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Imagine visiting ancient temples, royal palaces and world heritage sites from centuries long gone. Imagine exploring a new and exciting country by immersing yourself in the local traditions and culture of the people. Imagine working with local communities to help improve the lives of its residents. Imagine all this and more with our incredible ´Xtreme India Experience´ programme.


Xtreme India  Experience

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IndiaImagine visiting ancient temples, royal palaces and world heritage sites from centuries long gone. Imagine exploring a new and exciting country by immersing yourself in the local traditions and culture of the people. Imagine working with local communities to help improve the lives of its residents. Imagine all this and more with our incredible ´Xtreme India Experience´ programme.

With Xtreme Gap Year´s new ´Xtreme India Experience´ programme, you will visit one of the worlds most unique and exciting countries, while immersing yourself in the culture, volunteering on local projects, working with local communities and travelling through various parts of the country. This incredible 4-week programme takes you from desert plains, to beautiful beaches, into busy markets and quiet temples, from the heart of India´s buzzing cities to the serene beauty of her tiny rural villages. You will explore four vastly different and stunning parts of the country; Delhi, Himachal, Rajasthan, Goa; each with varying sub-cultures, landscapes, cuisines, and traditions providing you with constant new experiences.

From a range of Cultural immersion projects in schools  and environmental conservation work, the Xtreme India Experience is the ultimate in rewarding overseas experiences and there is no better place to dedicate your time that in the incredible and fascinating country of India. Not only will you be able to make a positive difference in the lives of Indian people with your volunteer work, but you will also get to travel the country visiting some of the most iconic sites, such as the Taj Mahal, the breath-taking Himalayan foothills, the colourful state of Rajasthan and the popular beaches of Goa.

There are also lots of adventurous activities to keep your thrill-seeking side satiated.  From Mountain hikes to camel rides, exploring ancient palaces and historic temples, the Xtreme India Experience is a bounty of remarkable experiences, that will leave their mark on your for a long time. Sharing moments like these with other like-minded travellers and volunteers on the programme creates a strong bond between you, which will no doubt continue once you get back home.


  • New Delhi Sightseeing and cultural intro
  • Joining a group of fellow travellers to Explore this incredible country
  • Visit the Taj Mahal and learn all about its history
  • Rajasthan weekend camel desert safari
  • Mountain Hiking in the Himalayas
  • Visit the home town of the Dalai Lama and learn more about Tibetan culture
  • Visit the historical Sights of   Udaipur
  • Soaking up the sun on the tropical beaches of Goa
  • Sampling some amazing Indian food (all food included)

Is Please note the following itinerary is subject to change depending on local conditions.


  • Day 1 Orientation, Day in Delhi and overnight travel to Shimla
  • Days 2 and 3 Trek: 2 Days/20 Kilometers
  • Day 4 Visit Shimla City
  • Days 5 and 6 Dharamsala – Experience Tibetan culture, traditional Tibetan market, Kangra Fort and Kangra temple
  • Day 7 Experience Delhi
  • Day 8 Taj Mahal (Agra)
  • Days 9 and 10 Experience Rajasthan – Udaipur
  • Day 11 Temple tour outskirts of Udaipur
  • Day 12 The Experience of a lifetime ” Sleeping in the Desert
  • Day 13 Visit the city of Jaisalmer, visiting a beautiful authentic Haveli and a lake
  • Day 14 Return to Udaipur
  • Day 15 Free morning and spend the afternoon at the Project
  • Day 16 Morning at the Xtreme Gap Year Project and take the evening bus to Mumbai
  • Day 17 Boat ride into the Arabian sea, visit the Elephanta caves
  • Day 18 Transfer to Goa and afternoon on the beach
  • Days 19 and 20 Experience Goa, Anjuna village, waterfalls, markets and a spice plantation, visit to Old Goa
  • Day 21 Free day
  • Days 22 to 26 Volunteering at our construction and renovation project during the first half of the day and the second half of the day spend educative and quality time with migratory children at our outreach program
  • Day 27 Free day to relax and do shopping. Prepare for departure next day
  • Day 28 Departure. The road trip finishes in Goa. The best place to fly out would be from Dabolim Airport, Goa

The itinerary is subject to change.



Full Details

The programme is designed with three key objectives in mind;

Educational Journey: By working with local communities, our trained staff and experiencing the fascinating culture of India first-hand, you will be taken on an immense educational and insightful journey. From teaching English, introducing new sports activities to local kids and showcasing interesting aspects of your home country and culture, you will broaden and excite the minds of these young children and make lifelong friends. Not only will you be educating a new generation, but the educational experience you will receive in return will be priceless. With our trained staff always on hand to help you out, you can rest assured you will always have assistance and guidance should you need it.

Cultural Expansion: There is nothing quite like living in a local community, sharing meals and laughter with new friends and working alongside the local people to broaden your experience and give you a deep understanding of the culture, traditions and people. Entering a culture, where everything from the food, the weather, the landscapes, the religion and the clothes are completely different to your home country, can be a big learning curve, so we do our best to provide you with supportive introductory classes, tips and advice to help you understand this vast and varied new culture. By observing and partaking in another culture, it can also, in effect, provide you with a deeper and new understanding of your own culture.

Travel Experiences: Physical travel, as well as an inner spiritual journey, will help you to experience the best of what India has to offer.  From the colourful markets, to the grand temples, and rural villages, India is a huge country with a new surprise around every corner, and in each locale. Travelling by train, bus, rickshaw, taxi, bicycle, camel, and maybe even an elephant, will help you to see the country from the ground, instead of missing out by flying above the clouds. To keep in tune with our environmental ethics, we choose to travel by the most eco-friendly methods, which means travelling like a local for an authentic and enriching experience of India.

With exciting outdoor adventures, powerful inner journeys, deep cultural exploration and rewarding local interactions, our India programme   is the perfect way to spend four weeks in this enchanting country.

So, let´s take a closer look at a more detailed itinerary for your 30 day Indian experience.

First Leg:

First Part (8 Days)-New Delhi – Himachal Pradesh & Agra

India Gap Year Xtreme Experience (40)Arriving to New Delhi can be quite a culture shock, so we have designed some helpful culture classes to aid you in adjusting to life in India. Together, we will travel to Delhi´s most iconic sights, such as the old part of town, the Red Fort and the biggest Muslim mosque in the country, Jama Masjid. During your four days in New Delhi, we will help to immerse you in the culture by providing language classes, cooking classes, practical tips on market shopping and bargaining, as well as some fascinating insight into Indian culture, traditions, history and religion. All of this, combined with first hand experience while out and about in the bustling city, will help you to feel at home, while also enlightening you on the most important aspects of life in this country.
While the crowded side walks, the chaotic traffic and the unusual customs may seem strange at first, with the help of these classes, and by exploring the culture in your own time, you will, no doubt, fall in love with the chaos, the colour and the charm of India, as hundreds and thousands of other travellers have done in the past.
From here, you will travel up to Shimla for the more adventurous part of your road trip involving a two-day trek which culminates at a  height of 3100 meters. This part of your trip will also take you to Shimla city and Dharamsala – The home of the Dalai Lama, where you will be able to witness a bit of Tibetan
culture within India and also visit a famous temple and fort.
After your tour of New Delhi, we will travel to Agra, the site of the magnificent Taj Mahal, India´s most iconic and beautiful monument, with a fascinating love story behind it.  No journey to India is complete without a visit to this grand palace, where the sheer beauty of the architecture and surrounding gardens help make it one of the world´s most iconic structures.

Second Leg:

Second Part (8 Days)-Rajasthan – Udaipur and Mt. Abu

India Experience best off (5)After your Himalayan adventure, we explore yet another incredibly diverse side to India; in the land of stark contrasts, Rajasthan. From The Great Indian Desert to a lush green water oasis, Rajasthan is a state of vast environmental variances, where rich colours, clothes and food dominate the culture.
Our first stop is in the city of Udaipur, known as The City of Lakes, which feels like stepping back in time. Udaipur contains uniquely exquisite architecture with ancient Jain temples and palaces occupying the land. The Lake Palace is particularly beautiful, as it encompasses an entire island, situated in the middle of the calm lake.
When it comes to beauty, Rajasthan has it all. To complete the experience here, we will take a fun 2-day camel safari through the desert.

Third Leg

Final Part (10 Days)-Goa

India Experience best off (3)For the final part of your journey through ´Incredible India´, we will head south to the stunning tropical state of Goa; yet another vastly different and interesting part of India, famous for it´s beaches and nightlife.
Here you will have touching experiences, as you volunteer in a range of local projects, from working in a women´s shelter, a range of different orphanages, helping on medical projects, teaching at local primary schools and nursery´s, caring for the elderly and on a selection of environmental projects.
To finish off the adventure of a lifetime, you will enjoy your last weekend in India on the infamous Anjuna beach in Northern Goa. From here, you can visit an array of beautiful alternative markets, enjoy the lively nightlife and soak up your last few days in India. On Sunday, we´ll take a trip to Ingo Market, where you can buy almost anything imaginable; freshly cooked Tibetan dishes, traditional local food and plenty of colourful spices. You can be guaranteed to find any last minute souvenirs here too, which you can cherish forever as a reminder of your Indian adventure.
After a beautiful four weeks in the land of diversity, you will leave India with an incredible amount of great memories, new friends and a feeling of accomplishment towards the positive work and contributions you have left behind. It´s no surprise that this country is universally known as ´Incredible India´.


During your travels, you will stay at various guest houses, hotels and home stays. In the hotels enroute the rooms are shared between 2 people and single gender. During the volunteering and adventure parts, participants will stay in our centres, which are based in the community.
All will have access to the basic conditions. Centres have 3-4 bedrooms, which can house 12 people maximum. Rooms will be single gender in either the twin or dorm style with 4 to 6 travellers sharing.
All are comfortable and clean with adequate toilet and bathroom facilities including hot running water and showers.
Our centers have: A DVD player, a fridge and a TV with SKY, and a computer with Wi-Fi are readily available for use. The centres provide both Indian and Western food mainly vegetarian food like rice, pulses, vegetables and rotis with some meat dishes (chicken) on alternate days. The Xtreme Gap Year coordinators will be staying here with you. Sleeping bags required during winter (Nov.-Feb.) Hot water is available.
Hand washing your clothes will be a necessity. We ask that you try to be environmentally conscious, and use resources such as water and electricity with restraint. Alcohol and cigarette use should be limited at all times.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Arrive at New Delhi Airport. Upon landing please walk outside to find our contact person displaying a board with your name printed on it. Our contact person will take you directly to our center in Assonora, in North Goa; the drive is about 90 mins from the airport

Arrival  day is Sunday  (A day before the start date) Arrival Location: New Delhi. Arrival Time: Sunday 6 am to 10 pm
Departure Date: Saturday (4th week). Departure Location: Goa. Departure Time: Anytime on Saturday.


Delhi Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport. Delhi Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport
Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is connected to all of the important cities of the world with almost all of the major international airlines operating from it. One of our coordinators will receive you at the Airport with a board displaying your name to ensure that the process is simple and relieving.
Enroute we eat in little  restaurants and you can pick your own food, in the centres during the volunteering you will be served breakfast and 2 vegetarian meals a day. Lots of rice and vegetables.
All kinds, it will be one big adventure and you really get to know India, that is the exciting deal with this trip. we travel in buses, taxi´s tuk tuks etc.

Duration Option Price  
4 (Week)GBP 1469Book Now


  • Airport Pickup in New Delhi.
  • Hotel Accommodation in Delhi (standard room).
  • Logistical management
  • 24/7 support in case of emergencies
  • 3 good meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).
  • Shared accommodation in a standard room (2-6 persons per room)
  • Local transport during the project
  • Access to the DVD player, TV with SKY and Wi-Fi facilities also hot running water and bathroom amnesties
  • Entry Fees for most places


  • Alcohol or Cigarettes (no drinking at the centre)
  • Special Food
  • Phone Calls
  • Flights/ Visas/ Insurance etc.
  • Airport Drop Off


2019 on Sundays

Oct 6th; Oct 20th
Nov 3rd; Nov 17th
Dec 1st; Dec 15th

2020 Start Dates – on Sundays

Jan 5th; Jan 19th;
Feb 2nd; Feb 16th;
Mar 1st; Mar 15th;
April 5th; April 19th;
May 3rd; May 17th;
June 7th; June; 21st;
July 5th; July 19th;
Aug 2nd; Aug 16th;
Sep 6th; Sep 20th;
Oct 4th; Oct 19th;
Nov 1st; Nov 15th;
Dec 6th; Dec 20th;





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