riding-usa-gap-year-copyYou can let out your inner cowgirl out and join us for three whole weeks riding horses in need in the beautiful Wyoming, USA. That’s right: a good ol’ American Ranch with a group of like-minded people just like you!

This trip means you can travel on your own or in a small group, have lots of horse riding experience or not much at all and be any age. The main thing is that you are looking for a trip to remember forever. Just pop on a flight with a sleeping bag and your riding gear and get there!

On Arrival

There are picture opportunities from the start with the gorgeous views and scenery as you descend into Cody Airport where you and the rest of the group will be greeted by head wrangler.

As soon as you’re relaxed and ready for a good night’s rest, the team will take you to your cabin to get settled in. The next morning, on your first full day, you will have a horse specifically matched for you to guarantee you have the perfect horse for you to bond with throughout the whole three weeks. Once you’ve found your new friend, a professional instructor will teach you how to get into the swing of things. After all, that’s what it’s all about: the horses and having fun.

Life on the Ranch

You will get the true feeling of All-American ranch life every single day with activities on the itinerary including Herding Cattle (we have around 40 head), Riding up Mountains, Barrel Racing, Wrangling horses into camp and A chore here and there to keep the camp and yourself happy.

bottle-feeding-cow-gapyear-usa-copyThere are lots of activities to keep yourself happy and entertained. You’ll also be served delicious hot meals each day cooked in a Dutch oven over the campfire. Meals such as chicken and dumplings & pancakes and bacon. Yum. And it will give you the chance to bond with your fellow riders. The best part, though, is the entire time is tailor made to your attractions, interests and horse riding ability for the best possible time. So, if you wanted to get out and about for a meal in a bar or restaurant, you’re absolutely welcome to. There is no alcohol served at the ranch (we believe booze and horses don´t mix well, but you can head out to the local saloon to getting to know your new friends. The  ‘Silver Dollar’ bar is the local watering hole. There you can  unwind, grab a bite to eat and a well-deserved drink. You might even meet some All-American cowboys.

Flexible Itinerary But Expect The Unexpected!

Fancy an afternoon off to relax? Go for it. Want to carry on and make the most of it? Go for that. The Easy Ride Today? Yes. The more challenging but rewarding ride tomorrow? Yes. Want to go exploring in the local area with your group? There are local tour operators to show you around. And what an area to be in. Make sure you pack for all weathers in the West!

Stunning Country To Explore On And Off Horse Back

Right on the Rocky Mountains in the American West where you can go visit the picturesque Yellowstone National Park to see all the local wildlife, go white water rafting, visit a rodeo, museums, shops & swimming without having to organise a thing. We just want you to enjoy the beautiful area with the group and experience all that it has to offer.

A Great Experience Too!
At the end of it, they will even give you reference for your CV and/or university applications. Win!

I know you’ve probably read all this thinking, “yes it sounds perfect, where’s the catch with the price?” For three whole weeks in the stunning area of the Rocky Mountains USA with everything apart from flights.

Come on now, would you rather spend your money this summer on a trip of a lifetime or on booze in the local pub? I know what I’d do.

Your Role
You will also participate in activities with weekly groups who visit the ranch from Sunday to Friday each week. These activities include vet days (vaccinating horses), trail riding, riding fence (inspecting and replacing fences that local wildlife damage), moving cattle, clinics, riding with groups of youths, adults and parents.

And you will also have the opportunity to participate in additional activities including longer rides, trips to town and special clinics that run over the weekends.

You will have the amazing opportunity to ride and bond with your horse each day on the ranch. You will also complete the chores associated with riding, as a team. During your 3-week placement you will truly get to experience the Western lifestyle and country from the back of a horse.

Ranch Location
Your three weeks will be spent  Near Cody, Wyoming. This is located very close to Yellowstone National Park in a truly beautiful part of the USA. Think wide-open spaces, endless views and incredible terrain for riding.


Your accommodation
Your accommodation

Accommodation will be a shared a 2-4 person cabin on the ranch. Your meals will be served in the ‘Hub’ which comprises of dining room and kitchen area with a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside!

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol is not allowed or served at the ranch. Horses and alcohol don’t mix well. Besides that you will be very active during this trip, out for many hours during the day, so in the evenings you will probably be pretty tired. You do have the option to go into town weekends. Please note the drinking age in the USA is 21.
We do not allow people to book a fourth week until the second week of their stay, which makes changing airline tickets a problem, but in our experience, is best for you and for us as participants don’t know until they have been here for a couple of weeks whether they really want to stay longer.
You do not need any previous experience of horse riding, or working with horses to apply for this program. Clearly, if you do have previous riding ability, then you will be up to cover more, but if you have not had any experience of horses do not let that stop you. One thing is for sure, however, after your three weeks up here, you will be somewhat of an expert on horseback.
This program is open to people of all ages. There are no age limits, and you are welcome to join whether you are 17 (with parental consent), 18 to 80. We usually have an average of eight guests at one time.
We recommend that everyone bring their own helmet and riding boots.  We cannot provide helmets as they must fit properly and most people want to wear their own for hygienic reasons.  
They do need to bring their riding helmet and heeled boots (not hiking boots) for riding, as well as their sleeping bag, pillow and other personal items. We’ll send you out a full packing list as part of your predeparture pack after you have paid in full.
There’s no weight limit but if you are over 16 stone please let us know before booking so we can ensure we have a horse suitable for you.
People may arrive in Cody, WY (airport code COD) whenever they want (if they arrive a day or two early for any reason, we can provide them with a link to local hotels and motels). Most people arrive on the start day. We pick up everyone at the airport at the time of the last arriving flight on Sunday night, which is usually between 8:30-9:00 p.m. Sunday evening. If their flights arrive earlier in the day, they may sit at the airport (very small, one baggage claim carousel) and work on their computers/IPhones, or share a taxi into Cody ($10 per car load) with other Interns who might have arrived early

After the three-week Internship, we take people back to Cody in time to catch the first departing flight on Friday morning, usually leaving the ranch about 4:30 a.m.  If they leave later, we drop them at the place of their choice.  If not the airport, they need to find their way back in time for their flight.

If people book the two-week session you can depart on either the  Friday morning or Saturday morning – we can take you to your flight either day. 

We recommend 250USD spending money to cover extra actvities during your stay. This includes entrance fees to Cody Nite Rodeo, Thermopolis Hot Springs, car rental and entry fee for Yellowstone National Park, white water rafting or tubing the Big Horn River, Dinosaur Center, Buffalo Bill Historical Center Museum (affiliated with the Smithsonian), special meals out, fuel contribution  (since they usually don’t rent a car except for Yellowstone).  It does NOT include clothes and other personal items.  Whether they are here for two or three weeks, they will probably want to squeeze in most of these activities.

It does not include clothes and other personal souvineers you might want to pick up.  Whether you are here for two or three weeks, you will probably want to squeeze in most of these activities. 


Duration Option Price  
1 (Week)7 days from March 08 to May 02 2020GBP 789Book Now
1 (Week)7 days from May 10 to Sep 26 2020GBP 1259Book Now
2 (Week)13 days from March 08 to May 02 2020GBP 1259Book Now
2 (Week)13 days may 10 to Sep 26 2020GBP 1649Book Now
3 (Week)20 days from March 08 to May 102 2020GBP 1599Book Now
3 (Week)20 days may 10 to Sep 26 2020GBP 2039Book Now


  • Airport transfer
  • Orientation on arrival
  • All accommodation & meals
  • Instruction by ranch staff
  • Tack & use of horses on the ranch
  • Full support and assistance
  • Buddy list of other participants
  • 24 hour support


  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance



3-week Session – Choose to start any Sunday between:

March 8 and March 28

April 12 and May 2

May 10 and July 4

Aug 30 and Sept 26

2-Week Session – Choose to start any Sunday between:

March 8 and March 28

April 12 and May 2

May 10 and July 4

Aug 30 and Sept 26

1-week Sessions – Choose to start any Sunday between:

March 8 and March 28

April 12 and May 2

May 10 and July 4

Aug 30 and Sept 26


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