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The Xtreme Passport takes you to 4  of the best parties, Surf camps and events all over Europe and we promise you will have an amazing time meeting with new and exciting (and probably fairly drunken) people in the process. Perfect combine the low-cost airline tickets or European hop on hop off passes. Fully flexible and you can decide where you want to go with anyone weeks notice. Easy! The pass is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase giving you plenty of time to experience the best festivals and events Europe has to offer!



The Xtreme Festival  Passport

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Time to party your pants off with the best of them at some of Europe’s top festivals and have an epic summer that you will probably forget. The Xtreme passport is your ticket to an incredible European summer choose from up to 21 festivals (more will be added soon) and let us know one week prior to arrival that you wish to attend and your space will be reserved.

This is the perfect option to make the most of your summer and is super flexible meaning you can fit it in between working and hopping over to somewhere new every couple of weeks.

At some of the events there can be up to 8000 people so you can be pretty sure you’re going to meet lots of people from all over the world and have an incredible time.


You can choose from the following festivals:


    The pass is super flexible, and you can complete each trip when it suits you up to 24 months after your first trip.

    Here are some of the events:

  • La Tomatina
  • Oktoberfest
  • San Sebastian Surf
  • Andorra Snow Weekender
  • Barcelona City Break
  • San Vino Wine Fight
  • Sziget Festival
  • Ibiza Spring Break –  Subject to a €40 surcharge.



Full Details

Traveling is amazing, but getting from destination to party to festival to tour can be a big pain in the Schengen*.  Welcome to the Xtreme Passport that doesn ´t shuffle you around like a herd of cattle, but allows you to experience travel your way.


The Xtreme Travel Passport gives full flexibility to the open-minded traveller, so you can experience Europe’s biggest cultural festivals, surf trips, adventures and city breaks at your own pace.

The Xtreme Travel Passport is for travellers, not tourists. We know that you want to see Europe your way – that you don’t want to be herded on and off buses, tied to an inflexible twenty-countries-in-two-weeks itinerary – but sometimes want to reap the social benefits of group travel. The Xtreme Travel Passport allows you to create your own Europe trip while guaranteeing your place at the biggest and best festivals.

We take you to the best parties with large groups of like-minded travellers. Our campsite parties are legendary, fuelled by our unlimited beer and sangria option, at only €10 extra per day.

The Xtreme Travel Passport allows you to choose four destinations from more than 20 options. Your place is pre-reserved – just let us know if you’ll be joining us one week before you arrive. Xtreme Travel is an “all inclusive” company, with your accommodation ready on arrival, including bedding, meals included, and new best friends from all over the world.

Your Euro trip is yours to create, we’ll just help out with the parties.

Arrival information
You will need to make your own way to your accommodation for each of your trips. Flights and airport transfers are not included. You will be provided with detailed directions and arrival instructions before you travel.


2 or 3 nights’ accommodation are usually included for each individual trip, depending on which ones you choose. Accommodation may include camping in pre-erected tents with a mattress and sleeping bag included, staying in shared hotel rooms, or sleeping in multi-share hostel dorms.

You can stay longer at most destinations. and can upgrade to a private room/tent, please contact a travel advisor.

Many of the trips include some free meals prepared by on-site chefs. Please see each individual programme for more details.

The Events:

The Big Three
Running of the Bulls (San Fermin) – 3 all-inclusive nights in Pamplona, Spain (July)
La Tomatina – 3 all-inclusive nights in Valencia, Spain (August) *€17,50 Tomatina ticket
Oktoberfest – 3 all-inclusive nights in Munich, Germany (September/October)

Less known, no less fun, festivals
Las Fallas – 3 all-inclusive nights in Valencia, Spain (March)
Springfest – 3 all-inclusive nights in Munich, Germany (April/May)
The Wine Fight (San Vino) – 3 all-inclusive nights in Haro, Spain (June)
Les Fetes de Bayonne – 3 all-inclusive nights in Bayonne, France (July)
Semana Grande – 3 all-inclusive nights at the San Sebastian Surf Camp (August)
San Juan – 3 all-inclusive nights in Barcelona (June)
Sitges Carnival – Barcelona, Spain

The best breaks
Ibiza Beach Camp – 3 all-inclusive nights in Ibiza, Spain (June – September)
Barcelona City Break – 3 all-inclusive nights in Barcelona
Spring Break Ibiza – 3 nights hostel package in Ibiza, Spain (March/April) *€40 surcharge

Surf and snow
San Sebastian Surf Camp – 3 all-inclusive nights (June-September)
Van Surfari Spain & France – 3 all-inclusive nights (June-September) *€10 nightly surcharge
Morocco Surf – 6 all-inclusive nights in Taghazout, Morocco *€220 surcharge on special Moroccan Magic Weeks or €270 any time of year
Zarautz Surf Camp – 3 nights all-inclusive in Zarautz, Spain (July)
Andorra Snow Weekender – 2 nights all-inclusive in Andorra with return transport (January-March) *70€ surcharge

Music festivals
BBK Live Bilbao – 3 nights music festival tickets, return transfers to Bilbao, camping equipment (July)
Sonar Festival – 3 all-inclusive nights in Barcelona (June) *Sonar ticket not included
Sziget Festival – 3 nights hostel package in Budapest, Hungary (August) *Sziget ticket not included, but available from us
Xtreme Rolling Circus – 3 all-inclusive nights on bus around Europe (August/September)

The Wine Fight (San Vino)

Every year rather large amount of people head up the mountain in the Rioja region to throw a lot of wine at each other. If you like wine this is a rather good idea.

san vino 3

San Vino, as we call it, La Batalla del Vino de Haro, as the locals call it, is a full on war path in the middle of the vineyard and we own it. All’s fair in love and wine battles. We take a bus from Barcelona or San Sebastián to the small town of Haro, we party in our campsite and have dinner together to plan strategies for the battle.

We then pay last regards and walk into a town with your classic Spanish street festival. If you’ve never been to a Spanish street festival, holy vineyard… this is the one. Bands everywhere, open drinking in the streets and in the morning we all go throw wine on each other. In the vineyard, as the sun rises.

Farmers versus public servants, women versus serfs, tourists versus that tree that was lookin’ at you funny. It’s a no-holds-barred rootin’ tootin’ red wine drinkin’ beautyfest.

At the filthy end you can choose to swim down the creek back home, drop in on a farmers truck to come back, swim in the pool at our campsite, all the while discarding wine at your feet like some hoboriffic wino Hansel and Gretel. We spend another night in the idyllic, mountainous town partying up a storm and running riot, and then we all dust off, drink a bit more and head back to Barcelona or San Sebastian. Because that’s just how it’s going to happen.

“San Vino is a vicious and outrageous war and you would not have if you thought you could avoid ruining every item of clothing you´re wearing, dying your entire body purple for a few days or if you thought it was possible to find some sort of escape from the madness amongst the vines.”
“My childhood was filled with Xtreme moments. From the minute I busted forth from fruitful and dampened loins, to the minute I leapt from the top of the swing, landed on the playground and made that uppercut movement and was like, “yeah”, I have always been in search of a new place I can shower myself in new juices. So when I visited San Vino last year it was like I’d come full circle, and was also the fourth time I’ve been able to do that. The second and third time being when I spilt Fanta on myself and bent over to lick it up.”

  • When: 29th June
  • Where: Fly in and out of Barcelona.
  • Good to combine with: San Sebastian surf camp and Barcelona ConneXion

San Sebastian Surf Camp

San Sebastian Surf Camp Xtreme Gap (2)Some of the best Surf breaks in Spain. Good time surfing, meeting new people and having a laugh (the Unlimited beer and sangria helps!)

San Sebastian, the Basque Country and we bask really hard here! For those of who know it (and I mean really know it that way we know it) you know what I´m talking about. For those of you who don´t, let us show you and we promise you´ll probably never want to leave.

Your itinerary for the day looks like this: wake up, eat, surf, drink beer, nap, drink beer, tan, have a beer, socialize, swim, eat, drink sangria, party at a club and then wake up by the beach surrounded by the clearest waters, the most beautiful and chilled out people you´ll ever meet and the Pyrenees mountains. And then probably grab another beer.

At our surf-camp you´re fully accommodated for: tents are erected, beers are chilled, food is served and parties are organized. Even if you don´t surf or swim, you´re guaranteed a great time tanning, drinking and mingling with our fully diverse and international staff. Learn a few new international phrases, a few more drinking games and make some memories that you´ll probably never remember with friends that you won´t forget.

The basic package includes camping accommodation in a twin share and hearty breakfast in the morning. Add-ons: meals, surfboard hire and surf lessons.

For 10 eur a day get unlimited beer, wine and sangria all day long!

Check out our full package: All-inclusive for only 60€ a day. Have it all with three meals a day, surf hire and surf lessons.
Your life will never be the same again. This is what heaven is like. Our little slice of paradise, and we´re sharing our cake with you.

  • Where: Fly into San Sebastian or Bilbao
  • When: All year round
  • Good to combine with:  San Sebastian surf camp and Barcelona ConneXion


  • 4 day full Benicassim festival pass
  • Private return transport from Barcelona (the cheapest airport in Europe!)
  • Camping accommodation at the festival, and 5 minutes from the beach
  • Breakfasts every morning
  • Unlimited beer and sangria in our own festival within the actual festival
  • Experienced (eg. previously partied) guides

Benicassim is one of those festivals we love just because it really doesn’t matter who plays. The Bingy bongys? The sha la lalaylas? The wingy dingy who-nows? Whatever. The town becomes a beautiful festival in itself.
Don’t get us wrong, it’s an awesome lineup every year, and it’s organised so well that you can’t go to the loo without someone helping you out to where you need to go and how you need to do it. It’s in the middle of a desert, for 4 days, next to a beach, in a sleepy town with fountains and public libraries and municipal facilities that let you do whatever you want for those four precious, special little days. It started as the little festival that could, and became the big festival that did.
It’s everything you want, and not much more. But why would you need more? It’s everything you want. So stop asking.
When we go, we rock the shit out of it.
Everyone moves to our set and learns to our grooves, and once again we get reminded why our friends and us get proclaimed the monarchy of dance, every single night.
Self-proclaimed. But still. Jealousy it seems, takes many forms.
One of the best festivals is always the one where you needn’t worry for showering, taking naps, snaps and chicken wraps because you can do all that at the beach tomorrow, and then head on back to the festival that night.
Year after year this tiny Spanish town takes us in with our blowup Lilo mattresses in the town fountains, in the beaches, on the hills, on top of crowds, the limit is with your imagination, my new friends.
The festival has a stellar lineup every time and an excellent Spanish reputation for making you sweat out your sleep from about 5 am til 9am, and then it’s straight down the beach til the music starts again at 4pm. I’m telling you, Benicassim is raw and it’s great and for €350 all included? You’d be stupid not to.


Kind of like the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro except it’s near Barcelona in Spain’s gay capital. It doesn’t matter which way you sway it’s a hell of a spectacle and a lot of fun Please check the dates but it is always  between the months of February and March.

The Festival of fire

Las Fallas is a five-day party in  Valencia. It is quite a spectacle with people creating huge statues which all eventually get burnt. Expect crazy costumes, thousands of people and well fire everywhere.

Spring beer fest, much like Octoberfest but in spring. That means better  weather &  who does not want to get smashed in the sunshine?

By far the biggest party event in the Dutch calendar. Hit Amsterdam with us staying on our houseboat and take a cruise through the canals as this massive orange party kicks off! Kings day is every April usually on the 27th but on the 26th if the 27th is a Sunday. Read more about it here.
The Running of the Bulls is the quintessential Spanish festival, spoken of across the world, in hushed tones and braggart bar yells. The Running of the Bulls is famous, and revered amongst travelers who enjoy running, bulls, and articles and prepositions.

Let me tell you how it works…

Running of the bullsThe Running of the Bulls is part of a festival in Northern Spain in a place called Pamplona, a town famous for allowing Napoleon to invade them armed only with snowballs, and since that embarrassment not taking any shit from any of you Frenchies, tourists, or bulls.

It is an eight day festival of which the Bulls are only a part. At night there are world famous fireworks competitions, hedonistic street parades with multiple live bands, reveling and drinking, dancing, all with the knowledge that tomorrow you may be running with a beast who could kill you with but a flick of the head. And if you’re scared/slow/anti/not bothered, you do not need to run with the bulls – to watch them at 8am is a once in a lifetime event in itself.
When we facilitate a festival where you run on the horns of massive beasts and we say we make it more Xtreme, you know we mean it.

We have our own festival outside the festival at our legendary campsite in Zarautz with buses running back and forth all day. You can stay with us as long as you like. If you choose to go into the bulls in the morning, good luck to you and Godspeed, if you choose to stay in our site and chill on the beach, or go for a surf, we can help you out with that too. Every night is a party, and every night we have some new stuff going on, whether it’s a DJ, carnival, live band, sacrificial burning at the stake, political drunken debate, who knows? We decide on the day. One thing we can be sure of though, is you will most certainly be a part of it and it will be the experience of a lifetime.

The fêtes de Bayonne is a feria consisting in a series of festivals in the Northern Basque Country in the town of Bayonne, France. The festivals last 5 days and always starts the Wednesday before the first Sunday of August. They are the largest festivals in France. In the eighties, participants started to dress in white with a red scarf and a red belt after the colors of the city of Pamplona. Some rare purists prefer to wear blue and white, colors of the city of Bayonne.
The literary translation is a big week and this is one of the top events in the Basque country’s calendar. If you’re heading through northern Spain around this time of year, you sure not to miss it a huge international fireworks competition, live acts and one big melting pot of the party.
Bilbao ´s Top music festival has an incredible lineup of artists every year. You can check out the lineup for the next one here.
There are a few places in the world more legendary than Ibiza. The beloved white Isle home to some of the best super clubs and parties in the world. Come join us for a legendary weekend of partying all throughout the summer season.
Please contact us the details on this one.
Please contact us the details on this one.
24th of June-the Summer solstice. This always remains a big date in the Spanish calendar, and they lay on a massive party He warned it goes on all night!. Come celebrate it with us in San Sebastian
Sonar is one of the coolest events in the entire Spanish festival calendar.

More on the Sonar Festival:

The Sonar Festival is an amazing experience to be enjoyed in Barcelona, Spain. There´s nothing like it and its authenticity and creative spark drive the increasing popularity from year to year. It was founded in 1994 as a festival for advanced music and multimedia art and was modestly attended with media coverage from the first event. The hype after the shows closed continued across the next two years as it expanded and sent some notable performers into the global music scene. In fact, the Sonar Festival is part of the reason that electronic music has continued to evolve and gain traction over the last 20 years.
The festival takes place in the city center of Barcelona every June when it is flooded with approximately 80,000 visitors. The electronic music rumbles through the streets from gigantic venues and the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement across crowds of hip, exciting music fans. Famous performers rub elbows with festival attendees and Barcelona happily opens their doors to everyone.

However, the festival is more than just an opportunity to bring great, new music to adoring fans. The Sonar Festival, since its emergence two decades ago, is dedicated to living up to its name as a festival for advanced music and multimedia art. Offering conferences, film screenings, demos, online content, and exhibitions are just some of the ways that they meet these goals of supporting the artistic communities. One of the extra special features of the festival is its intentional design as an open laboratory, rather than a traditional fair format. Technology enthusiasts can experience hands-on workshops and demos with professionals in the industry. It really is more than just a cut-and-dry music festival, it´s an experience that lives up to the hype as one of the biggest events on the European calendar.

Showcasing the best of comedy, performance arts and Theatre the Scottish capital comes alive during the fringe Festival. It’s a great excuse to head up to glorious Scotland and come party with us.
Every year thousands of people head to a very sleepy Spanish pueblo not far from Valencia. Over four hour period hundreds of tons of tomatoes are thrown in every direction and it is a massive party. Come join us and get your five a day Xtreme Gap style!

You may be wondering why Oktoberfest is held in such high regard by your previously well travelled friends. “What’s the big deal?” You say, “it’s just old fat drunk men singing unintelligible songs on tables and hugging each other.” Sounds like your best nightmare, or your worst high school sleepover, right? To you I contend that it is both, and much more, and also not quite that.
No camaraderie is as strong and breaks as many barriers as that of beer, that destroys whatever divides a drunken German man from singing with a proud androgynous teenaged adult. Welcome to the rainbow of the human condition, amplified by ridiculous rides, slurring, good mateship and, I really just can’t emphasise this enough, singing on tables with beers while thousands watch you in good spirits. Lo, this be the good times.

The Book Of Oktoberfest

In the beginning there was a wedding. And lo, this wedding, it was between Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresa. And they made a festival to celebrate and the festival happened in Theresa’s Field. And lo, did they bang in the field. Probably. And then, so it was. And on the next day there was an agricultural fair and they added some fair rides and beer stands: And lo, did Ludwig say, let there be beer and there was beer. And they said “lo damn. There be a lot of beer.” And they looked upon their work and they saw that it was good, and it was good. And lo, Ludwig sayeth, “Let this henceforth be the Oktoberfest”, though it´s day not be in Oktober and they were in September but they had drunk more than a few good German beers. “And let it be the party where the fat old drunk men are lo, the coolest guys in the party.” And then they brought in some more beer tents… And lo, there be much more beer now. And on the seventh day they rested because they were pretty hungover. And now it’s the biggest festival in the world and more than 6 million people go. Lo, goddamn.
Be afraid, Bavaria-fraid of our favourite Xtreme festival and the most favourite public festival in the world. In Munich you arrive at the exact time beers will be served! When we arrive you can soak in the glory of our beautiful campsite for a few moments but then it´s time to get to business. Here’s the details:

Find me a kid who didn’t dream of running off and joining the circus and I’ll find you a kid aware of the various social taboos, limited economic potential and inevitable mental scarring of getting a job working for an entertainment company that’s in the business of torturing animals for the attention of the baying hounds that they call customers.

That’s a clever kid. When you meet this poor child, hug him.

But I digress.

Our rolling circus does away with these ethical issues and makes it a circus just about you! You and our other mates and our Europe! We roll, we glide, we hip hop dippity slide to our favourite cities in Europe, making the party as we go, and bringing more people on our trip as we can fit. We hit all the best festivals, we take live bands, there are no rules, and our driver is my best friend, you’ll meet him soon and you’ll love him like I do.

The world’s biggest food fight with tomatoes in Spain? Yeah we do that. Oktoberfest? We end there! Paris, Belgium, Prague, Budapest, a whole shitload of Spain. That’s a tick. It’s the best way to see the coolest cities, and we make our own parties in every city we go! We just invite everyone we meet along the way!



Accommodation differs from Festival to Festival but in general it is based in tents or hostel accommodation. Please check each individual Festival for details.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is all open dated and the passport is valid for one year. You can choose from any one of our  21 festivals (with more to come!)
  • The pass includes 3 nights All-Inclusive at any of your chosen festivals.
  • Inform us by phone or email only 7 days before your desired arrival to guarantee your place.
  • Holders of the pass are entitled to free unlimited beer and sangria at any of the festivals and trips (excluding morocco and Ibiza).
  • Some festivals can go on for longer than three days so you can specify your own start date providing you give us at least one weeks notice.
  • Valid for one year from date of purchase Non-refundable or transferable
  • You can choose the start date of your passport and it will be valid for 12 months from your starting date.
Fly, walk, hitchhike or ride by beer scooter. Well that is up to you, as some people will be travelling throughout Europe hopping from event to event and others will be heading home and then back out to different destinations throughout the summer months.

We would recommend either booking a European hop on hop off pass or checking sky scanner for low-cost airlines on easyJet and Ryanair. A detailed predeparture pack is issued once you book which will tell you where you need to get to and when and you can always ask our reservations team for assistance.

Please note if you are including any of the trips in the Balearic’s like Ibiza you will need to make your own way there. Ryanair and Vueling have great low-cost flight options or you can get a ferry from Barcelona or Denia (80Km south of Valencia).

Not that much, about £50 per day will do it. Remember also you can fit this in between working as well. Remember though you will need to budget extra for your flights or transport costs to the festivals.

Hell Yea Dawg. You do that and you be trippin!

Free Download  Xtreme Gap Rap YOLO Europe Baby


Duration Option Price  
24 (Month)4 TripsGBP 499Book Now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
24 (Month)4 TripsGBP 499 GBP 494 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 31 - Oct - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: £200 GBP deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Four trips for the price of three
  • Choose from 20 Plus destinations
  • 12 nights all inclusive accommodation
  • Prebooked place just confirm one week before arrival
  • Valid 2 years from the start of the first trip.


  • Transport to the festivals
  • Spending money
  • Travel insurance


The Xtreme passport is open dated and valid from one year from the start date of your passport. The key dates for the festivals and events are as follows. You do not have to do it all in one go; which means you can combine it with working and travelling to different locations or perhaps using a hop on hop off pass to get you between events.

Sitges Carnival – Barcelona; Spain
Las Fallas Festival – Valencia; Spain
Carnival Brazil – Salvador; Brazil
Spring Beer-Fest – Munich; Germany
Kings Day – Amsterdam; The Netherlands
The Wine Fight (San Vino) – Haro; Spain
Running of the Bulls (San Fermin) – Pamplona; Spain
Surf Camp Spain – San Sebastian; Spain (Basque Country)
Les Fetes de Bayonne Festival – Bayonne; France.
Semana Grande Festival – San Sebastian; Spain (Basque Country)
BBK Live Music Fest – Bilbao; Spain (Basque Country)
Ibiza Weekender – Spain Every weekend in the summer
Van Surfari – Spain and France Contact us For date
Yacht Surfari – Spain and France Contact us for dates
San Juan Festival – Barcelona; Spain
Sonar Festival – Barcelona; Spain
Fringe Fest – Edinburgh; Scotland
La Tomatina – Valencia; Spain Last Wednesday of August
Oktoberfest – Munich; Germany
Morocco Surf Palace – Agadir/ Taghazoute; Morocco
Rolling Circus – 3 nights on bus around Europe



Contact us with your questions below & Get a personalised response.